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  1. Wiley and Purifoy

    It is confusing, the way it is being handled. I would think the players have some hope of getting to play or they wouldn't be practicing and sitting on the bench. Instead, they would be off training for the draft in some way. Likewise, CBP wouldn't spend time keeping them plugged in if he didn't have some hope they would be back. I'd assume the administration is still waiting for some piece of information they don't have yet. No idea what it is, but I can't believe they are just waiting on making a decision for no reason.
  2. Men vs UAB

    This game isn’t close if we could stop putting them on the FT line. Have to adjust to the calls and stop fouling, they are a good FT shooting team. We shot a high percentage in the first half, which makes it easier to sit Heron. Have to work the ball more if the shots don’t stay hot, get Okeke involved. Rebounding is even, and we need to win that battle.
  3. UAB - Preview / Review (updated)

    Something in his lower back is what they said. Hopefully just a strain or spasms. I️ guess we will see.
  4. A budding rivalry continues today as we welcome UAB to the plains. We are off to a hot 7-1 start while UAB is only 6-3, however they have won 3 in a row, including a nice win over Memphis. UAB is a nice team with several capable players, but defeating them comes down to one guy, Cokely. Cokely is averaging almost 18 pts a game and 10+ rebs. He has recorded 6 double doubles already this season. While they have two other guys scoring 10 pts a game, limiting Cokely is the key. Bryant and Sullivan can get hot from the field, but without Cokely going off, I think we can overcome it. He has good size at 6-8 and 238lbs. He will be an interesting matchup for our smaller post players. They aren't real deep, only playing 8 guys double digit minutes per game, with 6 guys playing 25+ minutes. They are a pretty good rebounding team and shoot fairly average percentages, their most impressive stat is FT% at 80% (top 10 in country). I wouldn't expect them to hurt themselves too much, but they can play sporadically when pressured. We will need to take the game to them early, and not let them get comfortable and settle into the game. They have looked good in several games, but also allowed Richmond to beat them, the only win Richmond has on the season (1-8). The biggest key to the game is Heron's health. Without him we are in trouble, with him we are the better team. Cokely is nursing a sore ankle, but shouldn't be too limited. So how well does Heron feel and play? I'll be watching that right from the opening tip. Currently, we are favored by 10 points, we are at 40 in the Ken Pom vs their 119. This UAB team is not as good as some we have seen in the past. That being said they should be a good test for where we stand right now. I would expect an up tempo game that plays to both teams' strengths, but our strengths are better than theirs and we should come out on top in a track meet. War Eagle! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well most of the things I was concerned about happened and we still got the W; I'm very encouraged by that. Cokely had a big night with 26 & 9. 10 of his points came from the free throw line, where UAB shot nearly 90%. Tough Cokely had a big night, we did a good job frustrating most of UAB's other scorers. They put up 80, but that was expected with the pace these teams like to play at. I predicted a track meet and except for the game being slowed down by fouls, we saw one. We made an in-game adjustment to the refs, as UAB shot 17 free throws in the first half and only 9 in the second. I think CBP made the right call starting Dunbar at the 3, rather than moving Murray to the 3 and starting Okeke at the 4. I pointed out in one of my reviews earlier in the season, how much Murray struggled to defend the 3 position, and Dunbar played pretty well at that spot, contributing an efficient 9 points, and 6 boards. Harper stepped up his shot attempts in Heron's absence, and Brown had a great night as well. Murray continued to play well and combined with Brown and Harper, they scored 75% or so of our scoring. We continued our team rebounding, winning that battle 35-31 with McLemore (9) and Murray (7) leading the way. We played 8 guys meaningful minutes, and got production from everyone. The low point was Spencer, who struggled all night, only recording 2 points, 1 rebound, and 4 fouls (including a tech). I am really hoping to see him bounce back. The most telling stat of the game: Lead Time 39:43. That means other than the opening 17 seconds when the game was 0-0, we held the lead the entire game, wire to wire. This was a good win, especially without Heron. The resilience this group is showing is making this a fun season to watch. Good team win, hopefully we get Heron back ASAP. War Eagle!
  5. First 7-1 Start

    I'm not sure if it was the Italy trip or not, but this group seems to have their roles carved out and is embracing them. I do fear loss of some of that with the return of DP and AW. AW less, because he only fits at the 5 spot and wont cause much adjustment, but DP can fit in many different spots and will be more challenging to work into a rotation. Think we need them both if we are going to make a run, their ceiling is too high to not get them significant minutes, starting or not, but a challenge for CBP for sure.
  6. Roster Observations

    His game fits the 5 better in this system. He could absolutely play the 4, but that would pull him away from the basket more on defense and we would probably lose some of his shot blocking. I would expect him to back up Wiley if/when he comes back and Spencer to lose minutes. Remember that if Purifoy also comes back he may end up with some minutes at the 4 as well.
  7. Roster Observations

