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  1. Support Shon Coleman and St Jude by following on twitter http://www.twitter.com/sctributefund Looking for more followers than Bruce Feldman in support of Shon and saving children's lives. #wde
  2. Your support is a big reason why. I'd encourage you to continue your support of Shon and St. Jude ....his family receives an email each time a donation is made to this fun...use the power of social networking so they can continue to fill the AUFamily love. Http://stj.convio.net/goto/wareagleshon
  3. 4 males, 1 female $200.00 deposit reserves pick $300.00 due at pick up/delivery
  4. Shon will redshirt in 2012. He'll have 4 to play 4. Auburn has had special clearance from the NCAA to have him on campus. He's been in the weight room during that time, but not working out with the team. Shon is going to be a man among boys in 2013. I believe he is officially being counted as a member of the 2012 signing class.
  5. They helped put our boy, Shon, back on the football field. Shon isn't the only kid they're helping make dreams come true. Show them some love from the Auburn Family. http://stj.convio.net/goto/wareagleshon **Shon's family gets an e-mail when this account receives donations.
  6. Im taking deposits for lab puppies that I expect to be delivered any day now. $200.00 reserves your pick and $300.00 balance due when pup is picked up. Located in Auburn, delivery might be an option. For pedigree and other info visit http://greeneacre.blogspot.com
  7. bump, just a couple more days until the Drawing on October 22nd.
  8. its been posted a couple other of places. there has probably been about 10-15 people entered for the helmet. Everyone who donates is entered for the Ole Miss tickets, but only folk who send me the screen shot are entered for the helmet.
  9. only one that I'm aware of, but not everyone has told me where they found the link
  10. I saw this story on another site and wanted to pass along to here. A poster has set up a fund at St. Jude. A 10 year old member of our Auburn Family (you may have seen him featured on AU Football: Everday a couple of weeks ago) has lost his battle with a form of cancer called neuroblastoma. Evan Thomason, of Helena, AL, passed away last week after putting up a strong fight. Evan has been a dedicated Auburn fan and has met and been an inspiration to many of Auburn's football players and coaches. Help honor his life and memory by making a donation to St. Jude in his name. A memorial fund has be
  11. Apparently, you have to have a minimum of 24 hours between votes. I voted 23 hours ago, and hopefully I'll remember to get back for one last vote. Do you have any indication of who's in the lead? If comments on the contest pages are any indication, you're way ahead with 19; the next highest is 6. No idea if I'm in the lead or not. The comments, to me, indicate that I've had higher volumes of traffic. I have no idea though. I'll take all the votes I can get! That $2,000.00 will be quite handy next semester! WDE. 3 HRS left, they will announce a winner on Sept 2nd, I will let y'all know if
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