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  1. What happened to the forum?

    I expect that one to get plenty of use in the game threads.
  2. Best (and worst) beers you've ever had

    Better off that side than your wife's. Happy bday.
  3. What's up with the mobile format?

    Working on something new? My format on my phone looks like a page that failed to load completely.
  4. Best (and worst) beers you've ever had

    I'm with you there. I've also gotten close, but managed to maintain. Usually comes when I've had plenty of brews and decide to smoke a cigarette.
  5. Best (and worst) beers you've ever had

    Annnd Mezcal buddy vomited in our elephant leaves, so SMB wife is taking him home(because I'm pretty hammered as well). And now I have to wake up super early to take his car to him on the one day I get to sleep in so he can get to work. The things we do.
  6. Best (and worst) beers you've ever had

    Mezcal buddy basically got laughed out of Atlanta asking for Tropicalia. But he did acquire some Athena for me and it's delicious. Pardon the dirty glass.
  7. Best (and worst) beers you've ever had

    Bought my buddy, who's also a mezcal fan, a bottle of Creyente for his birthday. He brought it over and we are imbibing on this fine Thursday afternoon. Tres Agaves(personal favorite margarita mix) is the mix. 2:1 ratio mezcal to mix.
  8. Music Thread v.1.5(POST YOUR TUNES!)

    Warning: Atmospheric/ambient black metal
  9. Music Thread v.1.5(POST YOUR TUNES!)

    Warning: "extreme" metal. Noise/tech/experimental band out of Nashville.
  10. Television Shows

    Ozark on Netflix. Watch it.
  11. Best (and worst) beers you've ever had

    SoPro Crowd Control
  12. Post a picture

    My rescue pit/frenchie holding a very ironic toy. He hates people, but loves us and his kitties.
  13. Post a picture

    My cat, Buzz filtered to death
  14. Chicago Restaurants?

    Links Taproom for...links. I got a chicken link with stout mustard and Dragon's Milk onions that was delicious. But the main reason to go is for their beer list. Lagunitas Brewery has a great menu, and you guessed it--beer. Three Floyds Brewing is about an hour outside of Chicago with an interesting, fairly eclectic menu. And beer. Jimmy's Bar and Grill in Downtown Naperville has some good bar food. And beer. It's also a cool little area to walk around in. Lots of restaurants and shops and a river walk. Goose Island Clybourne has a good menu. Once again, beer. Also, there's a Binny's behind it that has an amazing selection of liquor and beer. If you haven't picked up on my theme yet, well, read harder.
  15. Hugh Freeze Resigns

    So, we battling for any of their recruits?