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  1. Pretty massive dude. I thought he was a tackle at first.
  2. I wonder how much Jeff Blake was involved in connecting dots. Could be a major cog for us now in a new pipeline.
  3. Good point. I guess I was thinking a little further back, names are escaping me, Avery Young was one, maybe a guy named Patrick Miller (he left early but showed promise), Wayne Gandy was from FL too correct?
  4. Seems like FL OL recruiting, when we get them, they work out.
  5. Langlo could end up being a massive get for us. I personally think he is underrated. Or maybe rated correctly now, but has a huge huge upside.
  6. I like this dude more so than Salter. Seems more dynamic to me.
  7. Well you did get me to reread my post again, a couple more times. Made me feel some where in between a big bird and golf. A confident no nothing. 😎
  8. I’d consider it a safe hire. Not bad by any means, but not sure it is an upgrade like our OC and OL hires were recently.
  9. I like his top end speed but in the SEC being such a long “strider”, I hope he can have success of getting open in the first place.
  10. I actually feel more confident with Jones than with Frazier strangely enough.