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  1. It's not a typical jig weed guard. It has a piece of plastic attached to the hook by way of a little rubber grommet(came in a Mystery Tackle Box). I'll take a picture of it later today. But it could have been what you also mentioned. Edit: From Google images:
  2. Got the skunk off my back and pulled in some (small)bass. Also got a fair sized crappie. 1.67lbs, ~13 inches.
  3. I haven't caught anything in 3 weeks. Driving me bonkers. Had one take my jig and try to run with it, but the weed guard prevented a proper hookset. Pretty decent sized fish too, which made it that much more frustrating.
  4. If someone does show interest in Phish, I always suggest Billy Breathes. I never start them out with a live show.
  5. Casey Jones, Friend of the Devil, etc? The Dead aren't for everyone. I never try to push Phish onto people because even though they are 4 extremely talented musicians, most people just can't get over the perceived off the wall lyrics and 10+ minute jams; though I consider all of their studio albums pretty listener friendly.
  6. Grateful Dead purists would crucify you for posting that song. They haaaate it because it received radio play.
  7. I've linked it here before, but I'll link it again. One of my favorites, and easy to find always:
  8. Thank you, Mr. Miner.
  9. @Auburn2Eugene, are you Brad?
  10. They also hung banners around town celebrating a 10 win season not that long ago.
  11. I remember when that show happened. My mom wouldn't let me have that album because the girl at Sam Goody fed her a lie that someone got killed in the pit and that they were nazis because Phil Anselmo had a shaved head.
  12. Cowboys From Hell 180g vinyl is one of the best sounding records I own.