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  1. Thanks to all of you guys for your research and insights. This appears to be a fantastic class and I hope theses ladies realize their potential for the Orange and Blue. CMD has assembled a great class of outfielders, middle infielders and pitchers with numbers that are mind boggling. I also wish Ms. Davidson the best. Wish we could have signed her, but you can never fault a young person for deciding on what they feel is best for them and their future. War Eagle!!
  2. That's right. Totally forgot. Managed the Braves for a few years after they moved to Atlanta. Seems like there's a field named Hitchcock somewhere. 😉
  3. I'll let my tag speak for itself. Geaux Tigers.
  4. Is he the first former Auburn player to be a Major League manager?
  5. OW, while I greatly respect your opinions, I have to side with 1716 on this one. Yes, Carlson is the best pitcher in Auburn's softball history. But Coop is the all time RBI leader in the SEC. I don't think it's a stretch to consider retiring her number.
  6. Thanks Coach. Maybe Bo can copy his dad with a win at Florida Field.
  7. Cause MSU recruits Alabama heavily.
  8. Now they call holding? This crew is a joke.
  9. MSU has their starting RB still in? That's crazy.
  10. Talk about an ugly Christmas sweater.
  11. Too many fumbles. That's gonna kill us if we don't get it cleaned up.
  12. I'm old and senile and sometimes I think I see stuff that ain't really there, but I could have sworn that just a little while ago, I saw Bammer run the wildcat. Whaattt?? How could they lower themselves to run a high school formation? Next thing they'll break out the wing T. What is this world coming to?
  13. My apologies Slot. A shiny object distracted me. Thanks for the info.
  14. 1 pitcher and 3 catchers. Interesting. Thanks for the info, OW.
  15. Yeah those salaries are more in line with what I would think a SEC assistant would make. Montgomery picked a great time to leave.