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  1. 2017 Touchdown Auburn Bowl

    Mississippi State Missouri Auburn Florida State Georgia Kentucky LSU Clemson Vanderbilt Washington Stanford 38
  2. ***Auburn vs. La-Monroe -- Game Thread***

    uncatchable ball. lol glad they called that not the one on ulm
  3. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields

    I just don't agree on the getting jerked around by 17-18 year olds. He committed to a school as a 3* i believe with not many power 5 offers. Blows up and gets attention giving AU a chance to recruit him. He feels he gave AU enough time to show that Gus and Co weren't selling him a crock. If he comes back into the fold I will be ecstatic. I won't blame him one bit for not just taking Auburn at their word
  4. ULM preps for red-hot Auburn

    I think our offense will enjoy going up against that defense. 120th in scoring d allowing almost 40 a game
  5. Gus quote

    This is just crazy to think. perception is a killer... Can't wait to see this trend of winning continue
  6. 2017 Touchdown Auburn Bowl

    Auburn Alabama Mississippi State UAB Georgia Texas A&M South Carolina LSU Missouri TCU Miami Georgia Tech 63
  7. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    twice on 1 drive thw refs gave a 1st down to uga after failing to convert on 4th. know its not changing the game but something needs to be done
  8. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    bull crap
  9. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    full yard short
  10. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    gameday had us #1 if we win out
  11. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    tell gus to get off the head set
  12. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    stop that play please
  13. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    karma is a biatch
  14. Sorry needed break from board.. I am back

    glad you're back 23 wde!
  15. what are the keys to beating Georgia?

    make fromm. make decisions. hes young and we need to exploit that. I think it is a little more than makimg them 1d. Have to get back to forcing teams to sustain drives instead of hitting a big play. TAM game would have been a blowout if bot for a couple big plays. On O, need to break tendencies and be more aggressive. can't just run up tge middle or throw bombs. Need to have solid pass pro and keep j.s clean