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  1. Mikey

    March for life coverage

    What it illustrates is how little regard I have for MSNBC and CNN.
  2. Maybe 'this year' was the joke I couldn't see. Most would tend to think of recruiting years in annual classes, but if he meant 2019, then yes, he got me.
  3. If he can learn the system and adjust to playing H-back, he'll be an asset. As far as "biggest commit this year", no. Whatever was meant by that comment, we have signed several larger and several bigger.
  4. Mikey

    Patient Purifoy Pissed

    Not all that critical. He should have gone somewhere that he could have played. Either a small school or tried the European circuit if he could make one of those teams. He lost a season and a half and all he gained from it was being rusty and left behind by the Auburn team.
  5. Mikey

    Patient Purifoy Pissed

    He's still rusty as hell and practice started mid-October. Three months ago. He'd have been better off going somewhere he could have played last season and this. As mentioned above by several others, Purifoy isn't getting good advice, or else isn't listening to it.
  6. Mikey

    Patient Purifoy Pissed

    No we are commenting that he's not helping the team. Why is another question. It probably is the long layoff. Like many said or thought, he should have done something other than sit around Auburn for 1& 1/2 seasons.
  7. Mikey

    He's certainly trying to hide SOMETHING

    Me too! That comment is funny.
  8. Mikey

    March for life coverage

    Who gives a sh**? Anybody that wants accurate, responsible news reporting should give a sh**. One of the lefty mouthpieces posted a scene from hours before the march and claimed that only 1,000 marchers showed up. I think after being called on it they pulled their BS story. At least that's what I saw on the internet. RTL isn't something I follow closely so I just accepted their antics as business as usual for those sorts of "news" outlets.
  9. Mikey

    Checking up

    Dadeville/Alex City/Frog Eye/Everglade/Dudleyville, no known damage.
  10. Mikey

    Men vs. Kentucky game thread

    Yes. His absence easily cost us three points.
  11. Mikey

    2019 4* DE/DT Charles Moore

    She wore an Auburn jersey on some movie sets, no sure about in the actual filming. She stayed on Lake Martin while they were filming Norma Rae in Opelika and took a liking to our school. I think she got escorted around campus and "other" local establishments quite a bit. Then there's this:
  12. You ever watch those old Law & Order shows? Every time a criminal asks for a lawyer, the cops do all but say "Oh crap." I think this is what the NCAA is doing. If the kid gets a lawyer, they say Oh Crap and approve the waiver. Who was the last one to request a waiver and get turned down, regardless of the validity of the appeal? There may be one recently but I don't know who it might have been. Asa Martin, Martell and Fields are clearly transferring because they didn't get to play enough and don't think they'll be starting in the future. If that qualifies as a reason for a waiver, the doors are wide open and it's a free for all.
  13. Mikey

    The starting lineup

    So, some of you want to bench Brown. Bench our top scorer and a guy who really hustles on defense. Up-thread a bit, somebody started a post with "Some of this is madness". I agree. I've played basketball,, coached it at the high school level and below and followed it for decades. You don't take a senior who is a solid defender (Brown is a solid defender) and your top scorer and put him on the bench unless he's been causing problems and Brown doesn't cause problems. Taking Brown out of the starting lineup changes the entire chemistry of what's going on out there and it does that at mid-season. Some of you are either trolling or thinking too much. I agree with the guy that said it's madness. Maybe take a step back, take a deep breath and re-think?
  14. Mikey

    What became of Sean White?

    KD was his own enemy. Burton, kind of a mystery why he left but where is he playing today? Is he all ACC and I've missed it? NCM wasn't the same since his injury at the end of high school. He wanted the ball more than he got open to get it. Lets see where these guys are two years from now. While I wish them well, I don't expect to see many headlines.
  15. Mikey

    January 18-20 Visitor Thread

    I'm thinking Brown will get his first shot at H-back. However, I've got no real info to support that. I hope he does make a fine MLB, we need him there more than at H-back.