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  1. Did a former Auburn player kick Steratore’s dog or something? I don’t think he’s ever seen a review that was in our favor.
  2. Don’t worry. It wasn’t wasted. The dog lapped up most of it and then fell asleep on the the couch.
  3. You just made me spit out my scotch. It was good scotch too.
  4. I vividly remember the game where I legit thought Rosegreen had killed a UGA receiver coming across the field. A hit that would get you flagged, ejected and probably suspended today.
  5. I’ve joked with my Bama friends that they are actually jealous of the Auburn fan experience. They’ll never feel the highs and lows we live through in every game. They’ll never know the exhilaration of seeing Cox run the whirlybird, multiple QB’s on the field at one time, or using an O-lineman to run the wildcat. Being an Auburn fan is a test of character and mettle. This team will rip your heart out and stomp on it one week only to make you fall in love with them all over again next week. I love them and hate them in the same breath and it is glorious. Being a Ba
  6. That was the worst play call I think I’ve ever seen. Out of a TO no less!!!
  7. Yeah, they should have let it go to the 4th quarter before the 3rd down play.
  8. Does Carlson line up closer and at less of an angle than other kickers? Maybe it’s the camera angle but it looks like he’s really close to the holder and in more of a straight line than most kickers.
  9. This is embarrassing. I feel like the SEC should apologize to the entire country for these refs.
  10. The second Bama TD drive featured: 1. A terrible DPI call to give Bama a first down; 2. A missed offensive facemask call; and 3. A missed OPI on the TD. I think I’ll watch something else because this is ridiculous.
  11. I swear I’m not going to make it through the season if that Applebee’s commercial keeps playing in every break. That thing went from catchy to annoying real quick.
  12. They probably had to limit it to one year for each team or Bama would have had at least 3 spots, Miami a couple and FSU a couple.
  13. I'm not surprised we are on this list, but I'm surprised that enough people care for us to make it to 4th. Let's be honest, most people remain convinced that our National Championship was bought and paid for and thought Nick Fairley was a dirty player. Not to mention our starting RB wasn't exactly a choir boy. Every good story needs a villain and we played the part in 2010. So be it.
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