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  1. Auburn Georgia Mississippi State Tennessee Alabama Ole Miss Arkansas Florida Texas A&M LSU Missouri 47
  2. Bookmarked that channel on YouTube for future reference. Thanks!
  3. Jalen Hurts in the first half: 12 for 14, 154 yards, 2 TD's and O INT's passing. 10 carries for 113 yards and a TD rushing. 21-10 Oklahoma just before half. Man,,,good thing Jalen Hurts can't sling it.
  4. Wow. The Tigers just beat the number 11 team in the nation at a neutral site on the national stage and some of you folks are complaining? First year true freshman QB spent the first half getting schooled but he kept gaming. Head high, eyes downfield even when running away from the rush. Malzahn stuck with him. It paid off and it will keep paying off. The defense played better and better. They made it possible for the AU offense to get back on the field when they needed to. That Oregon QB? He's supposedly high round draft pick NFL material. His team lost. Be happy. Enjoy the win. Great start to the season. War Eagle
  5. Knew how it would end early. Damn! Think I just sprained my arm patting myself on the back. Never in doubt!
  6. Andy finishing up commentary with "For you, Rod and Paula Bramblett..." Class act. I miss Rod. Andy will just get better.
  7. Premature postitis? Never give up until it's over. AU wins.
  8. TOUCHDOWN, AUBURN! Bo Nix to Seth Williams!
  9. Sure I am, You aren't understanding the answer.
  10. Too quick to run out from protection....line pass blocked and held the pocket but he took off. Learning...