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  1. Big Little Lies season finale was solid. I fully expect a final 3rd season. Watched the first episode of Years and Years(HBO). Very...sobering.
  2. If it’s on the Women’s uniforms, some on the right side of the aisle have a mighty big decision to make for themselves.
  3. Went and saw the Trey Anastasio documentary, Between Me and My Mind tonight. I found it touching, hilarious, and enlightening.
  4. Got bored with my current video games. Way too hot to go fishing. So I’m in a reading phase that I go through a couple times a year. I stick to mostly fiction(horror, mystery, thriller, and light sci-fi/fantasy). I just finished Ready Player One-Ernest Cline. Great book, much, much different than the film. I just picked up The Cabin at the End of the World-Paul Tremblay. Off to a good start. Anyone else reading anything worthwhile currently?
  5. I just did the rolling thing as instructed. Tastes just the same 🤷‍♂️. Delicious.
  6. There was no way that beer was going to even out. It tasted even worse as I let it sit and warm up slightly. You BiL must be taking notes from M-43:
  7. Some floaties are okay. But I shouldn’t have to drag out a cheesecloth to drink a beer.
  8. They say that time heals all wounds, but as far as I’m concerned, Person needs to stay away for quite a while.
  9. Alpine Valley Night 3 wooooooo boy that was a fun one. Never thought I’d ever see Olivia’s Pool, Spock’s Brain, and the Landlady live in one night, let alone the same set. Also got my namesake in the first set as well. Ruby Waves was also quite choice 👌.
  10. Explain a two-way contract for my friend who doesn’t know.
  11. I have to say this is the first disappointing beer I’ve had from Untitled Art. Uber sweet. And yes, the most amount of sediment I’ve ever seen in a beer.