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  1. That's gonna go over like a lead balloon.
  2. I am less optimistic about a season at this moment than at any time this summer. I just posted this over in the 10 game schedule thread:
  3. Anyone else seeing photos on Instagram and other social media with young folks in Auburn totally ignoring the mandatory mask order and social distancing guidelines for coronavirus? I have to say that if what I'm seeing is representative of the whole, none of this is going to work. We're going to see the university shut down in a matter of weeks from the start of fall classes and the football season will go with it. l hate to be pessimistic. I'd really been hopeful. Right now I just hope my pessimism turns out to be wrong. Auburn, as a city and as a school, needs to enforce the mask order. And something is going to have to be done about the bars. Damn.
  4. Dunno about other conferences but I listened to Sankey on Finebaum. If sh*t gets out of hand once school is in session, they will not hesitate to pull the plug on the season. The 10 game schedule is predicated on things going well.
  5. My son Josh with a clown at the Montgomery Zoo circa 1982.
  6. Beneath the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma.
  7. You mean did he pay even a significant portion of the ordered restitution? Nope. Not even close.
  8. Ya know, I was just thinking I'd like to see a bama version of this thread. A lot of the "erase one play" comments would have to be about Auburn.
  9. LoL's! Man, I've been on a lot of bama boards and the Rant ain't much different from the rest. I mean TiderInsider, Bama Online, pretty much you name it. At the time Updyke did his deed, support for him on various bama boards was wide and deep. But this isn't really the thread to talk about that. This is the thread to talk about the passing of Harvey. For most AU fans I expect he will be as little missed as he has been talked about these last years. Gone, and hopefully soon enough forgotten.
  10. I have nothing approaching sadness for Harvey Updyke at this news. For his family and friends, sure. But for him? Not a bit. I will add that the reaction amongst Alabama fans for the most part is not all that different from what I've seen on this board. However, there's always at least one that bleeds the crimson just like you'd expect. This screenshot is from SEC Rant:
  11. No! No, no, no! I don't want Harvey Updyke, his body or anything to do with him near Toomer's or Auburn. Best he decompose somewhere else.
  12. Just a bit ago Finebaum said to hold on, this may not be the case. We'll see soon enough I guess.
  13. I won't argue with that. That's pretty much how I felt.