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  1. As an Auburn fan and a Cam Newton fan, I'm thrilled right along with you. I really hope Cam is healthy next season. This may be "just what the doctor ordered."
  2. I really don't want the AD or anyone else interfering with the head coach whether Malzahn or someone else. AU has seen enough of that. Either the coach does the job or he loses his job. But just as we want Malzahn to trust his coordinators, we should also want the PTB to trust the coach and get the hell out of the way.
  3. Decided to post this here as well as the "Who ya got?" thread...
  4. Winning 54% at WSU is success. And he had hardly worn out his welcome. They just had extended his contract through 2024...
  5. Classic Leach at his introductory presser...
  6. Josh Pate has some interesting, in a "I'm gonna throw a little cold water on this", things to say about the Mike Leach hire. Link is time cued.
  7. Keep waiting while I keep waiting for a question that is not begging. (See logical fallacies.) Sorry...but those things are not just true for AU. Look at the SEC West and East. Look at D1 FBS in general. You do not have a point. You think you do, but you don't.
  8. Blah, blah, blah go the Fighting 101st Keyboarders. News for you: What I write or what you write on a message board makes zero difference. You may as well get behind the team and the coaches.
  9. I'm not declaring the question moot. I'm merely pointing out that it is. And it is. You guys have fun debating a non-question. War Eagle!
  10. Consistent? Our team has finished several seasons decimated by injury. You guys only give that excuse (injuries!) when explaining why AU whipped another team. Malzahn is here and he is gonna be here at least another year. Get used to it.
  11. I have, 9 wins is the minimum. Repeatedly. And when it's not 9, it's 10.