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  1. CleCoTiger

    Liberty post game

    Lessee here... Liberty gave up 38 to Army, 47 to North Texas, 49 to New Mexico State, 62 to UMass (in 3 overtimes), 45 to Virginia and 50 to my beloved AU Tigers including the contributions from the defense in scoring today. That's some company we're keepoing. 2 for 12 on 3rd down. 2 for 12. Our Tigers can do that and still walk all over a team like Liberty. But 2 for 12 doesn't cut it even against Liberty and it will get us killed in games* ahead. What the heck? I mean...gosh darn! They haf'ta do better that that. Come on, fellers. War Eagle! Rah! Rah! *Games. including an opponent to be named in the always exciting Birmingham Bowl.
  2. CleCoTiger

    Les Miles and Kansas finalizing a deal!

    That's GREAT! That is soooo Les Miles. Dang. He gets to chew some skookum cud at home games. Everyone should go read that just like I did. For real. LOL's!
  3. CleCoTiger

    Les Miles and Kansas finalizing a deal!

    Wait....Kansas has artificial turf in their home stadium. What the hell is Les gonna chew on?
  4. CleCoTiger

    Chip Lindsey

  5. CleCoTiger

    "They're probably gonna fire me"

  6. CleCoTiger

    Zach Smith twitter war with Hermann

    This is tawdry stuff. Can't see the relevance...unless Herman was using a university issued cell phone or university supplied car. Then it gets relevant and interesting. Still tawdry though.
  7. Feel like I'm going around in circles. You said it was obvious when he was on the field that he should have been ahead of Barber. What I wanna know is...when the heck was he on the field for anyone to actually make that judgement? And as before, one of these two backs has made it to the next level and stuck. One has not. Hard to argue with that.
  8. I never saw enough of Robinson on the field to know. He wasn't on the field in that many games, was he?
  9. Not to be flip. but I know which NFL team Barber plays for. Where does Robinson play these days?
  10. CleCoTiger

    Georgia game Score Prediction

    My brain says UGA. But my heart? My heart says never give up and never give in. Believe! No one saw this coming... AU 23 UGA 21
  11. CleCoTiger

    19 yards of Rushing

    aTm had the top ranked rush defense in the SEC coming into this game. They left the same way.
  12. CleCoTiger

    What is ESPN apologizing for?

    Separate national politics from sports commentary for a sec... Here's the meat of what Carville said right here: Carville believes that the powers in the SEC office from officials to the head of the conference itself go out of their way to help bammer with calls, suspensions or just whatever they can get away with. I do not disagree with James Carville on this. Do you?
  13. CleCoTiger

    Uat as LSU

    Well, maybe the Corndogs have a chance. Targeting following bammer's first TD overturned on review and bammer misses the PAT. 6-0 bammer with about five minutes remaining in the first quarter...
  14. CleCoTiger

    Article "shut down the prayer"

    Creationism in a classroom should be mocked in exactly the same way that Piltdown Man is mocked in archeology and blood letting is mocked in medical school. Now if it's a class in theology, then fine. Have at it. But don't pretend there is any basis for it in any historical record or science fact. There isn't. As for a professor's personal mockery of anyone's religion regardless of what that religion may be, that's a reflection on the professor and not a good one. I am not a theist of any kind but I do not begrudge people their faith. Not my place.
  15. CleCoTiger

    Article "shut down the prayer"

    You know. It. It happens. (Didn't you see Tom Hanks in the now classic Forrest Gump? )