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  1. While it's quite silly to try to predict a season before Spring practice and any unexpected events that might happen over the summer and fall camp, I do believe the depression here is heading overboard. When Brown, Davidson and Coe all elected to return, we gained a solid two wins over what it might have been without them. 10-2 is very realistic at this point. That could go slightly up or down, pending unexpected events.
  2. Good catchers aren't made, they are, to an extent, born. A kid that likes the mud and dust and pain and heat will make you a good catcher!
  3. Quoting from the link provided by @aujeff11 above: " Patterson joked last month about avoiding recruits with “portal parents,” players he felt whose parents would encourage them to bolt if things went awry." That could be a tough one to gauge, but it's a great idea. Read more here:
  4. No. I pull for Auburn. Those people hate us, I don't see why not return the favor. Gene Chizik wins the Natty and every national Coach of the Year award available, yet our 'brothers' in the SEC elect Spurrier, who Chizik's team beat twice, as SEC Coach of the Year. Cam Newton wins the Heisman and virtually every other national award available and our SEC "brothers" vote some tennis player from Tennessee as Male Athlete of the Year. To hell with the SEC. I'll pull a little for A&M and Mizzou because they weren't in the conference then, but the others can eat crap and die.
  5. For a period of time earlier in the season, Auburn looked like a different team. Players were hitting shots and there seemed to be some level of organization on offense. Comments were made here on this forum that the team looked very different and much better than the Coach Flo teams of the past. Then for some reason for the last several games the team reverted to what it has been in prior years. You could have photoshopped the uniforms and faces, showed me a video of yesterday's game and I'd have said "Coach Flo" in less than one minute. Also, whatever we called ourselves running on defense yesterday, BYU guards Chase and Gonzalez figured it out and scored almost whenever they wanted to the entire second half. That part wasn't normal, so we combined our traditional bad offense with bad defense. It was a disturbing game to end the season on.
  6. Isn't it amazing what a couple of days does to get over jet lag, adjust to the new altitude and rest a bit? I'm thinking that if Auburn had pulled a Friday draw we'd have seen a display similar to the Kansas came in the first game too.
  7. We now have the head baseball coach that I wanted to hire back when we hired Pawloski in 2009. If anybody cares enough, I suppose that's on record either here or on Jay G. Tate's forum when he was at the Montgomery Advertiser. Butch Thompson as Aburn's HC was a no-brainer even back then. We are very, very lucky that Butch was still available.
  8. He (Dunbar) hasn't been quite the same since he missed a game or two with strained muscles. I wonder if the change in his game isn't related to a nagging injury?
  9. It's my understanding that he won't graduate until the end of his current school term. Thus, he can't be a grad transfer until then. He should arrive on campus in the summer.
  10. It's not about me or you. It's about your incorrect statement that this team has a history of closing games poorly. Since their resurgence from the mid-season slump their trademark has been falling behind early and then coming back and winning by playing smart, tough basketball. The reason yesterday's poor finish was remarkable was because it was out of character for this team that has been exceptional in closing games through the second half of the season.
  11. Close to the worst I've ever seen. The worst was our opening SEC game in the Arena. The Barbee-coached Auburn Tigers were behind LSU 37-6 at the half. It was so astonishing that you couldn't even be upset about it.
  12. BS. If this were true the team's record wouldn't be 27-9.
  13. I thought we played well and looked like Auburn for the first, say, 32 minutes. Those last eight or so minutes we made some really, really dumb mistakes that aren't characteristic for this team. Lets call it a combination of mental and physical fatigue of both the coaches and players that should be over with by Saturday.
  14. I can't imagine who told you that. I said we have enough scholarship players to handle it and we do. Maybe we'll add a transfer or maybe not, depending who might become available but it's not a critical need.
  15. Then expand your imagination. There are more issues involved than a kid wanting to change schools because Coach said mean things. The kid can still transfer, he simply has to wait out a transfer year. If the move makes life soooo much better for him an extra year of college should be a small price to pay.