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  1. Ya know, those Clemson teams turned out to be pretty good and the losses were all close. I will give you the "let's play musical chairs with QB's because our starter may be our starter but then again maybe not" game. Still scratch my head over that one. But other than that, given what Dabo turns out to have had in terms of teams, I can't say I see those L's (other than the one with the QB musical chairs) as a black mark on Gus. Our Tigers were pretty even. We just lost is all.
  2. Way back when I worked on relief for Hurricane Katrina we hired a sure 'nuff Cajun to help out. I really liked the guy but in just about every conversation I felt like I needed a translator. He'd speak and I'd be all like "What did he say?" LOL's!
  3. I'm gonna say there are two... First is the August 31st opener against Oregon because it sets both the tone for the season and will have an outsized effect on national perceptions. Win that game and our Tigers are assumed to really be in the hunt. Lose that game and our Tigers will be battling the resulting perception all season long. Second pivotal game is the September 21st SEC opener on the road against Texas A&M. It matters in terms of the SEC West, in terms of perception of Gus Malzahn, and in terms of our Tiger's chances nationally. I really can't separate these games in terms of which is more pivotal in terms of our Tigers having a shot at the whole ball of wax come season's end. And just for the record, I expect our Tigers to win 'em both. War Eagle!
  4. <pedantic> Odd response to my response. I know what the poster I responded to was trying to say but I tend to be a bit pedantic when it comes to language. You say "very obviously was referring to...." I say I understand that was the intent but that some could easily misunderstand. The sentence reads "CBD does contain trace amounts of THC, and before you argue..." I just was (pedantically) pointing out that CBD does not contain THC just as THC does not contain CBD. As I said, different molecules entirely. I do however agree 100% that products like CBD oil are almost certain to contain at least trace amounts of THC. That is not in doubt. </pedantic>
  5. I will argue that your claim here is at best a poorly constructed sentence. THC and CBD are different molecules. One does not contain the other. If your claim is that CBD oil and other such products contain trace amounts of THC, then yes, you are correct. But CBD is not THC and does not contain THC. As I said, they are entirely different chemicals/molecules.
  6. The Gus bashing had gotten old. Same crowd never misses an opportunity to be negative. Whatever trips your trigger I guess...
  7. How many times did Tubs do that? Tuberville is my floor for AU, not my standard. Very average coach and recruiter. Very.
  8. Man, that was hard to watch. My heart goes out to Samantha Cerio, her family and her coaches and teammates. On edit... My own daughter was a gymnast and her name is also Samantha. She even looks a little like Ms. Cerio. It really did hurt to watch the video. I can't say how much I hope this young woman makes a full recovery.
  9. A bad look? Nah. It's a player in the moment hoping that a great free throw shooter chokes and you know what? The only "bad look" would be the winners of that game or their fans being upset about it...or some AU fans being in agreement with them. Game's over. No one gives a sh*t.
  10. I sometimes catch grief on the football forum for saying after losses that "It's only a game." And ya know, it is only a game. But... At age 58 I still love Auburn and the outcomes of these contests are still important to me. Tonight's loss stung in a way I can't say that I expected. And I did shed tears. But those tears were more for the players and for the coaches than for the game. To have their hearts ripped out like that...I just don't have the words. It's GREAT to be an Auburn Tiger., WAR DAMN EAGLE! If anyone knows when this team will be returning to Auburn, let me know. I want to be there. I want them to know that Auburn people care.
  11. As a fan of Auburn football I love this. But if I were advising any player with the best draft grade at their position who was likely to go in the first round or second round of the NFL draft, I'd tell them to go, that they should strike while the iron is hot and secure their future. I hope this works out for him exactly as he wants it to. So here's to a dominant senior season free of any serious injury and an even higher draft grade next year. War Eagle, Derrick Brown!
  12. Clark's had offers, I'm pretty sure. I think he's aiming... bigger.
  13. I agree. I think this hire is at least a fifty-fifty shot at being a bust.
  14. We lose to Kent State and Gus gets the Ned Stark** treatment at the post game presser. **Game of Thrones reference.