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  1. kiss of death that its been derailed on the day hes committing lol
  2. That goal had been coming for a while. USA getting their butt handed to them all half. Absolutely no answers for mexico and never valuing the ball.
  3. Yep inexcusable not booking him for that
  4. War Eagle! Dont let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya
  5. Good spot for him. Isaac is young and needs to step up. Gordon is a great player. So is Fournier and Vooch. Def not “trash”. And if Fultz ever gets his head on straight, that will be fun to watch
  6. Welcome! We will take all into the family
  7. The team never quit. That's something to hang your hat on. Never thought we'd make it this far. After thinking over it for a bit, I was happy at the beginning of the CWS to just be at Omaha. After being up going to the 9th on Sunday, i expected to win and was disappointed in it being snatched away. To battle through rain and a delay and still fight is more than I could have hoped for in this game. War Eagle
  8. RBI Double by Davis. 4-2 with 2 outs. Lets go
  9. Literally make routine plays and you win easy. They literally tried every time other than lead off to lose the game to us and you let them off the hook.
  10. Way to LSU all over again. Make the damn routine plays scholarship athletes make
  11. So gosh darn auburn. How do you not tag him or make the damn routine throw. That’s twice on Ed twice