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  1. First season was excellent. Second kind of meh.
  2. Well, GoT is over. I’m okay with it. I think the episode should’ve ended with Tyrion, Bronn, Maester Sam, etc. sitting at the table. The rest of the episode was a waste of time imo. But what about Jesse Pinkman coming to Westworld season 3?!? Hell yes.
  3. So with the Nashville distributor hitting the market(thanks be to Trader Joe’s(I can expound on that if anyone is curious)), in addition to Bearded Iris and Southern Grist landing, we also have access to their entire inventory. Long story short, I grabbed up a 6er of Orpheus Transmigration of Souls DIPA(10%). It’s a lot fresher than the one I had sent to me some years ago. That said, it’s better than I remember(freshness presumably). However, there’s something on the finish I just can’t wrap my palate around. It’s bubblegum-y, so I’m assuming it’s whatever yeast they’re using. Definitely not infected. Was totally unaware that it was 10%, so the 3 DDH Bearded Iris Double Scatterbrains(8%) are now starting to creep up on me. Mama SMB will be home soon. Maintain...maintain...
  4. We got in a case(6pk) of Barrell Dovetail 11yr ~122 proof bourbon(sourced Indiana/Tennessee)aged in rum, port, and finished in cab. Really going back and forth if I want to drop $89(less than with employee discount)on it. On one hand, my buddy picked up a bottle already so I know I’ll get to try it. On the other, the finishes sound soooo good that I want to get a bottle before we run out—which we will before the weekend is over.
  5. Random ass Goodyear-sized blimp floating through my suburb.
  6. Don’t expect any of you to listen to this. 3 hours of the darkest, grimiest, opiate filled jams from Phish 2004(no lyrics).
  7. All solid money/quality selections. They all drink above their price point except for maybe the basic Maker’s, which is what I typically use for bourbon and coke.
  8. Welllll GoT was an episode. 😬 Dany sucks, is the villain/big bad Jaime/Cersei was a stinkeroo. Cleganebowl was okay. Qyburn ragdolled was great. Arya/Tyrion 2020. Jon/Grey Worm gonna throw down.
  9. @kevon67 re: Witcher Netflix