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  1. We already had savings going toward a house, the stimmy checks just advanced the process. Leftover money after the house went toward the bed and lawnmower. My wife is my financial advisor, I’m neurotic when it comes to money.
  2. Went toward savings. Bought a house, king size bed, and a lawnmower.
  3. Wild Mind is a good go-to for the smoothie-style Berliner. I really want to try some Humble Forager stuff.
  4. EO does some good things. Their sours are typically SOUR and not loaded with lactose. Never had a bad beer from them.
  5. I do think safety/knowledge classes should be a requirement to own a firearm. I had to take an 8 hour class for my concealed carry permit...which the Governor of Tennessee just lifted. Any resident of the state of Tennessee will be able to carry open or concealed without permit. This is an incredibly stupid decision because you’re going to have a bunch of people (“good guys” or bad) walking around with a weapon they have no idea how to use or when it’s legal to use it. Unbelievable. The amount of legal information I received in that class was easily worth the price of admission.
  6. I’ve never felt more like a Hank Hill until I cut the grass on my own lawn and stared out at after admiring my work. Cut the backyard in 28 minutes on mulch the other day. I aim to get that down to at least 25 minutes. Still gotta get the weed eater. That left side along the fence is a mess because of the roots. The back fence is gonna stay that way because of their 9 dogs and chickens and ducks...gotta have some semblance of noise dampening.
  7. Definitely want treat this particular one as more of a garnish and not something you’d want to dip a chip into.
  8. 2lbs of chorizo about to go into the pot for some chorizo lasagna.
  9. I was also thinking about the Kobalt, but in person it just looks so cheap compared to the E Go. So it may be a paying for what you get type of scenario. I hadn’t heard anything about E Go batteries being poor, but one person I know said he had to replace his after 5 years of use. I do like the battery is compatible with the blower and weed eater. I could feasibly mow my lawn and hit the areas around the tree roots with a weed eater and it’ll run the battery out.
  10. I mean, we’ve been asking the same thing about Gus for years too.
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