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  1. ShocksMyBrain

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  2. ShocksMyBrain

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    That’s the ID I’m getting on FB. Has to be a snake or more predatory turtle, I’d think?
  3. ShocksMyBrain

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    What kind of turtle is this? It was dead. What can we speculate upon it’s demise? Another turtle? Snake? Bird?
  4. ShocksMyBrain

    2019 Schedule Released

    I guess it’s never too early to start bitching about next season.
  5. ShocksMyBrain

    My Thoughts From the Stadium (LSU)

    Gonna be a long half decade for you with no AU football.
  6. ShocksMyBrain

    What they are saying..

    Allowing things like this to happen also won’t win you many games. If Auburn somehow loses to Arkansas, I’m not watching another game this season.
  7. ShocksMyBrain

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  8. ShocksMyBrain

    Beat LSU

    Aren’t they down a starting LB too?