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  1. Check out some of the threads on Reddit about it. Here’s the most comprehensive one I’ve found(spoilers obviously):
  2. There’s a laundry list of Easter Eggs, clues, etc. that I didn’t catch that I’m going to have to go back and watch for.
  3. Saw this trailer during Us. Stars out very own Octavia Spencer. Looks legit.
  4. Saw Us today. Good flick, chilling at times. Definitely more horror as opposed to thriller like Get Out.
  5. That pass from Harper outside just now look crazy to anyone else?
  6. I do agree that it’s likely a combination of a bunch of different factors. I just think altitude probably didn’t affect them as much as some may believe. Let’s hope resting yesterday after the game, some today, and most of the day tomorrow will have the guys back and ready to play to their potential for the full game.
  7. 25 hours of driving and moving door to door. I was tired from moving furniture back to back days, but anyone would be no matter what the altitude. After that, exploring the surroundings of my new town. I’m not trying to discredit that they did just run through a gauntlet of games, but I’m thinking people may be leaning too hard on the altitude excuse.
  8. I lived in Fort Collins, CO(alt. 5k) for 2 years and never felt any ill effects. The only thing that the altitude affected was I could get a good buzz going on 4 beers as opposed to 6.
  9. I’ll let @homersapien answer for himself. But for months, or years, all I’ve heard from the right leaning folks is how Mueller is a shill for the Democrats and isn’t to be trusted. Lo and behold, he’s exposing that there’s potentially rampant corruption from both sides(imagine that), and only now he’s a voice to be listened to.
  10. Bite your tongue and knock on some wood.
  11. Because that doesn’t fit the narrative. Even though most Democrats/left leaning people here have said numerous times that they want anyone who’s guilty of anything to get caught and justice served. But now that Mueller is targeting Dems too, he’s become credible all of a sudden.
  12. Likely the last, but with some of the parrots around here, you never know.