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  1. Thank you! Bo had a great game, no doubt. But game to game has been hot and cold. I'd like to see his thermostat settle in to a nice, comfortable steady range.
  2. As in "Name, Image, Likeness." Smoke has a NIL deal.
  3. Chiz decided he wanted to go "ground and pound" in the style of Alabama at that time. That change is why Malzahn left, as was widely reported at the time.
  4. I'm not near the critic of Malzahn's passing attack as many here. In 2009 he took Chris Todd off the ash heap and Todd broke Sullivan's single season TD record for passing. And I may be be mistaken but I'm reasonably sure that some of the best passing games in AU history came with Malzahn as OC or HC. I think it's just a different perspective for me. Some folks talk in terms of getting receivers prepared for the NFL, but I just have always been of the opinion that a college OC or HC has a primary focus on winning games in college. Regardless of perspective, we have a different staff and issues remain. I hope we see them fixed.
  5. So...maybe the receiver's issues in past season weren't all on Kodi Burns?
  6. Ya know, I've been thinking about your reply for a few days now, Truth is, in the beginning I didn't know much about Bo and in the first game against Oregon when he struggled but Malzahn stuck with him I said something to the effect that "Malzahn is trying to help Bo grow up", and of course in the end our Tigers won that game on a very late Nix passing TD. After that I kind of expected that Bo would come into his own over the course of the season and I and everyone else would get to see what the five star hype was all about. But it was over the course of that first season I began to have real questions about that five star rating and there were times when I hoped Gus would sit Bo for a series or two in games to settle him down and let Gatewood have a few series to gain in-game experience. Anyway, what I'm getting at is that in the beginning my hopes for Nix were sky high, pretty much like everyone else. Getting to this point in my evaluation of Bo's performance and limits was a process over that first season and even more in season two. I wasn't really ahead of the curve.
  7. Yeah, it would. So imagine what a miracle it would be to win the West with a record of 7-5...or even 6-6.
  8. Full interview podcast... https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-opening-kickoff-10-13-21/id1515969583?i=1000538471699
  9. I'm not sure I don't agree. Too many reports out of early fall practices about DD having that "IT factor" and just making things happen, good things, when by all rights there should have been nothing to be had. Hope this staff is open to giving him a real shot if this season continues on the path I thought it might before it began. There will be nothing to lose...
  10. Dayum! He made that look so easy. I mean it was like he just...flicked it. Looking back, while we all knew how potent the offense was that year, the versatility and dare I say greatness of Marshall is so much more apparent. I'd take another just like him right now if we could get him on our Tiger's team.
  11. I hear ya...but I don't see much more than superficial similarity. The problem wasn't Gus or Morris and it isn't Harsin or Bobo. The issue is that Bo, coached by his dad (a former AU star QB, former college offensive coordinator and his high school coach) plus everyone else STILL plays exactly the way he did in high school. Jason Campbell showed flashes of greatness from the beginning, and when Borges came aboard and put Cadillac and Ronnie Brown on the field at the same time behind him, he showed what he could really do. I haven't see any real flashes out of Bo, especially against what turned out to be really good competition. I just think Bo was a great HS QB, and like a lot of great HS QB's, his game doesn't necessarily translate to this level. And more and more the rumour that "Bo doesn't really take coaching very well" seems more and more true to me. Is it? Dunno. Anyway, that's my opinion. Opinions vary. You could be very right and I could be very wrong. But three seasons in, I just accept Bo for what he is and I'm no longer looking for him to be anything other than that. Give him a great OL and backs that can pound the rock and he can no doubt be very, very good. A lot of QBs in the situation could. But with what we have? I just dunno...
  12. Clemson's highly recruited, highly touted offensive line is playing like...garbage. Fix the OL and that fixes the running game and helps the QB. Right now Clemson can't run the ball for squat. They're like 11th or 12th...in the ACC.
  13. I'm not throwing in the towel on Bo as our starter. I have to trust the coaches. If he's the best we have, then he's the best we have. But throwing in the towel on Bo as being a "great" QB? Heck, that towel was thrown in, sent out, laundered, all grass stains removed and has come back looking brand new, all so I can throw it in again. (Bo is serviceable. He's pretty good, but not great. He isn't going to lose many games on his own but he isn't going to put the team on his shoulders and win us many on his own anyway. His Johnny Football impression against LSWho? Well...LSWho is not a very good team. And the follow-up performance against UGA shows that impression often will not play well against teams that actually are good.)
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