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  1. Years of state, regional and national awards in my chosen profession would indicate otherwise. Being elected by my peers to state, regional and national positions of leadership in professional organizations would also indicate otherwise. In comparison, the contrary opinions of less than a handful of crybabies is insignificant.
  2. Anti-American "apology tours". Fast and Furious. Soylndra scandal. Behghazi. That should be enough to chew on for a few months.
  3. The few people that have ever called me that were all left wing extremists. So I can't be too far off track.
  4. It's a fair guess, since roughly 90% of Obama's actions were anti-American. The more of them that get canned, the better. I'm just playing some very compelling percentages.
  5. I think the Trump Administration is doing a fine job of dealing with an unprecedented situation. Believe me, if Trump stopped this pandemic with one snap of his fingers there are some on the left who would gripe because he didn't snap soon enough, or the action was somehow racist, sexist, or xenophobic. Don't y'all ever get tired of whining?
  6. This was developed during the Obama reign. Therefore, it needed to be ignored.
  7. One reason Hill is at Auburn is because we wanted him at WR. Clemson, among other notables, wanted Hill to play safety. Apparently he's agreeable to making the switch now.
  8. To individuals such as myself, $1.8 million is a big deal. It's not a big deal to the Auburn athletic department. Those kids who entered the transfer portal could still, at this point, remain at Auburn if they wanted to do so. A new, quality coach should be enough to keep them here. The time to act is now. Women's basketball wasn't a non revenue sport when we had winning teams. Hell, there was a recent time when men's basketball at AU was close to being a non revenue sport. (Thanks, Tony Barbee) Lets get behind this team and players, do the right thing by them and move the program back to the levels it once occupied.
  9. No, but there's no sense in having a hurry-up play in that situation if you're going to call the same play every. single. time. That has to change. It may have worked a few times when the opponent was thoroughly gassed in the 4th qtr but if it did I don't remember those times. All I remember is me calling it before the team even returned to the huddle.
  10. Given the situation you have so clearly outlined, 2 would be OK for a one-time thing. That's assuming the two are quality recruits. One 3* will not do at all. See 2016 for a quick reference.
  11. When Clinton lost in 2016, the Dems blamed misogyny, racism, skinheads and weak women who only vote the way their husband's instruct them to vote. This time it will be easier for the Dems. Now they'll they'll have the Chinese Virus to blame for another butt kickin' by President Trump.
  12. Yes, crazy how we went +_ ten years without having an All-SEC linebacker.
  13. What's with this new wave Dave Clark junk? You should know better. Here's the original:
  14. Your questions, in one variation or another, are as old as humanity and remain unanswered to this day. Believers have a set of answers that satisfy them. Non believers continue to ask those questions. In due course, we will all find out. Or else we won't.
  15. "Turn that surfin' crap off. Rock 'n' Roll's been goin' downhill ever since Buddy Holly died."~~~ John Milner in the movie American Graffiti