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  1. The Bear (no, it’s not about THAT Bear) on FX/Hulu was great. Must-watch, especially if you’ve ever worked in a restaurant or kitchen.
  2. You’d be surprised how many people on the left own guns. They just don’t make it their personality and advertise it on their vehicles and clothing.
  3. Except they don’t have any rings to back up their arrogance. I live in Memphis, there‘s more Ole Miss fans here than any other school except maybe University of Memphis (which actually has a pretty rabid, but humble fan base).
  4. Ole Miss started out ranked #1 and took a massive skid mid-season. Much like NCAABB, when a team peaks matters tremendously. As much as I hate to defend anything Ole Miss related, they’re obviously a legit team.
  5. I think there’s a few of us that have been a little sparse from the board. Here’s another reason why I haven’t been imbibing on brown water. So yay Memphis summer. I did get to try a Laphroaig 10 that was over proofed recently that was awesome. Had the Oban Little Bay, which was legit as well.
  6. Said customer also dropped off this triple from Burial last month. Too legit.
  7. @Tiger RefugeA dedicated, loyal customer dropped this off for me. The hype is real!
  8. They want to play military with all their tactical gear and army guns, then tuck tail when it gets serious. That entire department is embarrassing. Imagine a fire department showing up to a house on fire and the firemen decided they didn’t want to put it out because they could get burned.
  9. My wife told me about it and my immediate response was “How can someone do this to innocent childr—“. Then I remembered this s*** isn’t new.
  10. Been playing around with risotto recipes. My first round was shrimp risotto. Turned out more…gloppy/sticky? But the flavor was nice. Used Alton Brown’s wild mushroom/asparagus risotto recipe tonight. The risotto was cooked much better, but I preferred the flavor of the shrimp risotto. https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/wild-mushroom-and-asparagus-risotto-recipe-1916284.amp
  11. I have a buddy who works the West Coast hub at FedEx Memphis. Says he sees/smells weed come through all the time.
  12. We got him in Mississippi, same place we picked Farley up. We did a dog DNA test on Farley (which turned out he was 100% American Pitbull), so when we do one on Roman it’ll be interesting to see if he has some relatives. Roman will be bigger than Farley for sure.
  13. After months of waiting for the right time, we decided to get Chris Farley a little brother. And let him pick him out. He chose one that looks strikingly like himself. This is Roman. For you Succession watchers, yes that’s why.
  14. It’s nice to be on the outside of this watching it unfold.
  15. That’s the one I chose to bring in due to our limited space. Checked my Untappd and I’ve had it, probably came from you.
  16. I’m assuming Marcus King has been discussed here…but I could spin this s*** all day.
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