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  1. Is that a joke? UM just fired their coach after finishing 20-30.
  2. I hope she ends up at a West Coast school, so we won't have to face her except in a super regional or the WCWS. I wonder if Kasey Cooper's season had some influence. She watched as teams pitched around Kasey and maybe realized that would be her fate next season.
  3. Even with the "in season" turmoil and not making the WCWS, this is the low point. My favorite player. Man. This hurts. I hope we get some good news soon. I wish her well. Thank you, Carlee. It's been fun watching you play these last 3 years.
  4. I see Laney Joyner is transferring. Wish her well.
  5. I can't say I'm sorry that WJ is leaving, but I wish her well in her career pursuits. I know she will make a great teacher and I commend her for her career choice. That job gets harder every day. I'm sure she's a fine young lady and she was obviously willing to play wherever Coach put her. I salute her for that. Some players can adapt to changes and some can't. As WT said, she did much better last year when she knew she had one position to play. Unfortunately, this year she was put into so many different positions, I think it got in her head and she just couldn't adapt. I want to thank for her dedication and the sacrifices she made for Auburn Softball. War Eagle Whitney.
  6. There will be a lot of questions for next season. Who will replace Corey Myers? I vote for Taryne Mowatt from Ole Miss. Does Veach move to third or stay at first? I vote she stays at first. Who plays SS? I vote for giving McCrackin a shot at it. Who plays LF? Maybe Talon Snow? Will Tannon Snow be able to play? McCrackin got hot late in the season and showed power. She has speed to burn and is an excellent bunter. I think it will be hard to keep her off the field. We have all 3 of our top pitchers back next year. If we can get consistency from the younger hitters, it will be exciting on The Plains.
  7. 2) Nobody has stepped up to claim the position. You can coach till you're blue in the face, but at some point, players have to play. 4) We have one of, if not THE top player in the country coming in next year, and losing her sister really hurt us this year. We only have 4 seniors and only two play every day. We are a young team.
  8. I understand not getting the speed you're expecting, but you have time to hold your hands back and fight it off. You don't leave the bat on your shoulder.
  9. I am always amazed. As an umpire for girls softball in all ages, I never could understand how a batter could stand there and watch a change up float across the plate when there were 2 strikes. It amazes me even more that it happens in major college softball. We'll take it.
  10. Momma, look what I found. Dang it.
  11. There goes the no-no. Casey has found her stroke in the last 3 weeks. Way to hit the ball.
  12. The third base umpire isn't supposed to make that call when he's behind second base. That's pitiful.
  13. Carlson is looking sharp today.
  14. Looks like neither Paige is pitching for OU, so Gasso is following the same strategy she used last year. We have got to jump on the freshman.
  15. Did anyone notice that the pitcher for UCLA threw 232 pitches in Thursday night's 10 inning game against Ole Miss? Wow. By the time she graduates, she won't be able to write her name with that arm.