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  1. My most solid prediction comes down to this: Kickoff after 8 pm, around 75 degrees or so and LSU fans that smell like corndogs. (A few may have had a bit too much mustard.)
  2. OK folks, everyone knows the next game I coach will be my first so someone smarter than me (a doorstop might qualify) help me out here... I've been watching a replay of yesterday's Ga State game and I'm wondering if the Harsin/Bobo offensive philosophy just eschews the spread concepts. If so, can someone help me understand why? My limited knowledge on spreading the field is that there are several advantages ranging from more room for receivers and running backs to operate, isolating defensive personnel (limited immediate help) and just generally causing issues for the defense that more co
  3. From my limited viewing my only real comments on Finley is he's a dang big young man, has a dang strong arm and can throw it on a rope.
  4. Glad I didn't pay great attention then. That just might have made me less that ideally happy. To be honest, I barely watched any of the game. I was so unworried about it...well...I just figured the blowout would be boring and I'd be seeing everyone but the scout team after half. I will say this much, the end was exciting. Glad it ended the way it did.
  5. Well, I missed on LSU-Miss State. Got it lucky right on aTm-Arky. That's 50 percent. Know what gamblers call 50 percent? Losing money.
  6. Is he? For real? I didn't pay great attention to Harsin's comments post game.
  7. More than that, he didn't have Hugh Nall and the rest of the BBQ Boys.
  8. I don't think they will be favored, but it would not shock me to see Ole Miss pull out a "W" against Bama this season. I think Kiffin has some insights into Saban. Last season it was like watching a tennis match. Ole Miss kept pace until they "lost serve" after which it was basically over. Regardless, I think this year's Bama team is beatable. I have my doubts that they finish undefeated.
  9. Hope this doesn't get me blasted, but I'm going to recommend people try a "bottom shelf" bourbon that I like very, very much. Before I say what it is, I think I have to point out that my belief is people are often biased by things like price, packaging and marketing such that they are predisposed to find higher priced, better marketed brands to be "better." This seems to be the case with everything from wines to bottled water where experts, blind to what they are tasting, will often find that they like what they thought they hated. In this case, with the bourbon I'm going to recommend, I wonde
  10. I dunno about the Tuberville offense in this era, but I'd take most of the Tuberville defenses...with the exception of some games against Arkansas, LSU and the finale against Bama (and a few others.)
  11. Two darned interesting games in the SEC West this weekend. I don't know if Arky is for real but they sure seem to be better than I expected. Can they handle aTm? The Aggies are favored but their offense hasn't done much. I have never really bought into Jimbo Fisher as a great coach. Not a betting man as you all know, but I have a feeling Arky pulls this one out. Hogs 27, aTm 24 LSU played "follow the leader" on defense with MSU receivers last year and lost. I expect more zone, but the game is in Starkville with the cowbells. Orgeron seems to have lost something...namely Joe Burrow, Joe Br
  12. As big as he is I've been under the impression that Finely doesn't really like to stick it up in there on a run. I don't know where I got that impression. Could be wrong. But that was a long two yards. A sneak would be tough.
  13. The Breville Smart Oven countertop convection ovens are hard to beat. I don't know of any online resource on the bricks. Was just an idea I had a few years back, but it's simple. Fire brick comes in full size bricks and "thin" half bricks. I use the thin half bricks and just line the shelf with a single layer to form a "brick deck" and place that shelf as close to the broiler as it can get. Then pre-heat under the broiler on its highest setting for up to an hour. Immediately before putting the pizza in, turn from broil to bake and slide the pizza in on top of the "deck." That's as close t
  14. I haven't used a screen. I "cheat" with an electric countertop convection oven by lining the shelf with thin "split" firebricks and pre-heating them for up to an hour under the broiler before sliding the fresh dough pizza in on top. Gets that "blistered" crust just right, even with a countertop oven.
  15. I hope never again to see AU rush three and give the opposing QB around 8 full seconds unmolested to find an open receiver.
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