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  1. Should make Sir Charles happy. After we didn't hire the coach from Buffalo some years back, he was very outspoken. Instead, we hire their AD.
  2. Now this is what I call motivation. We're picked to finish 6th. Prove them wrong, ladies. War Eagle!!
  3. JB Grimes Returns to Auburn

    Amen. I know one thing, the RB's we signed this year should be doing cartwheels, because the OL will know how to run block.
  4. Saban or Bear

    You are correct about knowing where the skeltons are, but if he's successful at ThUGA, he'll never leave.
  5. Weather effect on bama game

    Coach Pearl was on Finebammer last night and said the team had already traveled to Tuscalooser earlier yesterday to avoid any travel issues for them.
  6. JB Grimes Returns to Auburn

    Yeah. He may be a one and done. He will be an improvement, but I don't see this as a long term solution. They are probably writing off this years OL recruiting.
  7. Saban or Bear

    Nope. The person that replaces Saban is doomed. Without looking it up, can you say who replaced The Bear? Replacing a legend is always impossible. How long did it take Bammer to find a suitable replacement, other than Gene Stallings, who they ran off? It took them a generation (25 years). An 8 team playoff means playing up to 16 games in a year. In the NFL, other than the Patriots, there are no dynasties, and that one is close to it's end as well. The teams in the playoff will find it harder to repeat. They may make the playoff, but winning it will be tougher.
  8. Saban or Bear

    Is Saban laying the groundwork for his retirement? I believe if he wins one more NC, he's gone. He'll have the record and it will be tough to beat, especially if they go to a 8 team playoff.
  9. Next OL Coach?

    I'm with you. Let's get a quality coach first. If it takes past signing day, so be it. Priority is to get someone good. Then he can coach up the talent we have.
  10. Saban or Bear

    Bear coached in a different era and would not survive today. Heck, there was a time in the late sixties when he was almost fired after a couple of 6-5 seasons. That was when he converted to the wishbone and dominated in the 70's. Very few of his NC's were concensus. Back in those days the UPI poll (Coaches poll) was voted before the bowl games. Bear won a couple of NC's and then lost in the bowl game. After Bammer lost to ND in the 74 Sugar Bowl, UPI changed to take the final vote after the bowl games. The only time he won a NC playing 1 against 2 was in the 79 Sugar Bowl against Penn State. Bammer won several SEC championships because Bear would schedule 1 more SEC game than everyone else, so even if he lost a game and the other contender lost a game, he won on percentage. Of course that extra game was against a weak SEC team. He was a master at manipulating the bowl match ups and controlling who played who. The Big 10 would only allow its champion to go to a bowl and of course, it was the Rose Bowl. The other good teams in the Big 10 stayed home. ND didn't start bowling until the early 70's. I always made a special effort to watch the Bear Bryant Show on Sunday afternoons after Bammer lost. Even as a kid I could tell he was drunk. I always heard he never met a bottle of Black Jack he didn't like. It was also pre-Watergate and the media covered up a lot of stuff that would have gotten him fired today. It's a different era now. Everything is controlled by the SEC and TV. The media not only doesn't cover up bad stuff, it sometimes makes it up. Saban's 6 NC's were decided on the field. Either BCS or CFP. He also has probably 10 times the staff Bear had and his power outside of Tusclooser is limited, but there's no comparison who has accomplished more and especially in less time. One thing is for certain. I don't like either of them, because their mantra is "Just win, baby".
  11. Gus Malzahn at the AFCA Convention - Quotes

    Gus Malzahn on winning the natty at Auburn in 2010: "I get asked all the time how it feels to win the national championship. It feels the exact same as winning a high school championship. It's all the same." Here's a difference. How many high school coaches make 7 mil a year? I know of only one.
  12. 2019 4* QB Bo Nix Commits to AU!!!

    Well, at least it has improved some. Welcome Home Mr. Nix! War Eagle!!
  13. Softball Recruiting Areas

    A 12 year old throwing 66? Geez. I'd like to see that. Wow!!! She was throwing a 12 inch softball at 66? 6 years before she starts college. She may be throwing in the 70's by then.
  14. Stidham Returning

    I guess I was watching different games cause he sure sure looked like a very capable runner to me. I just wish he had been allowed to play more against tough competition or meaningful situations. I'm very glad JS is coming back. This is much needed good news after the lousy Monday we had.
  15. Thought we needed to start a new topic for CEK.