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  1. BIG poppy58

    Which Players are Leaving?

    Yep everything that is posted in the news and are correct. Dang son can’t believe people try to use news reported to prove that they are right. Abraham Lincoln once said not everything on the internet is true
  2. BIG poppy58

    Recruits and Their Parents Are Reading Your Words

    Who in here doesn't love Auburn win or lose? By all means, list the posters who have said or insinuated that. If you're gonna man up and say complaints mean that people don't love Auburn then get it out there. AE probably had a good run of, oh I don't know, a NC season and an 8-5 season...not nearly as much to bitch about then... Im just saying grow up and ove Auburn thru good and the bad. This forum has turned into Every coach has bad years. Teams have bad years. Players have bad games. Thats part of it. They will get better and Auburn will be better. Compaining isnt gonna change anything
  3. BIG poppy58

    Recruits and Their Parents Are Reading Your Words

    I dont know about the rest of ya'll, it seems I'm in the minority here, but I love Auburn bc its Auburn. If we lose this weekend I will still love Auburn. Some people need to get a grip and quit complaining.
  4. BIG poppy58

    Interesting Facts

    But I'm just curious why nothing about Golf in the first ever Auburn game was mentioned. Could it been unintentional or that Golf had already gotten too old by then
  5. BIG poppy58

    Proschs role

    The Juggernaut is an absolute bulldozer. He is going to be huge in the run game. He is a great guy and very humble my son loved getting his autograph.
  6. BIG poppy58

    Very Sad News, Prayers Needed for ST...

    God bless you bro. I lost my dad/best friend/business partner this past Jan. and its the hardest thing I ever faced. I pray for God's hands to help you in this time of need and help you through the coming days/months/years.
  7. BIG poppy58

    Mike Blakely

    He looked great, me and my son got the oppurtunity to talk to him at the autograph session, and might I say he, Grant and Mason are ready for a huge season. All 3 said they are super hungry for PT and
  8. BIG poppy58


    You tell them E.
  9. BIG poppy58

    Ladarious Phillips

    As Chizik says, one person dont make Auburn, Auburn makes the person. At the end of the day WE ARE STILL AUBURN. Quit whining
  10. BIG poppy58

    Rumor Central

    A4E are you a 3 year old or just walk around with the "sky is falling" mentality. If you havent noticed and im sure you havent, the mulletts DOESNT HAVE A OFFENSIVE SCHOLARSHIP!!!!!!!
  11. BIG poppy58


    Zeke is All In my brotha! ^ X1000. Zeke will be here soon. The let the dust settle after the battle and whoever wins the spot
  12. BIG poppy58


    Wow what a novel Idea, I bet noone on the team has thought of that. Maybe while they are at it we can get some Fairley , LT, D. Brooks, Primetime type players on D
  13. Which picture do you want first?
  14. BIG poppy58

    TJ Yeldon

    Did the mods flip too. Weird havent heard from them on this as certain as they were esp bird. Pruitt is his lead recruiter who is Sabans yes man that will do whatever saban says. Weird Pruitt is from my area and how he got his job I have no clue
  15. BIG poppy58

    TJ Yeldon

    sorry to spoil your thread but he decomitted last night and will be a Lobo in 23 days sorry...................................................