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  1. Need to nuke JHS from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.
  2. A lot of posters would take sabbaticals.
  3. Probably a jab at us(AU) because we don’t know what that is.
  4. Same as it ever was. Unfortunately, they don’t play a team with barely a pulse until week 7.
  5. bama is going to beat up on them. What was that, 3 plays then a 75 yard TD?
  6. Wouldn’t have happened if the roles were reversed.
  7. For anyone who missed this. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a player get knocked that high in the air and come down with the football as well as walk it off.
  8. Also great job from KSU not completely melting down after all those giveaways.
  9. He won’t be able to run like that come SEC time. I’m impressed that he took some big hits though.
  10. Holy s***, Schraeder is trying to get himself killed. He got knocked like 8 feet in the air.
  11. KSU not going away with that kickoff return for TD. 24-24.