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  1. all that to blow it because 3 different pitchers could not get one last damn strike
  2. FSU pitching change
  3. this mound visit for nothing is getting super old
  4. YANK HER!
  5. martin in her own head. might need to be pulled
  6. lets go. my goodness 2 outs. finish it
  7. damn can't get the last out
  8. agree with pitching needing to be sharp but auburn is 24th in the country in scoring according to Auburn does need to have cooper and fagans bats stay hot.
  9. Believe you drop into the losers bracket and have to play your way into the final where you have to win twice to take the trophy.. correct me if I'm wrong
  10. see ya later ball. solo shot! 4-3 AU
  11. throwing error ties the game. just poor job there
  12. and that's a K
  13. draper hits it in the same spot as the last one. think myers had a real case. ball looked to hit chalk fair