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  1. What I believe is this whole issue doesn't amount to a fart in a whirlwind. This is almost as bad as the Dems trying to charge President Trump for considering taking actions he eventually decided not to take. It's just plain silly.
  2. I track this stuff pretty closely, year to year to year. I've had 27 as the number since the '19 class was finalized.
  3. Apparently he went directly to the foreign Head of State, man to man. It probably went something like this: President Trump: "Hey Dude, there's this American citizen that was handed a cushy job in your country, a job he is not qualified to fill. We think corruption is involved. This guy, Hunter somebody, was under investigation until his daddy threatened to hold funds back unless the investigation was called off. Things have changed now. If you'd like your money on time, resume the investigation and nail this crooked little twerp." I have no problem with it and no loyal American should have a problem. Stuff like that is kinda' the President's job.
  4. We'll just have to line our team up so that front line play wins in the tourney. We've got an entire half season to get this team ready to go win some tournament games.
  5. The raw talent is there. The experience is there. Every year some mid-level team makes a lot of noise because they have an experienced team. We have an experienced team with way, way above mid-level talent. We should be expected to make some noise at season's end. Failing to do so will be disappointing.
  6. This is a senior laden team with players who were highly sought. Wiley and Purifoy were top level recruits. Doughty is a talented 5th year senior. #23 is as good a freshman as anyone has. McCormick could use someone to give him a breather at guard but that's not enough of a shortage to just be happy that the team makes the tournament. They should be capable of much more. I think they will do much more and will be very disappointed if we don't get to at least the sweet 16.
  7. There's a football forum with plenty of threads that serve no purpose but to bash and whine about Gus. Please don't clutter the BB forum up with more of this tired old garbage.
  8. That's a mighty low goal, one win in the tourney. I couldn't call that anything but disappointing. We're not going to shoot in the 20% range all season.
  9. Florida Gulf Coast is way, way down from Pensacola. It's in Southwest Florida at Fort Myers. Life down there may indeed suit him better, it's a fine area that almost never sees even a light frost. EDIT: oops! I posted this before I saw @WarTiger's post, just above.
  10. What I say is So What? The American President wanted a stalled investigation into corrupt activities by an American citizen to be resumed. That's not only his right to request it, it's his duty.
  11. Fixed that for you. He's nothing but another democrat tool/liar. On to this trial: Why should it be fair and impartial? The proceedings in the House were not. I say the Senate should work with the Administration to pile as much discredit and embarrassment on the Democrats as possible before announcing a finding of "Not Guilty on all Counts." Speaking of fair, why are not any candidates for President barred from the proceedings? They clearly have a conflict of interest and would not be seated on a normal jury.
  12. In later years, John Patterson came into my office several times in regard to his farming operation. He had a younger, German wife and she seemed to handle all the business decisions. If you like to read, you can read all about Phenix City's glory days in a novel by former Auburn football star turned novelist Ace Atkins.
  13. For some reason, AU is a hard place to gain admission, academically. In the past we've lost prospects due to grades that had no trouble getting into the Mississippi schools or Memphis.
  14. Well, the Equestrian team is projected to win its 7th national championship this Spring. The season is divided and AU went undefeated in the fall series. Last year's national championship team was the first Equestrian team in the history of the college sport to go undefeated through the entire year. I recommend going to a meet and checking it out. Nice facility on Wire Road, pretty girls and great horses. What's not to like?
  15. Please notice that I'm not the one that keeps bringing this up and won't just let it drop. I was done with it over a year ago. If you are wondering why this keeps on popping up, ask those who lost the original argument.