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  1. late to the party, but i thought about getting my wife one too. Shot hers yet?
  2. apologies for leaving early and being negative. I wasnt in the right mindset to be able to stay into the game and message board. Felt it was best to go. Sorry to be an ass and downer. War Eagle
  3. Yep playing beyond terrible, not going to get any calls tonight, and we won’t take decent shots or get in rebound position. We’d rather let them embarrass us
  4. Absolutely pathetic play by our team. Would have thought they’d not want to start getting embarrassed by this team. Someone needs to find their pride
  5. We are making a decent team look like world beaters stop being stupid, stop taking bad shots, and stop not getting back on defense
  6. Guess we’re watching a boxing match instead of basketball holy moly
  7. Settle down and don’t beat ourselves. And now a Bruce pearl box warning. Get out of here morons
  8. Lol not an offensive foul either. Getting help already