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  1. Cant stand that this has become a thing. Its another game for the university that provided you the scholarship and opportunity to make that money. Same risk playing against Tulane, kent state, samford etc. I don't have to like it just like you don't have to agree with me. Just please don't lie about the reason you're sitting out if you decide to. No one believes you are "sick" etc. Just be a man and say "I'm sitting out to protect my health and ensure I have the means to support my family".
  2. no my body cant take the abuse lol
  3. that guy was litterally grabbing danjel's arm. how is that not a foul?
  4. Not sure what foul that was but ok.
  5. I just popped my shoulder out on that celebration. Worth it if we win
  6. Here comes the tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. that is true. never know how they'd of called it
  8. help was a little late. not wrong. either way, he missed
  9. got too cute and misses the reverse. My goodness
  10. holy crap they made the correct call and its auburn's ball.
  11. wow how did they allow us to correctly make a basket and tie the game? Figured we'd get another phantom travel call or offensive foul for playing good basketball
  12. lol we get completely mugged and no call. We play good d and get a foul. Ref you SUUUUUUCK