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  1. Quite the opposite. I think the lawyer is brilliant and and is sowing the seeds for the "troubled young man" defense, similar in structure to the "Affluenza" defense: Affluenza excuse == from the aforementioned article “He never learned that sometimes you don’t get your way,” Gary Miller, a psychologist assigned to Couch said in court. “He had the cars and he had the money. He had freedoms that no young man would be able to handle." With crafty wording a new defense can be had. The had freedoms that no "troubled young man" would be able to handle. This case could have the same implications as the Affluenza case. As in the Affluenza case, with this case - supposing the lawyer gets a favorable judgement for the "troubled young man" defense - the defendant is not absolved for the wrong doing. The charges are greatly diminished due to the [mental] state of the accused. The Affluenza case is a travesty for exactly this reason. The charges and conviction should be in accordance to the direct interpretations of the law as they are applied to the case, not the defendant's capability to comprehend the nature and application of the law. Grace if any, could be extended in sentencing. BTW: The DA is playing nice. I'm not so sure I wouldn't have replied with "I don't know how troubled he is because he has no trouble finding the car keys and the accelerator." I don't mean to sound cruel, cold and harsh; it just seems a gentle pull on his chain isn't working. Perhaps a fairly strong tug on the "family" chain is necessary.
  2. Keep it straight folks, This is no longer Malzahn vs Morris It is Malzahn + Morris
  3. Did he fax in his commitment or just put on the A.U. cap?
  4. TigerPAC, Vyvanse, although not a narcotic, is a schedule II controlled substance isn't it? Doesn't that require the diagnosis documentation if requested by DEA, state pharm board, etc. Penalties, especially if abused on a large scale are pretty significant, are they not?
  5. Time to show my age: Red Skelton Gertrude & Heathcliff Hey Gertrude! Yeah Heathcliff. Look down - It's the ship of fools. How do you know? They're looking up!
  6. The AUFamily award: Most Loved Defensive Player (because every o-lineman just wants to hold him!)
  7. Yes, it was a fantastic discovery. One charm; an inscription on each of the four sections of the same ball.
  8. I dunno, a 1913 gold charm on my head? Works for this guy (add extreme sarcasm font)
  9. The 1913 unclaimed championship. Before the age of championship rings, the team received a gold charm. Auburn, coached by Mike Donahue, was undefeated at 8–0, outscoring opponents 224–13. This was in the possession of my late aunt.
  10. I wish him only the best. This: "The Crestview, Fla., product has three catches over the past three seasons for 84 yards."
  11. Even though we've eaten from this meal before, it's always nice to go back for seconds.
  12. I love how the best part was the design was just to get Waddle off the field - not to draw a penalty. Saban outright made a plain and simple mistake - and it sealed the loss. But as for Gus, who really comes "prepared" with that play like that to a game? But when your coverage team is getting kicked by "that player" and you have a play for it -- Gus +1.