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  1. Thanks Stat. Love your posts.
  2. Same here. Time is passing us by, Slot.
  3. I have a coworker who lives in rural Autauga County who saw it and in his words "bout soiled himself." He lives a few miles away from the site where the fatalites occurred. We all telework and we were telling him to get downstairs and hunker down. He survived a tornado back in 2011 in the same area. It's amazing that there wern't any serious injuries at that day care in Selma where 70 kids were. God was watching over them. On days like Thursday, everyone needs to be weather aware. There are too many excellent phone apps for anyone to be caught unaware.
  4. Got some cool socks. When I first read the label, I wondered if we are considered too stupid to know how to wear socks, then I figured out it was the brand name. LOL.
  5. We may not win this Saturday, but I was happy to watch us play AUBURN FOOTBALL again. Bammer's in for a fight.
  6. AMEN! If we win 3 of the last ballgames, give him a shot.
  7. Praying for you brother. Be calm and do as you are told.
  8. Here's a coaching change that shows were the money is. The head coach at UAB takes an assistant position at TAMU. https://extrainningsoftball.com/joe-guthrie-joins-texas-am-coaching-staff/
  9. Same here. She has such a strong arm and I was hoping she could settle in as our RF. Also saw where the 2021 Big 10 Pitcher of the Year (Alex Storako) is transferring from Michigan to OU. The rich get richer.
  10. In the photo with the article, you can tell she's been spending time in the gym. Coming from a quality program like Michigan is big plus. If Shelby can heal up and come back strong, we will be loaded at pitcher.
  11. Always remember: No fruit sucks like the Big Orange!!
  12. Here's a link for Widra. Huge pickup. https://extrainningsoftball.com/annabelle-widra-transferring-to-auburn/
  13. https://247sports.com/college/auburn/Article/Auburn-softball-coach-Mickey-Dean-signs-contract-extension-186281698/
  14. When you don't follow the rules, there are consequences. I bet from now on, someone in the dugout will have that responsibility. Should have had it already. BTW. Thanks for posting game observations.
  15. So you're saying that as soon as the ball goes over the fence, all baserunners and the hitter should just trot back to the dugout without rounding the bases and touching home plate. So if a ball carrier in football doesn't have anyone close to him within 20 yards, he doesn't have to cross the goal line? In baseball and softball you score after you touch all 3 bases and home plate. Period. D1 players should be concentrating enough to know that.
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