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  1. Entire bill. If not, go tip the bartender for the drinks separately(something I've never heard of). Most places the bartender gets a cut of the server's tables anyway. 20% pretty much always. 10% if the server is exceptionally poor. There are times at restaurants when it's simply too busy to make sure everyone is having their drinks refilled and other needs tended to right away, so that should always be considered. However, if it's at non-peak hours and the server is too busy cutting up with other employees, playing on their phone, etc. then they should be tipped accordingly. Sidenote: restaurants really need to find more things for their hosts/hostesses to do other than having their eyes down at their cellphone. I understand it's probably a boring job, but I've noticed more and more a delayed greeting because the hosts/hostesses are finishing up a text or whatever.
  2. I really can't get enough of this tune lately. First time I heard it I figured it was Alabama Shakes Had no idea he could sing, really channeling Prince in this song. And yes, I know the music is basically "I'd Rather Be With You"-Bootsy Collins.
  3. I think it's dependent on taste and more specifically, mouthfeel. But "big" to me is anything 9%+. However, "big" doesn't necessarily coincide with "dangerous". SoPro Crowd Control, for example is approaching "big", but it doesn't taste anything like it, therefore, it's "dangerous". Feel me? That APA I posted earlier is "big" based on typical ABV of other APAs. Make sense? I dunno, been drankin'.
  4. If I had to guess, it'll be 16oz or 19.2 stovepipe. I honestly can't see them doing 6 packs without severely cutting the cost. A 6er of CS would be like $45.
  5. Looks like CS is about to start canning...
  6. Definitely the best Blackberry Farms brew I've had. I'd put it up against anything I've had from Casey Brewing.
  7. I think it's only in 12 packs, FYI.
  8. Ballast Point finally launched in Memphis area. It's been in the state for a couple years. A couple co workers and myself got to go and drink to our fill at Bass Pro Shops downtown the other night. Pretty fun event.
  9. Awww yeah. Good stuff here. Big citrus and tropical flavors. 7% APA. Fans of Citrusinesis will enjoy this one.
  10. That beer name is awfully similar to Omnipollo Fatamorgana.
  11. They did...and how did you know? Are you from the area?
  12. Managed to catch a catfish on a squarebill today.
  13. That's kind of surprising, considering he's very much aloof in all his roles that I've seen him in.
  14. Badger was one of my favorite characters in BB.