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  1. I think he was with Terry at Samford and came along with the initial change but I wouldn't bet a steak dinner on that.
  2. Coach Malzahn is in a position to be able to tell the PTB to stuff it. If his team wins he's good. If his team loses he walks with a super golden parachute. I think that's why he made such a big deal out of taking play calling back this year. He'll win his way or lose his way and the credit or consequences will be his.
  3. Jimbo was Terry Bowden's QB coach at Auburn.
  4. Moore is the first guy to drop off since August 1st. Normally there are around three or four dropouts by this time in the season.
  5. He can play immediately at a JUCO. As a transfer, he'd have to sit a year. There may be more to it, but that's one advantage to JUCO. He'd also have to have another four-year institution willing to put him on scholarship and depending on the circumstances involved in his leaving Auburn, those offers may not exist.
  6. The feeling has been there for a very long time. I have seen pictures of a banner strung across College Street in 1957 after Auburn got put on probation: "Auburn gives the world 24 hours to get out of town". The use of the term Family is much, much more recent. I don't know when it started but certainly sometime after the 1980's.
  7. I don't think A&M is any better than Oregon, probably not as good. AU 31, A&M 20.
  8. Not every player that isn't starting is interested in transferring. Why not wait until the actual player voices some unhappiness?
  9. Deducting the few millions baseball and softball need from from the obscene amount football wants wouldn't even be noticed. All three sports should come in under one big umbrella of money.
  10. The only alleged witness is a staunch Democrat that previously served on Bill Clinton's defense staff during his impeachment. This witness's face-to-face opponent was Kavanaugh, who was on Starr's staff. Thus the two have an adversarial history. The alleged victim has no recollection of any such incident. The NYT has now removed their tweet and "clarified" the story. The relationship of the book's authors and author of the Times op-ed piece have been detailed above. This is not worthy of the term shoddy journalism, this is deliberate mis information for political reasons. The NYT is less reliable than Fox News by many degrees.
  11. If that one play happens, he'll be ready. That's why they have practices.
  12. No, they are complaining about his not getting enough snaps and not passing enough. The situation didn't call for hm to throw a bunch of passes.
  13. We have a freshman QB that won the starting job. Being a freshman he needs all the snaps he can get. When another QB goes in, the starter has to come out. It's not complicated. When Gatewood went in yesterday, his job was to move the offense, eat up clock and score if possible. He did that very well. I see no cause for complaint.
  14. I don't think President Trump has freed them from political pressure. When the pressure comes from him it will be to push in the opposite direction. Why this has yet to happen is anybody's guess.
  15. I was referring to losing Martin's fifth year over a few practice games she played in the fall. Harris heading elsewhere didn't help either.