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  1. This racist crap is wearing thin. For decades anybody that the Dems disagree with has been called a racist. These days, lacking in imagination, they are even calling each other racists. Cortez calls Pelosi a racist, Harris calls Biden a racist, Beto calls every white person in America including himself a racist. Can't they come up with something besides "The other guys are racists and if I'm elected I'll give you lots of free stuff"? That's all they did in the first debate, try to out-racist and out-freeby each other. To call that scene a circus would be dis respecting the real circus. Had someone on the podium used JFK's great line "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country", that person would have been booed and cat-called out of the room.
  2. We Auburn folks know that. The NCAA knows it too but that doesn't mean they won't take advantage of this opportunity to gore Auburn once again. They have done it before. We were unfairly gashed by them naming an AAU basketball coach an Auburn supporter when the guy wasn't ever an Auburn student and had never sent a single one of his players to AU. You can go all the way back to 1956 when they unjustly put football on probation in the Don Fuell (sp?) case. There are enough bammers in the NCAA head office to make stuff like this happen. They will do it again if they can. To them, AU being in the Final Four is unacceptable and anything they can do to keep it from happening again will be done.
  3. I'd expect situational substitution there, down, distance, position on the field, game situation and so forth.. We have never been much on substituting just to give a back some rest or to give another guy some carries.
  4. Who leads at this point doesn't matter much. According to the OP UAT hasn't thrown their hat into the ring yet.
  5. I'm not sure there is a P-5 school where Asa is guaranteed to start. He was 5th string at Auburn when he left and was about the same at Miami when he left there. He should see if he can crack the lineup at one of the Mississippi JUCO's and if that works for him, move up from there.
  6. The census asks age, names, sex, occupation and other personal questions. To say the citizenship question doesn't belong there is nonsense.
  7. I'd monitor any "guidance counselor" who is incapable of providing his students with adequate guidance right out the door. That counselor is being paid to do a job. It's his/her DAY JOB. If they aren't competent enough to do the job they are being paid to do, they should be fired for ineptitude and replaced with someone who will make the effort. If there's a kid in school that has the talent in any field to get a college scholarship and the counselor fails to closely monitor that student's academic progress, that counselor is a failure.
  8. What's wrong with it has already been discussed in multiple threads in which you have participated. I shouldn't have to repeat the reasons why free agency is a bad idea for someone who possesses such a remarkable, young brain as yours.
  9. It seems to me that a person whose JOB is to counsel students and get them ready for graduation/college/career in their chosen field should be knowledgeable as to what it takes for a student to qualify for an athletic scholarship. Maybe some individual student isn't receptive to counseling. I can see that, but that's a different story. I cannot see a counselor not knowing what one of his/her students needs to fulfill their dream. If it's a school of 3,000 kids, then someone getting an athletic scholarship will not be a once in a lifetime event for the counselor. Yes, the NCAA rules are complicated. Understanding them should be art of the counselor's job requirements.
  10. He has no grounds for immediate eligibility, but apparently all he has to do is threaten to hire a lawyer and the NCAA will grant immediate eligibility to him. As an individual case I hope he gets it and can play this coming season. As a factor in the life of college athletics, I don't care for the wimping out of the NCAA on this matter. it's creating free agency.
  11. Oh, ratz! Here I thought we'd go an entire year without agreeing on a single thing. Now you go and spoil it.
  12. This is a pretty good way for a bored kid to get attention through the doldrums of summer. I don't think it's anything more than that.
  13. Kamar Bell is/was supposed to have his grades in order and get to campus this week. I haven't heard anything one way or the other yet.
  14. Tre Mason didn't make it until the team was already into fall camp. The delay is generally not a good sign, however.