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  1. I get wanting qb depth, and im not trying to blast a kid, but i don't see the reason to care of Barrett gets passed by willis. If that's the case then he's prob not good enough to be worried about in the first place, or willis is working his tail off getting more efficient. As for white, i think we will see him at his healthiest if he is the backup. Not having to take those hits week in week out can do wonders
  2. Kim is what a redshirt freshman? That's what's up with him. Hints why we go grad transfer. If he adds depth that we didn't have before than good. If he frees up the ability to put the best 5 on the line, even better. I don't care who plays where as long as its the best line we can put out. Stars mean nothing the second that loi is signed. More people need to realize that
  3. FIFY
  4. USCe Has an RPI of 23. While the loss dropped them 5 points, its still a "good loss" if there is such a thing. Bama is at 67 which means that beating them 2 time and once at their home is impressive to me. Don't care what others say, beating Tech away from home (91), TCU (35) and Bama (67) 2 times are good wins. Losses to Tenn (37), UF (8), UK (13) are not bad either.
  5. The female announcer cant be that dumb can she?
  6. Everything is a foul. Come on
  7. Can we not make some clutch freethrows
  8. Not arguing that bc loss at all nor that snake cal being a cancer. Hope he rots. But there's a reason every year the joe linardi types do a blind resume comparison. Rpi and s.o.s are great indicators, but big name schools, wither great wins or not, have a wow factor. Im not saying they be as meaningful as say last year when ok was a top 25 team, or the mid 2000's where uconn was king, but they're still big programs in big conferences. Again not saying were a lock for anything, but those wins help not hurt. Winning solves all our problems and i think we can agree on that
  9. Screw jimmy rayne! Give us a decent set of facilities and a coach that can coach as well as he can recruit and every one of our rivals would crap their pants and quit
  10. Man i don't think we could agree more today. Things have def changed especially with how social media and folks like espn etc, report in a coaches every move. Guess us fans need to get used to the up and coming coach or middle road gamble. If this experiment doesnt work out, maybe fleck or Herman won't have crapped the bed or done too good not to be in reach of the good ole boy network
  11. Yeah i was at uf that year too thinking how the hell are we that good against them? Another where the score was closer than the game until tre flipped into the endzone
  12. The biggest thing giving me heartburn is b.c. that's inexcusable. Uab will be to 3 in conf, save with Purdue. Need to see ok and uconn win a few more. And if we play as well as we can, we should take the miss games, uga, lsu and def mizzou. If we can take 1 of the uf and ark? Hello dance. Obv a lot to ask of this team, but it's just as likely as losing more than our fair share. Need wiley to have more points and rebounds than fouls and some more big games from dp and bb.
  13. It was always when ark should have not even showed up too. I was in j.h. in 06 with my gf at the time at her first au Game when dmc and Felix dad gum Jones ran through our all sec defense like it wasn't on the field. And if i ever see freaking matt jones i will curb stomp him!
  14. Both hired got rotten by the same thing at the end. I dont care really where they came from as long as they help Auburn get closet and closer to championships and being a top 25 team ever in the ncaa. Im pretty sure that If we had an opening and hired fleck, there would be more than a handful celebrating. Id say the same about Herman too. Realistically, the last 4 hihires have been tainted by one thing. Meddling to the point a of a failed season. Bowden in 98, tubs in 08 and now gus. Id argue especially given two of the 3 rebounded. That they did not forget how to coach and win
  15. Im not saying we are a lock for post season. But we have more than 1 out 2 decent wins. Oklahoma and uconn even if they aren't top 10 tans are big wins away from auburn just by name recognition alone especially playing away from au arena. I'll take the sweep over bama being our best sec wins too. Sec sucks this year and we have uf and ark left in front of us to be able to make a statement. Same with the miss schools. Obviously we need to make sure we don't drop below .500 buy we have the the talent to bang and play with anyone in conference. Just need to play to our ability. Argue with me if you want.or say if and buts, but we start out not playing stupid against a few tans esp tenn and this is a different conversion wondering how they keep us out instead of how do we get in