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  1. His role greatly depends on the roster make up at the beginning of next season. Who stays, how do the recruits look, do we get any transfers, etc. That being said, he would have to greatly expand his skill set to be the star on next year's team. I can see him improving to the point of possibly being a starter and heavy contributor at this point.
  2. Depends on who's ranking you choose, I've seen us ranked in the 20s. I think we deserve a preseason ranking of at least that, assuming we bring back McCormick, Doughty, Purifoy, Chuma and Wiley among others and add in our solid recruiting class. (definitely not preseason top 10 without Harper). Honestly, it is probably best for the long term if Harper goes. If he stays we will have too many point/combo guards. I think CBP brought in McCormick, not only because of the Mitchell transfer, but he knew last year when Harper tested the NBA waters, we'd probably lose him this year. Now, on the ranking, if we won the title with 10 losses are we ranked #1? If so, then we should be ranked no lower than #4 now. IF not, then we shouldn't even be ranked as high as fifth. My point is I don't really understand what this ranking even means, and further that I couldn't care less about any final rankings. We have SEC championship and Final Four banners to hang, no one hangs a banner for a poll ranking.
  3. So long as it is an agent that is registered with the NCAA
  4. I wish Harper nothing but the best. Above all else the item that will affect his ability to play in the league will be, who can he defend. I would expect him to get put in uncomfortable defensive situations in workouts to see who he can defend.
  5. Not a foul if you switch on the screen. Have to show and recover in order to get the call.
  6. After more than normal review, I feel pretty good about the game at this point. I think our spacing and quickness will really help us on offense. We will need to force some turnovers and run when we can, but I think we can win this one ugly as long as we just hang around long enough for one good run. My primary concern is if we get behind early.
  7. I suspect you are right about this. Given he is a transfer from Alabama, we are pretty familiar with him and his game though. They did press you, I watched the game. I didn't track the percentage of time they pressed you, but they mixed it in on and off. We will for sure press some amount, but we don't run a trapping press. It is really just a full court or three quarters court man-to-man defense. The point isn't to turn over the point guard as he brings the ball up, the point is to speed him up, force him in to avoiding pressure rather than getting into your offense. Causing disruption and then trying to forcing the speed of the rest of your offense.
  8. NC State presses them with some good success.
  9. Also, I've looked at some of the NC State game as well where they went to 4 out 1 in and were able to get good shots. I expect us to use Purifoy more than Spencer this time around for his shooting ability, and possibly play McLemore some at the 4 instead of Spencer and let him play exclusively 5.
  10. The packline is not designed to face a 4 out 1 in offense. It is designed to face conventional two post players, or at least conventional spacing offenses. As tough as it is, it can be exposed when you spread it out.
  11. We will try to push when we can, but 70+% of this game will very likely be in the half court. They send three back as the shot goes up to prevent breaks. You simply can't run on that very much.
  12. Virginia doesn’t have the athletes able to get up and down that Ole Miss does some at the guard position. I don’t believe they’ll be able to defend us in the same fashion. Our 4 out 1 in alignment should allow us to get some open looks if we make the right passes. See the pack line thread.
  13. My point here is, our standard offensive alignment is a 4 out 1 in set that we can utilize to stretch the pack line out more than it is built for.
  14. Again UNC's aggressiveness to the basket causes them to bypass the shooters and go for the contested shot: (in this case they were bailed out with a block foul call when it could have been a charge/no-call).
  15. as the 5 catches the ball the 4 defender is in place and the defender in the opposite corner also sags down to help, remember the pack line always sends help. As this happens you have two wide open perimeter players, the 4 at the top of the key, and the 2/3 man in the bottom corner: