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  1. JwgreDeux

    Auburn at #23 Tenn

    Sorry guys but work and life have been hectic. I would have said I liked the way we matched up as UT isn’t very big either. Really interested to see how we handle playing some of the bigger teams soon. Ill try to get back on track.
  2. JwgreDeux

    defensive improvement/Person's departure

    There is some scheme stuff that is different. We are switching screens more with guards and less with bigs. Our on ball screen defense when a post sets the screen is much better this season. Our posts are showing more in these screens where in the past we sagged off. We have also played some zone this season, more than I remember CBP playing in the past. Rebounding well all this season also plays a major roll in the defenses success.
  3. JwgreDeux

    UCONN role call

    Wish I could. Family activities today (no preview either 😕).
  4. JwgreDeux

    Murray state - Preview

    With the SEC looking stronger our SOS will improve as the season goes on. Our out of conference schedule shouldn’t hold us back. IMO.
  5. JwgreDeux

    TV for game tomorrow (Murray State)?

    That was their half. We did exactly what we didn’t need to. Turned the ball over, played too fast out of control at times. Great to see us get our composure and keep playin defense. Defense kept us in the game until some shots went in. Even with the questionable calls, we settled in. Need to take the ball to the basket more this half, and try to adjust to the refs and foul less. Anybody know about our post player walk ons? We mad need them at this rate.
  6. JwgreDeux

    Murray state - Preview

    The time for enjoying the win vs Middle Tennessee came and went quickly, as we turn to Murray State. The Racers present a difficult challenge on the road, with their pressure defense and physical style. Stylistically this is a good match up for us, Murray plays a similar style, with a less talented roster. They shoot a good percentage from the floor, but struggle from deep, and hold their opponents to a low percentage from the field, by limiting assists and turning them over. They have good size with a few guys going 6-8 250ish, Miller in particular plays like a man down low, averaging 16.7 pts and 7 rebs per game, but can also pop and shoot the three. Stark is their next guy to be aware of, a small guard who shoots in volume. Other than Miller, their next three scorers averaging low double figures are all smaller guards (6-3 and under). Stark shoots the most threes and is the most dangerous if he gets hot from the floor at home. Murray hasn't played a very tough schedule to get to their 7-2 record, with their two losses coming to Middle Tennessee and St. Louis. We should be well suited to match up in this game. Expect to see Mitchell and Harper play together if the quickness of their guards is giving us trouble on the perimeter. Our posts are more athletic, but could struggle with the physicality if caught out of position. Murray should fit in well in this game, with his size and skill set. Heron should give them match up problems with his size at the 3 and could be in for a big night. Murray at the high post should be effective as well. Honestly, there are a number of ways we should be able to find mis-matches to our advantage in this one. The biggest concern should be our point guards taking care of the ball. If we can handle the environment and not turn the ball over we should be in good shape. Murray St rebounds pretty well, and we will need to prevent second chance opportunities and force them to shoot jump shots. I would look for Brown to have a bounce back game. He will be able to shoot over the smaller players defending him, and should have some transition opportunities to get going. I would also look for us to go to Heron early and often. We handled the atmosphere at Dayton well earlier, can we handle it again and avoid a let down after the big win? With league play in sight this road win can really help our resume. I expect a close game with scoring in the 80s. AU is a -4.5 favorite. AU (43 Ken Pom) vs M. St. (108 Ken Pom); AU (34 RPI) vs M. St. (130).
  7. JwgreDeux

    Honest question about the team...

    Spencer has really struggled this year. Middle was his best game for sure, and the first time he was in good defensive and rebounding position most of the night. Hope it is a sign of things to come rather than just a good night.
  8. JwgreDeux

    Honest question about the team...

    Murray is our best scoring threat in the post. He can post at the high post or short corner and be effective. He hasn’t shown a high level of kick out ability, but certainly could be emphasized if desired. Dribble drives can also be effective as you mentioned. I would look to see us post Okele more in the coming games.
  9. JwgreDeux

    Middle Tennessee State - Preview / Review

    OP updated. Lessons to be learned, but a great win. Enjoy the W.
  10. JwgreDeux

    Middle Tennessee State - Preview / Review

    42-25 good guys at the half.
  11. JwgreDeux

    Middle Tennessee State - Preview / Review

    Great half of defense.
  12. JwgreDeux

    Middle Tennessee State - Preview / Review

    Defense doing a great job forcing jump shots
  13. JwgreDeux

    Middle Tennessee State - Preview / Review

    Fronting the post well so far, and Murray is frustrating King.
  14. JwgreDeux

    Mustapha Heron

    In the starting line up tonight!
  15. JwgreDeux

    Middle Tennessee State - Preview / Review

    He is starting tonight