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  1. I was browsing a "Vintage Album Covers" gallery on the chive and ran across this. Too many years of drinking tuscaloosa methwater??
  2. Merely from a size standpoint, I could see Kevin Hart playing Harper.
  3. I told my wife that Urban would probably have heart problems today and step down until something better popped up. Or until Tebow joined his coaching staff.
  4. Spurrier and Rocker should be #1 on both lists Haven't noticed how their teams are performing, I see. Rocker's highly recruited D-line has been blown off the field two weeks running and Spurrier quit because his team can't score points. Lashlee and Garner are doing better than those two these days.
  5. I was just happy to see some intermediate passes...seems like up to this point it was either bubble screen or fly route, no in between.
  6. Yeah, after some reading it does sound like a PR stunt of sorts.
  7. Anyone ever tried this? Not Your Father's Root Beer Surprisingly similar to soda-style root beer. Definitely can pick up on the vanilla and cinnamon in there. Not something I'd drink regularly (it's waaaay too sweet), but very good if you're a big sugar fiend like my brother.
  8. Not easily at all. His production from last season wasn't impressive at all. You know how many receivers across the country put up gaudy numbers that make Duke's look like nothing? He wasn't going to test incredibly well at the Combine either. Nor would he impress physically as he looks hilariously pudgy for a receiver. He's got obvious ball skills (when he's trying), and some strength/toughness, but he lacks elite athleticism, lacks the ability to create separation, and he's an average at best route runner. Guys like that don't get drafted in the 1st round. Its not like he's 6'5 and therefore presents serious mismatch potential either; he's only about 6'2. Receivers that get drafted in the 1st round are either freakishly athletic (explosive/fast), or they create serious mismatch potential (ie: size, or speed). Not to mention that every single number from last year was directly proportional to Sammie Coates' performance on the other end of the line. Duke was able to do what he did because defenses had to double Coates, and when Duke started getting some action they switched their attention to him. I don't think he was nearly as viable a threat without Coates to take the pressure off him. Couple that with a below average work ethic, and an affinity for off-the-field shenanigans.... And for those who mentioned never seen Auburn receivers make catches like him, or he's the best ever in Auburn history...go do your research. Check out Frank Sanders, Courtney Taylor, Terry Beasley, Karsten Bailey, Tyrone Goodson...
  9. I'm just glad to see the defense passing in a game. Thanks as always, Stat!
  10. Not sure if this would interest anyone on here, but I'll give it a go. It's not Auburn related, although it IS navy blue and I purchased it in Opelika in 2003... 1991 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Medium Twilight w/Titanium Accents Black Top Grey interior 89,xxx miles Engine Modifications: 4" Anderson Ford Motorsport (AFM) Power Pipe air intake Professional Products Throttle Body Pro-M Mass Air Meter Ford Racing 30 lb fuel injectors Trick Flow Track Heat intake manifold Trick Flow Twisted Wedge heads AFM N-41 Cam Comp Cams 1.7:1 Roller Rockers Griffin 3-row radiator MSD 6AL Ignition Dyno-tune EFI Wet Kit adjustable 75-350hp Nitrous Kit with Purge Bottle heater and spare 10-lb nitrous bottle (total 2 bottles) Aeromotive Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator Ford Racing Ceramic Coated Headers Mac Pro Chamber Flowmaster Super 44 Drivetrain Modifications: Tremec TKO600 wide-ratio 5-speed transmission SPEC stage 3+ clutch BBK Adjustable clutch cable and pedal quadrant Ford Racing Aluminum Driveshaft Auburn limited slip differential with 4.10 Motive gear 31-spline forged Moser Axles Hurst Roll Control Line-Lock system Suspension Modifications: Ford Racing "C" Springs Maximum Motorsports Caster/Camber Plates UPR Subframe Connectors UPR rear upper/lower control arms Body/Appearance Modifications: Cervini's Saleen replica spoiler Cervini's Heat Extractor hood Ultra Clear headlights/corner lights 17x8" Voxx MG wheels Llumar Tint, 20% side and rear, 35% Front windshield Cloth top with glass rear window There's probably more I'm runs and drives fine, no abnormal tire wear or other problems. There are some minor details that I haven't handled, but nothing major. The interior needs some attention, carpet is stained and seats could use replacing. Car is driveable and everything works. Cold A/C, Sony stereo, Audiovox Prestige alarm w/keyless entry already installed on car. Car has seen some track time but I would not hesitate to jump in it and drive anywhere. It still gets 20+mpg highway and turns heads everywhere. Car is located in Millbrook/Prattville, AL. $8250 OBO, car is about $1500 and a weekend's work away from being a $15k show car... I can be reached at PM on this forum is discouraged because I have limited access during the work week.