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  1. Go outside of Eugene by 5 mins and it can get hillbilly real quick, but that would not explain not knowing about Bud Light.
  2. I’m digging it too, if that is a good thing.
  3. I knew we were going to sign 7. Coffee and Robinson is how I would close it out.
  4. On a similar point of playing fast. OR was one of the first to go fast and their fast blew away Gus fast. They maintained it longer than AU did as well, although I do not know if they still are lightning speed.
  5. Because “I” am putting all my eggs in this basket.... not smart but dang if he does not start day one imo.
  6. Great show at the Joy Theatre in New Orleans two nights ago! They freaking Jammed!!
  7. I like this talent. Considering last years haul (again some people may be sleeping on MAR), And our current RB commit two classes out, this guy would fit in nicely imo.
  8. I have Billy Strings tix in Asheville... Halloween night.
  9. Music, posted in the non sports related board.. or at least I thought. Edit... doh! I thought it was in Non Sports... not Non-AU Sports. Delete if needed or no home.
  10. I have listened to them here and there, but dang the 2019 album All For The Money is incredible! Any other listeners? Playing Avondale 10/2 seriously thinking about nabbing some tix to that.