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  1. I feel good about our chances to win this game. I made myself watch the second half of the AL vs Miss State game just to see how they performed with Matt Jones at QB. Jones played almost the entire second half and they were only able to score a field goal in the last thirty minutes of play. There are two aspects of Jones' play that I think give us a great opportunity defensively. First, Jones is not a dual threat QB. I don't remember a single time he was successful at running the football or even getting away from the Miss State pass rush. Secondly, Jones does not have a very quick release and therefore holds the ball much longer than Tua did. While he is a pretty accurate passer if given time to throw, he does not have the arm strength to stretch the field vertically. Also unlike Tua, when he is under pressure, and sometimes not even that much pressure, he is not very accurate. While he completed some passes against Miss State, he was not very consistent and Alabama found themselves punting on just about every possession. I have a feeling that our offense will be productive in this game. JWShewmake
  2. Ok, I'll take the bait. You guys who want to blow the program up, always want to blow the program up over something. You are never satisfied and always look for something to grab hold of to unravel things. Several years ago Charles Barkley made a comment that Auburn would never be able to compete year in and year out with Alabama. He said that they had the money in their program and the tradition and that Auburn would never replace them as the top team in the state. I was offended by his statements, but I have come to understand what he meant. He wasn't saying that Auburn wouldn't beat them in some years or even that at times we wouldn't string several years together and beat them in consecutive years. You can read an article in the Montgomery Advertiser some years ago that explained what the author called the Crimson Mafia to understand the organization behind the Alabama program. You only have to go back to when Pat Dye was hired, a guy who coached in that program, who understands the way the Al mafia works when he said something to the effect of "You can beat Alabama, but you just can't beat them all the time" to know the reach of the Crimson Mafia. Saban has their program humming and he has the mafia laser focused to provide whatever support he needs. If Saban is recruiting a kid from the Auburn area and the kid says if I play for another school other than Auburn, I want my mamma and my daughter to be able to watch me and so if I sign with someone else my mamma is going to need to move to that town which means she will need a job and a place to live, the mafia is there to make that happen. So you have Alabama with the mafia and you have LSU and Georgia with the benefit of lotteries that will pay the tuition of any player who wants to walkon and who doesn't get a scholarship that we are competing against for talent. When you consider what we are competing against in the SEC, I believe Gus has done the best at putting together a group of coaches who ensure we always have a top ten recruiting class. So my point is this: you guys want to blow the program up for the sake of blowing it up and for what? In this environment who are you going to get who will be better. Sure your argument is that anybody would be better, but you can't be sure of that. So what are you going to do when the next guy doesn't meet your unreal expectations, blow the program up again? Concentrate on getting your own life in order before you expend your energy on trying to remake the Auburn program. I have been around to see what happens when we constantly make changes to compete and it has never worked the way it was intended. But then of course you guys have run a big time program and know best. JWShewmake
  3. For those "experts" who constantly run-down Gus and/or his offense as well as those who picked Auburn to lose for various reasons, please kindly begin your future posts with an * so the rest of us will be alerted not to give any shred of credence to any of your future "expert" opinions on any subject. Thank you. JWShewmake
  4. Very well thought out and well written post. I am sure we will see some runs up the middle, which would be part of any normal game plan whether they are successful or not. You have to give certain looks and run those plays in order to be able to set up other plays that can be successful. I watched the Clemson v. TAM game and the only way Clemson was able to beat them was with a sound passing attack. As the game progressed, the passing attack did open up their running game somewhat and what seemed to be effective were wide plays like the jet sweep. Clemson still tried the middle consistently in order to set up those wide plays. It still amazes me that there are a number of you guys out there that have thrown in the towel for a loss before the game is even played. Even if we were to beat TAM convincingly, you guys will find fault. You continue to jump up and down wanting Gus to be replaced, but you will be the first to turn on any new coach who doesn't win the way you think they ought to be won. Never satisfied. JWShewmake
