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  1. CleCoTiger

    Jarrett Stidham to Manning camp

    Plants is rolled in Tops.
  2. CleCoTiger

    Reuben Foster...Again

    Without clicking through my first thought was "I wonder is she too fell UP the stairs?"
  3. CleCoTiger

    Gus is an average coach

    You don't know the difference between a head coach and a coordinator or position coach? I'm done.
  4. CleCoTiger

    Gus is an average coach

    I say you are FOS. You are not worth the time, dude.
  5. CleCoTiger

    Gus is an average coach

    Zook was a terrible HEAD coach.
  6. CleCoTiger

    Gus is an average coach

    Even the best high school talent needs good coaching at the next level. The game is still football but it ain't the same. Every player that they line up against is about like the best player they ever lined up against in high school. Kids still need to be taught. And isn't teaching what coaching is?
  7. CleCoTiger

    Gus is an average coach

    Is there any career (veteran) coach at the FBS D1 level that doesn't have the ability to "coach them up"? I tend to think coaches that can't do that don't become career (veteran) FBS D1 coaches. Instead, they sell insurance or something...
  8. CleCoTiger

    Gus is an average coach

    I think J.B. Grimes may help with some of the panning out...
  9. CleCoTiger

    2018 Regular Season Projection

    Too late for the poll but on regular season wins for our AU Tigers in 2018... Kevin Steele's stout AU defense sets the tone early and carries AU past the Washington Huskies in a low scoring affair. The rebuilt offensive line gels by game three against LSU and now veteran QB Stidham and AU's receivers step up. Running back is by committee early on. Our Tigers go 8-0 through the Ole Miss game. Three of the last four** (home vs aTm, away vs UGA and bammer) tell the tale of the season. AU takes two of those to finish the regular season 11-1. Final record? Depending on whether or not our Tigers make the SECCG, 11-2 to 13-1. **I count Liberty on November 17th as a scrimmage. If AU loses that game, well...we ain't even gonna consider that.
  10. CleCoTiger

    Gus is an average coach

    It sure does.
  11. CleCoTiger

    Gus is an average coach

    Bingo! $abear is the coach he is at bammer because he basically gets to play by a different set of rules -- plus Emmert gives him a hall pass whenever he asks for one also -- and is simply loaded at just about every position. When people look at four and five star recruits on the two deep in FBS D1 football, there is bammer and then there is everyone else. UGA under Smart this past recruiting season was one of the few I have seen that have competed on an even playing field with bammer and $abear. Last one? Hugh Freeze, and we know how that turned out. $abear is a pretty average game day coach. He just has talent stockpiled all up and down through the depth chart.
  12. CleCoTiger

    anyone going to Aday?

    If they do A-Day during the Masters, I hope someone remembers to put Tiger Woods in a non-contact jersey. Outside of that, full contact golf might be pretty interesting. (Quiet voice: "Can he get this putt off before Marlon Davidson lays him out? <Wham!> Well, we have our answer and it isn't pretty. No way Phil recovers to make par here.")
  13. CleCoTiger

    Baptisms at the Athletics Complex

    Nothing in my post was uncalm. Interesting is not the same as appropriate. By site rules and precedent as far as I understand them, this entire discussion is in the wrong forum.
  14. CleCoTiger

    Baptisms at the Athletics Complex

    Dear Mods, This thread was not exactly sports related to begin with and it is anything but sports related now. Please, move this discussion to an appropriate forum. The AU football forum to my mind is for this discussion as far removed from appropriate as it gets.
  15. CleCoTiger

    Men vs. South Carolina

    And for those that didn't see it, be prepared. It hurts to see. It hurts to hear.