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  1. In the student section for the 86 game was just about up there with 89. Man the 80s were AUsome! So hope we can get back to greatness!!!
  2. So what your saying is we have to be in the top 10 in scoring to win the national championship!
  3. 2021 uat game was it for me - when Harsin thought he could outlast uat talent in OT. I was screaming to go for 2 in the first OT!!!! Win it or lose it right there! LSU learned from Harsins bad coaching this year!
  4. CBH set us back even further. Just think where we’d be if Auburn would have just hired CHF right after firing CGM. Freeze is recruiting non stop. Luckily the portal will help us get back on track hopefully by 2024. Just need a solid QB who can have a passing percentage above 60%.
  5. Salary cap? What’s the point? uat will double the cap under the table. Just keep it as is - all above the board. the only way to keep it on an even playing field would be to have a draft. Have kids enter the draft by conference. Kids decide which conference they want to play in; then they enter that particular conference draft.
  6. The Ryan Pugh OL class was the most impressive. Heck he Lee Ziemba and one other all started their freshman year and were all 4 year starters the year we won the national championship! that whole group was the main reason why Cam came to Auburn.
  7. It’s a simple text message and then progresses to discuss NIL. Then portal then official visiting to finalize deal. these players need some type of security in place before entering the portal or they risk not getting picked up if they go at blindly.
  8. Think the number 19 stud (NFL right now) player ugag has and will be back for his Jr year. That’s what CHF wants his TE to be.
  9. Jeff Grimes says hello.
  10. Maybe so but he can sling it!
  11. If rumors are true and he enters the portal I hope Auburn gives this guy an NIL deal he can’t refuse!!!!
  12. @Mikey i hope HG can overcome the Ashford wildcat hype that so many have and CHF can get what we have to at least a 60% passing game.
  13. Ashford at QB = 6 wins Transfer seasoned QB = 7-8 wins
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