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  1. This is a Big Boom. Kinda of under the radar from an announcement time though. This defensive class from LB to DB is pretty freaking awesome!
  2. I need these two steps to happen before I can truly believe. Step one is a new rendering. Step two is shovel in the ground.
  3. Vote to decide if want to vote on it later.
  4. I’m no longer worried about OR or Oregon.
  5. I think more than anything, the team was just tired of “travel”. Think about it, when you are delayed for 6 hours, how do you feel when you get to your hotel?
  6. I thought today was Friday... certainly that is a sign of Nipdome...
  7. Bullock was a loser to St. James Academy 41-19 LY. They also were defeated by Montgomery Academy 57-29. Each of those three teams play in the same Region.
  8. Nip watching here in the big easy... not really feeling it down here this week.
  9. Would like to push his commit date up. Then move to finishing out the D.
  10. Coach G about to do his work. Walking late...