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  1. Heads up...people will still go about their normal lives. We are finally getting police presence in parks because parents are letting their kids continue to play on playground equipment that has be taped off. Stay at home is meaningless without repercussions, as if a highly infectious deadly virus wasn’t enough.
  2. Solid. Actually like Everything’s Right because I hate the song live. Would really like the Trey quarantine album though.
  3. Do it. Clean and eat and drink. I appreciate you.
  4. We’re...well, I’m gloved up. Letting 3 people in at a time. They’re not touching s***. Curbside call in. I feel dirty all of the time.
  5. I can’t even right now. Half my crew is of the mind “yeah if I get it I get it” the other is freaking out. Both of my owners kids got laid off/furloughed from Moët/Hennessy. So I’m like, how do I even express how to shut the doors? Obviously we can’t. It’s so ****** right now. Statistically, I’ve been in contact with someone who’s had it. At this point I hope I’ve had it and I was asymptomatic and hope I didn’t pass it along. $150k a week is becoming blood money.
  6. Mrs. SMB is working from home now. She works for a company that runs training for drug rehab in prison/rehabs. Obviously there’s going to be zero physical training in the next...6 months(?). Half her squad has been laid off or furloughed, the others have had 50% pay cut. Thankfully she’s “only” taking 10% pay cut. I fully expect her company to shut down completely in the next week or two.
  7. And if any of you mother****ers tell me it’s a conspiracy or a hoax or “hysteria” I’m kicking you the **** out of my store.
  8. I’m “essential” because I work in a bottle shop that falls under grocery. My team is upset and uncertain. We’re up 52% for the March. It’s getting to be that what $$$=at what cost?
  9. Go ahead and express your concerns and frustrations here. What are you doing during your quarantine? Drinking. Cooking up some delicious treats? Drinking. Are you essential? Drinking Lets leave the politics out of it.
  10. Yes yes YES! Pay my ******* bills and I’ll bail 100%. All my employees want to shut down. Or reclassify us as “non-essential”. Explain to me why Sherwin Williams Paint Store(not my work) is ******* essential. This is all ****** and America is acting too privileged. Gal Gadot is still a beautiful specimen.
  11. Phish is doing a listening party of their new album in about 10 minutes.
  12. Gal Gadot is pretty to be sure. However, that Imagine cover video with all the celebrities was so cringe. Don’t worry everyone, they’re fighting Coronavirus with song while quarantined inside their 10k square foot mansions while some of us are essential or unemployed.