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  1. That was a fine family around Auburn. Not saying the article is incorrect, it's just very surprising. Entirely out of character for what you'd expect from seeing them here and there.
  2. Keeping Steele allows the PTB to cherry pick a bunch of assistants who will stay in place. Hiring a coach from outside means that the new guy will want to put his own assistants in place. No coach worth having will take the Auburn job under the condition that he'll be dictated to about who his assistants will be. People griped about Gus meddling in details. Hiring Steele simply allows the PTB to meddle in things that should be left to the new head coach. If you don't want to keep Gus and you don't want Steele, then get ready to dump all of the assistants. It's what normally happens.
  3. I like having Auburn football as one of my hobbies. I guess having had a number of the the players in my classes back then fixed the idea in my mind that the football team is composed of Auburn students who play football. I expect to be an enthusiastic supporter until I depart this world for that great stadium in the sky where the scoreboard always reads: "Auburn 40, bammer 0"
  4. If that's truly your thinking, why do you even bother with following football?
  5. I don't want him at Auburn under any circumstances. The reasons are many and they are public knowledge, no need to enumerate them again.
  6. They sugar coat for the Cringin' Turds. If they were balanced, I wouldn't care. I grew up reading the sports pages in The Miami Herald. They skewered everybody and that was ok. I don't like's lopsided coverage.
  7. You provide a good service and that keeps me from giving clicks to Therefore, you are much appreciated. As to their choice of the above headline, I think it speaks for itself, or the REC, which are pretty much the same thing.
  8. Don't you just love Headline: "Auburn drops out of top 15", Why not: "Auburn highest ranked 3-loss team at number 16"? They never miss a chance to frame things to suit the REC.
  9. Mikey

    Seton Hall

    It's just like the transfer rule requiring players to sit out a year. All a kid (or his handler) has to do is get a lawyer, threaten a lawsuit and the rule is waived for reasons that aren't clear. He's suddenly eligible at his new school.
  10. It's one thing to be unhappy with the results. I'm not happy with the results. However, the endless name calling, disgusting gifs portraying the head coach and putting the blame on players is not good. We have posters here that use the board to lash out and vent their frustrations in a manner that reflects poorly on both themselves and Auburn. That immature behavior helps nobody but our rivals.
  11. Quoting Tora: " With all due respect, the schtick you are using has gotten old. This is being respectful? Preceding some insulting remark with "with all due respect' does not mean respect. I grew up in a large family. I was privileged to know five generations of strong, capable women. I knew my great-great grandmother who lived to be 98 and who played with me when I was a small child. She ran away from home in Munich, Germany at age 16 and stowed away on a sailing ship in order to find a better life in America. How tough and resourceful was she? All that to say, your "treat her like a lady" comment was off-base. If this were a job that required raw physical strength, say hauling big logs up a muddy hillside, then treat her like a lady would be appropriate. A message board is not a physical thing, it's an intellectual thing. Treat her like a lady implies that women are intellectually inferior and need special handling. I don't believe that.
  12. The Philon (sp?) kid from Mobile that cried on TV during his signing ceremony because UAT had jerked his scholarship offer and changed it to a gray shirt at the last minute certainly felt deceived. He had to sign a blank piece of paper for the TV cameras. Arkansas got a good player in him.
  13. McCormick looked like a final four point guard. His school record 16 assists with only one turnover is remarkable. That record had stood for 43 years. It was set by future NBA guard Eddie Johnson.
  14. When you told the kid he'd have a scholarship and then withdraw the offer, you have pulled the offer. Saying it will be there next year isn't the same thing. You've lied to him, pure and simple. Most kids put into this situation look for another place to go and usually find one. Only a very low rated prospect or one who is in love with a particular school would put up with such deceit.
  15. This is the age of equality. I don't think that female poster needs a big, strong man to run interference for her on a message board. I'll hold the door for a lady, or a guy too, when appropriate. I do not believe in treating individuals differently because of race, national origin, color, gender, sexual orientation or religious beliefs. Bama fans and members of terrorist organizations, yes, I treat them different from others.