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  1. This small lineup looks great with Okoro at the 4. good idea.
  2. Sorry I missed the last couple games, and don’t have time for a full preview on this one either. But I’m gonna go ahead and throw out a few keys after looking over our last two games in the numbers entering this one. biggest data watch is going to be our assists, offense has been stale we have not been moving the ball and we’re going to need some good assist figures to get out of this funk, need to be in double digits as a team on this one. So I get mega stat to watch is going to be rebounding, the rebounding effort against Florida was absolutely pathetic and we will still shoot lower outside joke shot percentages as a team and must rebound to offset that. Another important thing will be for us to generate some offense off of turnovers or getting out in transition of missed shots. I mentioned this in another thread, but look for the guards to get into some dribble weave handoffs or other top of the key flash and cut motions to try to generate some movement of the defense. Lastly the defense Hass to be better even if the offense is struggling, our mental toughness Hass to stay dialed in and we cannot allow teams to score 40+ points in the second half. lastly the defense Hass to be better even if the offense is struggling, our mental toughness Hass to stay dialed in and we cannot allow teams to score 40+ points in the second half. This is a get right game in Frank Martin is a very crafty coach hopefully we can come out of this in with a W in moving things back toward the right track.
  3. I wouldn’t get my hopes up about Purifoy. What I just want from him is effort on defense and knocked down a few shots every game.I wouldn’t get my hopes up about Purifoy. What I just want from him is effort on defense and knocked down a few shots every game.
  4. Panic is in full swing, we got are tails whipped for sure, but let's not throw in the towel just yet. Also, while the offense has been bad the last two days, the second half defense was equally bad. WE gave up 41 to bama and 47 to uf. On the one hand that is concerning in and of itself, on the other hand it seems to point to a problem larger than just "make a shot." One thing I was concerned/wondered about at the beginning of the season is what would this team's chemistry look like. Early on it seemed it was ahead of schedule, winning some tight games. Well, our first two road SEC games may have shown us the chemistry, leadership, and mental toughness isn't where it needs to be on this team. The last two games I have watch players take bad shots, get beat badly on defense, be out of position, not hustle, and allow a crowd to dictate your actions. Frankly, the effort and intensity just hasn't been there. Add on to that, we don't have the higher end offensive shooting talent from last year, and here we are. THe question is what do we do. @cole256 is absolutely right, we have to find a way to create offensive spacing. Short of we start making shots, there will have to be some scheme changes to address this issue. Looking at our roster and how we have played up to this point, I see a few options that we may implement. First, I think you may see us start to play small more. Get more quickness and explosiveness on the floor and push the pace. Second, I think we could use some dribble weave action to help create penetration opportunities. Think of it like a pick play with wide recievers. Instead of our staple pick and roll (big on small) we may run a weave (small to small) to create movement and lanes, which if we get penetration off of will force a big to help and open up lobs and drop offs to our posts. Also, while it isn't a full answer, I think at this point we have to get Johnson on the floor more, possible playing Okoro more at the 4 in a small lineup.
  5. At this point, it was one game so I'm not sure we should over react to it. However, we did miss several good looks from close in. We simply didn't finish or make good decisions with the ball. We got penetration several times and committed charges, we had several offensive rebound put backs that didn't fall, and we didn't have anyone step up. Okoro had 1 point in the second half, it wasn't just Samir and Doughty, McCormick had a poor night as well. We didn't play with the movement, energy and intensity that has been the identity of this team so far.
  6. Reveiw: Well there isn't a whole lot to say other than we got caught up in the rivalry aspect of this game and didn't play our game. We didn't move the ball, we did move well on defense, we didn't make open shots, we didn't make free throws, we turned the ball over at a high rate (something I was concerned about), and we didn't play with composure. I was at the game, and we had multiple players engaging with the student section, gesturing at the crowd during the game and time outs. Purifoy and Doughty were both engaging with the crowd during periods of warm-ups and it is what it is. We laid and egg, got our lunch handed to us and now we need to learn and move on. Credit to bama, even with our terrible play, we cut it to 2 or 3 in the second half before Lewis took over and put it away. With McCormick in foul trouble and Samir playing the worst game I have seen him play, we had nobody to initiate the offense. Biggest take away and disappointment for me is we let the rivalry get to us mentally. I expected our seniors to handle it better.
