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  1. I do not see how we bury a Duck team that can be extremely explosive. We will have to keep scoring imo. A 3 TD lead in the 3rd would be incredible yet still not enough imo. Un proven line and unproven QB’s plus unproven LB’s in addition to worried about safety’s... That all spells hang on to your hats folks.
  2. I am looking forward to watching our team this year as it should be filled with some very high high’s, but will also have some queasy moments that come with FR at QB. I think OR will come to play in a big way, But so will our D-Line. D-Brown in the Bowl game really found a new level imo, and I believe that carries over to the season Opener... we will need it because The Ducks are going to March it on us.
  3. Wish Clemson would go ahead and fill up.
  4. If that is truly the case, I hope AU gives him an opportunity.
  5. We even spotted Miami a RB too.
  6. I would allow one “open transfer” and one transfer regardless if an open transfer has happened to Grad Transfers. So each player receives an open release to transfer and remain eligible to play the next season. I would not pay players more than the Scholly now, but that Scholly is also available to return to and finish school like AU does with many former players. If a player open transfer away, then the remaining future Scholly is voided.
  7. I like his energy and connection with the team, his sideline presence will not happen though as I believe he will be the eyes for Gus, from the booth.
  8. Would be a huge get if it happens. Huge
  9. No worries here. Wish him the best.
  10. 2010 and 21013 proved to have pretty good OL.. we desperately need the same this coming Fall.
  11. Hey E! Congratulations... and thank you for sharing your good news with us. That is pretty cool that you shared more than you needed to, and says a lot about the good dude you are.