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  1. I thought maybe he played baseball too... Was not sure. Thanks for posting the article.
  2. That too I believe was fireless smoke. 😜
  3. Is he a one sport kid?
  4. I think Barrett is AU all the way. Remember Craig Meyers did the same LY... Looked at South Carolina I think... I think he is just enjoying this last shot of being recruited and I don't blame him.
  5. BOOM! Congratulations! Worm on!
  6. He could prove why his 2* recruiting prowess is more beneficial to "team" though... thus reducing our recruiting budget/expenses in order to pay for his salary. #Statwash
  7. 10th position goes to StatTiger. Coach Chief influencer of direction team should go.
  8. Pretty interesting dynamic here if I am reading between the lines. If Chip decides to go with the offer then we accept Chase's commit. If Chip decides to focus more on a true TE or neither,. Than that may open a slot for Johnson with a LB offer instead of the HB/TE we gave him.
  9. Commit watch?
  10. Juco ranking should count higher than HS ranking however IMO. Or do we use the out of HS ranking for JUCO guys too?
  11. I like the hire because it fits what we needed to improve and it also has Gus in position to make it a great year next year. No overhauling... Just improve upon what we have. I predict it will be great.. But if not.. We will really know and that is good too. 10 wins min IMO.
  12. Let's just scrap it and start a D1 Lacrosse Team....
  13. What if Lindsey brought Norvell with him?
  14. We may not need an OC if Carlson finally has his breakout year. 😳