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  1. Nights like this I hate not being within driving distance 😩
  2. Please explain which part looks bad on Auburn, because I’m confused. Is it the part where he wanted a guaranteed 11 year contract? Or is it the part where Auburn didn’t cave to his demands and expose us to the huge potential buyout? Or the part where his kids didn’t want to leave Oxford?
  3. Happy Thanksgiving! And in the words (er, emojis) of Lane Kiffin: 🚫👿🪑🍽️
  4. Man I miss hearing Jim Fyffe 😢 The soundtrack of my childhood autumns
  5. Sorry, fifty. Had to do it. 😁
  6. Never saw that video! Thanks for sharing!
  7. AFTER last weekend's game, WKU's offense is 17th overall in points per game and 8th overall in passing yardage per game. Nationally. Not exactly my definition of "mediocre" edit: and yes, I do realize they play in CUSA but still not as bad as you'd lead us to believe.
  8. I will forever remember watching the band scramble to get ready to play the fight song as Davis crossed the goal line. We were sitting just up from them...don't ask me why that's where my attention went but that is ingrained in my memory.
  9. Only 94 more days 😩🤦🏼‍♂️
  10. Vandy gets two SEC wins in a row 😱
  11. Of course it’d be overcast here in SE Texas 😒
  12. It’s canceled. No decision on VaTech game yet. https://www.si.com/college/virginia/.amp/football/virginia-football-game-vs-coastal-carolina-canceled
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