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  1. There is no, ZERO comparison between a coach having a sexual relationship with a player and Freeze's daughter or Pearl's son working with the team. How did that line of thinking even pop into your head?
  2. Calzada: I believe this season counts as his sit-out year since he didn't play at all. Had he appeared in a game, even one game, he couldn't move on without sitting another year. Some of these other guys listed will either have to graduate or sit a year. I wonder if they realize that? An exception would be Willis. Since he came in from a JUCO that doesn't count as a transfer. Of course, the NCAA could simply turn a blind eye or change the rule yet again and open the floodgates for unlimited moving about.
  3. Mikey

    Tank ?

    I saw elsewhere that it was 150k. Could it be that the 600k came from averaging four years? At any rate, if we get Hunter and Alston back and keep the RB prospect from Montgomery we'll be fine. I don't think we'll need a portal RB, Tank or not.
  4. What have you seen that makes you think Freeze or any other coach would pull a Harsin. It's hard to be as bad as the worst ever.
  5. Yep. It's amazing how much pulling in a handful of better players to go against lower level opponents can change things.
  6. Right. But not for the reasons you mentioned.
  7. You are correct on everything but the Sexton part.
  8. No. UAT and UGA have to recruit full rosters of solid players and they have to beat teams with rosters of good players. Where Sanders has been, all he's needed is a few talented guys because he's not facing top level competition. That a big difference.
  9. They do if they can sell the HBCU story to a handful of P5 level recruits and then turn them loose against inferior competition.
  10. Look at the other thread. This guy can go wherever but not to Auburn. He's burned that bridge. https://www.aufamily.com/forums/topic/185154-portal-discussion-thread/#comment-3683313
  11. I don't think Sanders would have lasted here as long as Harsin did. Bringing in his "Heisman candidate" son and putting him first above our other QB's wouldn't have been a good start. This alleged recruiting he'd perform is nothing but wishful thinking. He's never even tried to put together a full roster of SEC quality players. The guy isn't qualified for the AU job, period. He's not qualified for the Colorado job either but I have a niece out there and there are a lot of people at that place who aren't entirely sane. FWIW, I strongly suspect that Cincy gave Sanders a hard pass. Possibly Florida Atlantic did too.
  12. Sanders's situation at JSU. Every coach who was evaluated had his situation looked into as part of the evaluation. According the the ITAT newsletter, 18 coaches were evaluated and 11 were interviewed. Apparently Sanders was one of the seven who didn't make the cut to be interviewed. At least his promoters here say he wasn't interviewed. People with no personal risk at all wanted Sanders to be hired because if it blows up it's no skin off their noses. Those with something to lose and who would be subject to embarrassment and professional disdain aren't so interested in taking a pie in the sky gamble on an unknown and unproven commodity such as Sanders.
  13. Then that should raise even more alarm bells about Sanders.
  14. Well, I wasn't going to say it but since it's been brought up: The reaction Auburn officials had to what they found at JSU was "don't touch it with a ten-foot pole."
  15. He hasn't yet delivered one single recruit. He cannot until signing day.
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