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  1. Will Gus be fired? I think it all comes down to the Bama game. How does the team look? Do they play hard? Not blown out. As long as our Tigers are not embarrassed, Gus survives.
  2. So what you're saying is Petrino has a shot with Notre Dame when that job comes open? 😜
  3. Auburn LSU Alabama Florida Texas A&M Kentucky Notre Dame Oklahoma Clemson 45
  4. Same comment I left in another thread with this video... Did everyone else notice the Bama fans in the background cheer when Updyke made his "They're only trees" comment? Frick these people!
  5. What will it take? 4 quarters. 60 minutes.
  6. Did everyone else notice the Bama fans in the background cheer when Updyke made his "They're only trees" comment? Frick these people!
  7. Alright, alright. I'll let the doc know we need to rethink my meds. Obviously something much stronger is in order. LOL's!
  8. Old dude like me and I get to sell french frys and look at all the pretty co-eds? Damn straight! Put me in coach!
  9. Know what's weird? I would not have fired either Tot or Chiz at the time AU chose to. Bowden was a year removed from an SEC West title and went through five, count 'em, five centers before the kickoff to the 98 season. Chiz is actually tougher for me but I'd have given both of them a year or two. (And THAT is why I am not in line to run a damn thing except maybe a french fry station in Auburn.)
  10. Yes? And? Nebraska was not a johnny come lately to big boy football. Before Osborne as coach there was Bob Devaney and his .829 winning percentage. And while Nebraska does not have AU's advantages I'd be willing to argue it also does not have our disadvantages. The REC is real. The way things work in this state at least since 1972 is that it's all good as long as AU doesn't get "too big for its britches." Compete? Sure. Gain a lasting upper hand? With Saban, the REC and their protector Emmert at the NCCA, not allowed. I used "not allowed" advisedly. In addition, AU is in the strongest division in the strongest league in the history of college football. It's gotten to where a recruiting class that is merely top 10 is a relative failure. If AU lands the 10th ranked class, we are likely no better than 3rd in the SEC West. I can't speak to the near campus advantage. I do know this, If we judge by corn, Nebraska is far ahead.
  11. Tell me why the fortunes of Nebraska Cornhusker football in the sixteen years since they fired Frank Solich is a "bad example." I am willing to concede that it is if you can make a case as to why simple enough for an old bovine to understand...
  12. In 2003 Nebraska fired Frank Solich for going 9-3. How have things been for Nebraska in the 16 years since? Malzahn has the misfortune of sharing the state with Nick Saban, Alabama and the REC. Be careful what you ask for. You just might get it.
  13. On running backs, Gus picks a horse and rides it. Hard. I like seeing other backs get some playing time...
  14. As I said in the rivals forum, anyone mentioning Malzahn as a serious candidate at FSU right now is either high, drunk or hung over. Just ain't seeing it.