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  1. All true, especially for Bama...but not so much for AU. For AU, these get called including times when no one else can see the infraction. (It's the Auburn exception. For AU offensive linemen and DB's, all rules are enforced fully. Or at least it seems that way...)
  2. I agree with you that Clemson will be a handful for whatever team faces them. Not sure I agree VA Tech was a "good win" for UVA, but it was a win. (VA Tech isn't very good right now I think.) But I still (strongly) disagree that UVA is a bad team. Not in Clemson's class for sure right now. But not Ole Miss/Miss State bad.
  3. Disagree. UVA was 9-3 and ranked. Had some decent wins. Not a bad team. Not top ten for sure, but not bad
  4. Not quite everyone. 😀 Honestly, I didn't know enough about him to really comment. I figured the limiting factor would be OC Steve Ensminger. But then Orgeron went out and hired Brady to handle the passing game and...well... things changed.
  5. Apparently Wanda. (Be sure and get a look at Wanda first. Could be one of those situations where you win by losing, and lose by winning. )
  6. At Wazzo, 6-6 ain't all that bad. And Leach has the Cougars in a bowl game again. And IIRC, he replaced (or is replacing) their DC. I'd keep him too. Heck, I was one of those that kind of wanted him at AU after Chiz...
  7. Yup. I'm there with the recruiting rankings. I see the potential.
  8. Things on the Kiffin front are heating up it looks like...
  9. Joey Gatewood is going to be a real difference maker for UK. An All-SEC, win the division kind of difference maker I think, especially with the other transfers Stoops has coming in. UK a winner in the SEC? Who woulda thunk it?
  10. Kiffin has been linked to Mizzou and now possibly the Ole Miss head coach vacancy. Things are about to get interesting...
  11. Yup. It's like Star Trek vs. Galaxy Quest. Both good stories...but different. (Feel like I should work Monty Python's "Life of Brian" in here somehow...)
  12. Perfect explanation for bammer fans. Begins at 3 minutes and 22 seconds in. Link is time cued...
  13. The dawgs can't hang with the Corn Dogs. LSU by 9 or more.
  14. Because some folks are trolls and they don't have a life outside of complaining and causing problems.
  15. That was when Catfish bolted Texas Tech for Cincy...
  16. Time cued to 23 minutes and 30 seconds to the start of the segment...
  17. All over YouTube. Just search on Alabama Auburn 2019 Full Game.
  18. Dang, there were some happy faces in that locker room after the game. WDE!!