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  1. It’s our single barrel pick too. I wasn’t planning on buying a bottle at the $70 price tag, and after trying the samples. Samples didn’t give me much in terms of encouragement. My coworker let me try his, and I bought my bottle immediately. Whatever happened in that extra time in the barrel between the sample pulled and what got bottled made it amazing.
  2. If anyone is curious how barrel pick samples come. Buffalo Trace always sends 3 bottles in this size...200ml. Other distillers will send up to 6. We had Maestro Dobel tequila send like 9...which was ridiculous and nearly impossible to pick.
  3. Do be prepared to answer many “can I get a pappy? Can I get a [insert BTAC]?” type questions when you tell people where you work. I probably get asked that at least twice per day at my shop. And if you’re asking on a Monday if I have Blanton’s or missed out by a week because we get it in and sell it out in a matter of hours. I haven’t bought a bottle of regular Blanton’s or Weller in years despite having a shot at it each month. Give me barrel picks or 107 Antique or now Full Proof.
  4. So basically running inventory every day from the sound of it. There may be room for you to explore other opportunities at the distillery.
  5. Congratulations. The Buffalo Trace hard hat tour is the best distillery tour I’ve been on. What will your job responsibilities be?
  6. If I drink enough beverages throughout a pool day, I manage to fill them out.
  7. No string. Just a button and zipper.
  8. They’re Columbia shorts that are water resistant. They can be worn out in the world, but also to swim. So...swim shorts.
  9. They’re doing the same thing at Academy. So now I have swim shorts that are a tad too big because I really just didn’t care to return them and they were on clearance with no other size choices.
  10. Oh yeah. Good point. I had literally just woken up and that didn’t even occur to me.
  11. If that’s what it takes to get someone who would otherwise choose not to wear a mask, then I’m all about it.
  12. I was mistaken. Days Between applies to the week between Jerry’s birthday and death.
  13. Most people at a show I’ve ever been at. It was wild. First pic is the line to get in(behind us).