    Reflecting a bit on the season today and wanted to share a few roster observations I've made at this point since we actually have some tape on some of our newcomers. . Anfernee McLemore has taken a step forward with his game this season. He is LEADING the SEC in blocks per game and is 6th nationally. What makes him so good is is quickness off the ground. He has good instincts to go along with it and he is becoming a great undersized rim protector. Additionally, he is extremely efficient in his shot selection. Shooting 59% from the floor (even with the occasional ill-advised 3pt attempt). He is shooting a blistering 88% from the foul line and averaging just under double digits. His play has moved him into the starting lineup over Spencer, and I think that is the right call by CBP. Chuma Okeke has not disappointed at all. He is as advertised, and then some. He has amazing potential as a 4 man, with size and good touch offensively. What I did not anticipate was how well he can shoot the ball. Shooting 50% from three-point-land and 72% from the foul line (which I expect to improve some).His rebounding is solid and improving, and he is just short of averaging 10pts per game. I think he is still finding his way a bit, but has the potential to fully find his footing and become one of our best players as league play approaches. Desean Murray has also been as billed, leading us in rebounding and scoring efficiently. He is averaging 9pts and shooting 55% from the floor in the process. I still have my doubts about his size as we get into league play against some larger rosters, but the combo of him and Okeke at the 4 allow us to play big or small at that spot. I think he is showing us pretty much what he has, and wouldn't expect much more out of him than we have already seen. Mustapha Heron continues his steady play., leading us in scoring at 17 pts a game and pulling down 6 boards a game. He has struggled a bit early on, he has really come on in the last three games, shooting 43% from deep (compared to 18% the first 4 games) and averaging nearly 17 pts (compared to 10 pts the first 4 games). I expect him to continue to play well. Bryce Brown has stepped forward this season in multiple ways. His confidence is off the charts, maybe too high at times, as he is looking to create much more. He is neck and neck with Heron for leading the team in points at 17 per game, shooting 35% from 3 and 86% from the free throw line. Unlike last year, however, he has made and attempted more 2s than 3s. He is driving to the basket, shooting mid range jumpers, and is third on the team in assists (the top two are both point guards). To top it off, he has been our best on ball defender this season and seems to have embraced that role. I hope to see him be a little better on his choices to drive vs shoot, and think that would increase his shooting percentage. He has one of the nicest jumpers in the game and though he is doing well penetrating this season, that is not his strong suit. I hope to see a bit more driving from Heron and a bit more shooting from Brown. Jared Harper and Davion Mitchell have held down the point position well. I was worried about this spot with the loss of Johnson, but Harper has improved his turnovers, shot selection and defense, and Mitchell has handled the back up spot well. I am still concerned how they will perform in league play as the competition gets stiffer and the point guards get larger, but am optimist they will continue to progress. Malik Dunbar has pretty good numbers, 48% from the field, 40% from 3, at 6 pts a game in only 10 minutes per. I think he can earn more minutes if he were to be more aggressive rebounding the ball, as he is only averaging around 1 per game. With us being small in the post, our wings have to produce rebounds to get more minutes. I would hope to see him continue to improve, and do not believe we have seen all the tools he has to offer to this point. Horace Spencer started the first five games or so, but is losing his hold on that starting spot as McLemore continues to develop. Spencer hasn't developed much offensively this season, and I'd like to see him embrace his strengths and play more to them. Spencer needs to focus on moving more without the ball and cutting to the rim on offense, while focusing on better positioning and rebounding on defense. Defensively he has 8 blocks on the season (1/3 of what McLemore has), but he seems to chase every block he can. This puts him in terrible rebounding position. He simply needs to be better about deciding when to go for the block and when to play position defense and then attack a rebound. This is one area specifically where his poor rebounding is NOT about effort. His effort is high, it is simply being counterproductive to his ability to rebound by taking himself out of plays. If he doesn't correct this, it will continue to cost him minutes as the season progresses. The last two games he has only averaged 12 minutes per, compared to the first two games where he played 16 and 21 minutes respectively. Here are some areas that have improved greatly as a team: Currently, we are 39th in the nation from the charity stripe at nearly 77%, compared to last season when we shot 67%. Currently we are ranked 16th in rebounds per game, at 42 per compared to 36 per game last season. Last season we had three players average double figures, Heron 15, Purifoy 11, and Harper 11. This season we also have three with Heron 17, Brown 17 and Harper 10, but we have three more averaging 9+ in Okeke, McLemore and Murray. We are allowing 73 points per game as compared to 79 last season, as well as, scoring 88 compared to 80. Some of these statistics are certain to trend downwards as competition stiffens, so the challenge is for our guys to play mentally tough basketball.
  8. Gardner Webb - Preview / Review