  5. The information about me is available on this site, so you don't have to guess about my past or my sincerity. For those too lazy to look, I graduated from Auburn with a business degree in 1973. That makes me 68 years old, and it also allows me not to give a flip about anyone's opinion of me or of what I say. I met my wife at Auburn, and we married our senior year. Both my daughters attended Auburn. I use my real name because I am from a generation that doesn't hide behind a screen name for anonymity. I managed law firms for almost 30 years before I retired in 2013. At one time or another I have worked with every lawyer joke you have ever heard. When my daughters were young, we bought four season tickets for more than 25 years, and I am blessed to have witnessed Auburn Football's highs and lows, from Shug to Sullivan and Beasley, Punt Bama Punt, Tikeo Spikes, Thomas Gossom, Pat Dye (who's sister is married to my first cousin), Bo Jackson, Patrick Nix, William Andrews, Little Train, Jason Campbell, Cadillac, Ronnie Brown, Cam, and hundreds of other AU players I have left out, all the way up to the present day. I have had the privilege to watch these players in person and I have witnessed some unbelievable wins, for which we were given no chance to win, and some heart wrenching losses. I say this to say that most of you complaining about Gus don't know any other way but to complain - I understand it is a generational thing, but it is one thing to complain and another to be mean-spirited. While I love Auburn Football, I love Auburn University more. I want what is best for Auburn and in time that will take care of what is best for the football program. If you got rid of Gus, who would you get? How can you be sure that they will be any more successful at Auburn than Gus? Look back at 2017. We beat GA and AL, at the time both were the number one team in the country. Bammer fans like to say that our coach runs a high school offense. Well within three weeks we soundly beat the two top two teams in the country with our high school offense. If you had been around for Shug and Dye, you would understand the concept of a team having only so much emotion and when that emotion is used up, the team can't play at its previous level. That is what happened in the SEC Championship game against Georgia. The players had used up all their emotion and had nothing left to give. That shouldn't take away from those two victories. You see what shape Alabama is in. They are so driven by a NC that if they don't win it the fans feel like the season is a bust. They looked at last year as a failure. I never want Auburn to be like Alabama. Look at Saban this year. He has a hair trigger temper. He has it because cracks are beginning to show in his program. Finally all of those (over ranked) five star players and number one classes are biting him back because he has players leaving early to the NFL, transferring for lack of playing time and he threw his coaching staff and players under the bus for losing the NC game. This year two of his starting linebackers are out for the year and he is starting freshmen. What does that say about his program that he has no sophomore or junior linebackers to fill the gaps left by injured players. And he has had "consensus" number one recruiting classes for the last ten years? Mark my word, his wife will be on him to retire shortly. Everyone can have an opinion; that is your right as an American citizen. So you should feel free to express your opinions, but we all read the posts and know your level of negativity. It is just not necessary to continually bad mouth Gus with every single sentence, and to do so in such a mean-spirited manner. Remember, be nice and if you don't have anything nice to say, just don't say anything at all. JWShewmake
  6. Amazing how suddenly the experts come out of the woodwork who don't have a clue how to build or maintain a major college football program. Most of you have probably never even played football and certainly not at the college level. You are not helping. It is hard to see how some of you folks lift your head up off the pillow in the morning to start the day. This is football, not life. You negative guys need to be bammer fans because you are acting like them, if you aren't to begin with. JWShewmake
  7. It has been going on for years and my guess is that it will never stop. At least the SEC Office has stopped allowing officials with either AU or AL affiliations to call the Auburn - Alabama game. I think they need to go a step further and prohibit AL affiliated officials from calling any AU games. At the same time don't let AU affiliated officials call any AL games. There are plenty of examples of refs inserting themselves to change the outcome of the AU-AL game. I remember in the early 70's sitting in the upper deck at Legion Field and watching Thom Gossom catch a pass down the sideline about the 35 yard line and go in for an AU touchdown. An official ran right behind Gossom all the way and called the touchdown and set the ball down for the extra point. All of a sudden, a time out was called and officials huddled and then said that Gossom stepped out of bounds and called the TD back and enforced an ineligible receiver downfield penalty on AU which at the time was a 5 yard penalty and loss of down. So it was 4th down and AU had to punt. The refs on the sideline did not see this or if they did they realized the Washington, AL corner on the play, pushed Gossom out of bounds and Gossom re-established himself and caught the ball. The guys working the sticks alerted the back judge in the middle of the field who came over and called the penalty. Did not think the guys working the sticks could affect a call on the field if one of the refs calling the game did not see it. At that point Alabama was ahead by 3 points with only about 3 minutes left to play in the game. The refs took the win away from Auburn plain and simple. There are videos of AU-AL games where officials mis-marked first downs to give AL a first down too. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done about it other than to beat them soundly. JWShewmake
