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  1. Is Carlson done after next year? In regimes past, we brought in a kicker to overlap a year with our starter. I cannot remember if we have our succession in place here yet or not?
  2. This guy has a great first cut. I like his hands out of the backfield as well. I totally could see him in an AU uní.
  3. If KN is breaking that news then that is great for AU imo. Who for TN would have to approve the release? Would that be Steele?
  4. Northwestern has a really nice looking FOF. They went pretty big. I do not think it needs to be way out from the campus mold, except on the corners that face the roads. It should not look like a back of he building even if it is. Coming to AU from Wire Road you come over the “hill” and you see JHS... it used to really stir the juices. Now imagine rolling down Wire Rd to Samford Ave and you get to the red light. You sitting at that intersection. How awesome should that corner look with an eye popping curb appeal of a FOF. add some tinted glass or something,
  5. What does the rendering look like from Wire Road and Samford Ave.? that is a huge opportunity to make a statement. More Glass and Glitz on a major intersection. Even the corner of Samford and Biggio needs to wow. First impressions are critical. This needs to wow on the outside as much on the inside.
  6. Those two positives are why we need him. I read elsewhere he has a pro style O much like Harsin’s.
  7. Dude, pull that off and it would be a massive deal. Harsin would be stone cold with that staff on D.
  8. Heck Yeah! I wonder what kind of budget that requires? In fact, I am curious what kind of budget Harsin has for his on the field staff?
  9. I was hoping to hear that. That really really pumps me up. Build a freaking recruiting department!!!! This is and should be a team within the program in itself!!!
  10. This would be a bad to the bone hire imo. Cristobal has current and past history with him. I would love to steal him away as well. This too is solid. As Boise St lead the MW conference in recruiting the last couple of years. would be really strong to land them both.
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