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  1. Auburn Cat

    College Football Playoffs Announcement

    Yep. Time to get out the wrong color orange clothes I have. Again.
  2. Auburn Cat

    UT AD John Currie Fired

    Well, it looks like Fulmer might get what he wanted:
  3. Auburn Cat

    Missouri Game Report Card

    Thanks, Stat. Just now got a chance to read, and appreciate the analysis, as always. WDE.
  4. Auburn Cat

    How are you preparing for Gameday?

    Excellent! I've not been to the bay in years, might have to get there this time, especially for the bioluminescence. We usually go to Indian Pass for the oysters. I'm ridiculously excited, I haven't been to the beach at all this summer (and I live an hour and a half away. :/)
  5. Auburn Cat

    How are you preparing for Gameday?

    I'll be in Port St. Joe, FL on the back porch with two Jawga fans (one of whom has two daughters at AU), and a bammer (my boyfriend). Should still be a fun weekend. Beach AND college football? I'll take it. WDE!
  6. This is not the male nip the other females on the board and I are hoping for...
  7. Auburn Cat

    ***SECMD17 - Auburn Day***

    Probably my favorite line in Gus's speech: "We play the defending national champions on the road week two." Because it ain't bammer.
  8. Auburn Cat

    How are AU players doing in the NFL?

    I was just thinking about this yesterday after listening to a radio show here in Dothan. Thanks for posting.
  9. Great run, we're all proud of you! WDE!
  10. Auburn Cat

    Bama and UGA

    Hate them both, but go dawgs. Ugh.
  11. Auburn Cat

    This Is Who We Are

  12. Best picture yes (sorry, Golf)! Win or lose, we are the AUBURN FAMILY. WDE!
  13. Auburn Cat

    Kiffin may be fired, definitely issues...

    I was just about to post that. He could have a lot of fun with this if true!