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  1. We've been waiting all season for a game like this. Maybe just maybe this is the spark we've needed. Hitting is contagious and so is confidence. The way the team was having fun was great. A lot of bottled up frustration that we can carry into this week knowing we have a chance when we put the ball in play. All season we have failed to get the clutch hit. You can coach and scheme, but players have to make plays. Let's take this series and start the tournament on a high note. War Eagle ladies!
  2. After reading where the team showered him with Silly String after his 600th win Sunday, I have to wonder just how bad the team morale is and the supposed mass transfer that's "about to happen". Doesn't add up.
  3. I love to see some similar type of play that would win the Iron Bowl. Just to really stick it to the bammers. My dream.
  4. The next two series are important to our seeding in the SEC tournament. The bottom 2 teams play a play-in game the first night. Right now those 2 teams are USCe and MSU and we are 3 games ahead of USCe. Our next 2 series are UTk which is our last home series and LSU. These 2 teams are 7th and 6th respectively in the conference standings. USCe closes with MSU which has won 1 SEC game and UK. USCe has an easier schedule, but I think if we can win 1 game in each of these series, we can avoid the play-in game. If we get swept both weekends, It will be tough.
  5. Well, I've been trying very hard to give Dean the benefit of the doubt. We hired him when we couldn't a find a top notch coach to come in and inherit the dumpster fire that the Myers' left us with and I thought he deserved more leeway. After last night, It's getting real tough. I'm concerned about Penta and the speed of her pitches last night. She was throwing in the low 60's, when most of the season she has been in the upper 60's and low 70's. Also, she only pitched 3 innings and those 2 factors combined are what concerns me the most. Early in the season when he had her pitching on ba
  6. I agree. She's a legacy. Her dad is a veterinarian.
  7. Joey Beckwith? I always knew him as Joe. Growing up, he lived across the street from my aunt and uncle and when I visited them, we would play together. There were a ton of kids in that neighborhood. He was always a good guy and fun to be around. Glad he is being honored, but very sorry he is in poor health.
  8. No excuse. I've already stated she got no support, but she may have been able to go a couple of innings more if her pitch count wasn't unnecessarily high. Our hitting has been non-existent the entire year. There's nothing new about that.
  9. As an umpire I call it like I see them. She had to throw more pitches than she need to because of his horrible zone.
  10. I would guess about 25% of the pitches Shelby has thrown that were called balls were strikes. This umpire's zone is horrible. Shelby pitches her heart out and gets 0 support. That's a tough one to lose.
  11. Here's an interesting stat. Auburn boasts the sixth toughest schedule in the country, according to the NCAA. The Tigers' opponents hold a combined .657 win percentage and 1,001 total wins. We have a RPI in the top 10. Something everyone might consider with our young team.
  12. She is a rare talent. She is old school in that she reads the defense and uses whatever hitting style she thinks can get herself on base. One at bat she slaps and the next at bat she keeps both feet planted and hits for power. On top of that she is probably the fastest catcher I've ever seen. She leads the country in hits with 75 and after this weekend she's hitting .532 with 11 home runs. By herself, she's worth the price of a ticket. By the way, a split grip is not uncommon in softball. I believe Kasey Cooper used one as well.
  13. Who knows what they were discussing. The first base umpire today was the same ump that called obstruction on the UK catcher Friday night. A similar play occurred today with Tissier, but wasn't called. Since the first baseman wasn't in the baseline before the runner arrived, I don't think there was obstruction in this case. Any how, It was dirty. UK had a third baseman a few years ago name Abbey Cheek and she pushed it a little towards dirty play. The difference in today's game and the other ones is UK didn't give us anything today. Shelby is good, but she can't score runs.
  14. This umpire crew is like the Keystone Cops. As strong as this conference is, the SEC needs to invest more money into getting competent officials. Also looked to me like the first baseman threw her hip into Koepke. I hope she is OK, but I'm afraid the way she was moving, there may be a serious knee injury. Hope not.
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