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  1. NMSU is going to be accustom to the altitude so I also have some concerns over that on short rest as well.
  2. We got a fair seed. Our quad 1 record is the worst of all 5 seeds, record against the field as well I think. Not upset with the seed. Everybody plays hard games if the make the sweet sixteen so no sense in complaining about that part of the draw. As for NMSU they are not a big concern at first glance and Kansas is much better in name than merit. Im ok with it. It great draw, but could be worse.
  3. War Eagle! CBP managed this thing wonderfully. He managed to bring Wiley back and not affect chemistry. He coached us through games where Okeke was off, Harper was off, truely a masterful job. Congrats to all the players.
  4. Turnovers did it again. Turned them over 18 times. Judging by the minites he gave harper and brown, he isn’t resting guys. Playing to win this thing.
  5. tape indicated an offer had been made but not accepted, and Wade was upset it wasn't accepted.
  6. Nope. If an offer was made to a middle man but money never actually went to Smart and he didn't have anything to do with the offer, he could be good to go. Hard to say for sure.
  7. often CBP will let the game keep going because he wants to encourage the up-tempo to continue and let us go on a run of our own. Doesn't want to slow the game with timeouts. WIth the experience we have on the floor, I'm generally good with him letting them go, but at times a reset is needed.
  8. We dealt with it all season last year, and have dealt with it over the last 5 games with good results. We are small even with him. We will pressure the ball to make entry passes tough and front the post to further frustrate the entry. Our bigs have to guard without fouling. Be discipled. If you give up bad position, don't compound it with a foul. Sometimes you get beat and give up the 2 in our pressure style defense.
  9. I think Wiley is a heck of a tallent, but I wouldn't play him at this point. We are playing our best basketball, getting our best wins, and the team seems to be finding some of the chemistry we had most of last season. I wouldn't mess with a winning formula. Obviously, if we have an injury or a foul out situation I'd bring him off the bench for necessity minutes, but that is it. I will be very upset if we bring him back only to fall apart chemistry-wise.
  10. Last time we played USCe we lost the turnover battle and shot a terrible percentage. We have shown we can survive shooting a poor percentage and/or getting out-rebounded, but we cannot win without turning people over (barring a crazy shooting night). Need to turn up the ball pressure on defense to get this one.
  11. If he completely disrupts the flow of the offense during those minutes I may hurt us more than it helps.
  12. He came up big yesterday and his effort and energy were solid. That being said, I think the fact that it's his effort and energy that we are praising says something about his level of play. Wishing him nothing but the best and hope to see him return to his freshman-like form.
  13. I question how much of a help he can be. returning from an injury plagued season presents all kinds of issues.
  14. I speculated that we may do that, curious to see if it continues.
  15. Only Brown played 30+ minutes. I know there were some foul concerns, but season high minutes for Purifoy and a lot of minutes for Spencer (26) and McCormick (16) off the bench.