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  1. Well she spent many years on the Left Coast and life in Alabama had to be a huge culture shock. Away from family and friends, an opportunity to coach in a Power 5 conference may not have been worth it to her. She may have planned on staying for only a year and the pandemic shortened it. Hopefully an insider can enlighten us.
  2. WOW!!! Congratulations Ms. Cooper. Always a great ambassador for Auburn University.
  3. I'm excited about the pitching we will have next year too. Along with the returning seniors, it should be a much better season. Slot I think we all "missed" something with Dismukes' injury. Darn HIPAA rules.😉
  4. I believe Coach Dye went out on the field and told Danley he needed to gather all the strength he had to get up and walk off the field. He did and as stated above we dominated the rest of the game.
  5. You may get your wish. From the free site:
  7. I don't watch any "reality" TV, except I did watch Duck Dynasty on occasion. Everything I've read about Madi on this show really showcases a strong old fashioned southern woman who is strong in her faith and stands up for her values. I applaud her and when her dad said he was "beyond proud", I fully understand. I think the entire Auburn Family can be proud as well. She's totally different from another contestant on this show from across the state. I don't understand how a young lady whose job is finding homes for foster children can be accused of being fake. Gimme a break.
  8. Time will tell. During the meeting mentioned earlier, he stated publicly that he wasn't making money on this. After that statement, he was asked repeatedly why he was doing this project and he refused to answer. With all the mistakes he's made so far, I think any intelligent person can draw their own conclusions.
  9. It appears USA Academy will have their practices and home games on the ASU campus according to an announcement on their website.
  10. Sounds like you need to be packing. Them 2 middle fingers can get you in trouble.
  11. I hope this is starting to unravel. As a property owner who lives about 1/2 a mile from this proposed site, I am not disappointed. From the beginning, this whole thing has been suspicious and the night Devaughn met with the towns people for a question and answer meeting really proved it. He walked into a hornet's nest that night. Nobody supported him except his mother. He had no concept of what needed to be submitted to get the needed approvals from the town government. No site plan, no engineering study and he hadn't even done a perc test of the property. The property is zoned agricultural and he just recently submitted a rezoning request to the regional planning commission. He's looking at least 3 months just for that process. The property is land locked and has a 15-20 foot wide access road and he wants to build a school and a football stadium on 115 acres. The area does not have the infrastructure to support something like this and I think he was hoping the town and county would help. Unbelievable.
  12. Heard about it on a sports radio channel. What a shame. They said he had made over $27 million in his career.