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  1. Dead on!
  2. It is a good example... Sort of. Companies do not offer 100 positions to 25 slots,. And the first 25 who pee clearly get the job...
  3. I agree 100%.
  4. An offer is not really an offer, unless it is a commitable my book. I bet AU's offer is commitable.
  5. I am guessing,. We wil have Stidham for two seasons. Which will be about as impactful as any QB here in a long time (like Nick Marshall). Heck nowadays, two years is a good run.
  6. It's hard not to get excited about the possibilities of JF after reading through this thread. I do not think however, he will have any more impact should he come to AU than Stidham will have for us this upcoming year.
  7. I just presumed he was out of PBR and simply lost focus. Fields is a good one though,.
  8. Let's not turn it into a White thread,. But a hate tech hijack is good.... Lol. Fields anyone?
  9. Glad we got him for all reasons on and off the field. He was a take in my book.. Period.
  10. So why does he keep moving around so much- laterally?
  11. Growing up in Auburn,. It was common to run into Mr. Housel in and around town,. He was always an identifiable figure, but always one who kids such as myself were drawn too as he also chatted it up with our parents etc... As a youngster back then it was easy to see his general and constant love for "people". Chappy' ofcourse is the Auburn old school local hotspot.
  12. How long will we be able to keep him?
  13. Like Ashley too?
  14. Burns Comments may be more telling than anything. Personal reasons or good graces... "He's more mature". Is my indicator of what the concerns may have been geared around.