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  1. Having the Megawheat now. It's good, not great. Plenty of citrus. Balanced out by sweet malt, approaching my threshold. I definitely pick up on a hint bubblegum flavor on the back end, which I'm attributing to the wheat. I won't be buying another bomber, but I'd try it on draft if nothing else struck my attention.
  2. I think the whole citrus movement came from the west coast, specifically California, no? Seems they were the first areas to play around with citra hops and it spread eastward. Northeastern IPAs have certainly evolved, I seem to remember they were primarily resinous/dank. Now they've founded the "haze craze" and moved away from dank IPAs to the juicy orange juice I've grown to crave.
  3. Agreed, although it's not like CS is an option for me in Tennessee anyway. It was always a punch in the gut paying up to $15 for a 375ml. in Colorado.
  4. They're going to be moving up to 750ml bottles soon, if they haven't already. Nightmare on Brett is fantastic.
  5. Picked up a bottle of that Stone/Odell/Marble collab yesterday. I'll pop it tonight and weigh in my meaningless opinion.
  6. Good form!
  7. Have you had your crow yet?
  8. If you're a fan of key lime pie flavored things, Blue Chair Bay makes a key lime pie rum cream that is out of this world.
  9. I don't think Trump is that intelligent to imply the meaning that Grumps is taking it as.
  10. That sounds interesting. Cool to see that Marble is still around too.
  11. Semi-beer related. We got a kitten and named him after my favorite brewery in Colorado--Odell. Someone has already asked if we named him after OBjr.
  12. I dunno. Gymnastics had lost to bama 100-something times in a row until one of these last few years.
  13. And I thought Groundhogs Day was last week.
  14. He died 1/16/17.