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  1. That's because up until now most home schooled kids had parents that were willing and able to provide a quality education. Closing the schools forces home schooling on millions of parents that are ill equipped and may well be unwilling to do home schooling in a manner that will get good results.
  2. Well, you can move to one of those places right now. Why wait? I suggest somewhere in New York City where His Honor de Blasio will keep you and yours safe and sound.
  3. No matter how it's handled, it will be a shock to the players and coaches. The face of every program will change. Baseball players moving around isn't very noticeable to people other than the team members, coaches and serious fans. Football has way more serious fans. The shakeup will be to all schools across the board, but it will be not just a shakeup, it will be an upheaval of the college sport.
  4. I don't get the advantage of Conference Games Only. Yes, you reduce the number of games played by four. So what? If you're going to play eight might as well play twelve. If eight is manageable 12 will also be manageable. If eight isn't manageable, why try to play eight?
  5. This is the most important, and most willfully ignored aspect of school opening. The lives of many children are ruined by not getting to physically attend school. Those ignoring this fact are heartlessly playing politics with the lives of the nation's children. The kids need to be going to school. The risk/reward ratio is all in favor of them going back to school. The deniers are only against opening the schools because Trump wants them opened, they don't care about the adverse effects not opening will have on the kids.
  6. One of the loser lefties here disagreeing with me and then two more of the same leaping in and shouting Yes Yes does not constitute anything being handed to me. About Reagan: When he took over, the nation's mood was total despair. "Stagflation" was rampant, interest rates were pushing 20% and most people of a thinking age thought we were headed to ruin. For two years, the lefty media shouted nothing but Reganomicis is the death knell of the nation. Then, surprise, Reganomics turned things around. The Great Reagan won re-election with one simple slogan: "If you are better off now than you were four years ago, vote for me. If you're not better off, vote for the other guy". We were better off. The Berlin Wall fell, and along with it the threat of world wide communism. Reagan was clearly the best president of my lifetime.
  7. We are not a democracy, we are a republic. Thanks to the Founding Fathers, mob rule does not prevail in these United States. Do you want the entire nation to be the mess that is California and New York? That's what we would have under mob rule.
  8. This is the part that puzzles me. What was going on that caused them to not intervene? Why didn't one or two of them at least say, "C'mon man, we don't need the hassle if he dies"? A court date can't get here soon enough because we probably won't have answers to the important questions until it all is said under oath in court.
  9. I've learned enough about it to know that its legality is under serious question. In the unlikely event that enough states joined the thing, the Supreme Court would doubtless have the final say. Another of the many great reasons to Vote Trump in 2020.
  10. I like the EC, and it's here to stay. A constitutional amendment requires 3/4 (currently 38) States to ratify before it becomes law. A whole lot of states would have to vote against their own self-interest to do away with the EC. Love it or hate it, barring a revolution the EC is here to stay.
  11. It isn't even limited to social media. The professional media has no qualms about outright lying to support their personal cause, whatever that cause may be.
  12. Today on local TV news, the Alabama high school associations announced they will play fall sports with fans in the stands. Volleyball practice is first up with a mid to late July start, then football practice follows a week later, around the last week of July. I like the decision, we cannot put off our entire culture for the foreseeable future.
  13. With billions of dollars being pissed away annually on nonsense projects, roads to nowhere and so forth, I think this would be money well spent. The few dollars it would take to establish and maintain such an area wouldn't make the slightest difference if spent on education and infrastructure. You couldn't widen the four-lane between Auburn and Opelika for the small amount such an area would cost.