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  1. Yes please. I like the prospect a lot.
  2. I think Slayton will be the star next year. Yes a year ahead of these guys but it seemed as if he was becoming the target last year IMO.
  3. And just like that,. We fell behind. Lol. And look a rendering from inside the stadium by the dogs.
  4. O.k so let me back up, I am happy with the hire so please note that, but to label someone an elite recruiter because of his success rate at LSU only is kind of reaching imo. LSU always-always recruits 5* players. Always.
  5. Thanks E. So he has not landed a 5* recruit since 2009?
  6. Sounds like a good RB coach to me??
  7. My conspiracy theory is this. Look no further than last season's Lou Groza three finalist. They were from AU, AZSt, and Georgia Southern.
  8. Thanks Golf.
  9. I will try to get us back on track. Does the Fountain move make any difference/impact in this recruitment?
  10. It must already exist... I would think that would have been part of the approval process. We just are not privy to it yet.
  11. Thanks for sharing that. I feel better about now for sure.
  12. Anyone seen or read nm tweets?? allow me to share a few- "I've been supporting Jeremy for 4 yrs and he still cant get it together should've stuck to basketball this is public constructive criticism" "If Jeremy Johnson gets drafted I'll retire and get a 9-5" "Auburn should've left Jeremy back in 2016 and in Montgomery"
  13. I would think it is common place. Why not have a firm also provide options outside of the front runner. If the front runner is the best option one can always fallback to that. It makes good business since to me. As well as also creates conversations for potential backfil later. One should never just interview one candidate.
  14. I still would love to see a rendering from inside the stadium.
  15. Ya'll act like AU plays in a dome.... 😜