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  1. Heard it on the radio traveling between Heflin and Oxford. Had to pull over for a minute. Very sad news. For those not old enough to remember the disappointing end of the Shug Jordan era or the dark days of Barfield before Coach Dye, all I can say is that Coach Dye came in at a time when AU and AU fans needed to believe and he gave us something to believe in. His first AU team wasn't great, but they were hard nosed and played to the very end. By 1983, Dye had AU in a position to win a national championship. I was at that Sugar Bowl in January of 84. As far as I'm concerned, Coach Dye and the AU Tigers did win that national championship. (Glad to see that AU now claims it based on the NY Times.) I will never forget Coach Pat Dye so long as I live. He was the best of Auburn. War Eagle, Coach Dye!
  2. I'd say you are right. Jones was definitely prepared. If he'd been any more "viable" that day, bama might have had more than 600 yards (instead of 515) and won the game. As an aside, I think bama is in good shape at QB with Jones. He may be unseated as starter, but if he
  3. Tua's injury is exactly the point of the topic. The whole topic is "If Tua hadn't been hurt..." Amazing how AU fans, some of 'em anyway, will make excuses for other teams based on injury but will cut our own Tigers no slack. Regardless of it all. go back and check the stats on last year's Iron Bowl. Jones was pretty spectacular. Could Tua have done better? Maybe. But then again, maybe not. None of us will ever know.
  4. Was in the stands with my kids and my good friend Gordon Fink from Selma at Tuberville's first game as head coach against Appalachian State. Gabe Gross started at QB and AU was in real danger of losing that game. Finally Ben Leard comes in and hits that big pass play to Ronnie Daniels for a TD. That was the only time that day my kids jumped to their feet in uncontrollable excitement. Probably me and my friend too. Leard to Daniels became a helluva combo in their time on the Plains. And Ronnie Daniels to this day is one of my favorite AU receivers, and I have a few of 'em. War Eagle, Ronnie Daniels!
  5. Mike Leach says you have to believe in yourself. Like Sasquatch (AKA Bigfoot.) “One of the best lessons I learned in sports and coaching and playing sports is always believe in yourself,” Leach said. “If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. If you don’t believe me, just ask Sasquatch.
  6. I have to disagree. Bama pretty much did move at will, to the tune of more than 500 yards of total offense. And Jones completed two thirds of his passes for four TD's...and two interceptions, one of which was miraculous. Might Tua have done better? Sure. Maybe. But injuries are part of the game, not much different that when AU went to UGA with a banged up Sean White and Kerryon Johnson.
  7. His percentage in the last four games of the regular season plus the bowl was just under 62 percent completions. The low in that stretch was 50 percent in the win over Alabama. His high was 65 percent in the bowl loss to Minnesota. I was kind of critical of Bo at times last season and at one point really wanted him to sit in favor of giving Gatewood a shot (prior to Gatewood announcing he was transferring of course) but Bo did get better as the season went along. With Chad Morris, I think Bo's upside is huge.
  8. With Chad Morris, no sophomore slump. 3000+ yards passing and 20+ TD's.
  9. An old timer like me can't imagine benching or cutting Tracy Rocker. But I also can't imagine benching or cutting Fairly (in his final AU season) or Brown. Of the three, in all but his last season, Fairly would most likely see the bench or be cut. But man...that last season. You can't sit that player down, can you? Damn...not a fair exercise. Makes my head hurt.
  10. That Cam Newton remains unsigned is an indictment on the group-think mentality of the NFL. Put the man on a team with a decent offensive line and some really good skill position players and the sky's the limit. That so many lesser (and I do mean lesser) QB's have been signed or are entrenched in starting positions when a talent like Cam is available is just insane.
  11. I think Jordan was driven. And I think the fact that everyone on that last Bulls championship team was more than willing to come back and go for four speaks volumes. Jordan did what he thought he had to do and the results are pretty hard to argue with. Also, hearing from a lot of those players with the benefit of time having passed left me feeling as if there is no resentment. They knew they were playing with the greatest and that he was pushing all of them to be as good as they could be.
  12. I hear that excessive fapping to online porn has bad effects on memory.
  13. Loved his "It's a rivalry" answer to all questions related to Saban. Makes it pretty clear how he feels I think.
  14. It seems incredibly easy to discount deaths when those deaths are not among people you care about, know or love. Your previous post on the chart, whether you csn find it again or not, are obviously nonsense. Are you allowing nonsensical things to affect your thinking? On children, the issue isn't just the risks to them, It's the risk of spreading the disease among more people. In fact, the whole "we need to return to normal" thing strikes me as ignoring what the reasons for the measures taken were in the first place. The reasons were never about stopping the virus, they were about keeping our entire medical system from being overwhelmed with patients to the point that care was not available. My advice is to listen to the health professionals on issues related to health. Listen to economists on issues related to the economy. Listen to politicians looking to get re-elected...almost not at all. And listen to conspiracy theorists...never.
  15. I was just thinking of Mike Leach and his method of wide spacing/splits between offensive linemen in the Air Raid offense. This would take it to a new level.