  8. 68 Male Birmingham '73 Business
  9. First of all, I am no expert, but the following is what I have read and how I understand it all works. CBD oil can come from two different plants - the hemp plant and its relative the cannabis or marijuana plant. These two plants are similar with the exception that the hemp plant contains no THC, the active component that gives the high when smoked or ingested. So CBD oil can be produced by both plants and it is possible to obtain CBD oil without THC present or with very low levels, like .3 of a percent from the cannabis plant. The hemp plant produced CBD oil has no THC. What shows up on a drug screen depends on what the test is trying to isolate. If you take CBD oil from the hemp plant and the drug screen is testing for THC, the test will come back negative. If the drug screen is testing for cannabis, the test will come back positive even though there is no THC and no way the CBD oil can produce a high. So if you are taking CBD oil and are subject to drug testing by your employer, you better find out what they are testing for. If the sixteen year old was tested for THC and tested positive, then he could have taken CBD oil made from the cannabis plant. However, it is a lot more likely that at some point in the recent past he smoked marijuana. The problem as I understand it is that there is no test available that can determine how impaired a driver actually is. The test only shows if THC or Cannabis was used within about the last 30 days. The driver's lawyer has already indicated that he has witnesses who were with the young man all day and will testify that he did not smoke marijuana on the Saturday of the accident. Depending on the jury selected and the skill of his lawyer in getting the jury to understand the misconceptions about determining DUI when marijuana is concerned, I believe the young man may not be found to be under the influence of marijuana. If you noticed when the charges were announced, he was not charged with DUI, only two counts of Manslaughter. I think this may be the case because it will be difficult for the State to prove he was impaired. If this is found to truly be just a horrific accident and that there was no other contributing factor other than fatigue, I would sure hate to be on that jury to have to make a decision on guilt or innocence. Obviously, we lost two people who are near and dear to Auburn, and because of that it is easy to want what we perceive as justice. Since his speed of about 90 MPH was likely due to him falling asleep and if this is an accident, does fatigue rise to the level of two counts of manslaughter? I don't know and I am glad that I am not one of the twelve people charged with deciding that issue. JWShewmake
  10. It is difficult to see how some of you can get up the where-with-all to lift your heads off the pillow in the morning to face another day. And we are talking football here, not real issues of life or death, family and health. It is apparent that many of you need to grow up and get a life. You certainly need to get some manners. I agree that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but geez we know you don't like Gus, but he is the coach and we are undefeated in 2019, so why don't you save your angst for when we lose a game; then you can have at it. Until then follow the Alabama boards because that is the type of fan you are showing yourself to be. Also, trying smiling once in a while; you would be surprised what a difference it will make in your life. JWShewmake
  11. I frankly don't see how some of you guys are able to wake up in the morning and lift your head off the pillow. If you are this negative about something that is not about life or death and you can't seem to find even the smallest ray of hope, I would hate to see how negatively you live other aspects of your lives. Most everyone who pays any attention at all to Auburn Football knows Gus' strengths and weaknesses. Most of us who frequent AUFamily know those of you who have never supported Gus and take every opportunity to trash him every time you begin to type a response. Some of you respond with personal attacks rather than defending your positions with fact. At sixty eight, it appears to me that a lot of you have a lot of growing up to do. Why can't we keep our responses and posts at a higher level than that of a kindergarten free for all. JWShewmake
  12. It is way too early for this to be announced, but The Auburn Network has to be talking about it now and trying to figure out the right course. I hope Andy gets a shot at it because he had worked so closely with Rod and knows the type of preparation that Rod put in before actually calling a game. In other words, he learned from two legends - both Jim and Rod. He saw first hand how Rod handled the transition when Jim passed. Andy will handle the transition equally well because of his deep love and appreciation for what Rod accomplished. There will be some who will disagree and say that Andy is not emotional or exciting enough, but you may remember that the same thing was said about Rod when he took over for Jim. This job is bigger than any person and I believe if you have the talent for it, the job lifts you up well above you capabilities.
