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  1. Wait a minute! We were just told by an Administrator: "That doesn’t mean it’s a free for all where you get to post articles from places notorious for fudging and exaggerating, pushing baseless rumors, or offering nonfactual crap,..." I take that to mean CNN, MSNBC, Mother Jones, Rolling Stone and similar sources are now out.
  2. Please. Michelle Obama required a staff of 24 to run her job as 1st Lady. Melania Trump does it with a staff of six. Therefore, Ms. Trump is four times smarter than Ms. Obama. She doesn't need to plagiarize Michelle's remarks, copying Michelle would be a step down for her. Plus: Your own link said there is no evidence of this plagiarism. It's fake news, get over it.
  3. There's no bar. Try to keep up. The question is, is the guy physically and mentally able to perform the job of POTUS? There are plenty of indications to the contrary.
  4. Researchers found that 4 of 26 tested showed an abnormal MRI. Those four didn't show any abnormalities in the other two types of tests. That's why the Big Ten has decided to go ahead and play football this year. The fears of myocarditis were greatly exaggerated. "However, the athlete’s MRIs were the only evidence of heart damage. None of the athletes had any abnormalities in the other tests, including an EKG, which measures heart rhythm, or a blood test for levels of troponin, a protein that indicates damage to the heart." https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/covid-linked-heart-in
  5. The question is can he hold out for 90 minutes. He can't seem to be able to make appearances on consecutive days. His handlers call the day over at noon. It's a serious question.
  6. I'm not so sure. He's looked rather pitiful in his infrequent recent appearances. Can he stand up for 90 minutes?
  7. I suggest paying less attention to Trump and more attention to his opposition. If you are truly the conservative you claim to be, the Socialists steering the Democratic party should be giving you cause for concern.
  8. See if you can find a copy of Biden's session last Saturday and watch it. You'll see someone who needs to be in an assisted living facility. It's painful to watch. The Democrats shouldn't have subjected this helpless old soul to such an ordeal. In any case, a vote for the Democrat ticket is a vote for Harris, Sanders & Co. Of course, the anti-Trumpers would vote for Joe Stalin were he running against President Trump.
  9. I'm sticking with the sadness from last Saturday. Anybody that looked at Biden's performance Saturday knows he's lost his mental capacity. It wasn't the subject for jokes, it was something to be pitied.
  10. Why yes, I'm pretty sure President Trump knew he was exaggerating. Sadly, Joe Biden didn't understand what he was saying.
  11. Climate change has been happening since the beginning of the world, and will continue until the end of the world. Glaciers gouged out the Great Lakes. There are fossils of palm trees and other tropical species in the ground under the Antarctic ice pack. The sea once covered all of Florida. Just south of Auburn was once a beach, you can find seashells in the soil there. These things have happened in the past and in all likelihood will happen again. Whether man's puny activities can affect climate change is extremely doubtful.
  12. Indeed they do. Trump says outrageous things from time to time. The difference is, Biden doesn't know that he's doing it. Never learn what? Any casual observer has learned that Joe Biden is a helpless old soul who deserves pity. The Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for putting him through this torment. Biden has earned a spot in a comfortable nursing home. (Not one in New York) A nursing home is where he should be instead of up on a stage asking some 20-something scene manager of it's ok if he goes to see his family.
  13. Yes. Did it show me everything I'd like to know about what was going on? No.
  14. Yes. I could understand the cop holding Floyd down until he stopped resisting. Again, there will be a trial where all the details should come to light.
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