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  1. I've seen that team in that stadium on that turf. On TV, it doesn't hurt my eyes like Boise Blue, but I can't say I much like it either. It just seems...wrong.
  2. Some with scholarship offers that are not in doubt might skip a season or a game or two at least. And if they have a scholarship that they know for certain is theirs but that scholarship goes away with severe injury, I would not fault any that did, just as I don't fault college underclassmen that declare for the draft (basketball, baseball, football) early because they are in line to get paid. In fact, I have a hard time seeing the difference.
  3. Big money corrupts in a big way. Personally, I'd like to see a lot of things rolled back. Coaches should not be paid more than university presidents. Athletes that can't read or write at even a decent high school level should not be given special consideration for admission just because they are athletes. Etc. etc. But...big money is here to stay in big time college sports I think. And unless and until it all collapses in on itself via major, widespread scandal, I don't see it changing, and probably not even then. I do know that while I remain a huge fan of AU football, I am not near the fan of college football and basketball (or the NFL, or the NBA, and especially not NASCAR) as I once was. Maybe I'm just getting older and moving on from youthful exuberance. But in all of these sports, big time money (and the big time ticket prices that go with it) have taken some of the shine off, at least for me.
  4. Crepea the writer?
  5. If those rumours are true, and the info is as out there as some claim, I am left wondering "Don't major D-1/FBS programs do their due diligence including a complete background check and investigation of someone's character before paying them millions of dollars to become their coach?" I gotta say that if I were looking at making a hire and the rumour mill was flying that a former high school coach "had an affinity" for some of the students, I'd want to make double plus sure that those rumours were total BS before extending an offer. I know at least one poster on an Ole Miss forum claims that Freeze was actually caught in the act of getting his "affinity" on with one of those pretty girls while coaching at Briarcrest Christian. You'd think that would be a firing offense on the spot.
  6. I think I need new glasses. At first glance I read that as "we haven't played Perdue" and my brain was all like "What the heck is a chicken company doing with a football team?"
  7. I've been reading a few Ole Miss message boards since Freeze resigned. Oddly enough, it appears that a number of people in and around Oxford and the Ole Miss program may have known what was going on with Freeze and what the private side of his publicly pious character really was. Rumours and rumours of rumours go back many months, as do stories about some of his activities while still a high school coach. (Without expounding on the details, a few of those rumours boil down to Freeze having an affinity for pretty girls in high school. True? Hell if I know.)
  8. Astounds me also, and it runs directly counter to what was said at the Ole Miss presser announcing Freeze's resignation. If the coach had been hiring hookers for players/recruits, that in itself would be yet another NCAA violation and since the university in such an instance would be aware and in possession of evidence that they had alluded to publicly, they'd really have no option but to turn it over to the NCAA on top of everything else. But instead what they said quite clearly was that none of this had anything to do with the NCAA or its violations case against Ole Miss. So if one is to go by what the AD and Chancellor were saying at that presser and given the fact that Freeze resigned rather than be fired for cause under the moral turpitude clause in his contract, it seems to me that this points to a pattern of personal misconduct ("moral turpitude") by Freeze. Was it hookers for Freeze personally? I dunno. It could have been. Was it students? I dunno. But I don't see anything at all that points to Freeze hiring hookers for recruits. If that was it, we will know when the NCAA is done.
  9. Man, their football field hurts my eyes. No, really. It does.
  10. If it was linked to recruiting, Ole Miss is in even more trouble with the NCAA. However, at the presser they were explicit in stating that this had nothing to do with the NCAA or its infraction case against Ole Miss. They were also explicit in saying that the reason Freeze resigned and gave up any buyout was because of a pattern of personal behavior that emerged. Both of those things are kind of hard to square with your take. Full transcript of the press conference is here:
  11. I'm running an ad blocker in opera, an an anti-virus program and Malwarebytes and it's not an issue. You tried clearing your cache? Or maybe loading the image directly? (Link to image.)
  12. Full transcript of the Ole Miss press conference this evening. It obviously wasn't just the one phone call, it was a pattern of...something, and Freeze admitted to it.
  13. Ever since 2010? Least fav would be Dan Mullen. As far as my favorite, now that Spurrier is retired....not that I liked him all that much when he was at Florida and whooping some AU arse...I'm going with the home team. I still really like Gus Malzahn/ I hope that after this season the rest of the AU message board fan base agrees with me.
  14. Ya know, who we think our friends are and who they really are when they are out of sight of others are often very different things. “The true test of a man's character is what he does when no one is watching.” - John Wooden
  15. Everyone knew that Freeze would call an escort service?