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  1. FatherUppercut

    Alabama vs Auburn - Score Predictions

    That's a crazy stat. AU didn't play very well against ULM and still scored over 40. They've scored 40+ in the last 4 games. I think they have a great shot at winning if that streak continues. No score prediction. Just win, baby!
  2. FatherUppercut

    So who wants to keep him now?

    Everyone treats this like it's so cut and dry. Great win on Sat vs the Dawgs. That's a step in the right direction. He's def taken some of the pressure off. Now this has to happen consistently. If he loses to Bama then proceeds to lose to UGA and Bama for another 3 years.... ehh. Who keeps their job losing to those 2 teams 3 years in a row? That's common sense.
  3. I looked over Bama's schedule again and I just don't think they've played a game on the road quite like the one that's coming... even when everyone had a cowbell
  4. FatherUppercut

    Weekly Presser - Louisiana-Monroe

    Will we be thanking LSU and Bruce Pearl by end of the season? I say if Auburn is able to handle Bama like they did the Dawgs, I will be pretty confident thinking they can win the SEC. Even UGA is cheering for Auburn in the IB because they want a rematch. UGA fans cheering for Auburn to beat Bama just so they can beat UGA again would be a dream come true if it were to happen
  5. FatherUppercut

    Is it possible?

    Hold on... you mean Auburn beats UGa and Bama twice, giving both of them their only 2 losses and ruining their seasons? This sounds like jr high fan fiction a kid writes when he’s bored in class but, yeah, let’s make that happen lol. Do the football gods love us that much?
  6. FatherUppercut

    How bad do you hate UGA

    I'm late to this thread. I saw Auburn play thuga in 2011. People called me some pretty messed up stuff, someone threw something at me, AND we lost the game 45-7. Their fans are animals. This win was great, hilarious, and yes we did whip the dog crap out of that group of pretenders. I kinda wish Malik would have taken a shot at the end zone before time expired
  7. FatherUppercut

    Duke Williams dismissed

    Perhaps he wears his sunglasses at night, so he can, so he can watch you weave and breathe your story lines? Perhaps it was because he thought his future was so bright.......... lol, he wears his shades at night because the sun never sets on 'badass'
  8. FatherUppercut

    Duke Williams dismissed

    kids need to learn that wearing sunglasses at night is dumb, so I support the rule. Oops, my age is showing lol
  9. FatherUppercut

    Will we see JJ at QB vs. UK?

    my heart tells me to put in JJ, only because I had high hopes for him and still REALLY want to see him light up the SEC. luckily my only job is to tune in and watch. We'll see what happens
  10. FatherUppercut

    Duke Williams dismissed

    Honey Badger is playing in the league, so Duke's pro career is not lost. Time to put out a PR note about growing up so NFL teams will give him the time of day, then earn a chance somewhere either in the draft or the free agent signing. As for Auburn football, this season has been pretty dismal so far, and all the bad press and the drama off the field now has made it not fun. Hi 2012. I didn't miss you at all.
  11. FatherUppercut

    I wonder how many players read forums?

    At the end of the day, we all want the team to do well. What's wrong with debate and chatter about what we consider the pros and cons? Nothing personal yanno? The forum would be kind of boring and pointless without it
  12. FatherUppercut


    I didn't read the whole thread so apologies if this was said already. Jason Campbell didn't meet fan expectations in '03 and everyone was saying alot of bad things about him... then '04 happened. I'd like to think JJ is going to catch a groove this season and really show out next. We'll see huh?
  13. FatherUppercut

    Chicago's Schmid Scholars arrive at AU

    I was thinking about those kids after the game on Saturday. I'm sure they don't understand that that win was kind of still bad, so I hope they didn't get hit with any negative vibes while they were there!
  14. FatherUppercut

    Auburn vs LSU Score Prediction

    not even going to attempt to predict a score... This team is still a big * at the moment. All I know is I'm cheering for the good guys in orange and blue and will hope for the best
  15. FatherUppercut

    a W is a W

    The 4 options are winning huge, barely winning, barely losing, and losing huge. In that regard, I'll take 2nd best but based on what I saw against jacksonville state, expect "losing huge" next week unless those boys figure something out