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  1. "I don't care who you are, that's funny."
  2. Interesting article. Impressive strikeout numbers in club ball. High school stats can be deceiving depending on the quality of competition. She fits in with CMD's philosophy of his pitchers being multi-faceted. Our recent transfer, Sam Yarbrough fits this as well. If CMD gets these ladies who can play a position and pitch, he doesn't need a large roster. From the article: It was a bittersweet summer for Auburn-bound Madison (“Maddie”) Penta, the tall flame-throwing pitcher from Maryland ,who was almost untouchable for much of the club season, striking out 312 of the 580 batters she faced before a stress fracture in her arm curtailed the Keystone State hurler’s great run. At the So Cal A’s Invitational in June, Maddie was very impressive and it looked like she was going to be one of the top pitchers heading into nationals, but unfortunately she wasn’t able to make it to nationals as hoped. It was an interesting injury too in that her forearm muscle got too strong and it caused a fracture during a pitch thrown in a game. However, she went to the physician who fixed former Red Sox ace Curt Schilling’s shoulder and now Madison is back on the mend ready to have an even bigger and better 2019.
  3. Thanks OW, for the post and the new topic. The high number of walks is troubling, but the K's sound good. H'mm on that same portal, I see Taylon Snow is going to OU. Interesting.
  4. Asking as an academic outsider, where does scholarship money come from? Endowments? Who is responsible for raising the funds? My wife's niece, who we raised, is starting at Troy this fall. With her Pell Grant and scholarships after making a 30 on the ACT, she's pretty much getting a free ride. It disturbs me that it is so much cheaper at Harvard than Auburn.
  5. I had to think about that one for minute. What the heck does that mean? Being an old man, my Urbanese is lacking. Then it hit me. LOL
  6. Thanks for posting. That's a beautiful piece. There are a lot tears in my eyes right now. My prayers are with the Bramblett family and their close friends.
  7. I guess we're the only 3 people in the Free World that hasn't watched it. Starting time of 6 PM and playing 2 will mean a long night for us geezers. I'm already dragging from last night. Monday will be a long day at work.
  8. Good to hear. I'm assuming AS is done for the weekend. Up to CH and Lexie. UofAZ finally erupts in the bottom of the 6th to go up on Harvard .
  9. Those of you who think this is a picky call don't notice the runner was in fair territory all the way down the line. His entire body is in fair territory. Remember, the line is fair. BTW. He should have been called out earlier. His left foot was in front of the plate when he made contact with the ball.
  10. This play normally happens on a bunt, especially when the catcher fields the ball. In the early 2000's , there was a lot more bunting in softball and when my daughter pitched in JC, she had a catcher that would aim for the middle of the runner's back if the runner was in fair territory. Not only would she get the call, but she would put a hurt on the runner. She had a cannon of an arm. Best catcher my daughter ever had.
  11. Be interesting to know if our assistants' salaries still rank 13th in the conference.
  12. Great news. First question. What about the assistants? Any news?
  13. We have USCe and UF at home and UK and Arky on the road. I never would've thought UF would be middle of the pack at 6-6 and that's after sweeping Arky. Barnhill has really struggled this year giving up the long ball. To have a chance at a bye, we need to win every series left and a sweep this weekend would be real nice.