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  1. It's never a good idea to hatchet your chickens before they count. Seriously, I don't think it's a great idea for folks to be setting sky high expectations at this point. Nothing wrong with wanting good things and hoping to see them, but I'm more or less with you on the "show me" thing.
  2. The writer didn't use quotes with that so I'm wondering if it's just the writer's opinion or if it's something that was impressed upon him by the staff to the point he felt comfortable writing it? Not doubting that Nix is penciled in as the starter as of now, but with an "under center" offense I'd be surprised if it's something written in stone.
  3. First, let me say I'm posting this now but come the season, I'll do what I always do and pick our Tigers to win every game. That out of the way, as much as I want to believe that our Tigers turn in another dark horse/first year head coach performance and defy all expectations, I just don't see it at this time. What I see is five or possibly six losses. Those losses would be Penn State, Georgia, aTm, LSU, Alabama for five, and if six, either Ole Miss or MSU. That's not because I think Harsin is a bad coach or Bobo or Mason are bad coordinators. I just don't think we have the players to pul
  4. Brooks did NOT fire that Taser towards any officer. That Taser had been fully discharged. What he pointed at the officer was a non-lethal weapon. You jump from “it appears to the [naked] eye that he points the Taser at the Atlanta officer" to he fired it. Not the same. Also, not a death penalty offense, as in not a situation that requires lethal force. You need to watch each and every available video (yes, need) and reconsider what you think you know. I flatly disagree with you that the decision to open fire was not unreasonable. It was. It was unreasonable, unjustified and if the r
  5. Much of everything after "passed out" and "law enforcement was called" in that paragraph you wrote is either wrong or irrelevant. Did you get your "info" from someone else or did you take the time to watch every single second of video from the surveillance cameras and police body cams? First, "they" (as in plural officers) did not arrive. A single officer responded and your description that he (not they) " had to bang on the window" is overstated. The officer certainly knocked on the window and called to Brooks, but banged? No. He didn't bang. I'm not sure what relevance there is to
  6. I've read Matt Taibbi's reporting for years and generally found him to be very good at what he does. However....I used to feel much the same about the work done by Glenn Greenwald. Greenwald at some point in the past few years seems to have kind of lost the plot. And Taibbi here? I'm not going to argue that he is at all wrong about mistakes in reporting. There were mistakes to be sure. And over time that reporting which was flawed has its flaws exposed. The truth will out. I'm not much concerned with corrected reporting or partisans pushing partisan narratives for partisan purposes. I gue
  7. Really sad news. Only 48 years old.
  8. Curious as to what kind of results you think Swinney would have gotten with those classes if Clemson were playing in the SEC West as opposed to the ACC.
  9. An opinion piece from Rich Lowry. Worth less than it cost to read. There is no border crisis.
  10. I don't know this to be true, but I suspect that part of the process over at UAT (and now UGA) may involve the delivery of fragile figurines to certain NCAA personnel. Of course those fragile figurines must be packed with good padding to insure they aren't broken in transit. Someone just figured out that enough crumpled twenty, fifty and hundred dollar bills make for excellent padding.
  11. Of course DAG believes it. DAG is never wrong. Just ask him. LoL's!
  12. Tigerbelle, I know you got some pushback from some "super informed" (scare quotes on purpose) folks in this thread, but at least some who have been around long enough knew and still know you were on the right track. The past day or so when the Rush Probst audio on Saban and Smart came out has just reinforced how right you were and are.
  13. I really hope Bo is able to gain some confidence in the offensive line and stay in the pocket more with feet that aren't so happy. If the line does their job and the receivers help out by giving Bo a reliable target that is where it's supposed to be, maybe Bo will become the QB we all wanted him to be when he signed to play for AU. Harsin has a good rep with QBs and does Bobo. The teaching out to be there and these coaches are good enough to put their QB in the best possible position to win. So I'm going to be cautiously optimistic.
  14. I'm kind of flummoxed that I have zero memory of this game. I was on 17 years old at the time but generally when AU played I made it a point to follow at least on the radio. I may have missed this game for some reason because I can't recall a thing about it.
  15. Source? Also, from the American Association of Medical Colleges... https://www.aamc.org/news-insights/6-myths-about-covid-19-vaccines-debunked
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