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  1. The guy at Arkansas is doing very well. He inherited a tough situation and a team that had losing records, yet he's pulled them up. They'll be favored when they play AU this season.
  2. Perhaps not. If not, we'll be down and dirty when their 5* recruits are knocking us down and running over us on the field. "How much are you gonna' pay me" is on the mind of every recruit, even 2* players. Unless something is done rule-wise the schools that aren't willing to pay big bucks will do without the big prospects.
  3. Why do they even have some rule about NIL money not being discussed before signing? It's going to be discussed at every school, with every prospect. It's now part of a player's decision making process. To think otherwise is terribly naive.
  4. Ole Miss led the SEC and was second nationally in football transfer ranking. It looks like they've decided to work that side of things in football and other sports as well..
  5. There's only one new face on the O-line, freshman Eston Harris from Auburn high school. He'll be a busy guy if he replaces three or four starters.
  6. We aren't talking about 20 years in a row. We are talking about the 2021 season, in which the team with the 3rd toughest schedule fell from 6-5 to 6-7 while the team with the virtually identical 4th toughest schedule improved from 2-8 to 7-6. Add in that the team with the 17th toughest schedule improved from 3-7 to 7-6. These are drastic differences in results while the strength of schedules are very similar. Because yes, the numbers 3,4, and 17 are very close when taken as a set in a group of 131. (All three are in the top 13% of the group. They are similar)
  7. I don't think any AU fan is hoping for a 4-8 season. Personally, I'm hoping for 15-0 but expecting that we'll have a lucky bounce in a game somewhere along the line and finish 5-7. The thing is, after 18 months there has been nothing solid accomplished. Not one smidgen to create a glimmer of hope. Not in the win/loss record, not in recruiting and not in the portal, where AU is 9th in the SEC in 247's portal rankings. There was one disconcerting report from a veteran observer who said that the AU practice he attended this spring was "The worst practice in the history of Auburn football". It's past time for something positive to be accomplished. Talk about culture is cheap. If we don't see positive results in any area, there will be no choice but to make a change. When Harsin came onboard I was of the opinion that he needed three years. That's well and good and in most cases reasonable, but the three years is half over. When is measurable improvement going to start?
  8. This year's AU team will have two former 5* players on it (Pappoe and Tank) who certainly wouldn't have come to AU under the current NIL situation.
  9. Contributors such as Nix, Pegues, Hudson, Shivers and Manning were losses. Canion caught more passes at AU than the transfer guy from Miami caught there. Whether some of the incoming guys are the equal to those we lost won't be known for a while. All in all, my take on the portal is we lost more than we gained and it's not that close.
  10. Gus isn't coming back, he's off base on that. However, a change in the next nine months is likely. A 4-8 or 5-7 season with the resultant dismal recruiting will all but force a change.
  11. In a field of over 100, #3, 4 and 17 are very close. So yes, about the same.
  12. If you liked to sit outside while looking through notes and preparing for a test, Graves Amphitheater was a pleasant, quiet place to be.
  13. This is heavily weighted to how well teams did in the post-season. I'm very happy with AU's showing while still wishing we had won 4 more games. #6 is a great final ranking. However, the best team I saw this season, as much as I dislike them, was Tennessee. Yes, Notre Dame took two out of three against them but I don't think they or any other team on this list would be expected to do that again.
  14. No matter how much money the school has, it can't go into the NIL pool. That has to come from boosters outside of the school. If the millionaires aren't putting up the cash the NIL fund can be broke and there's nothing school officials can do about it. NIL money and Auburn University's money are entirely separate things.
  15. All three teams had SEC schedules. Tennessee, just like AU, played bammer and UGA. Did the teams that turned their record around avoid injuries to starters? I don't follow them enough to know. I do know that the proof of the puddin' is in the eatin'. Those teams went from big-time losers to winners. After eight seasons with a winning record, AU suffered through a losing season. Maybe Harsin and his new-found way of doing things can turn the AU program around. Lets hope he does, because if he doesn't we'll soon be buying another pig in a poke.
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