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  1. 35-10 AU. Our DL > Their OL. EDIT: Not only that but they lost to Kentucky who used their WR as a QB. Not to be rude but Arky is really really bad
  2. freshman runningbackitis.... but really i believe he had some type of hip pointer
  3. I hate Mullen, I think hes a terrible coach and terrible person. My hope is that wherever he coaches, he is run off. He is a rat and liar. Nothing but the worst for Cousin Eddie
  4. At the same time, the dbs were abused some tonight. If the line wasn’t held all night, I think they may look a little better. But something has to change
  5. The same defense that turned uf over a bunch? They were on the field all night. If the offense can muster not being garbage, we all love this d again.
  6. I hope they study it and find a better way to communicate the plays in, and the snap. Too many times bo was checking the online for either protection or the play call. It lead to bad execution, flags, or a time out too often
  7. Ding ding ding we have a winner. Simple football concepts are way over their head apparently. Had nothing to do with gatewood being the savior. But sometimes it could settle bo down and give homeless time to breathe and digest things on the sideline
  8. Try harder man. It’s very clear you are either trying to be annoying or just dense. We are upset that we lost a game we were a favorite and played like crap on offense when the defense turned them over again and again while playing what seemed like 90% of the game. We are upset that our coach who showed he could buck trends and game plan, went conservative and did not use his roster to his advantage when the moment proved too much for his freshman qb.
  9. Lol. No one here has said that we’d win every game, nor did anyone say they expected to win every game. Most of not all of us said LSU would be the best candidate for the loss. We were favored and turned them over repeatedly. So it is perfectly acceptable to believe we’d win the game and be upset we didn’t.
  10. Gus did however continue to play him when we had other options and had a chance to call other plays to get the offense into a rythem. It’s on both, but he is the play caller and coach and needs to take ownership of his bad decisions
  11. It’s not even the riding the freshman. It’s the horrible player management, lack of any game plan against their d, and time management. I forgot we didn’t have any other qb to try other than bo.
  12. Does Gus get fired looking this idiotic and what will probably be a blowout loss to Uga, LSU, and bama?
  13. Here’s a great idea let’s play a qb that is sucking and run the ball down 11 with 9 min left after giving up a td. Smart