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  1. Nah you really can’t. I’m done arguing I’m just leaving
  2. Hahaha right that’s so hilarious. Forgot I can only agree with y’all to post here.
  3. Obviously not. Look no one is arguing that he stepped on him or that he wouldn’t have done it. But the intent isn’t there. He was stepping over him not stomping or kicking.
  4. I’ve taken enough. It was bull crap still. Sorry but it was
  5. It was absolutely a foul on mizzou. Refs are acting towards the home court after starting to call the game correctly
  6. No there absolutely is and he inadvertently stepped on the dude and then got the bull crap call and then the reverse call of him getting fouled that started he whole thi Nd. It’s bs and no reason for the $$ calls
  7. We were fouled not the other way around. Absolutely garbage again from these bull crap artists and now wiley called for his third for no damn reason
  8. $$$$$ call front care what you think of it. It’s absolute bull crap and not deserving of that call what so ever. He didn’t stomp or kick.
  9. Meh doesn’t get my heart pumping there. Not like he kicked him or stomped him.
  10. Let’s call the hold please. Wiley is getting hooked or held every posession
  11. All ball foul call. So much for not reacting to the home crowd
  12. Ball Looked out of bounds which is why everyone stopped but got bailed out by the crap offensive foul
  13. Didn’t see anything there but giving the crowd a little make up call
  14. How bout both? Love the fouls as it makes them guard us different
  15. Wow these refs have switched. Good for us
  16. Here’s where we make our move. We’re better than them and should take over from here. Use your physical nature and break their will. War Eagle
  17. Wiley hammered clear as day and still no call. Laughable at best
  18. Got to stay smart and not do stuff like that. Really wish we had an sec caliber pg
  19. Was there before okoro was hurt. This team just doesn’t give a crap until after half. Not sure why we don’t use those time outs we take into half to try to do something about it. Very stupid
  20. Tired of sucking for 20+ minutes. And damn sure tired of not taking any time outs or trying to fix it until after halftime. You have time outs and bench players for a reason
  21. Just drive the damn ball. They cannot stop it, and they foul every time they help off