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  1. That's asinine. I thought hiring a coach who was under a show cause suspension was very risky. Eight years ago AU was just coming off probation due to the NCAA railroading us on the Kamara situation. We already had a target on our back and hiring a coach who was on their hit list very likely could have made it worse. We got lucky and aside from a few minor scrapes along the way, it worked out. I and several other posters here thought hiring a coach under a show cause was a bad mistake. Nobody hated Bruce Pearl but were the situation to be the same today, I'd once again say that hiring such a coach one year after coming off probation is not at all prudent.
  2. I wear a green visor and huddle over an ancient lamp while making secret marks on a yellow legal pad.
  3. Just what this board needed: Another self-proclaimed expert.
  4. Then why did you post that we had 79 on scholarship when by your own count the number was already down to 77? Plus there's your little problem with thinking we have 32 slots available this cycle when we have only 30. So, combining the two above, your original position that we can't fill all of our slots is already blown out of the water and it's only a week in.
  5. Unless he is an on-field coach or AU is one coach short, Reed can't recruit off campus. If we want him to be an important part of the recruiting, he needs to be an on-field coach.
  6. You can't even get that straight. If Hunter leaving reduced us to 79 on 1/16, then Pegues reduced us to 78 on 1/17 and Matthews reduced us to 77 on 1/21. That's making the huge assumption that your original number of 80 was correct, which it certainly was not. Signees don't go on scholarship and aren't counted against the 85 limit until they are enrolled in school and attending classes. Somebody needs to study a primer on the subject. PS: Your number of 32 available slots is incorrect. Our number this year is 23+7=30. Why this is so is out there, I'll let you find out the reason for yourself.
  7. Signees don't count until they are enrolled in school and attending class. Somebody who doesn't know what they are talking about is counting them as on scholarship right now. They are not.
  8. So, do you have facts or just a more likely scenario? The two things are a bit different, you know.
  9. My take is that I wish Mason had worked out. Early on, his pass defense was getting nickle and dimed to pieces, but it got better as the season went on. However, he's gone and that's that. Barring some unexpected catastrophe, Coach Harsin deserves three seasons to put his plan in place and show what he can do. That doesn't mean we have to be sunshine pumpers for two more years.
  10. We can just sign ten more people. We could sign ten more today if we wanted to. I think it would help you to study up a bit on how all this works.
  11. You prove my point. You, or whoever you are believing, is trying to apply absolutes to a fluid situation. Someone is in over their head. The numbers don't work in the way you claim they do. Watch and learn, Young Grasshopper.
  12. They have already accomplished one thing that Gus never accomplished: They have had a losing season at Auburn.
  13. Who said so? Where's your source? Again, whoever came up with this doesn't know what they are talking about and doesn't understand how this has worked in the past or is going to work this time. If they had the slightest grasp of the situation they wouldn't present it in this simplistic manner. Yesterday your number was 80. Now it's 79. What's it going to be next Tuesday?
  14. Agree. There is no way Harsin would have left Boise to go to a place where his choice of assistants was going to be dictated to him. That idea is silly beyond belief.
  15. Facts? I do not believe those doing this counting understand the situation. They do not have an understanding of how this has worked in the past and how it works this year. We can fill all remaining slots and the 85 limit will not be a problem. Either list your source for these "facts" or wait until August and eat crow then.
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