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  1. saminbama


    We had our own Bear under Barfield. Bear Underwood was the DC. We could score on anybody, but our defense couldn't stop a junior high team. Barfield never beat Bear. His time at Auburn was during the 9 game loosing streak to Bammer. The only thing we had on defense during those years was Fast Freddie Smith, who I believe still holds the record for most solo tackles in a game with 31. I believe it was in 1979, which was one of Bammer's 10 million NC's, that we were the only team to lead them in the 4th quarter that year. It gave Auburn people a false hope that the following year we would be better, but UT came to town and beat us 42-0. That was the beginning of the end for ole Dougie. I remember Johnny Majors still had his starters playing in the 4th quarter with that huge lead. I became a UT hater that day. No fruit sucks like the Big Orange. Strange how this year feels remarkably similar.
  2. saminbama

    2019 softball recruiting thread

    Thanks OW. Wow! Looks like Missy is having a rough start.
  3. saminbama

    Can't make this up

    I don't think he won as many state championships at the high school level as Gustav, but he was pretty good. 😉 Why would we want another HS coach? Haven't we already had one too many?
  4. saminbama

    Bryan Matthews and Jay Tate podcast

    If I'm reading it correctly, that language was amended to the original contract to give him total control. Man, Leath really put it to us.
  5. saminbama

    Bryan Matthews and Jay Tate podcast

    Here's an idea that's a little off center, but what the heck. Gus doesn't sign anyone's paycheck. Is Gus' contract available to the public? How much control over the football program does his contract specifically state? Does he have final say over the coaches who are hired? Can someone else or does someone else hire coaches? Specifically, the AD. If his contract does not specify these points, why can't Greene sit Gus down and tell him a new offensive staff will be hired and he has no say? Bring in a new OC and promise him a promotion when the position becomes available. Make Gus a figurehead HC. If Gus doesn't like it, he can quit and we don't owe him a dime. If he wants the money, he'll have to suck it up like most of us who work for somebody else.
  6. If Johnson is a 3*, I'll take them all day. He looked good. Caught long passes and adjusted well to off target throws to go along with the KO returns.
  7. saminbama

    Gus on CBS

    He was at the Thompson / HT Friday? I must have gotten up to go to the frig. All I saw on ESPN was the Tagovailoa family and Coach O. Got real tired of the announcer mentioning Bammer with every other breath. BTW, our wide receiver commit from HT was very impressive. He adjusted well to off target throws and had a nice KO return. Hated to see him get hurt late in the game.
  8. saminbama

    Is Gus coaching for his job against A&M?

    Any of you insiders heard any rumblings about Leath being shown the door? Since he's responsible for this mess.
  9. saminbama

    Would Dye have survived the internet

    We got to the 1984 Sugar Bowl (1983 Season) within breathing distance of the NC and everything was set up for us to win it. Nebraska was #1 and lost to #5 Miami when Osborne went for 2 and didn't make it in the Orange Bowl. Texas was #2 and lost to Thuga in the Cotton Bowl. Bo Schembechler said we weren't going to beat them running the football and Dye was stubborn and kept trying to run #34. Michigan had 8 and 9 in the box and Randy Campbell was not as bad a passer as everyone said he was, cause he lit up Boston College and Doug Flutie in the Tangerine Bowl. Campbell could have thrown a few short passes over the line and loosened up the defense, but Coach Dye kept running. We won 9-7 on a last second Al Del Grecco FG. We should have beat them by 3 touchdowns. Miami jumped over all of us and won the NC. Cost us at least a split poll. That year we played 4 of the FINAL Top 10 and beat 3 of them. He wouldn't have been fired, but the internet would have blown up. Yeah. He deserved dog-cussing. In my mind that was one of the top 3 Auburn teams of all time and we finished third.
  10. saminbama


    A group of us in my department at work, pooled our money and bought a bunch of tickets. Sure would be a hoot if we won and wiped out half the department. I would gladly chip in some to the the fire CGM fund.
  11. saminbama

    Offensive Identity/Scheme

    Also. If you're going to run the wildcat and sub for Stidham, why not let Willis be the wildcat qb. At least make the defense worry about the RPO.
  12. saminbama

    Offensive Identity/Scheme

    I understand scheme and identity. What I don't understand is certain game decisions. You put your running QB in the game for 2 plays and he hands the ball off both plays. It's obvious to everyone that Ole Miss is ignoring the QB on the zone read. Your running QB, who can take it to the house on any play does not run the ball. Your non-running QB comes back in the game and 1 play later runs the ball. I know I'm not real smart and it's probably way over my head, but I just don't get it.
  13. saminbama

    Who would replace Malzahn (merged threads again)

    Schools going after Brohm may get into a bidding war. With CGM's buyout and Brohm's buyout at Purdue, it might be too pricey for us, but I sure loved watching his offense last night. Reminded me of CGM's offense in the early years.
  14. saminbama

    Can we...

    True. But without spending 49 mil, we don't have many options.
  15. saminbama

    Can we...

    I know we can't fire Gus, but can the AD demand that Gus clean house on the offensive staff?