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  1. I'm pretty sure that after one inning our coaches realized that the best pitch a batter was going to see tonight was the first pitch. However, telling your players something like that and having them execute accordingly are two different things. The young 'uns didn't attack the pitcher, they let the pitcher attack them. Cooper, Wallace and Fagan did better as the game went on but the younger kids never adjusted.
  2. Serious error in RF in the 6th, but we got away with that one. Then two more in the bottom of the 7th. There's simply a limit to how many mistakes you can make late in a game when you're playing top-level competition. This team is not playing with a "been there, done that" attitude. They were very tight late in the game. Lets hope they got that out of their system.
  3. Inning? I appreciate these updates, but....Inning?
  4. Your friendly neighborhood feed and seed store can take care of those minor annoyances for you. Leave AU's new president time to consider greater matters, like who the new AD should be!
  5. It's delightful, a feat only available to those that have their feet firmly planted on solid ground and can recognize a looney when they see one.
  6. Of course I don't. In other areas I'm just like you, spouting stuff I'm basically clueless about just to look important to the few that haven't figured it out.
  7. Starting pitchers don't "fatigue" in the middle innings this far into the season. If it's history related then it's not fatigue, it's injury. For once, you have wandered into an area where I have considerable knowledge and experience.
  8. The man had permission to use the ISU planes. That was made clear earlier. Why people keep repeating this makes me question if they have the best interests of AU at heart or if they are simply trying to cause AU more bad publicity through lies.
  9. So many forget that 5-19 got us our only national football championship in 59 years. Besides, he's an Agriculture guy and his wife is said to be a big fan of equestrian, a team that holds our most recent national championship. What's not to like?
  10. If the article you read is correct, then we are showing him enough attention. To think we are ignoring a RB who is the OC's favorite is to believe madness prevails.
  11. From what limited time I saw him play, mostly in spring practice, he appeared to be a quality QB but perhaps stuck in the wrong system. Good luck to him, I think he can be a winner at a place where he's a good fit.
  12. Unless we at least do a little work with them early, how deep the class is doesn't matter. We went through several years of very deep LB classes. We seemed to single out two or three, ignore the rest and by the time we'd missed on our chosen targets we were out of the running with the others. Hopefully we are smart enough to learn from the several years of making that mistake with LB's and won't repeat with the RB's. We need to cast a large enough net in order to be sure of landing at least one big fish come next February.