  13. I think the fact that Niblet would not let Pickens do his announcement from the school speaks loudly about him. My guess is that Niblet would not allow it because Pickens is an attention whore and Niblet felt like it would turn into a circus. There were some folks on Scout saying that some of the AU players were saying that he got money to go to GA. Some have indicated that he was told that he would qualify if he went anywhere but Auburn. I think we will look back on this and be thankful he did not come to Auburn. I live in B'ham and y'all may not remember but 7 or 8 years ago there was an issue where an AL recruit's grades were found to have been changed by a counselor so that he would qualify. There were indications that an AL assistant coach was involved, maybe paid the counselor to make the change or the counselor was an AL fan and did it as a favor. Anyway, my recollection is that the counselor got a slap on the wrist and the kid wound up not going to AL likely to prevent any NCAA troubles from coming up. Niblet is a straight up guy and even though he went to AL I don't think he would be involved in anything this shadey. If Smart is cheating, which a lot of folks think he is, he is wrong if he thinks because he knows the inside on all the stuff that goes on at AL that the Red Elephant Club won't come after him. He is sadly mistaken.. If he gets too big they will try their best to take him down. JWShewmake
  14. I want for everyone to get behind this team and the coaching staff for the coming year and stop the whining. We know who the coaches are and we know who the players are so let's get behind them with our full support. If you are a curmudgeon just don't post. Yeah, sure you have a right to your opinion but don't be a fair weather fan and stop being negative. If you can't say something nice, just don't say anything at all. Stop reading articles on as most of the sportswriters graduated from UAT or UAB, so you are not getting unbiased opinions. Take a deep breath and the rest of us will help you make it through the coming year. As for the Basketball team, I want Pearle to continue to work his magic and to give us some really memorable wins at home and away when we get into the SEC part of the schedule. JWShewmake
  15. I am not happy losing to anyone and to ask if I am happy losing to Saban and Smart every year is a misnomer. We haven't lost to them every year. It sounds a lot like "Winning isn't everything, it is the only thing", which was said by a famous drunk decades ago. The facts are that Saban, or anyone who coaches at Alabama, will never play by the rules. They think rules don't apply to them. That is why in almost every aspect of SEC football there is now a Saban rule. There are these rules because while he may not have broken the letter of a rule, he certainly broke the spirit of a rule and so a clarified "Saban" addendum has been put in place. I still believe that a program can be successful with a man of character leading it. You might as well be an Alabama fan if you are willing to sell your soul for winning's sake. It is my opinion that Saban is taking Alabama into uncharted waters. There is already a huge bias against the SEC. If Saban wins another NC this year and challenges for one next year too, there will be coaches all over the country ready to turn Alabama in for cheating, which we all know they do big time. So yes, I would rather see us run a clean program with a coach of high character because it is the right thing to do and because when Alabama falls, they will fall hard. JWShewmake