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  1. Go get Kendall Briles. But, with Bobo gone this soon after the end of the regular season, I’d bet Harsin has his replacement- from within…🤨
  2. She has long been my dream choice for AD.
  3. I figure with the federal mandate in place he will either keep his job or not. You know the bammer aligned media will be all over it. Heck, he’s trending on Twitter right now and there’s a story on ESPN.
  4. I understand his position on vaccine privacy. Knowing that his status will be made public in December anyway, I wish he would make a definite statement one way or the other. Just shut this distraction down now. We long time Auburn faithful understand that anytime it looks like Auburn is on the rise the Alabama media slings any mud they can find - or invent. Coach will soon understand; he is still learning the SEC.
  5. Heaven forbid we wind up with Tim Jackson. He’s well liked by some boosters because he bends to them. I hope he never rises to the level of his incompetence.
  6. He did poor mouth AU in 2004. The next year we had passes through Home Depot to go on the Gameday set and meet the on air guys. My AU football family is 6 of us - 2 girls and 4 guys. One of the girls gave Herbie the business about 2004. He said “ Jeez, hold a grudge much?” LOL! War Eagle!
  7. OSU and Meeechigan? Yuck. I can’t stand OSU.
  8. I’m vaccinated and I care that others aren’t. Why? Because as COVID continues a wide path through which to spread, it continues to mutate. Eventually, there will be a mutation that my vaccine can’t/won’t protect against. Then, we are all back to the beginning; people dying, shutdowns, etc. I know it’s a personal decision. I just wish people would consider the wider world. Folks didn’t fight vaccines for polio, smallpox, mumps, etc. Why fight COVID vaccines? I truly do not understand the reluctance.
  9. See references to the bunker all the time. Never been there. Is it a paid subscription site?
  10. RunInRed, understand that not all dates are set. Are we certain that scheduling changes made for the 2020 season won’t affect which games are home and away? TIA
  11. I cannot believe that Coach Harsin did not want and demand the same things that Napier talks about being a requirement for him to move to the SEC/Auburn. I call BS on the insinuation.
  12. I wish I could find a version on which I could read all the text labels. I’m having a hard time getting excited about it. I mean, it’s nice but I expected more......I don’t know.....pizazzz, I guess. The one entrance with a lot of glass looks like it could be eye catching. I’d like to see the entrance at one of the intersections full of glass and maybe something like a neon or spotlighted AU rotating or a gigantic AU helmet.....
  13. I’d like to see Caddy stay and not even because of Tank. I think his past NFL experience is a plus and he is young enough to relate to recruits.
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