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  1. GT- Braun going to Texas according to a retweet by Wolk.
  2. I believe UNC is plenty normal, and have heard Chapel Hill is somewhat like Auburn but even more laid back. Harder school to get into I believe, but not near as competitive as Duke.
  3. I know it is just the way the pic is, but look how small his hand is... lol. Westerman with short arms, now Zimmerman with small hands Kidding
  4. He is really starting to pick up some strong offers. Michigan and KY to name a couple.
  5. Actually the academic concerns are elevated imo considering the 3 other schools.
  6. Agree on Dilly. He’s got some energy and obviously connecting with these kids. Liked his Twitter teaser. Nice to have now that Suddes is gone.
  7. Their really is no asuch thing as national HS power (except IMG). No way to really and truly tell. But with that being said, I am just messing with you.
  8. Not sure why I thought we was a smaller type WR. Glad to see his height listed as 6’2. He still shows plenty of quicks too.
  9. National power. Lol. Spoken like a true ‘Villian..
  10. As silly as this may sound. AHS is a rival school of CPC. Back in my day, I not only had distaste for CPC as a rival, but it also gave me a false (actually true) distaste for PC as a community. Opelika too etc. If my HS rival was AHS, AU would intern be too. Heck, Pville too. How many of those guys did/do we get. AHS rival.
  11. The benefit of all of this is had we gone ahead with a JJ plan, we would more than likely already need to talk about upgrades needed. I understand this will always be the case for all arms race programs, but the latest should always be the best and as other programs have already completed theirs, AU/Green/Gus has the opportunity to move all the way to the front of the pack. We do not need to put something up that only brings us to the middle of the pack. Green needs to bring it, and bring it full monte. As WDE mentioned, Greens mentor/peer group can also guide him on how to not only bring to fruition, but bring it in major fashion!!! That is my hope a least.
  12. If TN becomes good again, it will be nice to see a late season SEC rivalry game in the east that will mean something. The East needs this.