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  1. Congrats to KAYLEE CARLSON. Nice game ladies.
  2. Nice Game Ladies. Many congratulations to Ms. Cooper. She's had a great career and makes the Auburn Family extremely proud.
  3. Ditto. Another tough one coming up with USF.
  4. Did the school ever make an announcement referred by Coach Myers concerning Tannon?
  5. Is there any TV for tomorrow's game?
  6. Nebraska has a radio broadcast for their women's softball playing in another country. That's a novel idea.
  7. NU has 9 hits. AU 7. 3 outs. We win.
  8. Picked up the NU radio on their website. Bottom of the seventh. 1 out. Runner at 2nd.
  9. Any reports from today's scrimmage? I see from an earlier post that Snow is battling a medical issue.
  10. I'm not sure what all the discussion is about. Recruiting will never be an exact science. From watching this kid's tape, he has a pretty good arm, decent speed and some crazy moves. I have to wonder why he's only a 3 star. I think he has a tremendous up side. Welcome to the Family, Malik!!!
  11. While I agree the SEC is down this year, let's compare apples to apples. The lower bowl match ups were not favorable to the SEC. I hate defending Big Boy Brett, but Arky finished 5th in the SEC West and played a division winner from the ACC. BTW, I didn't realize they struggled so much in the second half this year. TAMU was 4th in the SEC West and played the fourth place finisher in the Big 12. USCe finished 5th in the SEC East and played another conference division winner. If the AU team that played Arky shows up, we're going to have a fun night, If the AU team that played UGA and Bammer shows up, I may go to bed early.
  12. I'm not going make excuses, but I think reality finally caught up to us. That offense tonight was put together with duct tape. I don't think SW is healthy. JFIII proved last week that he isn't the answer. Loosing those 2 running backs before the season has come home to roost. No Pettway today killed us, and KJ isn't 100%. CGM's offense doesn't need a dual threat QB, but it does need a RB that can run between the tackles. Defense played great, but our lack of offensive depth is showing. Oh, how I wish we had receivers who could catch.
  13. Thanks E. Wow! Are we stocking up. 2 Power pitchers including a lefty and a ton of position players who are fast and have power. Plus, they all play for very powerful club teams from coast to coast. Is it me, or are we dominating the state of Alabama?
  14. Ditto