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  1. Heard they’ve offered you JHS, specifically pointing to availability late November 2019 as an available date (you know - other events are booked prior) ...but they’ve discovered an opening in BDS for late November 2018 as an alternate available site.
  2. You’re not giving Burns enough credit for two wr classes that we did well....
  3. The entire staff could stand to do that - I’d like to hear that they go camp out for a few days - “lunch and learn” with an NFL staff (but not sure who I’d consider a prime candidate/destination, for such a field trip)... maybe they can make some friends to go visit at AU Pro day...
  4. Looks like an addition to the “Strategists/Quality Control” staff
  5. Prayers sent for all of you.
  6. Bowl game not necessarily the best time to try out new shoes...
  7. Think JS has potential, but has yet to learn to keep his head up when the bullets are flying. Someone in the coaching staff please figure out a hot read. JS, job #1 is to protect the football: three turnovers that shouldn’t have happened will get you beaten. Maybe JS should spend the spring semester with a qb whisperer - that guy George W or someone (em, no not Michael Vick).
  8. S&C program may be worth a look as well. In our losses, our lines were getting pushed around a bit.
  9. Kaz had a gym in Auburn in '80's,...worked some with Auburn S&C
  10. agree, but don't forget uga's is pretty good when everybody is healthy. problem they'll have is that the signal caller isn't aaron murray.
  11. Don't forget....Jeremy Johnson is right on Nicks heals. He has to get better or risk losing the starting job. the key to any of these receivers living up to potential. Team game. Gotta have blocking for the QB to throw, a QB who makes the right read and delivers the ball to the right location (Or close enough to catch), and a receiver that's on the same page as the QB, gets open and can catch the ball.
  12. by about halfway through the season, when he'd thrown several hundred passes in practice and live in games, that was no longer an excuse. Marshall is a little helter skelter in his passing at times, he had opportunities to develop in in JC before coming to Auburn and it didn't really happen. I think he's got a little of Johnny Football in him, "make the play, fling the football" and not "deliver the ball to the right location". The miracle play in the uga game for instance - it worked out, but really wasn't the right throw, as has been pointed out by the coaching staff and anyone that's watched the game. Don't get in the habit of trying that, it usually works out bad. I've said for some time, it could get interesting this Spring, while I appreciate NM for what he brings to the table, if JJ is making better decisions and throwing more accurately.....good problem to have if handled well.
  13. Did he play this past weekend? If he plays any more this year, and I thought I saw where he was coming back at some point, he can kiss thoughts of a med rs goodbye...There are limits to how much one can play and be granted a rs, and I've never heard of a player that was playing at the end of the year getting a med rs.
  14. Unable to post new topic due to low post count (so I'm posting here) - per P Marshall the SEC is no longer a participant in the Chic-Fil-A bowl ....liked it, was close to home, paid participants well. ....and think I'd prefer Cotton (Dallas) to Houston ...little research, think Cotton and Chick Fil A may play a role in playoffs on a rotational basis. "SEC unveils new bowl selection system The Southeastern Conference's bowl tie-ins will have a different look in location and process starting in 2014. Gone from the SEC list are the Chick-fil-A Bowl and the Cotton Bowl. Joining are the Belk Bowl in Charlotte, the Texas Bowl in Houston and, in some years, the Orange Bowl. Once the semifinalists are chosen for the College Football Playoff, the next highest ranked SEC will go to the Sugar Bowl. In years the Orange Bowl does not host a semifinal game, it will include a team from the SEC, Big Ten or Notre Dame to play a team from the ACC. The next SEC pick will go to the Capital One Bowl. After that, things get interesting. The Outback, Gator, Music City, Liberty, Belk and Texas bowls will all be essentially equal and in a pool. The SEC office will decide, in consultation with schools and the bowls, who goes where. After those slots are filled, the Birmingham Bowl and the Advocaer V100 Bowl will get their picks. I'm not sure how a trip to the beach in Tamp or Jacksonville could be equal to a trip to Memphis or Charlotte, but what do I know?"
  15. Allen_D


    Hey, they've just been spending time watching Network TV,...everybody knows once you make it in the NFL you'll be asked to compete for the Crystal Ball trophy on DWTS (shout out to Hines Ward among others).... Gotta learn to get their groove on early.