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  1. Auburn's next Head Coach

    Yes we did. War Eagle!
  2. Happy Gameday!!

    War Eagle! Gonna' ride a horse for a bit, then around mid-day shoot some guns. (Mid-day so as not to hinder the bow-hunters) Then it's home-made bean with bacon soup, a hot dog and watch AU football! It's a beautiful fall day here in the East Alabama forest.
  3. Malzahn and Arkansas

    You think Arkansas can't do better than a coach that's in trouble where he already is? Why would that be? They were able to hire a highly successful coach away from Wisconsin last time around. What makes you think they will settle for less this time?
  4. Malzahn and Arkansas

    First, Arkansas would have to offer him the job. The U.of Arkansas is a major state university with deep pockets. They'll have a wide field to pick from if they decide to make a change. They won't be looking at any coach that's already on the hot seat at his current job. The idea of Gus to Arky, at this point, is nonsense.
  5. Weekly, and in some weeks daily, another of Obama's anti-American ploys and /or executive orders gets squashed. As long as Trump continues on this course, he can piss off as many New York Times writers as he cares to. Stock market up, unemployment down, ISIS being defeated...the NYT and their followers can't stand Trump's success.
  6. Last Chance

    It'a good thing that who you root for has no effect on the outcome of a game. I won't ever root for Auburn to lose a game. That's very poor, in my opinion.
  7. Eligibility

    According to a report from the AU administration, AU employees, including the coaches, are forbidden to discuss the investigation with anyone, including players. The FBI promises a charge of Obstruction Of Justice on anyone caught violating this rule. So, legally, no, our coaches cannot ask or even listen to any player about this subject. Even if they do know or can guess who is involved, to act upon that knowledge might result in them getting charged by the FBI.
  8. The silence is deafening.

    We picked up a big one Saturday morning. (Coynis Miller) That's not long enough ago for the silence to get deafening.
  9. Embarrassed or Mad?

    Extremely disappointed.
  10. Eligibility

    That's the thing: If the coach doesn't know exactly who is under investigation he'd have to bench every player on the squad to be safe. Either the NCAA comes out with a ruling pre-season or everybody plays their entire roster and hopes for the best.
  11. UNC avoids major sanctions

    That wasn't now, that was then and there was no "shopping". Shopping, by definition, requires looking for deals at more than one place.
  12. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields

    What came first, the chicken or the egg? Unless fans have a plug-in to the headsets, who knows what coach called what play? You're right back to the convenient stance: "If a play works, credit Chip, if a play fails, blame Gus."
  13. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields

    It works like this: When good things are happening on offense, Chip is running it. When bad things happen, it's Gus's offense. See how convenient it is?
  14. Washington State vs Cal

    Two teams ranked ahead of us have already lost this weekend. With a good showing vs. LSU we can move up the rankings. Lets hope!
  15. UNC avoids major sanctions

    Cam's dad was not "shopping him". MSU booster Kenny Rogers approached Cam's dad with an offer and Dad made the mistake of listening. That was it and all of it. Investigations at Tennessee, Oklahoma and Auburn all found no evidence of payment being mentioned. Had shopping been going on, money would have been mentioned at the other schools Cam visited. It was not mentioned anywhere but in Starkeville and that discussion was initiated by Rogers.