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  1. My son was born in 2008. From 2008-2012 we were not able to attend a game because we didn't feel great leaving him with someone for a weekend. Finally in 2013, we thought we could do it and we attended the Iron Bowl as our first game in five years. Not a bad one to choose! We sat next to a couple of Bama fans, a guy of about 35 and his dad (who was probably mid-60's) in the North end zone. They were great to watch the game with and we had some good-natured trash talking going on all game. We had the perfect seats to watch Chris Davis run the kick into our end-zone and I thought I was going to have to give the dad CPR. He was white as a sheet. I also remember sort of feeling bad for Alabama's band. Because of all the pandemonium, they had to sit and wait for escorts to come get them. It was at least 30 minutes while they just had to sit there watching the celebration going on around them. They looked pretty miserable (as I would have been had the shoe been on the other foot).
  2. "What Are They Thinking" Vanderbilt Edition

    Wait...cromulent is in the dictionary now? It's a made up word coined by The Simpsons. I guess it got used enough to merit entry.
  3. 2015 Player Bowl Game Gifts

    When I played in a pro-am for a golf tournament, what they called the gift suite was basically a big tent where you could pick out stuff up to a predetermined amount (I think it was $500). The tent for this was all Nike stuff, so shirts, balls, clubs, hats, bags, etc... Don't know if that's what it means in this context though.
  4. Especially since they are used to every kick-off going out of the endzone. The wind really messed with Carlson. That being said, he should get serious recognition for his David Beckham impression when kicking into a hard cross wind. No kidding! I thought he had missed it badly and then it snapped in there like one of my drives. He either put some serious hook spin on that kick or he judged the wind perfectly. I was looking at the flags before the kick and thought it was going to be a nightmare to make. It was like Damon Duvall's kick to win in the Swamp... except less rain. I wasn't looking at the flags, but there was a close-up of Carlson as he was getting set and his sleeves looked like someone was standing just off screen with a leaf blower pointed at him. Brutal wind.
  5. Especially since they are used to every kick-off going out of the endzone. The wind really messed with Carlson. That being said, he should get serious recognition for his David Beckham impression when kicking into a hard cross wind. No kidding! I thought he had missed it badly and then it snapped in there like one of my drives. He either put some serious hook spin on that kick or he judged the wind perfectly.
  6. My first visit to Auburn in 20 years...

    I think you will be pretty stunned by all the changes on campus and around town. My wife and I went five years between visits after the birth of our son (our first game back was last year's Iron Bowl, not a bad choice) and even in that amount of time things looked significantly different. It seems like there are constantly new buildings going up.
  7. Georgia seeks reinstatement for Gurley

    WTF is up with them dragging Cam Newton into this article? How was his situation remotely similar to Gurley's?
  8. Friday Locker Room Tours

    We did it last year the Friday of the Iron Bowl and it was free, you just had to wait in a long line. No catered dinner for us (so Vatz must be talking about something different in his post above). You walked through the locker room and through the tunnel and onto the sidelines (could not go on any portion of the field itself). We took a bunch of photos, including with the Heisman and National Championship trophies. I thought it was pretty interesting and worth the 20 or so minutes we waited in line.
  9. Tosh.0 on Lane Kiffen

  10. Another Tosh.0 crack about Bama

    He hates Saban (big Dolphin fan) and I think one of his writers is an Auburn grad. In addition to the occasional jabs at Alabama there are often Auburn items scattered about in the background when they do skits.
  11. SDS: Nick Marshall Passing

    That last pass (the one that was unfortunately dropped) was a thing of beauty. It just barely cleared a leaping safety and dropped right into the receiver's hands. If he throws it two inches lower it is at least deflected and maybe intercepted, but he put it in a perfect spot.
  12. Cowherd predicts us to win it all..

    Back in 2010, before the season began, Cowherd had Beano Cook on to discuss dark horse national contenders and both picked Auburn. Beano, even at that time, was very high on Cam Newton and Cowherd was pointing to the schedule as being very helpful, with all the big name team except Bama having to come to Jordan-Hare. I think the context was trying to find sweet betting lines for teams that had a shot and Auburn was somewhere in the 80 or 90 to 1 range preseason.
  13. (ESPN Affiliate) Article

    I'm fairly certain (although not positive) that this is supposed to be satirical. It's taking some of the criticisms of Auburn's offense and turning them up to 11 in an attempt to point out how absurd they are. It's not particularly well written satire, and is hampered by the fact that it's hard to recognize satire when you hear the same crap in a serious tone from Bama fans. Basically, there is no way he can turn the rhetoric up to a level beyond what Bammers will stoop to, so there is no way to get it be recognizable satire.
  14. Death threats getting talked up

    I can only speak to my experience at the game, but all the Alabama fans we interacted with were fine. We had a couple of guys sitting next to us who were a lot of fun to talk with during the game and very complimentary of Auburn's speed and in particular Tre Mason. They also were very critical of Alabama in a couple of spots (the 4th and 1 call in particular). They were disappointed in the result, but they shook hands with everyone around them and wished us luck in Atlanta. My wife and I were on the field for about an hour afterwards and then started walking towards Toomers and came across a couple of Alabama tailgates. Everyone was still enjoying themselves and lots of people were yelling "Good game" back and forth and being generally very congratulatory. I am sure there were some nuts in the crowd, but all in all I was pretty surprised by how civil everyone was.
  15. After the Auburn/Tex A&M game I saw a lot of posts on here about how awesome the A&M fans were. I grew up in Texas as an Aggie fan, but moved to Alabama and became a lover of Auburn. I also have a son who suffers from some pretty serious health problems. My wife and I are fortunate enough to have good insurance and enough disposable income to cover what insurance cannot, but not all are so fortunate. We are also fortunate that while my son's health problems are serious, he is not in any immediate danger of dying. All of that to say that I was quite touched by this story on an Aggie message board: Aggies, In 2001 a group of students pulled off one of the greatest fund raising efforts to help people in need that we Aggies have ever seen. One of those students at the time was Kourtney Rogers '03....she worked ardently to pull off RWB Out. Her efforts were rewarded with a trip to NYC to hand deliver a check to the relief funds setup for the Sept 11th tragedy. Kourtney is now Kourtney Gruner '03 and her husband Gus is an Aggie as well. This wonderful Aggie family has been delivered dire news and they need our help. Their 17 month old son Otto has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that will not allow him to be here much longer. This news is terrible and devastating.... As we've seen in the past, Aggies rise to an occasion when things are dire. I know the holidays are upon us, and times are rough for some....but I ask you....I BEG you....if you can offer up anything to help the family in this time of need, you can do so at the link I'm placing at the bottom of this post. What good will money do you ask? Financial burdens of medical treatment are huge as we know, but if you knew you had limited time with your child on this earth you wouldn't want to have to worry about jobs, bills, etc that comes with day to day life. If you have the ability to help, and that help can be put to more time the parents spend with Baby Otto, I ask that you participate. I thank you for your time reading this, and ask that you pray for comfort, wellness, strength, and that the family can enjoy the time they have left with their child. I donated what I could, and I hope others will do the same: https://www.giveforw...assistance-fund