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  1. Marquis tweeted out today that he is ok. Tweeted a pic or wreck that looked pretty bad.
  2. it did, but Samir had stopped and was beginning his step-back and the defender was still moving backwards before he got tripped. The stumble and no look just added some extra sauce.
  3. Look for those thinking that Colgate isn’t any good and we were supposed to blow them out by 30: “BIG PICTURE Colgate: The Raiders outscored Auburn 41-38, on 50% shooting from the field, in the second half and outrebounded a bigger, more physical squad 19-17 after halftime.” From ESPN’s game recap. As soon as our intensity fell off, they out played us. That was my concern before the game, glad our guys came out with such intensity.
  4. I certainly didn’t expect that level of dominance from the opening tip.
  5. The first 30 minutes of that game may be most dominate I have ever seen an Auburn team play. Five minutes into the second half we were up 71-26 against an NCAA tourney team who returned their starting 5. If Colgate is a 16 seed, right now we looked like a 1 or 2 seed. Now, let's not get crazy, I am not saying we will be a 1 or 2 seed or that this team will out achieve last year's. However, that level of absolute dominance shouldn't be dismissed due to level of competition. The last 10 minutes were underwhelming, but my gosh we were up 40+. The intensity with which we started the game and the second half is very encouraging. It's too soon to start making big conclusions about this teams mental makeup, but the level of intensity that we have started the last two games is very positive. As dominate of a game as that was, there are still a few things not to love about the stat lines. We won the rebounding battle, but I wouldn't say we dominated it. We also only had 10 turnovers, which I am pretty happy with given our pace, but we only forced 11. One other stat that I got into a habit at looking at last season (due to our volume shooting approach) was the number of attempts in a game. We were at our best when creating turnovers and jacking up more attempts than the other guys. We only had one more attempt than Colgate in this game, and the same number of offensive rebounds (11). The difference in this game was the shooting percentages, we made 10 more twos and 5 more threes despite roughly the same number of attempts. One other interesting thing is for the game our shooting percentages were not crazy good. They were above average and combined with holding Colgate to below average numbers, especially from 3 it was a route. a few specific take aways: Wiley played his best game of the season, recording a double double with 13pts and 10rebs and only had 2 turnovers and 2 fouls. Even on a few shots he missed, he did better about establishing position, and I clearly saw two drop steps. Samir, J'von and Purifoy have all taken a step forward in their games, playing with confidence and control. I really liked what I saw from all three. McLemore had a quiet but nice game. Recording 3 blocks, 4 points and 4 boards with only 1 foul. Him and Wiley limiting their fouls was important and they both did it well. Okoro was solid overall with flashes of being spectacular. His aggression inside the 3point line is something we haven't had in a while and will really help everyone around him. He had 3 rebs, 2 asst, and 2 steals to go with his 11 points. Cambridge had another solid outing, solidifying himself as a staple of our bench. I love his game and am really excited about his future at AU. Johnson was quiet in his 13 minutes, waiting on the ball to come his way, and it just didn't much. Not really a criticism, just an observation. Flanigan and Jones continue searching for their comfort zones. Both seemed to play a bit too fast, trying to do just a little too much. Flanigan has looked better in other games, so maybe he was pressing because he was watching his teammates highlight reel and wanted to get in on the action. Jones has been struggling to find his comfort zone all year, and that struggle continued, though he continues to show glimpses of quality play. Great team win. Now we have a short break to self evaluate and improve identified areas. War Eagle!!!!
  6. Colgate will be the second best team we have played so far, behind Davidson according to Kenpom. Don't sleep on these guys. This is a dangerous game after a blowout before a short lay off.
  7. Just for discussions sake, currently according to Kenpom (we are ranked 24th) there are only 8 team ranked ahead of us with stronger SOS. Ours currently ranks 161st.
