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  1. What I've heard from people that are anti-abortion and also favor the death penalty is that the criminals earned their punishment, the unborn haven't done anything wrong. Me, I don't have a dog in this fight and don't think about the subject very much.
  2. The two aren't mutually exclusive. We have slots available on the annual limit and the overall 85 limit isn't a problem either. Personally I didn't see the need for another WR but since we pursued several, there must be a need/want there and since there's not a numbers crunch, why not another WR? If a quality OL becomes available we can add him too.
  3. Graduate assistants and analysts aren't allowed to recruit off-campus. Adding Tre to a recruiter's role would require firing one of the current coaches and adding Tre as a position coach. That's not reasonable at this point in his coaching career, if he's even interested in a coaching career.
  4. Possibly, but McClain has had plenty of time and more to earn a starting position and accomplish something at Auburn. If he hasn't done it by now I don't see it happening for him. He may be better off at a smaller school.
  5. I don't like the law. My preference would be something along the lines of "Responsible choice" but there's no way to legislate responsible. I also don't like abortion as a form of birth control but it happens. My wife is a retired OB-GYN nurse. Of course she doesn't name names, but she had one patient, the holder of a PhD degree, who had seven abortions performed. That was solely for birth control and that sucks.
  6. I was listening to the radio. The Auburn broadcast team clearly felt that he did not catch the ball. They were both puzzled and angry.
  7. That call was crazy! I've never seen such incompetence from umpires that are supposed to be professionals and are getting paid accordingly. If the guy made the catch, the batter's out and the inning is over. If he didn't make the catch, batter is safe and Holland scores. I've watched, played and coached a hell of a lot of ballgames and I don't ever recall witnessing a "he might have caught it but he might have dropped it so everybody gets only one base" call. Has anyone heard some rational explanation? Why didn't they simply ask for a review? This is probably the end of it since we won anyway but had we lost somebody should have been raising cane.
  8. I very much did nail it. The question being discussed is where Osborne will play. You posting a link to a roster that doesn't even show Osborne on it as proof that he won't play tackle is a real hoot! I think your coach should have yelled at you "get your head in the game", because your head certainly wasn't in this game.
  9. I saw the 247 link when you first posted it, and responded with a Rivals link that says "OL" and our recruiting link that says "OT". You've told me? I'm sorry, but since your game is "OMG we didn't recruit any tackles" I'll have to have better than that. That's no better than me saying K. Jones will be moved to tackle. Most of these guys start where they are recruited to play (see the over-mentioned Tega) and then get moved if necessary.
  10. This is the first I've heard that we consider Osborne to be an OG. Is there a source other than those who delight in saying we didn't recruit any tackles?
  11. He's listed on our recruiting thread as an OT, on Rivals as an OL. As to coaches, I haven't seen them comment one way or the other.
  12. That link to the roster was quite inane. Osborne isn't even on that roster. Prince Tega has nothing to do with what position Osborne was recruited to play. What's your fixation on Tega and why not start your own thread about him? Osborne's position is the subject of the recent discussion here.