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  1. Joiner announces this coming Monday? Anyone confirm?
  2. Or how much Kodi made going along with it.
  3. Anything to him still being injured? Shoulder or something?
  4. I’m aware. I was just pointing out that he is coming to AU to be a one year starter, but his time here will be very limited.
  5. For sure, I was thinking more about just bonding with the team off the field type thing. It is interesting though that he will not go through spring practice at WV either, so that is total down time which is not great.
  6. This get is incredible. I wish he was going to be here with his teammates for Spring Practice however.
  7. Dude is going to earn his bump imo. I think he is vastly underrated even with his recent 3 stars level set.
  8. I want live simulcast of practice! With Harsin mic’d up.
  9. Man, why wouldn’t we just start something like it, and just charge families $50. Heck, why can’t the kids just dump it all on YouTube (which I suppose the do too)
  10. Just bumping to try and get the mojo going for us here. Lame of TN to just drag it but I suppose they want to announce a DC first and see if they can change DB’s mind?
  11. How much does it cost for a HS players family to have a highlight vid posted on hudl?
  12. So hope that is a guess. AU could use a big shot of momentum for 22.
  13. After watching that video posted earlier in this thread. Eason will relate extremely well to our current players. He knows they all want to get to the league and it sounds like he ties it together during practice. That video was amazing.
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