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  1. Elite 11 weekend?
  2. Scouts did pretty good,. But are now apart of 247?
  3. Not good...?
  4. My new fav is the one that will show the new press box.... kidding.
  5. Is that a directional school? Lol.
  6. So Fornette only beat us once? I'll take it!
  7. Big step up for him if true. I hope it works out for him.
  8. I agree with this guy.. 😉
  9. We are going to destroy Clemson.
  10. Good get! WDE!
  11. Congress wouldn't vote for it before, glad this was done this evening.
  12. It is just terrible. So sad this is a go forward. Inside I sure is nice but it is an ad lib.
  13. Carlton Davis I beleive had a better Fresh. year IMO. I do beleive T. Matthews improved.
  14. I am not so enamored with Crime Dog. In his short time, I am not sure he really made that much of an impact. I would say at best he maintained an improved level of DB play.