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  1. meh130

    Stidham interview at Manning Camp

    Coaching towards an outcome of consistency is the key. This is something Belichick and Saban has been able to figure out. Talent matters. Physical conditioning is a big part. But the mental/psychological aspect is probably bigger. Go back and look at Saban's history at Bama: 2007; 6 losses; 3, 7, 7, 3, 5, 7, and 7 points 2008; 2 losses; 11, and 14 points 2009; 0 losses 2010; 3 losses; 14, 3, and 1 point 2011; 1 loss; 3 points 2012; 1 loss; 5 points 2013; 2 losses; 6, and 14 points 2014; 2 losses; 6, and 7 points 2015; 1 loss; 6 points 2016; 1 loss; 3 points 2017; 1 loss; 12 points Only 5 two score losses in 11 seasons. They rarely lose, are in every game, and are almost never "blown out". They are almost always ready, and almost always competitive. In those 11 seasons they have had 6 season openers against ranked opponents. All wins. The 2017 Iron Bowl 12-point loss was Saban's 4th worse loss at Bama.
  2. Shades of Nick Fairly in the Hudl video.
  3. meh130

    the X's and O's of Malzahn's Offense

    The real question for any offense is how dynamic/unpredictable is it? You can be predictable, if you are overpowering. Otherwise, you must be unpredictable. If you go back to 2009, AU ran mostly CGM's power running/play action spread. Few outside of the Sun Belt had seen it, so it was new, different, innovative, unpredictable, and hard to defend. The next year, with Cam Newton, CGM brushed off the option game he got from Herb Hand at Tulsa and had tremendous success with perhaps the greatest dual-threat QB to ever play the game. But more, the option plays were not the traditional inside zone read option, they were the outsize zone read and inverted veer options last seen by UF with Tebow. Again, we were unpredictable, and when we were predictable, we were overpowering. After two years, the SEC defenses all had game film on the entire CGM playbook. There was a drop off in talent, and as a result we were predictable. Fast forward to 2013, and it is like every other team lost the game film or forgot, but also with Nick Marshall we shifted to a more traditional inside zone read. The IZR was mostly a constraint play, not a bread-and-butter every down play. But it was with AU in 2013, and it exhausted the defenses--especially when we flipped the play to a split-zone blocking the backside DE/OLB and reading the scraping inside linebacker. We had good OL talent too. But this doesn't work without a Nick Marshall type QB. That is why we needed to evolve.
  4. meh130

    What was your first Auburn game?

    Auburn - Miami August 27 1984 in the old Meadowlands stadium. Lost 18-20, but as I recall it never felt that close. We were sitting right in front of Kevin Greene's family.
  5. meh130

    Grimes updates the o line

    Wanogho got significant playing time last year, even after he lost his starting position after the first four games. He started against Arkansas, came in at LT in the 2nd quarter against aTm when James went out at RT (Golson moving from LT to RT), and came in early against UGA when James went out. He has the physical capability, and he has experience. He just needs some better coaching. I think Grimes is just the guy to do it.
  6. meh130

    Gus is ranked 16th on the hot seat

    UT was desperate after so many turned them down. Also, there were some who speculated UT's courting of Steele as HC was only done to set him up as vetted candidate to be DC for someone else, not HC.
  7. meh130

    Which SEC coach will break through 2018

    Rivals rated Frost a 5-Star, and the #2 OLB in the nation (out of 75 OLBs rated by Rivals): 247, Scout, and ESPN rated him 4-Star. 247 listed Frost as the #5 OLB in the nation (out of 142 OLBs rated by 247). ESPN rated Frost as an "Athlete" because he also played wide receiver in high school. But even if one does not consider him a true 5-Star, he was clearly a top national OLB prospect, in the top 5% of rated OLBs and in the top 20% of 4-Star OLBs. He clearly under-performed expectations. I forgot to mention another 5-Star discipline issue in Duke Williams. Of course, we have our success stories too, like 3-Star Dee Ford, who outperformed expectations. I don't doubt other schools also have issues with recruiting busts. But it does not mean there is not room for improvement in evaluating talent. There is no doubt Saban is the best at this, in large part because he learned under arguably the greatest football talent scout in history, Bill Belichick. Then there is developing talent. We have improved on the defensive side of the ball in every position. We still struggle with QBs and WRs with developing talent. We need to step up our game in those areas, or we will be struggling in the passing game come 2019.
  8. He is not and edge-rushing OLB (Jack/Buck/Elephant) type, as you say, he is a side-line to side-line guy who can also cover passes. In an historic 4-3 defense, that is the position of the Will linebacker, who was considered an OLB. What I would say is look at evolution of Rashaan Evans at Bama. Evans was an edge rusher in high school. When we recruited him, because of Evan's size, Ellis Johnson wanted to put him at Star. Evans was in no way big enough to play as an edge rusher or an inside LB. He would have likely eventually moved to the Will LB in Johnson's defense. Bama recruited him to play Sam LB, again because of his size. The Sam in Saban's defense usually drops into a zone coverage on pass plays, supports the run secondarily, and only blitzes the QB in rare occasions. But Evans moved over to the "inside" Will LB position alongside Reuben Foster, and to the Mike position as a senior. I see Pappoe's potential progression as similar to Evans. Initially at Sam when we are not running a nickel, and as a backup Will, then to starting Will, and likely the Mike in passing downs, and possibly to Mike full-time.
  9. I just read over on the SBNation College and Magnolia blog Tyler Fromm is a hybrid WR/TE who mostly played WR but who projects as a tight-end. Fromm is 6'-5", and College and Magnolia says he has a large catch radius. To me, he sounds like another potential C.J. Uzomah type of receiver. I know we heard a lot about CCL being more likely to use a hand-down TE than Malzahn, but I think both like the hybrid type player. That was the theory behind the recruiting of Sal Cannella and John Samuel Shenker. A hybrid player who can play hand-down, standing split out, and as an h-back, is an effective run blocker, and is a viable receiving threat is a big benefit in a HUNH offense. We have missed this for the last couple of years, instead substituting between an exclusive blocking TE and a WR as plays have dictated.
  10. meh130

