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  1. Last Chance

    Yeah. I do get it. I see it. Short leash. He’s put on notice. It’s not that I’m trying to pump sunshine - but (not you) others hoping for failure. Boycotting games and hateful actions against our program. “If we band together and punish our program then they know we want him gone.” Boycotts. Protesting. Foul letters. Call in media. Printed opinion and hit pieces. Name calling. Believe me they know we’re not pleased with our coaching. But this kind cancer makes me sick. I am not happy with Gus. But I’m surprised at the vileness of some of the fan base. The whole “I’m so hurt by his coaching decisions” environment by some is too much for me. I look at it from how the players and recruits might look at Auburn. I’m not so sure who’s doing more damage - Gus or the poor pitiful fan victims of his bad coaching decisions. He’s probably not going to survive the end of season - why make the whole ordeal so wretched?
  2. Last Chance

    I think Gus has a challenge here with his job. But it’s not a done deal and I am really sure he’s not going to repeat this mistake. Ever. It’s stuns me the number of individuals absolutely locked into throwing him out. What confounds me most is the number actually hoping for failure so your wishes of his firing are fulfilled. I guess Gus isn’t the only one who makes an absolute game plan to see it through no matter what. If he changes I guess you won’t? You guys pulling against Auburn need to look at yourselves. Even as a long shot, if he takes us to seccg I won’t be mad - quite contrary I’d love to see Auburn succeed. Perhaps you should root for Syracuse - I hear they had a good week. Let me add though - mediocre coaching isn’t going to work here. He’s got s short leash that may very likely run out at year end. It’ll play out. Stop promoting failure.
  3. Name your method of protesting.....

    Some of "protests" can be real turn offs to recruits as well as hurting our players if they feel we've turned against them. Protest if you want, but make sure you're clear about what your protesting. I might suggest standing for the national anthem - that seems to be the for the real rebel.
  4. Note on Auburn Passing Game (First down)

    This is what I think. My opinion only - take it as such. Don't get too worked up. Gus's game plan, if it works, can throw a fierce first punch. It's good for about 5-8 minutes. However, he carries a game plan for an entire game -- as if the opponent is going to follow the script he's written. It doesn't account for passion, or emotion, or someone just plain being hot or cold. As soon as the opponent knows which Auburn team has shown up and as long as they are moderately decent at their jobs - then they're locked in. The nutshell - playing in the SEC is dynamic and extremely tactical. You can enter the game with a strategy but once kickoff ensues you need to go full tactical. Identifying small weaknesses and strengths to leverage for advantage. Take what they give you. Be prepared with a reasonable tool set - a small but effective mix of runs, short, medium and long passes - etc. You need to be able to tactically target an area/opportunity. This is accomplished by focusing on each person doing the very best at a job they are deeply trained for. We call that fundamentals. You know why Saban and Smart and those coaches blow up on players. You may cringe, bu it's because they have a particular role that they should execute with a certain ability. It's not because they're losing or their mad about the result - it is about how well you execute your job. And boys and girls - that's what gets you looks from NFL scouts. I don't know if Gus can break this suicidal habit. I also know most don't care and want him gone. But he's going to have a real tough time anywhere if he doesn't realize that a scripted game plan is scripted failure. What he needs most is a paper shredder.
  5. come on guys

    I was about to post something similar. I went to Auburn and my son is there now. Auburn is special to me. And even though Saturday's coaching was abysmal and painful to watch, I will NEVER bust the chops of our kids that put it out for us. Maybe it's because I played sports (not football, but my team did compete for two natty's: high school and post graduation) and I knew football players and my son knows football players. I ran the stadium steps and 'round the big loop' with a few of them. Some folks right now need to really listen to some of our own player's comments after this loss. They are hurting. Badly. You think you're dissapointed? You think you're sore cause some coaching non-sense caused our team to lose. Upsets happen all the time. That's why games are played every Saturday rather in a computer simulation. I absolutely agree that Gus's coaching style will not break through the next level. News alert: four reasonably effective defensive linemen and 4 or five others with a pulse near front neutralizes our offense. I've read how dissapointed so many of you will be if we run the table and see LSU as Auburn's big turning point. So here I am, letting the world know, that my personal feelings about a coach will never turn me against the players. And if Gus can find himself and grow up, get off the "my unalterable game plan" is the greatest chance of success (it isn't: hint, audibles and you might want a little cross talk from Off & Def) focus or acquire on the tools necessary to grow each to their individual maximum potential, go buy a game day tactician if you can't do it, etc. then more power to him. I hate coaching carousels because they cause a lot of damage. But if it's time for him to go, so be it., If it's time for him to grow up, so be it. I am not going to let an emotional moment control my decision making. Breathe people. This year is shaping up to be the kind where a program like our turns him loose. That's alright. All will happen in due time. I JUST WANT WHAT'S BEST FOR THE PLAYERS. End rant. No sarcasm font involved.
  6. Filling in for Stat

    Remember to explain how what might be considered holding is "Bama Advanced Blocking Technique" (t) (c)
  7. Dear Coaches, I would like to let you know that we are dissatisfied with the current passing patterns because the it makes our scatter plot have a huge empty spot in the middle. Please adjust the routes accordingly. Fans
  8. Filling in for Stat

    Anybody else pick up the Easter egg? Frame five - Hastings is "greater than" two defenders.
  9. Is the commitment to the run by the D clogging this area of the field up? I think this is part of it. Clogging at the line - It's not that the coverage is there 10 yards down, it's the number of bodies between JS and the target. Gun shy perhaps. Maybe, sorta, kind of

    I had 11 employees who opted for coverage 2015. 11 Families - BCBS Florida $289,000 annually. Do the math. We folded shop, insurance too much.
  11. I think JS is still a gun shy. Consider the placement - The post where there is are no defenders within a 180 degree forward arc, or an edge where you have the same 180 degree boundary arc. I think it's about his confidence and timing in traffic. His timing is not yet consistently super precise but he is improving rapidly. Backing off to a 64000 foot view I get a little bit excited. The tools are falling into place. Consider the "Gus run first" being equal to the "stop the run you stop Auburn." I am tired of seeing teams successfully sell out to stack the box and beating us because we weren't stretching the field. Now JS is hot on those stretch points. Many teams are still on the same page of stacking the middle against us. A lot of traffic there and why not hit the edges. Anyway, those routes are hard to defend when the ball is reasonably thrown, nearly impossible to defend when accurately thrown in step (think over the should fades.) One of the traps is to think we can do it all. There is abundant talent on this team that can do almost anything. But we have to pick the areas we are going to practice, attack and excel. It certainly does not preclude the idea that us arm chair coaches don't see where we could do something good - but does doing something good replace doing something great? Color me cautiously excited.
  12. As I understand - it's compartmentalized. However, I'm not sure as to what to I think regarding the NCAA. As a friend used to say, "it's like changing the tire on a moving car." I think they make policy but invent interpretations/applications as they go along. Perhaps someone with a little more insight can help. I'd like to know.
  13. This. I'm not looking for a scapegoat but direction and clarity. I yearn for integrity in our programs - and that may mean firing people that cover abuses and break policy. The expectations are set from the top down. If that person cannot set and monitor policy, personally and through his/her staff, then they need to go. This is not a time to shy away from the issues. For a few that have other motives, i.e. replace JJ because you want someone who will push really hard for this program or that facility, or a person who hires better coaches - I don't know what to tell you. Good luck [Insert 'Taken' reference here.] Sure, we need a program and facility visionary but right now if I hear of another harassment cover-up I'll bring the pitchforks and hopefully one of you will show up with the torches.