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  1. YES!!!! If my math is correct, Casey needs 4 RBI's to break Charlotte Morgan's SEC RBI record.
  2. An article titled "Auburn softball names 13-year-old cancer survivor as honorary team member" shows the Auburn Softball Team with a cancer survivor that has been made an honorary team member. Tremendous gesture and makes us proud of these Auburn ladies.
  3. Last year, after our 5th batter, which was Rhodes, we didn't hit all year. The bottom half of the order did nothing and we almost won the WCWS. When you have one of the best pitchers in the country, you can mask a lot of ills. Carlson throws around 67 to 68 mph consistently, then mixes in that killer changeup and she can't be hit. She's also starting to locate her riseball where she's getting swings and misses. Last year, OU won it with one pitcher and if we are going to have a chance this year, we may do the same. Cooper has been a big disappointment. I think she's pressing too much and not playing her game. Her struggles at the plate are starting to affect her defense. The way she hit the ball last night is very encouraging. I hope she's starting to come out of her funk. The defense has been a disappointment this year as well, especially on the right side. I think Rivera has established, that she's ready take over in RF and that will help tremendously. McCrakin is a mystery. Earlier in the year she made several mental mistakes trying to make impossible plays, but she's starting to come around in that area. She really struggles with anything hit to her right side where she has to make a backhand catch. This includes ground balls and fly balls like the one against UF. This is coachable. With her struggles at the plate, I don't understand why they don't give Crocker another chance. For the most part, we are a young team and if we make to OKC, it will be gravy, but I think next year will be the year we take it.
  4. Carlson's changeup has been killer tonight. 1 more out needed.
  5. One thing needs to be clarified on the missed strike call. While the overall performance of the umpires this weekend was horrible, starting with the female's interference call on Wallace, she wasn't at fault on this play. Umpires are taught on a swing appeal to never make that call unless you are in position on the 1st or 3rd base lines. As a high school umpire, we were told that some coaches would test you and if you were positioned in the middle of the infield and made a strike call, the coach would write you up. Umpire mechanics, when using a three person crew and a runner at first, calls for the third base umpire to be positioned behind second base. She was properly positioned in the middle of the infield and made the correct call. That being said, earlier this season I saw an umpire make that call, which was just as bad as this situation. On this play, Emanuel committed so much, the plate umpire should have made the call. I don't know how it is now, but 10 years ago, SEC umpires were paid a flat fee for a 3 game series. Out of that fee, they had to pay all of their expenses. Travel, hotel, and meals. 10 years ago the fee was $500, and at first, it sounded appealing until you realized all the expenses came out of that. Because of that, I never really considered taking a shot at being an SEC umpire. Watching most of the games this year, the lack of decent umpires is really shocking. The conference really needs to address this, and the first place would be to attract quality umpires by paying a decent stipend. None of these people are in it for the money, but staying in a motel every weekend and being possibly hundreds of miles from home would be more palatable with higher compensation and would attract better candidates.
  6. The SEC is really hurting for decent umpires. This crew is a joke.
  7. Like I said Friday night, I don't understand why Rivera hasn't been playing. I know she's a true freshman, but she got selected for the USA junior team for some reason. She can play.
  8. Finally gave Martin some run support. Great game ladies. Bring the brooms tomorrow, let's get the sweep.
  9. This team bounced back very nicely after all the distractions this week. Great game ladies.
  10. 172 pitches for the UGA pitcher and she's their ace.. I like our chances.
  11. Rivera makes a great catch to start the 7th. 1 out. She needs to play more.
  12. We lead the conference in walks and can't make the other team pay. Until that changes, other teams are going to continue to walk our sluggers.
  13. So we get the sisters up in the 6th. Let's get one out.