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  1. In the words of Daffy Duck,
  2. I just hope we can be show a decent product. Which Bo shows up? Can the offensive line give him enough time so the old Bo doesn't show up. Does the old Bo show up and can Finley bail us out if he does? I'm confidant the defense will be there. I know, JABA. Plenty of experience being disappointed.
  3. I'm sorry, there's a scoreboard in that picture?
  4. I was watching a clip of Cole Cubelic trying to get a glove on a Montana Fouts rise ball that was broadcast during the football game and it was a hoot. She finally threw him something straight so he could catch it. The catcher that had warmed her up really surprised me. It was Ally Shipman, a Tennessee legacy, whose older sister Madison was an All-American and now an analyst on ESPN. Checked the Bammer softball website and she did indeed transfer in with 2 years of eligibility. At least Hemphill is gone.
  5. Also keep in mind that a D1 juco scholarship is a full ride. No partials, plus Florida schools give their players expense money. At least that's the way it used to be. The Florida jucos have no problem recruiting good players.
  6. Chipola won a NC 2 years ago, so they are still pretty good. Most of the Florida JC's are always pretty decent and they are all D1 JC's. Not to compare them to D1 4 year schools, but they are decent and if they have a good pitcher will be good competition.
  7. @Zeek. Great idea for a thread. Thanks
  8. You are correct sir. Any judgements about Gus need to be reserved for 4 or 5 years when he will be playing with HIS players and HIS QB. Everyone should remember 2013 and the roller coaster ride in succeeding years. When he gets to the Big 12, not that he will see anything close to SEC defenses, he will still be playing against better competition than the AAC.
  9. I know this pre-internet, but do you remember Jerry Beasley, Terry's younger brother? He was always good for giving up at least 1 touchdown per game.
  10. Wow. We better be very much improved in our coaching before this happens. The SEC Tournament will be very interesting.
  11. You could probably blame the OKC weather for that development. The rain delays on Saturday and Sunday were to blame. You're not off topic at all. Watching the 8 teams in the WCWS makes some things perfectly clear. We are no where near close to those teams and no facility will make up for the human element we seem to be missing. I'm not talking about hitting or fielding or pitching, The only team that made me scratch my head and wonder why they were there was UGA. The only idea I could come up with was that Lou Harris Champer told her team of her retirement plans before the
  12. Well OU banks another one with their home field advantage. Their bashers wear you down and Gasso keeps finding gritty pitchers. I have never seen a pitcher putting so much reverse spin on a ball the way Juarez can and she's coming back next year. FSU pitcher Sandercock was throwing low in the zone in game 2 and OU still got under the pitches to drive them out. Unbelievable. Congrats to Taylon Snow. At least someone with a connection to our team will get a ring. Just canceled my ESPN+ subscription and waiting for February 2022 to start it back.
  13. Yeah, neither coach started their #1 and both should be rested. FSU just keeps clawing. I think OU was shell shocked or a few innings after that 5 run inning.
  14. Slot and OW, I agree 100% with you guys. OU always has home field advantage being 12 or 13 miles from their campus. Arnold never impressed me when she was at UT. Think Gasso plays it like she did against us with Paige Parker. Starts her #1 in game 1 and her #2 in game 2. There is speed and power on both teams and both play great defense. This is a great matchup for us fans
  15. Yeah I think Murphy outsmarted himself by not pitching Fouts on Sunday when FSU was tired. It gave them more time to prepare and game plan. I also wonder if the team was surprised by that move. They seemed flat in both games and she was not hitting her spots tonight. To paraphrase someone reviled by many on this site: "She went from the Penthouse on Friday to the Outhouse on Monday". Well we have 2 teams who went through the loser's bracket in the Finals for the first time ever. Here's to hopefully 3 more nights of softball.
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