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    Where do you stand with Gus?

  2. oldaufeller

    Emmert aware of sexual assault charges at MSU

    So I headed off to a presentation about bullying this past weekend and the current state of research. Here are a couple takeaways: 1) I did not know: Bullying (and yes I asked explicitly if this applies to abuse like Nasser/MSU) -- extreme punitive measures are not as effective compared to interruption interventions. Research shows other predictors are not likely to be deterred if Nasser gets a 175 year jail sentence. If a predator is caught early and held accountable, even though being early caught early means less punishment, works as stronger and far longer lasting deterrent and corrective behavior. It does mean intervening quickly in every instance. 2) Those in authority are rarely held accountable. 3) There are known indicators that can be used to identify and quantify abuse and bullying. Most people lack the skills or training to see them, or the size to the group they are looking masks the problem. 4) Oddly enough - those you would think have authority (the principal, US Gymnastics Committee, MSU staff) have far less LEGAL authority than you would believe. Basically they are required to report felonies but are not judicial delegates of the law. They are loosely required by law to notify police abuse or suspicion of abuse of a minor - but oft times even in the most blatant situations - an authority figure will say they didn't see it or it didn't recognize the issue. After the fact it's difficult to tell who is lying and who is just trying to wiggle out of trouble. 5) In regards to bullying, there is no central focus of accountability for children protection. Child services within the legal framework is usually a mop-up. 6) Schools, athletic organizations etc. are usually ill-equipped, under trained, and understaffed to identify and deal with child protection issues. Even for organizations that try, there are legal boundaries and restrictions His recommendations: There is really no central "bill of rights" that defines the civil rights for minors. Individual groups, schools and organizations hare trying - but it is not consistent nor has legal teeth. The current protections that are actions of law are usually violence related (think Nasser.) An independent legal authority is needed that focuses on strictly on child crimes. Youth organizations should be required by law to meet certain compliance standards - the most important is the legal authority is notified within a certain time period (say three days) for a violation or suspected violation. Basically make it illegal not to turn it over. Investigations must be removed from the source to avoid conflict of interest. An legal entity that oversees child protection compliance that should be required for schools, athletic organizations, etc. Currently, the only guidance is "don't be negligent" - hard to define, execute and uphold.
  3. oldaufeller

    Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    I've been a senior manager or executive of some sort since the mid-eighties. I normally say that having to fire someone is the hardest part of my job - but reading this thread reminds me how much I loathe dealing with sexual harassment issues.
  4. oldaufeller

    Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    I've performed executive searches before and the I didn't even know who the candidates were until the contractor screened and gave me the list. The names thrown so far out are ones who expressed interest in Auburn and made it publicly known. Typically executive searches are very discreet.
  5. oldaufeller

    Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    Not not sure I can connect these dots. Hows does AD understanding of football relate to athletics management? Contract management, merchandising, licensing, legal and ethical compliance, scheduling, facilities and equipment etc. I actually don't want someone who coddles football - because you then create a preferential environment that leads to ethical and legal problems (read as "covering someone's behind when they should be shown the door.") Remember, JJ did not leave because of sports performance - it was legal exposure of the University to issues that should have never occurred, required to be exposed and dealt with. Hiding in shadows and covering ill behavior can bring down entire programs and damage Auburn deeply. I actually oppose hiring a football centric AD. I want a senior manager who knows how to handle a large amount of money, withstand groups of strong personalities (think coaches, board (<-especially,) and fans as a whole,) and can direct to instill a solid level of moral and legal integrity in all athletic programs. The AD is responsible to make sure the coaches (football coaches primarily for us) perform to the level they are expected and find the resources necessary to make that happen. We have problems when board members or AD or AD staff begin telling the coaches what assistants they're going to get or meddle in internal schedules (training for instance,) etc. The AD is required to tell the coaches to pack sand if the program gets off the rails. Why would we want a football centric AD? So the AD can tell GM to run more slants? I stole the following with a few markups of my own. Coordinators and position coaches are managers: A manager is in charge of something: resources, people, projects, programs, accounts; a manager might also be a part-time individual contributor Head coach is a director: A director is in charge of something bigger: multiple managers, an entire discipline, multiple projects; a director often doesn't have time to be an individual contributor The AD is an officer: A chief officer is not only in charge of something big (like multiple directors, or an entire aspect of the business), but is also an officer of the company and so has specific legal and stockholder obligations that managers and directors often don't.
  6. oldaufeller

    Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    Here you go - as I understand it - if any of you qualify knock yourself out. An athletic director (AD) is an administrator who oversees athletic programs and staff. Remember at our level this person is a manager (COO) of athletics. Description responsible for supervising all the details related to smoothly functioning athletic departments making sure that teams meet national or conference ethical and legal standards (emphasis mine) oversees financial, practical, and legal matters pertaining to the schools’ teams does not generally work directly with student athletes works closely with coaches and is generally responsible for hiring and firing decisions regarding coaches and athletic staff successfully promote a school’s teams acts as a liaison between athletic and academic departments. supervises or is directly responsible for details regarding team schedules, transportation and equipment. promoting and fund-raising for athletic departments public relations regarding the school’s athletic department Necessary Skills communication, management and organizational skills required communicate with people at various levels, including coaches, faculty, alumni and parents. public speaking skills skills in understanding finances and budgets, legal regulations time management is crucial Emphasis mine - think basketball and softball directly, a number of other sports . Ignore at your own peril. Skill or even a simple understanding of a particular sport doesn't seem to be a qualification. JJ did not leave because of sports performance. He left because of breakdowns/violations of legal and ethical handling of school staff (coaches/asst coaches) and student athletes. We better find someone who can handle THAT task exceptionally, everything else excellently. Keep in mind the AD is the final contract point but coaches are usually found by search committees. Now take the resume's and score them against the requirements- remove your personal bias - we want the best hire.
  7. oldaufeller

    Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    Interesting. This makes her resume' more appealing to me. Here is a listing of AU merchandise licensees. AU Merchandise Licensees. We're (at the time of the report) # 11 overall and "Auburn football ranked fifth among SEC schools for revenue in one Forbes report, netting the institution around $66 million per year." During the 2010 season we were # 4 nationally, #2 SEC. This person manages/oversees staffing , budget, compliance, and contract negotiations. The x's and o's are done on a balance sheet not a play book. The AD is responsible to establish and oversee staff and committees that do specific searches or functions in particular areas: for instance, finding a coach, overseeing a capital building project or driving a fair legal resolution. A sports guru is not the right choice. That is the person you call in as a consultant when you search for a coach. Same as you call in an attorney when it's time to address a lawsuit. Read the rest on at your own risk. So to address how does the AD get in the crawl space of Tuberville? Where do those "manipulation" remarks come from? Take a lesson from Congress. Congress. doesn't really make a budget per se, they make laws that manipulate and stipulate how the money is spent. For instance, "a line item" is actually a item of law and not a budgetary amount. So line item veto is a veto executed on a element of law. Congressional budget looks like "it is legal to spend 2.3 trillion on defense, but it is only legal to use 2.8 to 3.2 million of that for My Favorite University to study the environmental impact of paint chips off the bumpers of armored vehicles; or 800 billion to the highway department, but the law says you must include a 6.13 million dollar safe space at every rest area in Nevada. Congress doesn't actually create and oversee these projects - they just make it illegal to do anything else. So in essence the real core of fraud waste and abuse comes literally from lawmakers not budget directors. Go figure. The AD staff manipulates resources and contracts to coerce and control resources and people. The real issue is how necessary continuity and stability are to these programs. A board member can't fire you, but they can use their influence to zero your assistant budget unless you hire so and so - in far so many more words. You may be allowed to hire a football assistant as long as that person is the age of 21 between Jan 1 and Jan 31 or 2017, has taken these courses, live's off campus but no more than 3/4 of a mile away, and has work experience two years ago of 63 days exactly at Chik-Fil-A. ... to the point that only one person qualifies.
  8. oldaufeller

    Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    This. +100 As about as succinct and correct as can be stated. The AD is managing people and programs not teams. A lot of people need to clear their thinking. I'm believe we need to contract an executive search company. This option also forces a clear mission statement for the hire. The kind of person I'd like comes with a referral letter from someone like Tim Cook. (For fun you should look at his resume. He builds success. It's a pattern.)
  9. oldaufeller

    Future look of SEC

    My suggestion is far more dramatic. Add a few teams (as suggested by some) to both SEC East and West. Then split them into two divisions. Georgia would now be out of conference. Couple this with an eight team playoff (add a game) and pluck the top division winners for CFP. Adding teams to both would give SECE and SECW the required number of opponents. Miami, Clemson and Florida State would all be good candidates for SECE (snicker.) Yes, massive realignment.
  10. oldaufeller

    coaching staff, players, and fans.....

    I hope the players all get a new dodge and a really nice suit for Christmas ... oops - wait - wrong forum I hope the players all know how much we appreciate and love them - they poured it on until they poured it all out. I hope the coaches get a really long stocking filled all they way to the bottom (depth!) and find new ways to use it all. I hope Tigers Unlimited lets us check off an option so us sunshine pumpers can sit together even when times aren't so sunshiney.
  11. oldaufeller

    Im so durn mad.

    This helps. Make sure to get the crimson and white one.
  12. oldaufeller

    My thoughts from outside the stadium

    I like the new aggressiveness and I am very happy to hold on to Gus - I think he is coming into his own (which is formidable) and will improve from here. I love it for the players and recruits - stability and direction. Buuuutt... You could tell some our key guys were running on fumes. Every snap in this half of the season showed a lot of dedication by our players but they were beat up. You go toe-to-toe with the other heavyweights you're going to get beat-up and wore down. But they never backed off. What I want to see is packages for some of the depth. Some of the lower string players get their time in the game and more than a few times we run a low risk ultra-conservative play making us have a deer-in-headlights type moment. I know the bandwidth isn't there for every player to be coached up to every possible option that could be made of them, but can't we coach them with a couple of packages for their abilities. I played soccer (a bazillion years ago) at the national level. The seasoned players mentored the younger ones. The coaches coached us but we also coached ourselves. We are in a position to have hard schedules for a long time. Trial by fire can produce some fine gold but we've got to fortify the depth and have them ready to contribute meaningfully. So Mr. head coach - I'm glad you're here. Announce a goal to develop the depth meaningfully and set the plan. So there, I've had my armchair coaching moment. I feel better.
  13. oldaufeller

    AU vs The Nations Best

    Thank You - I wasn't clear - "2017 calendar year" - not football season. Jan 2, 2017 Sugar Bowl. I lumped 2017 all together.
  14. oldaufeller

    AU vs The Nations Best

    I am very, very proud of this team, their drive and commitment to seizing “our time.” Something changed in them. Don’t lose site that we played all four of the current playoff teams in 2017. This high level is so hard to maintain. I believe we had the hardest schedule of any of them and it took its toll physically. I guess the simple fight in them the last half of this season endeared me to them. And I really don’t want to hear how they came up short cause for me they won the battles of character and perseverance. I hope it sticks. JMHO Edit: After going back and reading my post I realize I am claiming some sort of “moral victory.” That’s ok for me, bash away if you wish, but if I claim a moral victory the one of integrity and character is the one I’d choose.
  15. oldaufeller

    ***SECCG -- Auburn vs. Georgia -- Game Thread***

    Hey Kirbs.... We've got the office address also.