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  1. We also need less handoffs on 4th and 1 to a running back standing 6 yards off the line.
  2. A lot of Miami’s “fans” are northerners who moved down there and wanted a college team to pull for.
  3. I have a hard time taking anyone who signs their posts seriously.
  4. Facebook commenters were still heavily in his corner going into this game. Haven’t checked since the game has been over.
  5. Mizzou missed FG for the win to end regulation. We kicked a FG in OT. They fumbled ball into end zone and we recovered.
  6. The way we “won” that game is the same as a loss as far as I’m concerned.
  7. Good for Carlson to get some points after the rough day.
  8. Yeah that’s the ticket. It’s not because he’s a bad coach, hires bad coaches, and can’t recruit either.
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