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  1. I would be willing to bet he is over 280. I am really surprised Burks and Butler are “buried” in the depth chart. I expected Butler in particular to be at minimum second team.
  2. What? No body slam memes in honor of our great E. Dang E, sorry to see you go.
  3. I wonder how Loy is doing? Big boy back there in the pocket.
  4. Thank you Thank you Thank you! We not only need him, we need him to be really really good.
  5. Our LB room is a little more thin too. Need the DL to keep the LB clean.
  6. And that may be the root of all of this. Pure speculation on my behalf, But just reading that really resounded to me.
  7. Crum would be a development take. Not expected to provide immediate rotation depth, much like the former commit who now is headed to TN.
  8. This is a big BOOM for this site. @Dukesthescoop along with Tay and The @The Jboy Show the AUFamily has taken it to another level!!!! Super happy about this!!!!
  9. I enjoy JBoys podcast. what is Happening here, a marriage?
  10. FWIW Keith says Harvey says that! just messing with ya.
  11. That is a great landing place for him IMO.
  12. Is Carroll still thinking about AU or other SEC teams?
  13. Are we now thinking we need to go heavy after another RB?
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