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  1. Cal has had some great success passing the ball the last two years no doubt. I think he lands at TT however.
  2. Wonder how he will respond to our brewmaster school?
  3. That one spot for potential TT DT transfer?
  4. Our D is going to be so good,. We won't need safety's.
  5. Stud. Just looking at his film he keeps going to the whistle. I love that. Also,. In that analysis E posted,. He shows some good technique to this untrained eye.
  6. No Slayton either. None of this spring starting etc means anything as far as who will line up next fall
  7. I think 8 is his number going forward.
  8. But some of that is on Clint too. In today's game,. A good QB matters.
  9. Or the Death Star play on kick off returns.
  10. Clearly a RS was the best thing for him. I wonder too if JF3 taught him anything... Struggling to get through it... But don't quit and transfer out to Juco etc..
  11. I like the play personally. And now that it is officially buried,. We have the defenses right where we want them.
  12. What about 32?
  13. I am looking for Slayton to have a huge season. I think he is just slippery, yet long enough too.. Has excellent hands.
  14. Yes please. I like the prospect a lot.
  15. I think Slayton will be the star next year. Yes a year ahead of these guys but it seemed as if he was becoming the target last year IMO.