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  1. Reuben Foster...Again

    The best decision Reuben Foster ever made was to not taint Auburn University with his presence. Thank you Reuben.
  2. Tucker Brown moves to Center

    It's curious, but it could free up one of the other centers to play another OL position. Goodness knows Casey Dunn was a useful addition. It may also mean our real TEs will be playing TE next year.
  3. Projected depth chart to open spring practice

    Depth charts don't mean much in spring practice. It is more about getting separation between the second and third string rather than the first and second string.
  4. Ten Things You Must Do...

    Regarding #4: "Be good a few things." I think this is an area where Bama excels. Be good at blocking. Be good at tackling. Yes, it is best to be really good at your core plays, and it is insane to try to have too many plays in the playbook. Both 2010 and 2013 showed how successful we could be with a few plays. But there is a balance. If the core plays are not working, if you are not able to block, then you need to try something else.
  5. Will Jalen Hurts transfer from Bama?

    I have not followed Tom Herman at Houston or Texas, but at Ohio State he ran Urban Meyer's power spread offense. Hurts would fit in well with that type of offense. If Hurts transfers, he needs to pull the trigger now. He has two more years of eligibility, and could redshirt during his sit-out year. That makes him viable for a Power 5 school. If he waits, and has only one year of eligibility, his only choice will likely be a non-Power 5 school. Anyone know the QB situation in UCLA post Rosen? Chip Kelly's system would love a QB like Hurts.
  6. Bama underclassmen leaving for NFL

    Maybe a few more will declare and Jalen Hurts will announce he is transfering.
  7. He was extremely important. Stidham is a different QB compared to the other transfer QBs (Newton, Marshall, and JFIII), as well as recruited QBs (Johnson, White). Stidham may have been listed as a dual-threat QB out of HS, but he is really more of an Air Raid QB--a QB who is a pass-first, but can run an occasional Inside Zone Read. The reality is the Malzahn spread power running game which he used with great success for years, and was a key part of the 2009 season, was figured out by opposing SEC defenses the time 2011 came along. Marshall allowed an aggressive option running game in 2013 and 2014, but we struggled again in 2015 and 2016. It likely would have been more of the same in 2017 without two big changes to the playbook: A lot of new pass routes and plays; and the addition of a lot of RPOs. There are a lot of traditional RB run/QB run option plays which have been re-created as RB run/QB pass option plays. This takes a lot of abuse off of the QB. Clemson did the same thing in the 2016 season to reduce the abuse Watson took. I saw a video on Twitter of an Inside Split Zone Read option (a play which Nick Marshall made famous), but instead of the QB running the play, Eli Stove was in as the slot WR and lined up at H-Back. He slipped around the crashing defensive end (normal, if he will lead block for the QB on the run), but as soon as he was past the DE he turned to Stidham. The DE went after the RB, Stidham completed the quick pass to Stove, and Stove was off for a 15 yard gain. What is great about this is the RB/QB run option play can be practiced alongside the RPO play. It makes it easier to swap to the RB/QB run option play if your 2nd string QB is a dual-threat type. I really think Lashlee wanted a much more open passing game, but friction with Gus prevented it. Lashlee was just too close to Gus. We needed an outsider. I think the 2017 season will prove the most pivotal of CGM's career. That we did as well as we did with a new OC is a big positive. That CGM had a near-death experience with LSU is a big deal. Almost every successful coach has a downturn. Urban Meyer had one and bailed immediately on UF (claiming he had the vapors, or something). Nick Saban was facing one and bailed to the NFL. Some coaches have more than one (Tubberville survived his first and then had another). Life is a sine-wave, not a circle.
  8. Well... just because

    Best Throwback Uniform Ever!
  9. Joey Gatewood article

    Both 247 and ESPN rank Gatewood under the Athlete category, rather than the Dual Threat Quarterback category. I find that a little odd, given Gatewood's size. The Athlete category usually reserved for a prospect that is likely to project in multiple positions. Does Gatewood play on defense as well? Rivals rates Gatewood the #7 Dual-Threat QB in the country.
  10. UT Hires Jeremy Pruitt

    The comparison to Freeze is worth considering. Pruitt is the most ambitious of the Saban assistants. Pruitt's ambition is what drove him to jump around, step on toes, and jump again. He could get ahead of his skis, and he has yet to be in a position where the long knives are out. If he underperforms expectations, and the heat is turned up, how will he react?
  11. Tre threat transferring

    This. It could allow an additional early enrollee. Sometimes there a team is far enough below the 85 limit to allow every scholarship recruit who would like to to enroll early. Also, most coaches always have a few walk-ons they want to give scholarships to. Some attrition is normal, even necessary to allow awarding 25 scholarships a year given the 85 limit and redshirts.
  12. Chad Morris wants to run Air Raid

    There was a video interview posted of Morris on the airplane flight to Fayetteville. Morris said his offense was a "two-back, run first, play action" offense. That is an identical description to how Gus has described his offense. And it makes sense, given Morris ran Gus' playbook at Tulsa and Clemson. Did Morris pass more at SMU? Sure, just like Gus passed more at Tulsa and Arkansas State. It will be harder pass at an Air Raid level in the SEC. But also, don't forget, the Air Raid started in the SEC at Kentucky under Hal Mumme. That Kentucky Air Raid offense went 10-22 in the SEC.
  13. Tennessee targets DC Kevin Steele

    That sounds familiar, but I don't recall the specifics. I know Pruitt had some serious personality conflicts with several people, and was almost fired. But for some people, the devil you know is better than the devil you don't know. I have no doubt Rodney Garner has probably had some disagreements with his DCs over the years.
  14. Tennessee targets DC Kevin Steele

    I kind of doubt Steele would be a prospect for either Pruitt or Saban. Both Saban and Pruitt are all-in on the 3-4 defense. Saban ran the hybrid 4-3 at LSU and Miami (with Muschamp as DC), but went back to the 3-4 when he went to Bama. Steele only spent one year as Saban's DC running Saban's 3-4 defense. Other than that, Steele has run a hybrid 4-3 system very similar to what Muschamp runs. I could see Saban looking at someone like Dave Aranda. But I think he might promote Tosh Lupoi. Lupoi is already paid a coordinator level salary of $950,000 per year.
  15. Tennessee targets DC Kevin Steele

    247 is reporting Pruitt is out. UTK wants someone who would start immediately. Pruitt wanted to pull a Kirby and coach through the playoffs. Pruitt played liar's poker and got called. UTK was offering Pruitt $5M/year for 5 years. UTK is moving on to another candidate.