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  1. saminbama

    Auburn 63 ASU 9 - Postgame Thread

    I was having off and on issues picking up the Auburn Network broadcast last night. Did I miss Gatewood playing? QB's were Stidham, Willis, Cord and Adams. Is that correct?
  2. saminbama

    Auburn 63 ASU 9 - Postgame Thread

    Cord was very poised. Wish we would have let him throw down field. If, heaven forbid, Stidham goes down, I would feel more comfortable with Cord than Malik. We also found someone else who can run the jet sweep.
  3. saminbama

    Upon Further Review - Washington Game

    Sorry. I can't see that far. On the other hand, the two very good options deserve some pondering.
  4. saminbama

    *** Game Thread: Auburn vs. Washington ***

    These 3 point drives are gonna kill us!!
  5. saminbama

    Urban Meyer's downfall?

    We won our 1957 NC while on probation. tOSU won the UPI and we won the AP. Woody Hayes talked down on us. They are very snobbish. All the trouble they get from this couldn't happen to a finer bunch.
  6. saminbama

    softball 2018 Fall schedule

    Looks like Bammer has 2 hot shot pitchers coming in. Dang it.
  7. saminbama

    Kickoff game announcers

    Yep. Mine makes me go to the man cave and shut the door.
  8. saminbama

    Anonymous coach speaks on Auburn

    Stidham wasn't the problem in the SECCG or the Peach Bowl. KJ was hurt against Bammer and was not effective in the last 2 games. Without KJ, we had no running game and became one dimensional. When you face the quality defenses we faced, 90% of QB's would struggle.
  9. Yeah. In this regard, I feel football is like baseball and softball. You can never have too many QB's or too many pitchers.
  10. saminbama

    First thing Chip will address at Fall Camp

    When does Fall Camp start?
  11. There was a time when I could, but now I can't remember.
  12. saminbama

    2019 4* RB Noah Cain

    Can someone explain this rule? What has Cadillac been doing that prevents us from hiring him?
  13. Does Kayode Oladele not enrolling free up a slot for Sandberg?
  14. saminbama

    D1 Softball Head Coach Changes

    Dang it. She was my #1 choice last year. Thought she would never leave OU. We obviously didn't try hard enough to get her.