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  1. Tennessee has no say in the matter. The NCAA has ruled that Tennessee signees can void their letter of intent if they so choose, because of the current scandal. Here's more details:
  2. I expect us to run three guards with Flan, Powell and Coop as the starters.
  3. Tell your friend that before Bryant can return to Auburn, Auburn will have to accept him back. That's not a given.
  4. I called those the "Doc Robinson" teams. Talk about a team leader!
  5. People around Abbeville who grew up with him all said he was a fine young man in his early years, up through college. Sadly, he's not the first and won't be the last to mis-handle great opportunity.
  6. He's definitely improving. A painful look back at the last two minutes of the bammer game reveals how far he's already come since then. There's still a goodly way for him to go but I think he'll get there.
  7. The Vole's new thing: Picking up Auburn rejects.
  8. They wouldn't have to worry about Northwestern. To play Northwestern they'd have to be in a bowl game. A bowl game is not something that's in Tennessee's near future.
  9. This is true. And why will there be more there after spring training? Because those are guys who were buried down the depth chart and failed to move up in spring practice. I've watched this at AU for years. The exodus after spring practice is virtually all guys who couldn't pass anybody on the depth chart. If they couldn't move up where they were, how will they help us? That mine isn't going to be nearly as rich as some seem to think. We currently have used 12 slots. Our best bet is to sign eight more and then have five extras to back-fill in the 2022 class. Doing that, we could sign 30 i
  10. UF had been 0-5 in SEC play. Now they are 1-5, thanks to AU. The end has to be coming, and soon.
  11. Not all are hoping that. If T-Will is compatible with the rest of the hires and Coach Harsin wants him, fine. If not, that's fine too.
  12. He's definitely playing great basketball. He'll be even mo' greater when he learns what not to do in certain situations.
  13. Clint Eastwood to Coop: "A man's got to know his limitations". (Magnum Force, 1973) As good as Cooper is, and he's going to get better, he's still trying to do things that are beyond his limitations. I believe in time he'll learn when to go and when to whoa but right now he's trying to do things he cannot do.
  14. Apparently some of you make a science out of it. I use propane and am very happy with the results. I do have a friend who is a real pro, caters events and hauls his big grill there. He swears that wild cherry chips are better than hickory, but I wouldn't know. Those here who are experts, maybe give wild cherry wood a try, it's plentiful in the woods of the southeast.
  15. So that you are fully informed, I have been "Cancel Cultured" from the political boards. I can't even see them any more, let alone post there. That's why we aren't debating our vast political differences these days.
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