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  1. This might be the longest concussion protocol I’ve heard of.
  2. Popped into a gun store on the way to the farmers market today and grabbed a box of range FMJ for $35. Hollow points were $60 😑. Well overpriced, but I wanted something to shoot.
  3. Using any bbq sauce at all is blasphemy to me. Dry rub only.
  4. My M&P 2.0 40 compact I ordered from Palmetto should be delivered to my FFL tomorrow 😃.
  5. He does love smoking some meats though.
  6. A local gun shop started adding “follow us on Parler” on their posts. Ensured I’ll never shop there.
  7. Does this win keep Bruce off the hot seat? 🧐
  8. Unless you get a pressurized one, you’re stuck having to drink it all in one night or flat beer in the morning.
  9. Complete money pit. It runs only 1/6bbl kegs, so we make basically nothing off growler sales. Also, being in a suburban area, people don’t really buy growlers to begin with, especially since the fad is totally dying across the country. I hate the ******* thing and so do my coworkers.
  10. I was able to sample all above except the Honey Granola Stout and the two Language of Thunder. I thought they were all solid and very much approachable price.
  11. We’re getting their Imperial Stout(among several others), Language of Thunder, have you had that?
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