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  1. Yup screw em hope they lose by at least 50. Try lost the game and deserved to lose only t get help at the end. These Tigers deserved better for everything They’ve gone through and how they battled to get there.
  2. Still so proud of this team and hope virgins loses by 50
  3. Fitting that they call something like that to take a team that earned the win and make them lose
  4. Please please Auburn let’s close it out!
  5. Let’s go Auburn get some stops and hit some shots!
  6. Gotta start hitting our shots. Going one and done on misses is getting this lead bigger and bigger
  7. War Eagle! In the words of Dunbar.... let’s get this dub baybayy
  8. Hate it for these kids. Especially after the walk off dog pile getting ripped away from them. Hope they come back tomorrow hungry.
  9. Welp one out away from the hogs being gifted this game
  10. Auburn deserves to get a 3 run homer just to make these idiots suffer through more baseball
  11. Only hope now is Auburn baseball gets the shaft so basketball has a good set of refs
  12. After that call I’d knock his ass out. Absolutely mind boggling how you get behind a plate being more clueless than my 3 year old