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  1. The Plainsman

    2019 3* S Jammie Robinson

    This guy is a big time talent. Would be a tremendous get.
  2. The Plainsman

    RBU Auburn University

    Joseph and Danley were ok. Always flashed but never over achieved.
  3. The Plainsman

    Memphis Transfer Chooses Auburn

    Former teammate of Wiley but doubt they have a chance to play together at AU.
  4. The Plainsman

    2019 5* CB Andrew Booth

    Booth has an amazing Happy Mother’s Day Pic tweeted. If someone could post.
  5. The Plainsman

    Prediction- Players to take the next step

    Hmm. I will go with our New Kicker.
  6. The Plainsman

    Baseball at Ole Miss game 1

    Mize is a Fri night starter, kept him on his normal schedule... right?
  7. The Plainsman

    Softball vs. uat SEC tournament

    Thanks for the play by play but why no score updates to go along with the updates? Sorry to be picky.
  8. The Plainsman

    2019 5* CB Andrew Booth

    I am now setting AU's over/under of 5* signed in this class at 4.
  9. The Plainsman

    2019 4* QB Bo Nix Commits to AU!!!

    I thank the Elk for bringing him back. A moment of clarity.
  10. The Plainsman

    Prince Tega Wanogho a rising star

    Lol. He was so fast he was catching RB’s from behind down field. I am encouraged to hear he has a mean streak. For small HS guys, that is hard find when your not used to dominating the person in front of you every play. I hope we catching him peaking at AU ..
  11. The Plainsman

    Prince Tega Wanogho a rising star

    Yes. And that was at a small private school. He is still on the major learning curve.
  12. The Plainsman

    Baseball vs South Alabama

  13. The Plainsman

    2019 4* CB Tyrique Stevenson

    Thank you for that. I am not trying to drive Porter down,. But feel his recruiting success is only as good as the school he is at. An Ace recruiter at Auburn should be top 10 to top 15 IMO.
  14. The Plainsman

    2019 4* CB Tyrique Stevenson

    I'm still not convinced on that Porter recruiter reputation just yet. I sure hope it provides,.however.
  15. The Plainsman

    Greene VS Jacobs

    I feel it. Just hope the swimming program does not become the first revolving door.