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  1. Linebacker. Five years of mediocre play. Edit: 2011 through 2015, if someone's memory fails.
  2. Kodi has been moved elsewhere and it was done some time ago. Blame Travis Williams if you feel the need to point the finger at somebody.
  3. "It's only June". The lack of chatter is disturbing. Maybe all of our "experts" and so enthralled with the QB recruiting that they don't have time for D-line talk. Or maybe we are whiffing, it wouldn't be the first time we have ignored a position only to suffer the consequences later.
  4. The fight during the Georgia game was a thing of beauty. Under today's rules there wouldn't have been enough players left on either side of the the field to finish the game.
  5. Winning 3 games gets you gone. Winning 8 or 9 with the outlook of better things to come is a totally different scene. The "win 10 or else" crowd here have very loud voices. Fortunately, they don't have very much influence in places that matter.
  6. I watched every play of every game. Some of us do that, some don't. If you can ignore the game and go rake leaves or whatever, that's fine for you. If Auburn is playing and I'm alive, I'll be there in person or watching on the TV.
  7. Another angle is that a junior player has some leverage with the pros in that he can at least 'threaten" to return to college for a year. A senior has zero leverage so he has to take whatever little is offered or go get a real job.
  8. Contingency offers, or non-committable offers, are more often than not contingent upon the school that's offering not being able to land players that are higher on their board. Look no farther than higher up this thread, where it was stated that Harris likely would not get a committable offer from OSU because they had guys higher on their board. In effect, he does not have an offer in any sense of the word. From the bleacher report link above: " Tennessee and Alabama for example have offered close to 150 kids a scholarship this year so far. Keep in mind you can only bring in 25 players a year, so offering 150 seems outrageous. " 150? These aren't offers, they are very close to lies.
  9. So, you are saying that no matter how many LB's OSU gets lined up, Harris has a scholarship there waiting for him if he does certain things? "Experts" here say that's not the case and if it's not the case then he doesn't have an offer.
  10. An offer with stipulations is not an offer. If one cannot accept the offering, it's not an offer. "We're interested in you but..." is not an offer of employment. Just show up at your (hopefully) new job with nothing but that and see how fast they show you the door. An offer, any offer, is something that can be accepted. Specific to the situation of players, I seriously doubt that these "non-offers" can be accepted as soon as the player gains/loses 12 pounds or makes a grade of B in his history class. There are more strings attached than what the player himself can control, thus there is no offer.
  11. A non committable offer is not an offer. Period. If he left OSU without a committable offer, he left without an offer. It's time the recruiting world found something less silly than "non committable offer". The term is nonsense.
  12. 210 k plus a chance to play pro baseball would have been a lot to pass up. Good luck to him.
  13. He spent four loveley days in a Clemson orange haze.
  14. Rudy Davalos...man, there's a name that's a blast from the past!
  15. This is true, but here's betting dollars to doughnuts that she plays her last year of college ball somewhere. I did read where Fagan got a contract to play pro softball. How much that pays I have no idea, but probably not much. I think if Fagan is at a level to play for money, Wallace is too if she wants to do that after college.