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  1. If this board has shown us anything, it’s that conservatives have a pretty bad sense of humor.
  2. Now can you turn the bell orange? 😎 still white on white
  3. X2 or 3. Who’s got a link? Fully support Gus rocking this all season.
  4. That’s all well and good, and I won’t denigrate their production last night. It was impressive. But putting up those kind of yards through the air in the SEC on a weekly basis is just, and I hate to use the word—impossible. MSU/Leach will be brought back down to Earth. And I would absolutely throw the home field advantage out the window this season. The mystique of Death Valley is pissed away when there’s only several thousand fans that weren’t, presumably, allowed to tailgate starting at 5am.
  5. So he smells like my grandfather.
  6. Then go buy a cowbell and root for them.
  7. If he’s planning on running the ball for 9 yards a game and throwing for 600, they're gonna have a bad time later in the season. SEC defenses will eventually be able to neutralize their passing attack.
  8. If they’re still putting up over 500 yards passing 3 weeks from now, I’ll be ready to say that they’re looking scary. MSU/Leach have been both known to snatch impressive wins, as they are capable of dropping games they shouldn’t.
  9. That’s assuming they can maintain this level of play. LSU might have just got caught sleeping/unprepared. I’m glad we play them later on, we’ll certainly have more tape than LSU had. State could wash out.
  10. Is LSU’s defense just not that good?
  11. I like the dark socks. Throwback to Tuberville days.
  12. Apparently we were watching different games.
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