  8. So after 4 games our scoring has been: McCormick - 7.5 (well below the 14 per I projected). Samir - 18 (above what I projected 12 per) Okor - 15 (no projection given, but on par with what I suggested we would need) Purifoy - 11.25 (above what I projected 8 per) McLemore - 9.5 (combined with Wiley's 7.5 per, we are slightly above last year's mark) bench Wiley (keeping here for simplicity to compare to my projection, 7.5 per right at last year's number as expected). Johnson - 7.75 Cambridge - 5.5 Flanigan - 2.75 (these three are combining for 16 pts per, slightly below the 18 I projected we needed). Overall from a scoring perspective I am pretty happy. I know competition hasn't been great, but the offense and the freshmen have room to grow as the season get tougher. My concern is primarily at the 1, we aren't getting the points I expected from McCormick and Jones hasn't helped much yet. Need to really watch that area as we go along. Production at the 3 has been better than expected. Cambridge is a nice surprise and Okoro is off to a great start. Scoring defense has not progressed as hoped, at least not yet. We have to improve there if we want to make another deep run. Okoro is coming through so far, similar to Heron. Franklin is not in the picture, but Cambridge is providing a nice boost. Purifoy is not back at 11 per, but he does look more like his old self vs last season and I'm hopeful he will continue to improve. While Stretch isn't going to give us 5 a game, McLemore is giving us almost 10 coming off the bench, if Wiley can elevate his play a bit, we will get all we need from the 5.
  9. Things are going about as well as we could hope for. We are 4-0 ranked in the top 20 and look like one of the top teams in the SEC (currently only UK is ranked higher). We have two wins over potential mid-major conference champs and an NCAA tourney team and conference champ from last year coming to town in Colgate. One thing I am genuinely concerned about is the number of games played in a short period of time. Several guys got some reduced minutes in our last game, but the fatigue can be mental, 5 teams to scout, 5 teams to prep for, and these mid-majors run more unique things than many power 5 schools. After this game we have a full week before our next game to get somewhat of a break. Colgate is a good team despite their 1-2 record. They have been competitive with Syracuse and Clemson in road environments. They have good size and return a lot of guys and scoring and shoot the 3 well. They have 4 guys averaging 10+ and another averaging 9 pts per game. I expect them to go inside to their 6'10" big Ivanauskas who averages 14+ pts per game, but also leads them in assists per game as well with 4. He is a good passer and they will try to get some inside out game going. They surround him with shooters, Burns being their best making 3 per game at 40%. Unlike the teams we have played so far, these guys are going to jack it up from 3. They are currently 18th in the country in 3pts makes per game and 8th in attempts per. The best offenses we have faced so far have been dribble drive teams, this will be different. We are not in the top 200 at defending the 3 ball, we are allowing 23 attempts and 8 makes per game at nearly 36%. Colgate can make this one uncomfortable for us if they get going from outside. Every player in their primary rotation averages more than 2 attempts from 3 per game. They will shoot it from every position 1-5, which means they will draw the bigs away from the basket at times and will leave the rim unprotected for selective cuts/drives. Colgate is not very good on defense, allowing 75+ points per game on 55.3% effective fg %, both rank outside the top 240. The only area they are good is not fouling. I expect our offense to be similar to what we have seen so far. High pick and rolls and dribble drives. I have seen us work the ball to Okoro at the high post more and more, and expect that to continue. Maybe we develop our inside out game through him instead of Wiley. We also have a significant rebounding advantage and like last game need to take full advantage. I expect us to try to push the pace in this one as Colgate has 5 guys that average 30+ minutes per game. Keys to the game: Come out with defensive ball pressure. Force them off the 3 point line. Dominate the glass push the tempo under control without turning the ball over. attack the basket as they don't have any real rim protectors Stay composed and don't get caught up in a 3pt shooting contest. I expect them to make some shots and keep the game tight. Wiley and McLemore have to stay out of foul trouble with Ivanauskas getting more touches than any other big we have seen so far. Well there it is, let's go get this one and enjoy a shot break. War Eagle!!! P.S. Since he is likely to be guarded by other bigs (6'10" 230 lbs ) Wiley may feel more comfortable than he did in some previous games. I wouldn't be surprised if he plays one of his better games.
