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  1. GreenEyedGirl

    Weekly Picks?

    Thanks! I could not remember when the initial picks came out. I enjoy doing that every season.....even though I don't do so great at it. Its fun.
  2. GreenEyedGirl

    Weekly Picks?

    Are we doing the game picks this season? I can't get on here every day so do you have any idea when it will be up to make our picks?
  3. GreenEyedGirl

    Teams AU has never played

    I stand corrected BSU wore gray jerseys. First row on top level. It was like we were right on that blue monster.
  4. GreenEyedGirl

    Teams AU has never played

    Must just be for the conference because in 2013 they definitely wore blue on the blue vs UT Martin. So is wearing green on green not an issue?
  5. GreenEyedGirl

    Teams AU has never played

    I always made fun of it until I actually went to a game there. Its really kinda neat. The view out of the north end of the stadium is beautiful. It would be a fun trip to make for a game there. Seems like I recall it seats less than 40K but it was an enjoyable place to watch a game. I could wait in line for a coke and still see the game. We lived in Boise at the time and watched the 2013 UT-Martin game. BSU blew them off the field.
  6. GreenEyedGirl

    Teams AU has never played

    Boise State just because I LOVE the City of Boise.
  7. GreenEyedGirl

    Auburn fans: Lets Unite Against

    I don't read their page and haven't followed him on FB or twitter for quite a long time.
  8. GreenEyedGirl

    Auburn vs Clemson Score Predictions

    AU 23 CU 17
  9. GreenEyedGirl

    Best/Worse venue for Game

    I've only been to 3. JHS, Legion Field and Bronco Stadium in Boise. I enjoyed Bronco Stadium because of the open north end. The view is amazing of the Boise Foothills. You could also stand in line to get something to drink and still see the game. The blue field was BRIGHT during that day game I went to. I was kinda neat too.. I like how local businesses had booths and stuff set up around the field and were giving away all kinds of stuff. I visited the Camping World booth. Kicked a short field goal and won a tee shirt. My husband missed. lol. BSU was playing UT Martin so it looked like AU on the field but boy did they get their butts kicked. Legion Field was fun but only because AU won the Iron Bowl that year. LOVE JHS. Havent been but to a couple of games there. Oh I have too been to BDS. Friend was in school there back in the 80's and I attended one game with her. Ehhh.....that was before all the upgrades there.
  10. GreenEyedGirl

    First play vs Clemson

    Go for it! PASS IT!!!! then I pray AU CATCHES IT!
  11. GreenEyedGirl

    What is the Best Auburn Football Game you have ever been to?

    I haven't been to many. The best one had to be 1986 Iron Bowl. Reverse to Victory. I'll never forget my first game at JHS, just hate AU lost. The Barn Burner vs LSU 1996????
  12. GreenEyedGirl

    OT: Member Re-Engagement Drive

    Just wanted to say - doc4aday I LOVE YOUR CORGI pic. Miss my sweet Corgi every single day but just don't think I'm up to breaking in another one.
  13. GreenEyedGirl

    So What did Eli Gold do and where is he?

    Can't stand Eli but I have to say, I do like the food at Nino's in Pelham that he's part owner of. Glad he's never been there when I have but his partner is kinda loud mouthed too.......New Yorker, thick accent. He likes my husband because his family is from New York so we've always gotten great food and service.
  14. GreenEyedGirl

    Bammer, Cam Robinson arrested - Charges DROPPED

    Sorry. Terrible idea. It can take years for a case to get resolved. By that time the student has exhausted his eligibility and/or has lost his prime years. I have said numerous times, schools shouldn't need a conviction to conduct their own internal investigations. This happens all the time, and often does lead to expulsion depending on the seriousness of the crime. Further, there is no "innocent until proven guilty" in college football - that doesn't apply. If there was probable cause to arrest them for said felony then their football career is on the back burner at that moment and it's irrational to believe otherwise. Just because their prime years could be gone doesn't matter. If you or I were arrested for a felony we would lose our jobs regardless of how good we were at said job, how close we were to retirement, etc, especially if we were riding around with dope and stolen guns in the middle of the night. These guys do not get a pass just because they play football. Spot on. There's been plenty of smart people on the way to making a lot of money in business flush it down the toilet with one dumb mistake. They didn't get a pass. I didn't get a pass in HS for getting caught on supposed DUI even though I only blew an 0.2 (1/2 a beer!). I spent all 3 days required in jail (even though the third was Christmas Eve), lost my license, had to attend drug classes, perform community service and pay $1000. I didn't get a pass because I was headed to college the next year. In fact, I was never even asked if anything important in my life would be affected by it. It didn't matter. I got busted for my 1/2 a beer and had to pay the price regardless. These guys shouldn't get any special treatment either. I'm sure you meant .02? .2 would be poop faced drunk. To blow a .02 after drinking .5 beers either it was a german beer in a stein or did you weigh 75 lbs? There has to be more to this story. Were you rude to the cops? No one to bail you out? bac calculator This thing is too cool. It takes a lot more drinking than most think to register drunk. This says that a 200 lb guy could slam a six pack in 2 hours and come in just under the limit. The cop can still issue a dwi at their discretion in Auburn, you'd be toast, lol Yes 0.02. And I weighed about 140 pounds at the time (I was much much smaller then). And yes, I drank half a beer...maybe 3/4 tops. Had just opened the 12 pack I was splitting with my passenger. No I wasnt rude to cops. Underage DUI in Shelby county AL required 3 days in county lockup with no chance for bail No more to the story. I'm guessing your BAC calculator didn't apply properly to a skinny 17 year old? Didn't bother to check it. I know exactly what I had and what the box read so a calculator is useless. I don't doubt they registered you at .02, it just sounds inaccurate to me. If you were 140 lbs, it was closer to 3/4, and the timing was perfect, I suppose it could be at least close to accurate. Not important. Fwiw, the calculator put a 75 lb male drinking .5 of a beer in 12 minutes at just under a .02. If memory serves me correctly the .02 IS the legal limit for anyone under the age of 21 in Alabama, not sure which state you were in. Which makes no sense since under 21 it's illegal in Alabama anyway.
  15. GreenEyedGirl

    If Clemson wins the National Championship

    I feel sorta the way I did then the turds played Texas for the NC a few years ago. I hated both teams.