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  1. Taking the wife and kids to the game. Looking for 4 tix.
  2. I don’t get why everyone acts like we can’t sign big name coaches like Urban and Stoops. Who wouldn’t want to coach at Auburn? All ya gotta do is have one great season, sign a ridiculous contract with an obscene buyout, then tank until they finally fire you, and collect your $$$.
  3. I love how quickly the focus changed from the shady sh** that happened with Gus’s firing to an “earth shattering” candidate that will probably never materialize. JGT says the shadiness is no big deal and then drops the “earth shattering” bomb, and we all fall for it... Wake up, y’all.
  4. If the PTB have wanted Steele plus a splash OC hire from the get-go, I would hope it’d be a young, up-and-coming OC, so that that person could take the reins in a few yrs.
  5. I’ve only gone back a couple pages on this thread so y’all may have already discussed; but if the PTB want Steele with a splash OC hire, who do y’all think that hire is?
  6. I hope you’re wrong but suspect you’re right. JetGate, Gus’s raise, Gus’s almost firing a couple yrs ago, now this. If the president wants a search committee, you should have announced it when you fired Gus. The fact that you didn’t and now announce it days later means you’re either incompetent or the guy you thought would take the job said no and now you’re scrambling (making you incompetent bc you didn’t have a backup plan). The only way you’re competent is if it’s Mario and he asked to hold the announcement until after the PAC-12 title game.
  7. I saw everyone knock a guy’s post about us interviewing Ed Orgeron. If you wanted him to stay at LSU, you’d interview him. Not with any intention of hiring him; only with the intention of keeping him at LSU longer. If he is aggravated about the talks of LSU wanting to fire him, he’d take the interview and try to force their hand for a higher buyout and salary (just like the overtures between Gus and Arkansas a few yrs ago). If we truly have our guy and are confident and the committee is just for show, then we should interview ppl we think suck so that they can try to get extensions and higher buyouts from their current employer. Yall need to play 4-D chess.
  8. If it’s such a given that a search committee must be convened, why wait 24 hrs to announce it?
  9. In the era of the transfer portal, Gus sure could benefit from emulating Spurrier when it comes to QBs. Switch ‘em often; go with the hot hand. It’ll keep ‘em both around and competing. This nonsense about benching them hurts their egos is bull. If you can’t handle getting benched bc you’re playing terribly, then you shouldn’t be playing in the first place. If you can’t handle the competition, then maybe you’re not good enough to begin with. I want guys who aren’t afraid to compete; not guys that cower at the thought of it.
  10. While I agree this likely the case, I just can’t understand why they would let this situation fester, especially Gus. If you agree to a lower buyout and it’s done, but there’s still rumors galore that you will be gone, why would you not make an official statement saying I’m gonna be the coach next year?
  11. But Gus doesn’t care about money, right? That’s what everyone is saying. If that’s so true, then he’ll gladly pay the buyout for any assistant he wants to fire. So his hands aren’t tied behind his back...
  12. Since Gus isn't really motivated by money (or material things, by implication), I'll happily take his car. That's a pretty sweet ride for someone so monastic...
  13. Anybody know if there will be an Auburn radio broadcast in the Superdome without a delay?
  14. I have two in the Club. Section 307. Good tickets. Face is $260; willing to part with them for $225. Message me or email me if interested. Feindav@yahoo.com
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