    Appreciate it fellas. I really enjoy it.
  9. The Tigers are back in action tonight against a Gardner Webb team that doesn't look impressive on paper. This is a game we should win at home, but keep in mind Gardner Webb has played a tough schedule, including a very close loss to UCF (who beat bama). GW plays 11 guys double digit minutes, but their two starting guards average over 30 minutes a game. Most of their scoring comes from three guys, Efianayi 6-2 guard, Laster 6-6 Forward, O'Reilly 6-2 guard. They all average 13+ and no other player outside these three averages 7 or more. They are a hot and cold team, with their team scoring looking like a roller coaster with outputs as low as 45 and as high as 119. They scored 74 vs Florida in the second game of the season. So this is a team that can get hot if you sleep on them. Keys to the game are straight forward, ball pressure on their guards that play 30+ minutes. They don't have much size outside of Niangane who goes close to 7 ft as their starting center. Despite his size, he is not a very productive player shooting 38% from the field, averaging less than 2 pts and only 4 rebounds per game. I would expect our athleticism in the post give him problems. With their size, I would expect us to play small some, Okeke may have another great night when he is on the floor. His play is deserving of more minutes. I would expect Heron to have a good night as well, as GW doesn't have anyone to protect the rim on drives, with only 15 blocks shots on the season as a team (McLemore has 24 by himself). I would like to see us focus on attacking the basket with dribble drives, and play inside out from there if drives are cut off. We are sitting at 42 in Ken Pom's rankings and GW is 250. Obviously, this game can only hurt us, so I hope we put it away quickly. The whispers are starting to build around the SEC for a larger number of bids to the tourney this season. We haven't done anything yet to exclude us from that conversation, so we must get the win tonight and keep hopes alive as long as possible, as we wait out the off court sagas. The way we play tonight could be an indicator of the mental toughness of this team. That issue was a big factor in the way we finished last season, and we need big improvements in that department this year. War Eagle! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Well that one went about as good as it could go (except the back issue with Heron). Defense locked down and played intensely for almost the full game. It is difficult to draw too many conclusions from games vs inferior talent, but a huge rebounding margin and holding a team that low in scoring is a positive sign. Don't think breaking down any numbers is truly productive, but the overall impression was clearly a strong performance. A few take aways: McLemore is clearly working on developing a jump shot. His first three 3s were nice shots, his 4th went in, but it banked in and was complete luck. When set he can make a shot, when rushed he will likely miss. Good to see him growing and CBP allowing him to do so. Dunbar got some extra minutes with Heron going out of the game, and he put his athleticism on display a few times. It was great to see him come in ready and aggressive. Harper clearly was taking a more passive offensive role, dishing out 10 assists attempting fewer shots. Heron went out of the game with a back issue, lets all hope it isn't serious as we can't afford any more roster losses, but less Heron. All around great team win, nothing to gain, but had a ton to lose. War Eagle.
  10. Dayton - Preview / Review

    Opening keys to game graphic....sound familiar?
  11. Dayton - Preview / Review

    Should have mentioned we are 46 in Ken Pom and Dayton is outside the top 100
  12. Hey JWgreDeux.....

    My bad man. Running a business and a family gets me behind on hobbies sometimes. Need to adjust priorities.
  13. Dayton - Preview / Review

    Sorry I missed my usual posts for Winthrop, been busy with life. We we are back in action, and so am I after a short break. Dayton has a nice ring to it with their recent ncaa success, but this is not the Dayton teams of the last few years. Archie Miller is coaching at IU now and Dayton has turned to Anthony Grant. Additionally they lost most of their on court production from last season, and their leading returner only averaged like 5 points last year. Auburn is a -4 favorite in the road, and it should probably be higher than that. We are the better team, but we will be playing in front of 10,000 plus hostile fans for the first time and you never know how our four first timers will react. Too excited can be just as bad as too nervous. Daytons best scorer is a 6-5 guard/wing in Davis. They have average size except for their starting center who had a name I️ can’t pronounce and goes 6’11’. Their best player might be 6’7’’ Cunningham who leads them in rebounding and averages 16pts, he has a few double doubles and is a nice player. Dayton is 3-2 and struggling to find themselves. They have mixed starting lineups quite a bit and haven’t found their chemistry. They are not a good shooting team to this point and don’t rebound very well either. Bottom line, we should win this game if we can handle the environment. Maybe Dayton will get it together latter in the year and a win tonight will look good later. Lose tonight and we will never find out. I would look for Okeke to get more minutes to match their size at center, and for our athleticism to give them problems. Hope to see Heron stay aggressive and Brown to continue his improved offense. If we stay out of foul trouble I think we could turn them over quite a bit, so I hope to see high pressure defense on the perimeter. Go get it bius. War Eagle! (typing on my phone, excuse my thumbs) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well that went just about according to plan. Our pressure defense look good most of the night and forced a poor shooting team into a poor shooting performance. We turned them over quite a bit and took advantage in transition. McLemore had a great night, and presented problems on both ends with his athleticism, and Heron continued his aggressive play with a ncie night as well. We are currently 42 in the Ken Pom which is the highest I recall in some time. Hope to see Dayton get it together and this look like a great win. They play well at home, and our guys handled the environment, and that is an encouraging sign. Okeke had a good night as well, and played a season high in minutes (as predicted). Let's not get too high off this win, but be encouraged. War Eagle!
  14. Hey JWgreDeux.....

    Working on it.
  15. Here's a little something to kick things off: