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  1. Right now, Handley may need to be a short reliever. It was her second time through the order that did her in. The third inning was a disaster for us. A home run, a double and a couple of singles to go along with 2 wild pitches and 2 errors. Of course, not all of that was on her. Interesting to see how CMD schedules the pitchers against Kennesaw State on Wednesday. Just saw where UGA (next weekend's opp) was swept at home by LSU.
  2. Great job ladies!!! I'm still scratching my head why Harris didn't pitch last night. Let's take the series.
  3. OW. Do you have a link for that? I also take issue with CMD's game management. Harris should have started tonight and been available for Sunday.
  4. Has there been any indication how or when it happened?
  5. I wasn't able to see the Friday game. Was she hit during the game? If not, I wonder if she hurt herself during the celebration of Perry's HR.
  6. Not on Spectrum. There was 1 out in the seventh when mine switched to the baseball game. I had to come here to find out how the game ended.
  7. Thanks WT. ESPN giveth and ESPN taketh away. Switched from softball to baseball. At least it's our baseball game.
  8. That would have been Garrett Coliseum, which is where I saw my first Auburn basketball game. We played Bammer there in the 60's.
  9. 🤣 I'm sorry, but that's just too good to pass up. I think the only sanctioning body still using that rule is Dixie Softball 8 and under division.
  10. It pains me to say this, but looks like uat has reloaded. They beat Arizona last week out there.
  11. Don't mean to derail the thread, but I was at the Drake game and she is in fact pretty good, but we helped her. The Drake pitcher relied on her rise ball for her K's. Whenever she got to 2 strikes, you could bank the rise was coming and we couldn't lay off. She's a good sized young lady who was consistently between 66 and 70 mph. It was until the 4th that she threw a changeup. MM was on point today and she had a low ball umpire behind the plate, which she loves. Most of the hits off MM were twizzlers hit off the end of the bat that found a hole. For the most part our defense was good. We had several DP's and most were started by Taylon, but one around the horn DP was started by Tannon. Those were nice plays. Podany misplayed a ball in center field and I gave her the benefit of the doubt because it was late in the afternoon and she was looking right into the sun, but the very next inning the Drake CF had the exact same situation and she made the play. Tannon's dinger was a no doubter. Getting our first hit in the 6th is not good. Our hitting has got to improve or our SEC schedule is going to be ugly.
  12. Agree with all these points. KK is a good kid and I wish her well. UAB seems like a good possiblity since it's close to home, but who knows. Do we have any slappers left?
  13. Ouch!! This hurts. The timing is definitely questionable.
  14. Great story. Thanks for posting. As gr82be said, speaks a lot about CRG as well as the grit of Les Snead. During and after college.