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  1. AUtildeath

    AU Gear

    I was able to finally get the items ordered and delivered with just enough time for a friend to bring it down to Guatemala for me. I will send you a message directly with more information.
  2. AUtildeath

    AU Gear

    Has anybody else tried ordering from Fanatics (site at top of forum) and have them cancel the order on their end and not inform you? This has happened multiple times in the past and again this past week. After talking with them twice from Guatemala, they still couldn't explain why I received a confirmation email or why they canceled the order.
  3. AUtildeath

    Chuck Person

    How many times have we seen professional athletes go bankrupt or mismanage their money?
  4. AUtildeath

    Chuck Person

    Bribery Sentencing Guidelines ( The fine attached to the charge of bribery is generally understood to be related to the amount of the bribe. In most cases, including federal cases, the fine will not exceed the value of the bribe. In addition to this fine, 18 USCS ยง 201(b) allows for up to fifteen years of imprisonment as well as disqualification from holding public office. Federal judges and grand juries may use their discretion to the maximum extent permitted by law in order to determine whether those involved in bribery should be disqualified from office-holding in the future. Corruption Punishment ( Corruption punishment generally includes both a prison sentence and a fine commensurate with the value of the money, goods, or services that was fraudulently obtained. Federal corruption proceedings are notorious for long prison sentences, which may exceed two decades. Individuals convicted of corruption may lose the ability to run for any public office.
  5. AUtildeath

    Chuck Person

    I am in Guatemala so I don't have access to the press conference. I would ask that y'all keep me updated on here but I am sure that won't be an issue.
  6. AUtildeath

    ***FINAL: Auburn 51 Mizzou 14***

    Auburn looked decent tonight against a terrible Mizzou team. Next week should tell us where we really stand. War Eagle!
  7. My name is Brandon. I am from Attalla, AL, and Etowah High School, home of ML Brackett, Patrick Nix, Reggie Worthy, and Carnell Williams (to name a few), as well as several players for the bad guys. My dad graduated from Auburn in the early 70s. He started buying season tickets and taking our family to football games when I was 5 years old. The Bible does talk about training up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Over the years, I have been to nearly 190 football games (both regular season and bowls), been to countless SEC basketball tournaments, and been as far as Omaha, NE, to watch the baseball team in the College World Series. I am currently living in Guatemala City, Guatemala, working with orphans and will soon begin partnering with a pediatric surgery center here. I still make it to at least one game every year. War Eagle!
  8. AUtildeath

    FSU look-a-likes

    Shayne Broxsie Biz Markie
  9. AUtildeath

    FSU look-a-likes

    Austin Barron Matt Noble (Big Larry from the movie Accepted)
  10. AUtildeath

    FSU look-a-likes

    Ryan Alicea Martha Plimpton
  11. AUtildeath

    MIZZOU Look-A-Likes

    Cortland Browning David Robinson (young)
  12. AUtildeath

    MIZZOU Look-A-Likes

    Eric Beisel Steve the Pirate (Alan Tudyk)
  13. AUtildeath

    Happy, happy, happy,,,,,

    "Protectors of the Earth" by Two Steps From Hell
  14. AUtildeath

    MIZZOU Look-A-Likes
  15. AUtildeath

    Bammer look-a-likes

    Josh Dickerson Craig Robinson