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  1. Yeah those salaries are more in line with what I would think a SEC assistant would make. Montgomery picked a great time to leave.
  2. Thanks Slot. According to that article, all is not doom and gloom in the AU softball world.
  3. Here's a posting for a position at a junior college in California for a swimming and diving coach along with a kinesiology professor. I can imagine a softball coach makes a similar salary and I believe Coach Rojas taught that course. Plus comparing the cost of living between California and Alabama, she could have made a lateral move and still be ahead. Plus, she is now at a Power 5 four year college which will possibly help her in the future. Kinesiology Instructor/Head Coach Swim & Dive and Women's Water Polo - Full-time, Tenure-track-College of Marin Salary: $65,616.00 - $105,403.00 Post Date August 26, 2019
  4. Same ole Gus. Ran the Statue of Liberty early in the game.
  5. Sorry if this was already posted. A friend heard recently the difference between the Atlanta Braves' "A" and the Bammer "A". The Bammer "A" has a mullet. I love it.
  6. Found this on the website of the Citrus College Owls. I guess this answers my question. All the JC's in California apparently are D3. My reasoning behind my question is how much did she have to coach her players and if they are all D3, I will say quite a lot. Her success was attributed to hard work with probably a fairly low budget. CMD may have found a diamond. Q. Can I receive an athletic scholarship at a California community college? A. No. Scholarships and financial inducements for athletic participation are not permitted within the rules governing California community colleges. This includes but is not limited to: - Cash or personal loans - Special discounts or payment arrangements on loans - Free use of an automobile - A gift of money or other tangible items (Clothes, jewelry, books, gas, food, etc.) - Transportation - Free or reduced costs for housing arrangements - Telephone privileges Q. Does Citrus College provide housing ? A. The Citrus College Athletic Department does not provide housing for prospective student-athletes as it is prohibited by the California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA), in Bylaw 2.11. Important: The student-athlete is responsible for all housing expenses and will not get any financial support from staff or employees of Citrus College. Living on your own can be very expensive, and most times financial aide alone will not cover it. Plan accordingly.
  7. I've looked on the school website and on their Wiki page and I can't find any info about what division Mt. San Antonio College is in as far as the NJCAA. D1, D2 ....? Anyone know? Be interesting to know level of athletes she has been working with. I know California softball players are pretty good, but it would be nice to know.
  8. "I don't care who you are, that's funny."
  9. Interesting article. Impressive strikeout numbers in club ball. High school stats can be deceiving depending on the quality of competition. She fits in with CMD's philosophy of his pitchers being multi-faceted. Our recent transfer, Sam Yarbrough fits this as well. If CMD gets these ladies who can play a position and pitch, he doesn't need a large roster. From the article: It was a bittersweet summer for Auburn-bound Madison (“Maddie”) Penta, the tall flame-throwing pitcher from Maryland ,who was almost untouchable for much of the club season, striking out 312 of the 580 batters she faced before a stress fracture in her arm curtailed the Keystone State hurler’s great run. At the So Cal A’s Invitational in June, Maddie was very impressive and it looked like she was going to be one of the top pitchers heading into nationals, but unfortunately she wasn’t able to make it to nationals as hoped. It was an interesting injury too in that her forearm muscle got too strong and it caused a fracture during a pitch thrown in a game. However, she went to the physician who fixed former Red Sox ace Curt Schilling’s shoulder and now Madison is back on the mend ready to have an even bigger and better 2019.
  10. Thanks OW, for the post and the new topic. The high number of walks is troubling, but the K's sound good. H'mm on that same portal, I see Taylon Snow is going to OU. Interesting.
  11. Asking as an academic outsider, where does scholarship money come from? Endowments? Who is responsible for raising the funds? My wife's niece, who we raised, is starting at Troy this fall. With her Pell Grant and scholarships after making a 30 on the ACT, she's pretty much getting a free ride. It disturbs me that it is so much cheaper at Harvard than Auburn.
  12. I had to think about that one for minute. What the heck does that mean? Being an old man, my Urbanese is lacking. Then it hit me. LOL