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  1. I’ve watched it 3 or 4 times start to finish. My all time favorite show. You may not like season 2 the first time you watch it, FYI but it’s better after subsequent viewings.
  2. Molly’s on Toulouse is my favorite dive right off of Bourbon Street. No one is ever in there other than regulars, the beer selection sucks, they don’t do fancy cocktails, great jukebox. They don’t even have a website. Epitome of a dive bar. It’s a great little spot to chill and get away from all the buzz just a block or two away.
  3. About 15 years ago you could find me at Bailey’s in 5 Points South on any given night of the week.
  4. I went from having no guns for 35 years to having 2 in the span of 6 months last year…
  5. Honestly, that thread should be archived for all to see such a self-owning.
  6. It was delicious. Easily the best chili I’ve ever had/made. Used Binging With Babish’s recipe modeled after the infamous Kevin Malone chili recipe. https://www.bingingwithbabish.com/recipes/2017/1/18/kevinschili
  7. Roasting up some ancho and guajillo chiles for some “from scratch” chili.
  8. I saw the color and was immediately concerned that it might be oxidized. Then I remember “normal” IPAs give off that color. 🤦‍♂️
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