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  1. I believe in Auburn. Tigers 31, Corndogs 30
  2. No argument from me on those very valid points.
  3. Once the whistle blows, is there anything after that to even be reviewed? If the whistle blows and players stop (as did Shivers), nothing that comes after matters. At that point the play is dead. Personally I think too much is being made of this one play. As I said in the thread about the play, why isn't the phantom holding call on Tank's kickoff return for a negated TD getting the same attention?
  4. I change my vote. If Malzahn goes, I want Hugh Freeze.
  5. Hate that for Brandon. Hate it for our Tigers. Hope this young man heals up completely.
  6. How about a thread titled "The Tank Bigsby kickoff return play called back for phantom holding"? For real folks, our Tigers won the game. Calls go funny ways sometimes. Ask Tank. That phantom holding call cost our Tigers a TD.
  7. Yup. Seems as if some here would be happier if our Tigers had lost. I got some flack for saying that a few weeks ago, but that's what I see.
  8. Awful small sample size to be reaching these kind of conclusions, don't ya think?
  9. So far 0-2 passing. 8 yards rushing.
  10. I say 7-3. (My crack must have a meth kicker. )
  11. Noted that Brandon Council went out and didn't see if he returned. Any word on his condition? Any other injuries of note?
  12. Already 14-0 bammer with about 3 minutes left in the first quarter. This one could be really ugly before the end. Do ya think $aban will have Sark take his foot off the gas early?
  13. I really disagree with that. It was close to be sure, but if he'd actually touched it he wouldn't have given up on it. There was just no way to see that clearly on the replay.
  14. The defense has a ways to go, this is true. But the AU defense held Ole Miss to hundreds of yards less than bammer, and gave up fewer points. May be that the year this has been has just affected everything. A win is a win. The defense stood tall at the end.
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