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  1. Auburn vs. Missouri Prediction

    Mizzou will have to score on Defense for it to be close. Our D is that good. 28-7 Au
  2. 2017 Touchdown Auburn Bowl

    Auburn Arkansas Florida LSU South Carolina Tennessee Alabama Florida State Oklahoma State 4 Mississippi State 75
  3. ***FINAL: Auburn 24 Mercer 10***

    still shocked we looked so ill prepared. even more shocked we road an injured rb for over 100 yards. most shocked that js threw almost 40 times and had over 350 yards
  4. ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    i get it from you basically refusing to pin it at the feet of the coach
  5. ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    Barrett has
  6. ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    belle i love your positivity but you have to be mrs malzhan cause this is plain old not having your team prepared, playing hurt players, and straight stubbornness. he can not play the game but he is dang sure on the line for the rest
  7. ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    we sure we can't fire him now? please just get rid of the clown
  8. ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    1 score game folks.
  9. ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    liked but it pisses me off that i do think we'd be better off if guys is gone
  10. ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    ill take theirs over ours. i tried to believe wed get better but unless we get a defensive or special teams td, this team that showed up today will get beat.
  11. ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    while their d is horrid, their offense is 10x that of ours. we have to have better production or we will lose. d will crack at some point just like clemson. not their fault, just happens when the pressure is all on them
  12. ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    js has a lot of work left to do. holding on to the ball, not anticipating routes etc but ibe seen progress. dude should be 19 of 20 is stove didnt drop a pass. however our o line i think out weighs by 80ish lbs on average. no push, no drive, pett should not be playing, and we don't need 3 turn overs. this offense is uf bad.
  13. ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    ulm is division 1. mercer is not. neither is acceptable. however you, me and 9 others should be able to hang with Mercer
  14. ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    2012 beat the 2 mercer teams like they owed money. not a Good team at all. but didn't have to worry about losing to Mercer either
  15. ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    2012 was better