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  1. What on Earth are you talking about? For real. You think Green Energy is responsible for last week's debacle in Texas?
  2. Some more information and a link to a credible source so I know what you're talking about would be nice. On edit... Maybe you're talking about some of the stuff Beau of the Fifth Column covers here? (Starts at 1m 43 seconds in.)
  3. Bo was a sub-60 percent passer in high school. What makes folks think he's gonna be a better passer against SEC/Power 5 defenses than he was in high school?
  4. The Republican strategy boils down to this: Oppose, oppose, oppose. Good governance be damned, oppose. The only thing that matters is to hamstring a Democratic administration in an effort to see to it that Democrats get only one term in the White House, the good of the nation and what is right be damned.
  5. Not mad. I was using your post as a jumping off point to expound on. Sorry if it came across otherwise. No excuse, but I've seen so much bashing that my tone was probably not what it should have been. War Eagle!
  6. When did he leave the program? Yup, after Malzahn was fired.
  7. Edit your OP and add that sentence to the beginning. Really, your OP lists a ton of very good reasons as to why this is a down year. Has Pearl done a suck job? Well, I won't say the record does not disappoint me. But all those reasons for the down year in your OP? They are valid reasons.
  8. Yeah? And what's your point? Perhaps some of the board mind readers/psychics/professional coaches that are not paid a dime to coach don't really know what they are talking about and MAR doesn't feel like he was actually overlooked or misused but really was injured and not as ready to play as the guys who played ahead of him. Nah!!! That couldn't possibly be it. Fact is, AU didn't seem to have much of a mass exodus of players under Malzahn. A few here and there, including some highly touted. But mostly it seems as if players played their hearts out for Malzahn. MAR made a choice to go
  9. This board is kind of weird when it comes to Herb Hand. Folks by and large seem to be ready to criticize Malzahn for hiring him and by extension, Hand as a coach. But I seem to recall folks being complimentary of Hand when he was hired by Texas. What's up with that?
  10. Wonderlic score? <Boggle> Dan Marino, Donovan McNabb, Jim Kelly, Terry Bradshaw are names you might recognize. All of them scored a 15 on the Wonderlic test. Damn if I know why they even use it or what it is they expect to learn from it. As far as Marshall, he felt like his best shot at the next level was on defense. I doubt anyone was advising him otherwise.
  11. It's pretty shallow analysis to compare passing yardage across eras. The game today is not the same as in the time of Sullivan, White, Campbell and Cox. I'm not sure what this analysis is about other than hope. Bo Nix was never more than a 60 percent passer in high school. So far he's been pretty much the same in college. This isn't an attack. I hope he tears it up and gets himself into talk of greatest ever at AU. I just don't think there's much here in this analysis to hang your hat on.
  12. Man, it would be hard for me to imagine an actual AU fan rooting against the starting QB. I can see a fan being disappointed or questioning whether or not someone ought to be the starter, but the second they actually root for them to fail they are also rooting for AU to fail and at that point it's hard to call them a fan.
  13. Dunno how old you are but the "These kids" opening to that sentence renders the rest of the sentence non sequitur in its reasoning. Do you remember what it's like being a young person in your late teens to early twenties? I think saying these kids should be immune is asking a little damn much.
  14. You're confusing reasonable, responsible coverage in the news with the 24/7 dreck of Fox. NewsMax and OAN. Because what you just posted there? That's the Fox, NewsMax, OAN model.
  15. I really dislike comments like yours. Just because Big Kat didn't rise to the level of superstar expectations that fans had for him (just as we have for all big time recruits) doesn't mean he wasn't good during his AU career or that he won't be good where ever he plays next season. When current players read comments like yours about one of their teammates, a starter who near as I can tell was well liked, I wonder what they think?
  16. Top 10? Nah. Top 10 classes at AU mean 4th or 5th in the SEC.
  17. Here's the thing. That's not their job. Really. Their job is to act on behalf of upholding and defending the Constitution. Their job is to do what's right even if what is right is unpopular with their constituents. These folks are playing a very, very dangerous game. Principiis obsta and Finem respice — ‘Resist the beginnings’ and ‘Consider the end.’ From Milton Mayer's "They Thought They Were Free" (edited in parts to update to present day.)
  18. More than that, it's been reported that he was enthusiastic and even thrilled over what was happening and could not understand why others in the White House were not as enthusiastic as he was.
  19. UT fans aren't exactly embracing the hire but I do think Heupel has a lot of upside and the potential to surprise early with the way he runs an offense. But yeah, he's up against it for sure.
  20. Remember Trump's "Liberate Michigan!" tweets during the pandemic shutdown and the plot against Governor Gretchen Whitmer? A lot of folks tried to blow that off as mostly nothing. But there was more to it than the "mostly nothing" crowd will admit. From the Detroit Free Press today... This is the sort of thing Trump brought about. "Liberate Michigan!" indeed. More at the link...
  21. You seem to be overstating things. https://www.google.com/search?q=biden+plagiarism
  22. Newsweek edited a story, made a note of the edit and why. Personally I don't see the issue. I will say this. I have a friend who went through Ranger school but never *became* a serving Army Ranger. He would never claim to be a Ranger either. Speaking as a veteran myself, going through the school does not make you the thing the school trained you for. Doing the thing, actually serving in that capacity, is what makes you that thing. Others are free to disagree.
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