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  1. CleCoTiger

    West Virginia hires Neal Brown

    Clark's had offers, I'm pretty sure. I think he's aiming... bigger.
  2. CleCoTiger

    Manny Diaz to be new Miami HC

    I agree. I think this hire is at least a fifty-fifty shot at being a bust.
  3. CleCoTiger

    An underrated game next year

    We lose to Kent State and Gus gets the Ned Stark** treatment at the post game presser. **Game of Thrones reference.
  4. CleCoTiger

    Florida vs. Michigan

    I always love reading posts like this with the benefit of hindsight.
  5. CleCoTiger

    Music City Score Prediction

    Tigers 34 Boilermakers 24
  6. CleCoTiger

    Urban to teach a character and leadership class

    When I saw the title I assumed this was a joke thread. And it is a joke thread, just not in the way I thought. Wow!
  7. CleCoTiger

    Next Years O-Line

    Son., how old are you? I mean seriously. Can you read for comprehension? Let me see if I can make this clear. If you dip your wick in a well, and your wick is wrapped in rubber, your wick ain't gonna get wet and it isn't gonna leave residue in the well. Now if you want pictures, I suggest you Google for some pRon. Or maybe ask your daddy how babies are made. I don't care what sort of well a wick gets dipped into, as long as that wick is well wrapped, it's not leaving a deposit. No deposit, no baby. Do you get it now, or are you really just that special?
  8. CleCoTiger

    Next Years O-Line

    You can't get your feet wet in a puddle if you wear the right footwear. You can't get a trap baby if you wrap that rascal. Educate yourself.
  9. CleCoTiger

    Pat Nix Questions

    Yes, actually there is. Negativity is destructive. It is not entertaining. It breeds cynicism. It brings people down. It is the opposite of being a fan or supporter. The relentlessly negative are a pox on life, sucking the joy out of all they touch or encounter.
  10. CleCoTiger

    Pat Nix Questions

    We have differing ideas of "entertaining." My participation on this forum is at an all time low because of the constant negativity not just in the here and now but for the future, and from what I can tell I am not alone.. Stick it ALL in one thread. It's all just mindless repetition anyway.
  11. CleCoTiger

    Next Years O-Line

    Freshman orientation needs a class on "These are condoms. You can call them rubbers or you can call them raincoats or you can call them 'I ain't payin' no damn child support without a job', but whatever you call them, don't dip your wick in the well without one."
  12. CleCoTiger

    Pat Nix Questions

    Not soon enough for me...
  13. CleCoTiger

    Pat Nix Questions

    Haven't we had enough of this manure on the boards? I mean come on. How many negative threads with a variation on the same old "I hate Gus" theme does AU Family need? It's a damn good thing that Shug Jordan isn't coaching in this era. Instead of putting his name on the stadium, fans would have ridden him out of town on a rail. Malzahn helped AU to the national championship in 2010. He got us to within a whisker of another in 2013. And in the SEC, who has a better record against $abear? (Answer? No one.) Geeze man...give it a rest already. Why wallow in defeat and misery before they occur?
  14. CleCoTiger

    This will be an unpopular opinion

    Geeze, man. I dunno. Bowden was an excellent game day coach, and the debacle that was 1998 after an SEC Championship appearance the year before has to have the context of losing five, count 'em, five centers before the first game. The center is like the QB of the offensive line. Even so, the 98 team, as bad as it was, took eventual national champ Tennessee to the wire with Ben Leard running the option. For real. Bowden also gave AU the undefeated "best team on radio" season in 93. (I get tired of hearing "Yeah, but those were Dye's players." Maybe so, but Dye wasn't winning with 'em in 91 or 92.) Dye? Pat Dye was...Pat Dye. Sometimes the sideline organization was...something other than organization. And there were a few painful losses and blowouts along the way. For example, in the fall of '87 I was in the stands at Jordan-Hare to watch our Tigers beat FSU. Only by the 4th quarter it was like 34-6 bad guys. I was also in the stands in January 84 for the Sugar Bowl, a win to be sure, but a boring as hell 9-7 win. AU entered ranked third. Number one and number two lost their bowl games. So I expected AU to be poll national champs. Unfortunately Miami's thrilling win over Nebraska vaulted them from number five to number one and AU finished right where we started at number three. I've always felt that if Dye had been less conservative, had opened up the wishbone run by Randy Campbell with Bo Jackson and company in the backfield, our Tigers would have scored more points instead of the snooze fest that was that game and our Tigers would have won the national championship. Outside of that...Dye lost to a Gene Stallings led bammer team that had a losing record. He lost to a not very good Ray Perkins led bammer team as well. All that said, he did a LOT for AU, from expanding the stadium to improving the library, and of course he got bammer to Jordan-Hare. I will always love me some Pat Dye. Tubs? Tubs was an 8-4 coach on average. His record and Malzahn's record on average are just not very different. Tubs teams would beat some teams our Tigers were not supposed to stand a chance against...and lose to some we had no business losing to. AU made Tubs, he didn't make AU. His subsequent records at TT and Cincy kind of prove the point. Average. Very average. Chiz? Hardly a nightmare except for 2012. 2009 put the fun back into AU football after Tubs and the BBQ Boyz took it out in 2008. And 2010 brought the only (recognized by AU and consensus) national championship of my lifetime, and I was born in 1961. 2012 was a disaster of epic proportions, but it doesn't erase the good in 2009, 2010 (the national championship) and some good moments in 2011 including a nice bowl win. Gus? I dunno. Average as in a record very similar in terms of wins and losses to Tubs. I think a lot of AU fans may be giving up on Gus too soon. If things don't improve in the coming season, I will likely join them. That's my opinion. You know what they say, everybody has one. War Eagle!
  15. CleCoTiger

    Last Call for the Gus Bus?

    The Gus Bus is back for 2019. May as well be on board because that's the ride. I for one hope it's pedal to the metal. Bring back the offense of 2009. Or 2010. Or 2013 and 2014. Do what we do and do it ludicrous speed! War Eagle! On edit... Anyone else note that there is more than a passing resemblance between Rick Moranis in Spaceballs and Malzahn? Maybe Malzahn is Moranis on stilts.