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  1. What was there to argue? The question was asked and answered. End of story and no cause for an argument of any sort.
  2. Why? I see no reason to go overboard with this. Unless you know something the rest of us don't know. If so, do tell!
  3. If you're talking SHOULD be, it's 12-0. Give Coach Thompson another year or two to finish building and we'll have that. Of course, had we done what I lobbied for and hired Thompson after Pawloski was fired we'd be settin' pretty by now.
  4. Arbitrary rules about how many per position and what position a player is "being recruited as". You know, the rules/statements that bite is in the rump every so often.
  5. He wants to be a WR at Tech? okey-dokey...
  6. Yet, at some later point we'll be offering several prospects at various positions and saying we'll take the "best available regardless of position". Every year there's this game of "only so many at such and such a position' and "being recruited as..". Sometimes I think the people making these "rules" need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.
  7. I got amped up at you saying we needed safeties? When? Lets see a link. I did make a remark several months ago about you getting butthurt because our coaches signed a kid other than the one you selected for them. I guess you are still sore about that? Apples and oranges anyway. Numbers at a position is an entirely different thing than you saying the coaches made a mistake because they signed some other kid and let your cousin slide.
  8. We're having a Bi Cat weekend this time? Maybe we should keep that on the down-low.
  9. Normally, if a pitcher is going great and there are no other issues, a coach stays with that pitcher. The changes worked for USCe this weekend, but I have the distressing feeling that we weren't going to hit much no matter what their coach did. This was not a good pitching staff we were looking at and still, nothing. How long before people start to say of Clint Meyers "Yeah, but he did it with Tina Dees's players"?
  10. Tyler Queen was the 9th. Normally, if there are more that drop out, it will be right after this current class term ends, and maybe one or two soon after fall camp starts. Should someone get booted for "conduct unbecoming", that could happen at any time.
  11. No more silly than claiming MJ should be legalized because of its medical uses. A doctor can prescribe Morphine but few would use Morphine's medal properties as an argument to make it legal for general use and availability. The same applies to MJ. Whatever medical uses it has can be easily addressed by declaring it to be a prescription drug. Its medical applications have absolutely no bearing on whether it should be declared legal for general use.
  12. Are you not advocating legalizing MJ and using its medicinal properties as support for that position? I could have swoon you were. If so, there is absolutely no false equivalency.
  13. Don't like at all. Two isn't enough to maintain, let alone improve. We are only one class away from signing only one. "Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it." Our history of having a crappy defense after under-recruiting the LB position should be fresh enough in certain people's memory that they don't fall into that pit again this soon. We'll see.
  14. There can be no doubt that marijuana has medicinal benefits. So does opium. That doesn't mean that either one should be legal for street use.
  15. You run in cycles and right now you are nearing another peak. Dropping some negative or nit-picking comment on almost every post you read. I'm just informing you that it's time for you to hold another meeting with yourself. Get in front of the mirror and do whatever it is you do that returns you to ground zero. The first few months after that, as you are still gaining momentum it's not nearly as bad. Go ahead and reset now. I'll warn you again in a few months when you start going overboard at the peak of your next cycle. No need to send money, I'm flush right now. Your BFF, Mikey