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  1. auburntiger1987

    NC State Pregame/Postgame Thread

    Anyone know much about them? I looked up their rpi on warren nolen and the rip of the teams they played, no real big wins to see.
  2. auburntiger1987

    Men vs UAB

    One can hope! This team has so much potential. But will need to be locked in coming up. Season is about to be real
  3. auburntiger1987

    Men vs UAB

    You don’t have to go back and forth. This game is proof the team needs to get better. I’m here every game. Just like I told someone else, life happened and I didn’t get to post earlier but I don’t come here just to bitch. I love auburn and auburn basketball and this team has the potential to be great but have a long way to go to get to that point. Just because I post facts that show we played like crap today doesn’t mean o can’t enjoy the fact we won or only lost to duke. Not sure why people get so bent out of shape posting that we aren’t gods gift to basketball
  4. auburntiger1987

    Men vs UAB

    Auburn shot less than 40% from the field and 18% from 3 this game. Not sure what you were watching but was not that great. Why is being critical of a team with a lot of potential just so horrible to some people on here?
  5. auburntiger1987

    Men vs UAB

    War Eagle. Being a realist and seeing that we played like crap isn’t bitching. Sorry I didn’t get to sit at home and watch and post from the beginning. Life happens.
  6. auburntiger1987

    Men vs UAB

    No I came to give my opinion just like you did. Just because I’m not excited to see auburn play crappy basketball and play way down to a lesser opponent doesn’t mean I’m bitching. Grow the hell up
  7. auburntiger1987

    Men vs UAB

    I agree it’s always better to escape with a win than lose. But sometimes you need to. Play top 8 b-ball and beat a lesser opponent like they owe you lunch money
  8. auburntiger1987

    Men vs UAB

    Shh don’t say anything negative or the sunshine police willl get mad. This team is ncaa champ worthy
  9. auburntiger1987

    Men vs UAB

    No I’ve been out of the house but got caught up. Nothing I’ve seen has changed that opinion and the fact that the spread was 20 agrees with me. Don’t play down to the competition especially against a team that sucks on offense and is turnover prone
  10. auburntiger1987

    Men vs UAB

    Getting ready to lose to a horrible team. No reason to be anywhere near tied with this UAB team
  11. auburntiger1987

    Which Players are Leaving?

    Was there too with my dad. Couldnt hear a dang thing from my ears ringing it got so loud at times
  12. auburntiger1987

    Who replaces Chip?

    well alrighty then. Good for freeze
  13. auburntiger1987

    Who replaces Chip?

    i've only seen football scoop post something and a few sites citing them. do you have another source? not that i don't believe you or them just curious
  14. auburntiger1987

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    I can see it both ways. Either way it reads to me that the family does not trust Auburn's staff to have their son's best interest at heart. With that and the frustrations mentioned on the rundown and mentioned here, I'd be surprised if Asa is here next year