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  1. I'm hoping that Holden Geriner has a great coming out party and breathes hope into the football program. I think he's been the most talented QB on the team since he walked on campus. Would a year's redshirt have been a good thing? Yes, but that's a luxury we no longer have. Also, the times have changed. True freshman QB's are making their mark all across college football. Bo Nix led Auburn to a winning season and won an Iron Bowl as a true freshman. It can happen here as well as at some places I don't want to name. War Eagle!
  2. Some probably will. However, the current big discussion is about how much money Texas and Texas A&M get from state laws that provide those schools with a share of oil money. That money cannot be used for the NIL. NIL money has to come from outside sources. The wealthy people at Harvard, Vanderbilt, Stanford and similar rich schools don't seem to care that much about athletics. If they did they could dominate the future.
  3. Aw, come on Hank! It's just a guessing game. You can't win if you don't play and it's free!
  4. My pre-season pick was 5-7 and I see no need to change that at this point. Win the three easy games, split with Mizzou/MSU, win one over a better team and we're right where I expected us to be, 5-7. I will say that the one win over a better team is looking shaky but I think the players will pull together and win one in spite of the coaching.
  5. It turns out it was 43 days more than what he has earned.
  6. Mikey


    The oil and gas royalties plus donations to the school don't make one bit of difference to their NIL money. Will they raise as much NIL money as A&M? Will being rich do them any more good that A&M's richness has done for them? Being that rich hasn't done Texas any good for the past 12 years. Let's see if it does them any good in the future before we all huddle down and quiver over the coming of the Shorthorns.
  7. "What happens when we get to 4-1?" We whup UGA by 14 points and go on to finish the regular season 11-1. Then we whup UGA for the second time in the SEC championship game. Then we whup bammer for the second time in the first round of the playoffs. Then we whup UGA for the third time in the championship final. This causes no fewer than 18 5* recruits to flip from their current schools to Auburn. Harsin is named King of Auburn and Head Coach For Life. We all wear our Tiger gear with glee as we attend the Final Four and watch Bruce's basketball Tigers win that championship. At Omaha, we celebrate as Coach Thompson's baseball team wins the CWS and AU becomes the only NCAA school to win the crown in three major sports in the same year. Gas goes back to $2 a gallon and Maker's Mark whiskey knocks their price down by $5 a bottle. Then we wake up.
  8. I said, upon Harsin's hiring, that I was glad we had hired "a real coach". Then came the disappointing signing day of February 2021 and the constant string of failures that have followed. I did back Gus for a long time. He earned that over eight seasons here. Harsin built up no such credits and earned nothing.
  9. I was happy with the Harsin hire until the disappointing signing day in February of 2021. From then on there were multiple signs that things were heading down hill. Look, I know these past months have been rough on you Harsin apologists. You bounce around saying things that aren't true, trying to distract attention from the many Harsin failures we have witnessed. In a way, I understand the flailing attempts to blame Gus for the Harsin debacle. If you can sell that to yourselves and others it must make things seem better. Cheer up, there will be new coaches and better days coming. Then you, too, will be able to put Gus in the rear view mirror and move on with your lives.
  10. Well, Dell McGee is a solid choice. I wouldn't say "converted" because I really don't have a true preferred choice. What I do know is that most schools at our level go through four to five head coaches before they find one they are happy with. I just hope we get lucky and only have to go through two. May the next one we get, whoever he is, stick like glue.
  11. Last Friday night Channel 12 TV out of Montgomery reported that Harsin and assistant Jimmy Brumbaugh were at the high school game in Montgomery where two of our 5* D-line targets were playing. So he did manage to attend at least one high school game.
  12. Happily, how much money is in a school's endowment has nothing to do with the NIL. No money from the school can be used for NIL purposes. That has to come from outside interests.
  13. I backed him while he was at Auburn. His time played out and we needed a change. Other than to wish Gus well in his future endeavors I didn't expect to think or post about him again. Then the haters started up. Then the haters started making false statements about him. Then the Harsin apologists started to blame Gus for Harsin's failures. So yes, I'll defend Gus. People who couldn't carry his clip board are angry or jealous because Gus reached the top of his career field, a level most of them will never sniff. If that makes Gus my guy, I'm cool with it.
  14. Mikey


    Yes, but they have been rich since forever. Currently, Texas A&M is the richest school in the SEC. 10 years in the conference and the Aggies have not won a conference championship. They've never even been in the SEC championship game. The second richest SEC school is Vanderbilt. No need to even discuss their football program. Their women's bowling team did win a national championship in that sport a few years back. We need to remember that the schools themselves, no matter how rich they are, cannot pay the NIL money. It has to come from outside businesses. The bulk of the Texas school's money comes from the oil deal and that can't be used for the NIL Their NIL money will have to come from from booster donations. Will their alumni pony up significantly more money than Auburn's? They might but that won't have anything to do with the billions those schools have accumulated.
  15. Try to keep up. The question was how many in the last 5 years, 10 years, 15 years. Here's a shocker: There were none last year. DUH! What does that have to do with the original question? Nothing, and your list from the last five years has nothing to do with it either. Your own post proves that the comment you liked wasn't factually based. You like "Three Fingers" and then say you agree with a list that has many 5* prospects on it. I'm not the one who has lost touch with reality.
  16. My personal choice would be AU grad and current UGA assistant coach Dell McGee. Other than head coaching experience he checks all the boxes. That being said, there are people being paid six-figure salaries to do the background checks and make the decision. I'll leave it up to them.
  17. A lot of people seem to think that Sanders will instantly bring a long list of super prospects to Auburn. While he could hardly be worse than these last two classes, how much better he'd be is guesswork at this time. Does he have the contacts in coaching circles to assemble a staff? This and other questions are legitimate and the people doing the hiring need to check all angles out. On paper, Dell McGee has a much better resume than Sanders. If SEC experience matters at all, (and apparently it does, see Harsin) then Dell would be the better choice by several miles.
  18. @tightendoverthemiddle who said it takes three fingers and @bigbird who liked the three fingers remark: Y'all have no comment on this list?
  19. Mikey


    I read every post in this thread. If you don't care to summarize what you may have written elsewhere, ok. Since Texas's championship year with Vince Young in 2009, their record has been what Auburn fires coaches for. Apparently money doesn't make all that much difference with regard to won/loss records. In nine of the 12 years since Vince was there, Texas has lost five or more games. Seven losses seems to be the most popular number, with five of those in 12 seasons. I don't see anything to be scared of as it relates to athletics. No doubt their school of nursing is first rate.
  20. Mikey


    Money-wise, this is true. And yet, their football program has been disappointing to say the least. Will all the $ matter if they still can't get their house in order? If the problem isn't money, what is it?
  21. Most college teams lose one or more O-linemen every season. With four returning regulars, each with another year of experience, we should be better than we were last year whether we had to replace one or not. I don't think losing just one is a reason for the line to regress.
  22. Cam Newton. There are others. Do your own search.
  23. Which begs the question, why are they worse now than they were last year? They started last season 6-2. Several here posted that that team would have finished 9-3 had Bo not gotten injured. They weren't this bad last season and one guy (Brahms) getting injured should have been at least compensated for by the rest having another year's experience. So why are they worse? They should, as a group, be better.
  24. So, you can't dispute what I wrote so you post a mindless gif. Sadly, you aren't the only one here who resorts to that when they are stumped.
  25. Tank and Pappoe are on the team now. Derrick Brown comes immediately to mind. There are others.
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