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  1. “You’re not protesting the way I want you to”.
  2. In the lands of the Dude, we might need more Walters. He used to dabble in pacifism, not in Nam, of course.
  3. I posted it in the Floyd thread on the political forum.
  4. Light up the pool party with this. It’ll go. Promise.
  5. Killer Mike(ATL) had a great speech on what’s happening.
  6. Welcome to the wonderful world of quality hot sauce. I think I’m just going to sign up for the monthly Heatonist box. 3 sauces a month for $30 isn’t too bad and it’ll help me find new ones.
  7. Couples date, Mrs. Shocks and I went for it it tonight. Clicquot Rose. Malpeque oyster topped with caviar and champagne. We needed this night.
  8. Nope. Just wanted the title of the thread cleaned up and it looks like it has been done by @augolf1716.
  9. I’ve been ripping squarebills and they’re producing from the bank.
  10. That’s a haul. Also good on you for being able to identify a cotton mouth vs water snake vs copperhead. The Snake Identification group on FB has really helped my knowledge of distinguishing between the 3(and hog nose and timber rattlers). I come into contact with water snakes every time when I’m out. Hoping to safely “score” a cotton mouth one of these days.
  11. We also watched Ready or Not on HBOGo. Got a notification on my phone that it was released and the summary alone had me hooked. Never heard of this movie before this past weekend, but it’s right up my alley. Great cinematography and interesting plot(although I called it early on). “Fun horror”.
  12. Can a mod please remove the Kristen Bell merge notice from the title please? @ellitor @augolf1716 We just finished Uncut Gems(now on Netflix). What a train wreck. Every single decision made in the movie was a bad one. Sandler knocked it out of the park.
  13. This song is “old”. But you better bang it by the pool this Summer.
  14. Sounds like Bearded Iris. It was hard to differentiate between a lot of their brews. Then they dialed in some recipes and I can tell what is what. I wish we had a local juice house pumping out things that BIBCO and SGrist do. But we’re simply not there yet.
  15. OF Rye is the best Rye under $25 you can find. Hands down, it’s a $40 rye. Triple stamped. After tasting all the “years” lines of OF, I’m a fanboy. Their re-brand/marketing attack has worked wonders for them. Unfortunately, our store barrel of OF sucked 😔. I’m of the mind that they sent us the wrong barrel. 1920>Blanton’s any day of the week, sort of apples=oranges, but I’d gladly throw down $60 for 1920 instead of $75+ for Blanton’s. I was working in the office one day and someone handed me a sample. “Ugh what is this?” It was Blanton’s. I’m certain Blanton’s is an underage bourbon at this point, they’re just releasing as much of it as they can. OF Birthday Bourbon is always just so great as well.
  16. It’s their attempts at legitimacy that gets ridiculed.
  17. Not one of my favorite BIBCO releases, but still fine nonetheless.
  18. Basil Hayden’s(~$40) is a good starter bourbon. 80 proof. Readily available. It’s watered down Old Granddad 114 proof. It has a couple brothers in Baker’s(~$60) which is 7 years old and 107 proof. And Booker’s(~$90), which I’m unsure of the age and proof, but they release different batches every year. If you want something sweeter, like @McLoofussaid, go with a wheated bourbon. Maker’s would be a fine choice, but I like Bernheim(~$30), 7 years old 90 proof. I would avoid bourbons high in rye...such as Bulleit. Rye is an acquired taste that takes a bit to get used to. Some more affordable regularly available bourbons worth checking out: 1792 Small Batch, Jefferson’s Reserve, Eagle Rare, Wild Turkey Longbranch, Pinhook, Elijah Craig Small Batch(store barrel picks preferred), 4 Roses Small Batch Select, Knob Creek single barrel store picks. Bourbon will be more expensive at distilleries btw.