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  1. The staff doesn't seem to be pulling out all the stops to get an O-line transfer. Somebody who claims to know said they prefer to work with what they have this coming season and keep a few extra slots available for next year's early enrollees. No doubt they'd like an SEC-ready OT transfer but those are scarce in this neighborhood, or else simply not to be found. (That's paraphrasing Gandalph's: "in this neighbourhood heroes are scarce, or simply not to be found. ...)
  2. Correct. If this happens 9-10 times in 1/2 season then there's a real problem somewhere.
  3. You did all that with the pittance of a government handout? Do you hire out as a financial advisor? I could use some tips from a fellow that got all that done with just a dab of money!
  4. Lumber is indeed high. Somehow, those high prices aren't coming down to timber growers. "They", whoever they are, blame the jump in lumber price on the virus and there's allegedly some reason in there why high lumber prices aren't resulting in high timber prices. Meanwhile, I have some good pine timber to sell as soon as the market suits me.
  5. You have a point. Another example: About ten years ago I won $1,000 in a raffle thing at Orange Beach. Got home and the refrigerator had blown, $999 for a new one. However, in this case, I'd rather have paid for the well repairs out of pocket and not had this huge, onerous, unnecessary debt placed on the American taxpayers.
  6. Why apologize? After several pages of burger talk, a hard working immigrant who makes good burgers was spot on topic, as was your commentary.
  7. True. Over the years AU's roster has always seen the most drop-outs after spring practice. That's because, as you state, they see they are down on the depth chart. The numbers may be greater following the spring practices, but the quality isn't normally what you'd like to bring in.
  8. TE/HB types are easy to find. DT's, not so easy. The guy was not going to win any Mackey awards at TE. He could possibly become an All-SEC DT for us. The move makes sense.
  9. I don't think it's time for "The Discussion". In 2019 we were in the CWS. Last year was set up to be a repeat, with Tanner Burns and Jack Owen as starters and the Bull coming out of the pen. The virus killed what should have been a truly banner season for Auburn baseball.. This season puzzles me, but Thompson has earned a chance to set things to rights.
  10. Last weekend we had a game with 12 walks and two hit batters, for 14 gimmies. Today we walked nine and hit five. Right back at 14 gimmies. It's next to impossible to win a baseball game with that going on. Yes, there are other problems but fixing those won't matter until we get this problem corrected.
  11. I'll have to admit that I'm surprised. When Wooten opted out last season I thought we'd seen the last of him at AU. Here's hoping he has a great senior season!
  12. First, let's try to keep 5* players from Montgomery from going to FSU. We can worry about "out west" after we solve that problem.
  13. This game was underwhelming. Our team looked like it might be playing the first series of the season.
  14. What I've seen is that we got handed a bill for $14,300 per tax payer and then they gave us $1,400 of our own money back. Stinker of a deal, right?
  15. We had a bunch of people here for Easter weekend, five families total. Talk turned to the handout and it turns out three of the guys bought an AR-style rifle with theirs. Two of them got a Springfield "Saint" and the third found a lightly used Ruger mini-14. Another couple pooled theirs and put it down on a two person SeaDoo. Me, I got my usual luck. One day after the deposit hit the bank, our water well went out. By the time the Nice Young Men replaced tank, pump, switches and so forth all of my $1400 was gone and 400 of my wife's as well. A granddaughter turns 18 in May and I think my w
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