    Which SEC coach will break through 2018

    Regarding recruiting busts, I include discipline problems like 5-Stars Michael Dyer and Zeke Pike, total busts like 5-Stars Byron Cowart and Kiehl Frazier and 4-Star Jeremy Johnson, under-performers like 5-Stars Kris Frost and Roc Thomas, and I could probably go on.
  11. meh130

    Which SEC coach will break through 2018

    I think the SEC East is going to get very interesting over the next few years. I think Muschamp is close to making something happen at USCe. Mullen will make good things happen at UF. Certainly Kirby did better things with Richt's players than Richt could do, and Kirby has been recruiting lights-out. But I think Kirby at UGA has made Muschamp that much more intense, I think Mullen will be a much better recruiter at UF than a Moo State, and Pruitt is known as an excellent recruiter. All of this will put pressure on Smart at UGA. I do think USCe may have a breakout year this year taking UGA to the wire for the East, I think UTK may pull of at least one major upset (UGA or Bama), and I think UGA may have a let-down year (not unusual after a big emotional year). My hope is we are in a position to beat UGA in Athens this year, and as a result cause UGA to come in second in the East to USCe. As for the West, I think it will take Jimbo a couple of years to get aTm back. I think Chad Morris is the right guy for Arkansas, but at best he will be like Dan Mullen at Moo State. Good enough, an occasional upset of a big team, but never quite getting over the hump. Will Bama have a let-down? Honestly, last year was a let-down year for Bama. The suffered their worst loss since the 2014 season Sugar Bowl last year. They were not nearly as strong as prior years, but they got a declining Clempson team in the playoffs, and an exhausted UGA team in the CFP championship. If Bama had faced Oklahoma, and UGA had faced Clempson, perhaps the championship would have been different. With Smart, and now Pruitt gone, can Bama keep recruiting the way it has? Will a QB battle this summer cause one of the two QBs to transfer? Or will Saban fix the problems he had last season, reload the defense, and win it all again? As for Auburn, I would like to think we are at a point where we can get better each year. By better I mean less inconsistency, fewer lopsided losses, fewer recruiting busts, more effective preparation resulting in better early season performance, etc. Auburn has performed poorly in early season games since the Dye years. Wild inconsistency is a feature, not a bug, of the Auburn football program. The musical chairs that was our offensive line in the early part of last season was unacceptable and inexcusable for a major SEC program. I am hoping Grimes fixes that.
  12. meh130

    Manziel didn't know X's & O's

    This is exactly the truth, and aTm had some outstanding receivers who could get open and make plays. It was the sandlot/busted play capability of Manziel and his receiver which made aTm so successful with him. Once the play breaks down, it is all about the ability to make a play.
  13. meh130

    Manziel didn't know X's & O's

    This is why good QB candidates get a private QB coach immediately after getting an agent and start working on the aspects of the game they need to suceed in the combine and in camp once they are signed. Manziel certainly could have afforded that.
  14. Former Bammer QB John Parker Wilson on Jeremy Pruitt's hire at UT: 'He scares me more at Tennessee than Kirby does at Georgia'
  15. meh130

    Stidham about to be "turned loose"

    Without the power running game we expected to have going into the 2017 season (with K.J. and Pettway), I expect offensive playbook changes this year. OL pass protection must improve. We lost some talented linemen, and we must make that up and improve pass protection. We need our RBs to improve their pass protection. I saw comments last year that Stidham lost confidence in his passing game when K.J. was not on the field because Stidham trusted K.J.'s pass blocking ability. I expect a broader portfolio of RPOs. We need to get pressure off of the RBs, and RPOs can do that, especially RPOs that target LBs. If w have success in the short passing game, those RPOs which target the slot WR on quick inside slants behind the LBs will loosen up the running game. I expect Stidham to break the single-season passing record this year.