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  1. Internet / Radio options for AU football

    Anybody know if there will be an Auburn radio broadcast in the Superdome without a delay?
  2. Looking for 2 Lower Level Sugar Bowl Tickets

    I have two in the Club. Section 307. Good tickets. Face is $260; willing to part with them for $225. Message me or email me if interested. Feindav@yahoo.com
  3. Auburn with shot at Sugar Bowl

    Show me a link that says the Sugar has to take the highest ranked SEC team. All I see is that the bowl selects a replacement from the SEC. The Sugar can take anyone they want. And from what I'm hearing, the Sugar Bowl committee is leaning towards Auburn.
  4. AU radio programming list

    Are there any pre-game, Auburn-focused radio shows with independent analysis, other than the official Auburn pre-game show? Anything with ppl calling in?
  5. Andre Ware

    That's why I listen to the Auburn radio broadcast online, synced with the TV using DVR...
  6. Wallpaper

    Anyone have a wallpaper with the 2012 schedule on it?
  7. DVDs?

    Anyone on here have any DVDs of games for sale? Most specifically from the 2010 season?
  8. Internet / Radio options for AU football

    http://www.freefootballradio.com/auburn.html That's a decent site that lists the ones that broadcast the games and stream over the net. I also have Wunder radio on the iPhone which is organized by team so it's easy to navigate. As others have said, I don't know if stations will be able to stream over the net. Some have in the past, but it definitely seems like the amount of stations that do stream the games is dwindling...
  9. Schedule Wallpaper

    The coming season...2011
  10. Schedule Wallpaper

    Hey all, any of you photoshop-savvy people care to make some wallpapers with the schedule on 'em? Thanks so much.
  11. Listening online?

  12. Football on my iphone

    Here's a good site: http://www.freefootballradio.com/auburn.html
  13. Cell Phone Wallpaper

    Anyone good at making cell phone wallpapers? I'm horribly computer illiterate. I'm looking for one with the '08 schedule on it. Thanks.
  14. Future AU Schedules?

    If it does get moved to Oct 23rd, I'd like to see the Southern Miss game moved up to WVU's spot early in the season. I think they're gonna be a much improved team (I think they return all their starters except one), and I'd like to play them early in the season before their new coach starts to get rolling. This'll also give us some extra time to prepare for WVU. Problem is, I can't find their '08 schedule anywhere. Anyone know if this date's open?