  10. 247 sports tweeted that he is expected to be OK. Prayers up.
  11. Well that was a fun one. As far as checking off all of the things we hoped to see, and the keys outlined, job well done. Hard to get too excited over things that happen in a blow out, but her are some observations none-the-less: J'von played as clean a game as you can hope for. Program records are nothing to dismiss so let's take a minute and enjoy his assist mark. Also, doing it with only 1 turnover is very encouraging, even against a poor defensive opponent. Samir also had a career night that deserves recognition. Not many players ever score 30, so again let's take a minute and enjoy. Flanigan, Johnson, Cambridge, and Jones all got 13+ minutes that should help them moving forward. Cambridge hit double digits again scoring, Johnson was efficient again, Flanigan showed he is physically ready to find a role on this team. Jones is the biggest question mark of these four freshmen that we need to contribute. He looks like he is just playing a little too fast. It is hard to predict at this moment if he will be able to get under full control to give us what we need this season, but he certainly has shown some good skills. His stat line was 3 pts, 6 rebs, 3 ast, and 2 tos in 13 minutes. The turnovers are just forced bad passes that I expect to improve. His explosiveness is obvious and his size and athleticism are huge attributes. What we need though is decision making, and I have yet to see enough from him in this area. He doesn't come in the game calm and undercontrol and that is what we need from him most. We didn't see that in this game as I was hoping to. Stretch came in too jacked up as well, picking up 3 fouls in 5 minutes, but I think he will be fine to help out when/if our front court gets in foul trouble. We aren't going to ask more than that of him this season. It's always good when you get to play everyone on the bench. Good for the guys that work their butts off in practice to see the court, even if just for a few minutes. At this point, it is pretty clear who are our contributors, now it's time to refine the rolls and rotations. Yes we had a great night shooting the ball, but we also held them to 34.2% shooting from the floor, only turned the ball over 11 times and dominated the rebounding +20. Also, we were 15-16 from the free throw line. There were a few negatives that I think need to be pointed out: we were actually out attempted in this game, giving up 76 field goal attempts. We only generated 14 turnovers. Our pressure defense could have been much better. It is only human nature to ease up a bit win you're up 40, but our defense will determine our overall record more this season than last, and we have to be better. while we held them to 34% from the floor, they shot a healthy 38% from three. That is not good, and again we have to do better. We also let a player, Gomez, who we knew was one of their primary scoring options go for 23pts. Wiley had 10 points, 9 rebs, and 2 blocks and only 1 foul in his 18 mins, but he still had 4 turnovers. His turnovers are what is going to prevent us from working through him. He has to cut down on those if we are going to improve his usage going forward. All in all it is great to dominate lesser teams, so let's enjoy this one and move on. War Eagle!
  12. Honestly, I don't follow most of these high school guys until they are on campus. So I can't give any fair evaluation of my thoughts on him. Everyone looks great in highlights. I will say I think CBP has done an exceptional job of recruiting, and I'll assume this is a good pickup.
  13. Most the beat writers do a nice job or writing pretty articles ( I should probably work on trying to write in a more organize edited fashion), and do very little by way of basketball analysis or forecasting. I try to give a few mini projections about what I think we could/may do to win each game, just in a stream of consciousness as I think about it fashion that jumps and bounces around. and speaking of as it comes to me thinking, it dawns I left off what I think keys to the game are: come out with intensity crash the boards and dominate the glass take care of the ball switch up defenses There we have it. GO get this one boys. War Eagle.
  14. I know, right. I'll try to do better. We should also watch out for Gomez, he can get hot, and for that matter their strength so far is shooting the 3. So if we come out slow they could make this thing uncomfortable if they make shots. They have played well in second halves, but have yet to put a full game together, tonight should not be the time that it happens.