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  1. It’s one of my favorite movies. There’s a shot for shot remake on Netflix btw. The cast of the original is perfect though.
  2. It may be a slow burn that quickly catches fire. Sort of like House of Cards s1.
  3. Watched the finale last night and it was juicy.
  4. 18/31: Cabin in the Woods(2012)
  5. 17/31: Final Destination 2(2003). The log truck scene is forever burned in my memory, and I always make sure to get around log trucks as quickly and safely as possible when I’m on the road.
  6. 16/31: Final Destination(2000)
  7. I bet we do whatever we think gives us the best chance to win.
  8. I said that for the Florida game. ☹️
  9. And instead of a banana stand it’s a mega multimedia conglomerate.
  10. It’s not a show for everyone because it’s corporate drama. Kind of along similar lines as Mad Men(which I couldn’t get into). Maculay Culkin’s little brother is a main character and he does a great job. The entire series is well-acted.
  11. Barry is great. Hader does an excellent job.
  12. I’m a couple episodes behind, but I love the show. Will Ferrell and Adam McKay(I think) are behind it, and it’s shockingly good.
  13. 15/31: Evil Dead(2013). Evil Dead purists don’t care for it. I think it’s a great remake.
  14. 14/31: In the Mouth of Madness(1995). My wife hates this one for some reason. It’s very Lovecraftian, which is why I am quite partial to it.
  15. 13/31: Mother!(2017). Trailer is not indicative of the movie at all. Another mind ****. It’s on Hulu. Midsommar was better. Edit, spoiler: so apparently it’s some sort of allegory re: God and Mother Earth according to the filmmaker. 🙄
  16. Oh, man. Idk. It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen Tombstone.
  17. Digging this. It’s lacking something that Xocoveza can deliver, maybe it’s the lack of coffee. Not nearly as good as Mexican Cake either. But yeah, the peppers definitely make themselves known.