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  1. The fact that he’s wearing a Cryptopsy shirt in this interview is hilarious.
  2. This dude is legit. This is his “hit”. So I spoke preemptively last night thinking I/we secured tix.... Venue(Lyric-Oxford) kicked a bunch of bots out for mass ticket buying. So they set a re-release for 10am this morning. Hopped on at 10 and the tix sold out instantly(again). Thought I was boned. Tried again like 2 hours later for the hell of it, and pulled 2 tix. Score!
  3. Just finished You on Netflix. Dexter vibes through and through.
  4. Orpheus The Ferryman(10%). Whole lot going on here. Ghost pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cocoa nibs. Poured like motor oil. Tasted very metallic-y straight out of the fridge, but really turned out very pleasant once it warmed up.
  5. Just got tix to Billy Strings in Oxford on Saturday on a whim. Never really heard his music, but I’ve heard he’s the s***.
  6. But really, other than those 16 teams...the rest of the country is probably more invested in their local NFL team.
  7. Well. Come to Memphis where it’s hot and humid and flat and rains a lot. And crime if you go looking to find it. Lots of great food and night-time spots. Some great cocktail bars. Half way decent breweries. And there’s a lot of gentrification going around in the midtown area. So housing is cheap. Cool pockets of neighborhoods with progressive, artsy-type businesses and people. Lot of hipsters. Memphis is basically what Birmingham was around until 2008 or so when it turned into what it is currently. There’s a lot of hometown pride in this city, which is admirable. Pretty much a little brother complex due to Nashville. But everyone appreciates everyone. It took me a long time to realize it, but it’s a city that I don’t mind calling home...for now. Other than the crime, lack of local outdoor scenery, and being about 3-6 hours from any other major city, it’s really not that bad. Memphis isn’t a city that you fall in love with on your first visit, but it grows on you like a fungus over time. Oh, and the best tap water I’ve ever had except for Colorado.
  8. Until we get a conference mix up and/or expand the playoffs, it’s probably going to be the mostly the same every year.
  9. This dude was like 60, he definitely wasn’t wearing the hat for fashion.
  10. Bandwagon bammers are simply the worst. I can respect some of those that lasted through their “dark period”. They understand some struggle with minimal arrogance. I work retail in Southwest Tennessee. It’s a bit of a melting pot. Lots of Ole Miss/MSU and a smattering of every other SEC team, quite a few bammers. Anyway. It was the day. THE DAY. Of the Iron Bowl. And I struck up a conversation with a dude wearing a bammer hat some time before kickoff. I asked him what he thought of the game, and he legit asked me who they were playing. I was baffled.
  11. Didn’t go to Auburn. Didn’t even grow up in Alabama(moved to the state when I was 12(my parents met in Center Point, and I was born in ATL)). Went to Southern Union(go Bisons) while living off West Glenn. Born and raised an Auburn fan. Been to countless AU football and basketball games. Technically my first Auburn game was when I was in the womb, playing Georgia Tech(10/20/84...we won 48-34 @augolf1716 probably remembers it better than I do—haha). Do I feel like I missed out a bit by not getting my degree from Auburn? Somewhat. However, I know that I love the University and all it stands for. And at least I can find it on a damn map, unlike some of the toothless, backwater, inbred, refrigerator-in-the-front-yard...fill in the rest. Not really sure why I felt the need to defend my fandom, but there it is.
  12. First feesh of 2020. I wound up getting a Lew’s Tournament Speed Spool 7:1 left hand and matched it with a Daiwa MH rod for ripping cranks. Looks like it worked. Got a gar 🤷‍♂️. Big bass went for 3.55.
  13. Bruce Pearl arena better be rocking in the rematch. We get the IB trophy back during that game too.
  14. If those are our two worst halves of basketball all season, I’ll accept the loss to bama. Legit there’s no way we can play any worse.
  15. They’re still trying to find a way to claim a national championship in football. Like seriously.