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  1. Having a SN Tropical Torpedo. Pretty good, I thought it might just be the previous Tropical IPA release repackaged; but I believe it's a new recipe. Definitely tropical and better than the previous recipe, if memory serves. Should be a solid year-round go-to.
  2. Is season 2 on Amazon yet? I was on and off with season 1. Speaking of Amazon, check out Schitt's Creek(comedy). Two seasons are up, and I think the 3rd season just started or is about to start.
  3. Looks like an energy drink. To insert the photo, click "insert other media" button, and paste the link in the URL box. I was frustrated with it too after the board update.
  4. Sheepshead have the creepiest damn teeth on any animal not named human.
  5. I bought 4 of the 5 on the peg. $2.99 apiece is a no brainer.
  6. I also want to add that I'm so glad I drove 30 minutes away to the next closest Academy to get my preferred lure h20 Express Ghost Shad(the one that landed 3 of my 4, and most of my fish for the past 6 months). They were resetting the crankbait aisle at the one 5 minutes from my house.
  7. Finally got rid of the skunk. Caught 4, snapped 3. Came across a school of shad and the bass were feasting. Nailed 3 on almost back to back to back casts. Now that I have a scale: smallest was 1.45lbs, biggest was 3.5(on the left). I was able to target the biggest one because he kept thrashing about on the shad, threw only one cast out by him and he smashed it. Caught 3 on my favorite lure, ghost shad lipless and 1 on a shad spinnerbait. Feels very good to get back on bass after a very long slump. AND I finally caught something or 3 on my new reel/rod that I got for Christmas.
  8. Is there something I'm missing? Today is the 16th.
  9. Robert E. Lee/Date of birth January 19, 1807
  10. Oops. Wrong thread.
  11. Because one poster mentioned him as their candidate.
  12. That would certainly be the most reasonable explanation.
  13. I'm sure they'll be okay.
  14. Frustrating, but a win.
  15. There's like 4 people in that arena.