  7. The amped up energy can help or work against both teams. Unlike football a change in possession doesn’t give a player a chance to come off the field and settle down. Players will have to adjust in-game and our seniors have been through it all. I hope they handle it well.
  8. Keys to the game: +3 or better in turnover battle even or better in rebounding battle force the ball out of Lewis's hands with pressure force Petty to shoot contested shots (don't help off him) most importantly play under control. Don't let the rivalry aspect force us into trying to do too much. This is a factor I'm worried about with some of the pre-game chatter.
  9. We are 2.5 pt favorites and the over/under is 160. So many expect a close high scoring game tonight.
  10. This one should be fun, let's jump right in. This is not the bama team of Grant or Avery, this one likes to get up and down and get into shoot-outs. They also, don't like to play much defense and this looks to be . a pretty high scoring matchup. Bama leads the SEC in team scoring at 83 per game, and we are right behind them at 81 per game. Offensively, these teams are very evenly matched with bama getting more outside scoring and AU doing more damage from 2. However, we have an advantage in the turnover area that could prove to be the difference. We average 12.9 turnovers per game, and bama averages 15.5, we need to win this battle within the game as much as any other area. Both teams are solid rebounding teams and it will be important for us to keep this battle tight as well. Where the stats start to show some separation is on the defensive end. Bama allows opponents to score 78.7 pts a game, while AU is at 66.3 per game. Alabama has allowed two teams to score 100+ on them (one in OT). They allow 12+ assist per game (AU allows 10), they allow their opponents to shoot 42% (AU is at 40%), and this trend continues across the board. bama isn't in the top 100 in almost any defensive statistic, while AU is in the top 100 in many areas. Petty and Lewis lead them in most categories, including scoring, rebounding, assists, minutes, steals. Those two are the key to this bama team. Shackelford can score and Jones is a good contributor as well, but bama will not beat us if we hold Petty and Lewis both in check. Between the two of them they score and generate offense for the rest of the group, but they also each have some turnover issues at times. I am optimistic our guards and wings will be able to pressure them into some turnovers, and limit Petty's ability to get open jumpshots, but Lewis is my biggest concern. He can drive the ball and create disruption. If he gets going we could be in trouble. I don't think Samir is quick enough to handle him so McCormick will need one of his better defensive efforts. It will be interesting how we approach these two. I think Lewis is the more difficult matchup. Bama doesn't block a lot of shots and dont have the rim protectors they have had in the past. I honestly don't think we will have much trouble scoring unless we are careless with the ball or we settle too much for outside shots. I expect us to continue driving the ball, drawing fouls and getting second chance points. This will be a tough test, but if we are able to to keep up our defensive intensity, the bama team has shown some mental lapses and folded in a few games. I expect a tight game, but I also think there is an outside chance we could open this one up if bama isn't making outside shots. War Eagle!!
  11. Not going to move up any further unless everyone else keeps losing games and/or we beat UK. They are not a joke. Playing pretty well at the moment, can score better than UA teams of the past.
  12. All this is true. He helps us a ton for sure and makes others jobs easier no doubt. Would hate to lose him. But we have options in the post, we have pretty much none at other spots. 🤔 Appreciate the discussion as always Cole
  13. I would agree. We have options in the front court. He is our only option as a true 1 that we have seen.
  14. Some of us have been high on Okoro for a while and not as high on Wiley. Looks like the nba is too....🤔
  15. I wasn’t saying OKoro posts up often, simply thus far he seems to actually have the best post back to the goal offense when he does post up. I’m not hating on Wiley. I think he is a very good player. He was huge against Vandy (and I gave his rebounding props in that thread), but he is probably the 4th most valuable guy on the team. We all do have favorites. We disagree, that cool, but I’m not sure how you can watch us play and not accept that we are a dribble drive team. McCormick, OKoro, and Samir all dribble drive to create team offense. We have some pick and roll actions and use the high post vs the zone (OKoro in the high post) but more possessions than not, a guard is dribbling to the basket to create offense. We can go back and check the film, but come on. I get differences of opinion on evaluating players, but the style of offense if self explanatory. How is Wiley getting all of his production? Are we throwing it to him in the post like you suggest, or is he getting it as I predicted? Off rebounding and rolling to the rim off pick and roll actions? We are an uptempo team that thrives while playing free, why in the world would we want them to slow down and go to post up ISO’s? Also, props to WIley for improving his free throws, he looks great recently at the line.