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  1. You've gone 'round the bend to entirely silly. Harsin shouldn't have lost more games than the prior year's team lost. As I reported, he and Barfield have the dubious honor of being the only new AU coaches in the past 71 years to do that. I also explained why 10 wins was entirely likely. Go back and re-read if necessary. So, you think all those Harsin defenders (and there were many) who repeatedly said Harsin's AU would have finished 9-3 had Bo Nix not gotten injured were just blowing smoke? Because 9-3 is mighty close to my prediction of 10-2. Erasing one bad call in the Penn State game, no injured Nix and AU is at 10-2. With the roster Gus left. Harsin inherited a team that hadn't had a losing season in eight years. He was dealt a much better hand than the other 1st year SEC coaches. Yet, he won fewer games than they did.
  2. Apparently you have a problem concentrating. You replied "Bingo" to Rednilla's statement. I asked him to prove what he said. Since you agree with him, I'm asking you to prove what he said as well. Your laughable "debunking" of one of my earlier posts was too weak to merit comment and is entirely off topic.
  3. While you're at it, prove that @AU-24thinks Gus should still be the coach. A simple quote and link to where he wrote that will suffice. Otherwise, you're just spewing, well, hogwash.
  4. If you think he was right, then do as I asked him to do. Prove it. Otherwise, your Bingo is hogwash.
  5. Can't you read? Where did I say we'd have won ten had Gus been the coach? Please post the link. Part two of can't you read?: Go back and re-read my post. Where did I say win #10 would come from? Read three times if necessary for you to grasp it. Then come back and post the answer to: Where did I say win #10 would come from?
  6. I don't know about that, Zeek. Coach Pearl doesn't seem to have any problem with getting basketball players in school and the baseball team is loaded with transfers. Is there some reason unique to football that's causing academic problems, or is what we are hearing excuse making? Prior to right now, this "credits won't transfer" thing might have come up once every three years or so. Admit, there are many more transfers now, but still....Something that's never been much of a problem is suddenly a problem in one sport only? While other sports accept transfers to their heart's content? I find that hard to believe.
  7. I understand perfectly well the state he left the roster in. That's why I predicted a 10-2 record last year. AU won six the previous year against all tough competition. Add the three gimme games and we're at nine wins. Add one more for the anticipated better coaching and viola! Ten wins. Sadly, we got a losing season instead. Now, after all the losses through the portal, the national pundits predict AU at 5-7 this coming season, which may be a bit optimistic.
  8. So, move on is somehow defending? That's weak as water. I don't know if you are so desperately, earnestly, trying to establish a false narrative that you've lost reason or what. May I suggest that you have either one more or one fewer drink before returning to this thread?
  9. Three of those, M'ba, Scott and Gilbert are JUCO guys. They don't come through the portal and don't count as transfers. Their scholarships count against the regular high school/ JUCO limit. Also, Shawn Shivers, Ladarious Tennison and Caleb Johnson left AU through the portal and should be added to the list. At this point, I make it 19 out and 7 in. Here's a site that's been tracking transfers more accurately than most : https://247sports.com/college/auburn/Season/2022-Football/TransferPortal/?institutionkey=24098
  10. When someone says we have good offensive coaching and the offense last season and in the spring game sucks, yes.
  11. Getting this game canceled had the potential to really hurt us. Had LSU not been swept by Ol' Miss, we'd have been out of the top four and the automatic bye without this win. Yes, I really do feel we were going to win game #3 of the series. Missing this win could still hurt us in regard to national seeding. We have a lot of need to sweep or at least win the series at Kentucky. The committee choosing the national hosts looks heavily at the # of wins, and the rain cost us a win.
  12. A year or two would be very good. However, the norm for this level of football is a school goes through four or five coaches before they hit on one that sticks. AU will have to be very lucky to get settled in with a new guy in less than ten years. One example: Bammer went through five coaches between Stallings and Saban. Florida, Tennessee, and A&M are still working through their own miseries. Don't even try, as so many others have, to make this statement into some false claim that I said we should keep Gus. That's not the point. The point is that we've been very lucky in the past in replacing coaches. If it evens out this time it's going to be a very long, very bumpy ride. Your "a year or two" is a pipe dream.
  13. How does saying the spring game was worse than last season have anything to do with Gus? Again, some of you should charge Gus rent for the space he occupies in your heads.
  14. Some of you guys need to see a shrink about getting Gus out of your heads. What, exactly, have you seen that makes you think we have competent offensive coaching? Do you have access to closed practices? It must be something like that because there certainly wasn't a display of competent coaching in any of the 13 games played last season and the spring game, if anything, was worse.
  15. You should send Gus a bill for rent. He sure does spend a lot of time in your head. If you'd been paying attention for the past two years, you'd know that is false. Or have you been paying attention and chose to post a falsehood anyway? I give it 50/50. What truth is that? Most of what I've seen in this thread is people making up their own fantasies.
  16. @Rednilla First year results, the last eight Auburn coaches: Jordan took 0-10 team to 5-5 Barfield Took 3-6-2 team to 3-8 Dye, took 5-6 team to 5-6 Bowden: Took 5-5-1 team to 11-0 Tuberville: Took 3-8 team to 5-6 Chizik: Took 5-7 team to 8-5 Malzahn: Took 3-9 team to 12-2 Harsin: Took 6-5 team to 6-7 So, over the past 71 years, only two new AU coaches had a worse record than the previous year. Barfield and Harsin. (Bolded above for you). That's some pretty rare company that Harsin's rolling with!
  17. Well, since you can't refute my facts you go back 40 years and find something that's an outlier. I see you intentionally skipped over what Terry Bowden, Chizik, and Gus accomplished in their first years. I don't blame you, if I were trying to obfuscate factual information I'd try to put up a smokescreen too. Maybe you should find some mindless gif to post and hope that distracts readers from the accurate information that was posted.
  18. Lightening delay! This sucks. Bases loaded with one out, good hitter at the plate and the UAT pitcher coming un glued. Bad timing for Auburn.
  19. Why not? Unless congress changes the laws, the NCAA is powerless to dictate what a college athlete can or cannot do with regard to NIL. That's why Sanky & Co. went to Washington, DC., to try to get congress to get involved. The NCAA hasn't come up with anything that would even stand up to the threat of a lawsuit, let alone an actual suit.
  20. A lot has happened since the end of last season. Or, more correctly, positive things haven't happened. Whether he deserves more time or not, we are now stuck with him through the coming season. I reserve the right to be critical of what's going on. How many years did the Gus bashers keep bashing? Several! Can dish it out but can't take it?
  21. You're funny. Gus wasn't the AU coach during Saban's first year at Tuskaloser. You need to up your research, if you even do any.
  22. Guy: You held up those four as examples of 1st year bad records. I posted facts that proved you were wrong. I've already listed them individually. Here's their combined first year records: 35-16. Does Harsin's first year remotely resemble the first years of those you held up as slow starters? LMAO! @Hank2020I'm surprised you got caught up in supporting his inaccurate comments. You don't normally get duped like that.
  23. Rodney Crayton was of the Jackson Gap Craytons, a prominent family in that prestigious community. This kid is from Alphretta, Georgia but the timing is about right and Rodney had some brothers as well, so I suppose it's possible.
  24. The batting order changes worked today. Personally, if I've got two good hitters and one of them is a good bit faster, I'd want the fast guy batting in front of the slower guy. Again, Butch's changes worked today and he knows his kids better than I do. Let's get the sweep tomorrow!
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