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  1. I think us moving up had more to do with a number of teams that had been ahead of us losing. Upgrade by default?
  2. The SEC network is running an SEC Storied episode "More Than A Voice". It's about the great radio announcers from around the conference. It's very well done, overall. Auburn got a lot of minutes of coverage with Jim and Rod's great calls and commentary on the men themselves. I watched it last night and highly recommend it. It's certain to be replayed several times over the next few days and weeks. Catch it if you can, you'll be glad that you did.
  3. Lots of people wanted "No more MR. Nice Guy". Now we don't have a Mr. Nice Guy. I can get used to it real easy, I hope others can too. When you ask for a hard-azz and you get a hard-azz, take the bitter with the sweet. A number of players were shown the door before the season started, now coaching heads are starting to roll. It's nothing to get upset about. If we've hired the right guy it will be obvious in three years. If he's not the right guy that will also be obvious. In the meantime, let's be supportive.
  4. Watching the TV, it looked like a catch. At worst, it was 'inconclusive".
  5. They shouldn't have improved more than Auburn did. We have to win more than a few of these big games if the recruiting is to be adequate. Going 6-3 in the nine big games when the team was 6-4 last year shouldn't be that daunting.
  6. Nonsense. Nonsense. My offer still stands. Quote one post of mine in which I said I hope Harsin fails. I've been waiting for one of the others who made this claim to reply but all they've done is slink away. Note to the intellectually impaired: Appreciating the many good things Coach Malzahn did in his time here does not mean one wants the new staff to fail. Anyone who gained admission to Auburn University should be able to grasp that.
  7. Not at all, but I will be disappointed. I think, personnel-wise, we'll be in worse shape next season than we are this time. While the transfer portal could change that, the portal is a two-way street that's unpredictable. I saw this 2021 season as a one time opportunity to post some big wins, put a solid floor under recruiting and provide something to point to. It's not too late for that to happen, but losing the PSU game took up a lot of whatever slack we had.
  8. Take the 7-5 or 8-4. Now subtract the three gimme games that we didn't play last year. That gives us 4-5 or 5-5. Yes, that's a step backwards from last year. I understand that there was a coaching change. I also understand that a lot of the pieces for success are in place. With the exception of WR, Harsin inherited a veteran team. The dissension in the coaching ranks that we had last year should be gone and that counts for something. I didn't expect miracles but I did hope for/expect some modest improvement and at the very least not do worse. I would have hoped for/expected 9-3 or be
  9. That's fine for this week, we will win anyway. Starting next weekend we'll need all hands on deck, every game.
  10. So, it's your opinion that Worm has had a career at AU that was filled with good luck and no unfortunate incidents that prevented him from reaching his full potential? I think he's been snakebit his entire time here. He's never had a 400 yard season and his rushing yardage has declined every year. Consistent bad luck on Shaun's part is the very definition of snakebit. Tank, though injured, still gained over 700 yards last season and was SEC freshman of the year. Tank is not snakebit. See the difference?
  11. Bowl games cannot be included in predictions, simply because the opponent, if any, is unknown ahead of the season. Last season, with 10 big games AU was 6-4, 60% winning percentage. This season has three gimme games and nine big games. Anything less than six wins in the big games is a step backward. (Yes, 5-4 is a step backwards from 6-4) So to not step backwards, AU needs to be 6-3 in the big games this season. Throw in the three gimmes and we are at 9-3. Anything less than 9-3 is a step backwards.
  12. How the devil does Ga. Tech make this list? That's nonsense.
  13. That's possible, even probable. However, my pre-season prediction did not include losing to teams we beat last year. If we take a step backwards in the won/loss department I'll be disappointed.
  14. I'm expecting this year's team to be better than last year. Last season, with all games being SEC games, we were 6-4. This season has three gimme games and nine big games. Any improvement at all puts us at 9-3. Worse than 9-3 is a step backwards. Let's hope we don't go backwards.....That pass defense though......
  15. We could start with his 80-yard TD run in the Iron Bowl being called back for a hold that was behind the play. Nothing else that dramatic comes to mind at the moment but his college career certainly has been filed with a bunch of almosts and could have beens. Now, in his senior year he has already missed two games.
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