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  1. Heard about it on a sports radio channel. What a shame. They said he had made over $27 million in his career.
  2. Momma, that ranks up there with William Andrews running over Andy Spiva of Tennessee and Ronnie Brown running over Jason Allen of Tennessee as 3 of the greatest plays by an Auburn running back showing pure strength and power. Loved it. Hopefully this year we'll get to see Worm play more than 1 play at a time.
  3. You guys crack me up!!
  4. Hey AUDevil, what "possessed" you to come up with this name?
  5. This is welcome news after this morning's announcement.
  6. Aubie needs to be fired. How long has it been since he won a championship? He's making way too much money for mediocrity.😉
  7. Changing the subject a little, but did anyone notice the color of the jacket Satan wore last night? Wasn't crimson so he could sell his school. It was blue so he could sell something else. The only thing missing was the duck.
  8. 1972 Gator Bowl. The Amazin's played Colorado. Don't remember much about the game. I think we won 24-3, and the Amazin's were amazing. Before the game when they brought Ralphie the buffalo out, they had 4 or 5 guys trying to control him. They were running out on the field when one of the handlers in the front lost his balance and tripped the guy behind him and that buffalo drug those guys all around the field. LMAO.
  9. 100% agree Slot. Swindle is our top gun and unless she has developed another pitch, which I sure hope she has, I don't see her going through an order 3 times. 3 or 4 innings at the most. Which means having relievers ready. Hopefully, Handley has better control this year and a new pitch as well. I have high hopes for Dismukes. Using multple pitchers would give teams different looks and preserve arms for the post-season.
  10. No. You'll see gray, just like Number 7 wore. That's the point isn't it?
  11. There's a player with the last name of Whitlow from Opelika playing for UL against MSU. Any kin to Boobie?
  12. A couple of passes in the fourth quarter against Thuga broke my heart. Not saying they were Bo's fault.
  13. Good news. I just ordered a 6 game ticket package and I'm in Section 101. Yoohoo!!
  14. Funny, but all the Bammers I know hate Gary. They say he always mentions Auburn or Gus when broadcasting one of their games even we we aren't playing.😃