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  1. This is exactly why schools are now firing head coaches mid-season. Look at the crazy coaching carousel right now. If you can have your search going early, you can pull the trigger immediately after the prospect's last game. You can even lose your top prospect to USCw and make a splash hire 24 hours later. Your prospect already has short lists for every assistant, because he has to be ready if someone is hired away. You have the ability to give input to your prospects of what kind of staff you expect. Harsin had none of this luxury. Gus was fired a week mid-December due to the COVID delay
  2. I'm fine with Kiesau as the OC if it lets us focus on getting a very good QB coach and a lights-out recruiter who doen't have to worry about being an OC. I would say the same thing if Friend leaves. I would be fine moving Bedell to O-Line coach if we could get a top TE (and special teams) coach, who also is a lights-out recruiter. How many of the super recruiters are coordinators vs. position coaches?
  3. First, as Bobo was mentioned after Gus was fired as the OC Steele wanted to hire, there is speculation there may have been some discussions between AU and Bobo before Harsin was hired. Second, there were rumors Auburn was telling HC prospects they would not have complete control over staff hiring, and some choices would have to be cleared by PTB. This rumor is reported usually around the discussion of Billy Napier, and I think perhaps Bill Clark. Third, coming into the southeast from out of region, you would want some assistants to have geographic connections to the region. It is interesting b
  4. I wonder if Oklahoma makes a run for Aranda. I think he might be a really good fit. He has the recruiting territory down, he has SEC experience, he gets a couple of years to get some momentum before joining the SEC. My guess is LSU is going to go heavy after Aranda now that every other option appears to be off the table. Napier to Florida strikes me that LSU did not pursue Napier, wanting instead to make a splash hire.
  5. LSU is in meltdown mode. No Jimbo, no Riley, not even Napier.
  6. [NARRATOR: “He is a scared little bitch.”]
  7. Now what are the chances Oklahoma goes after Bob Stoops to return or Mark Stoops from Kentucky?
  8. Good info. With the COVID year, it is possible some seniors will stay to get another year to try to impress the NFL scouts. Others will leave even without NFL prospects to get on with their lives. Some may transfer to use their extra year elsewhere. For the draft-eligible underclassmen, much will depend on how they score in NFL draft evaluations. Do we know which Seniors are already COVID “Super Seniors”, and which could potentially stay or transfer because they have one more year of eligibility.
  9. I am beginning to believe the coaching staff simply did not have the confidence in our offensive line to push a defense expecting a run two yards off the LOS to allow a running back to make one yard needed to convert.
  10. I think firing Bobo would be a problem, because we would lose Drew Bobo, and likely Eston Harris as well. It might make more sense to designate Kiesau as "Co-Offensive Coordinator" or "Passing Game Coordinator", and Friend or Bedell as "Running Game Coordinator" and have "OC by committee", in order to address the play calling issues. Would firing Mason negatively impact recruiting? I don't know. Again, if Harsin made Schmedding "Co-Defensive Coordinator" and went to a "DC by committee" would that resolve anything? Would firing Bert Watts impact things? Not likely. But would it be bet
  11. Harsin has to be seriously considering this. Washington is a place he could be immediately successful. I do not doubt had the Washington job come up a year ago he would have taken it over the Auburn opportunity.
  12. That is true, but there are things the school and the athletic department can do. They cannot act as an agent for the athlete, but they can act as an agent for the university. I do not believe there is any restriction on a university promoting its athletes (in general, not specific athletes) as providing worthwhile NIL opportunities. How else did Miami pull off that early deal with that local gym chain with all of its football team? That would over 100 individual negotiated contracts. They must have let the gym owner come to a team meeting and ask who was interested, or they got an email list,
  13. You are missing my point. I wasn't saying some kind of exclusive deal with Auburn only. I am saying university students are a major target market for Apple. And if you look at Apple's ads, they almost exclusively feature young, fit, active people, so college athletes would be a natural fit for things like print ads. The one thing I see is Apple avoids localized ads, and university athletes are inherently local.
  14. This is a really good point. However, previous coaches had connections to the area. Dye had been an assistant at Alabama, and to be honest, recruiting was different back then. Bowden had been at Samford, and retained some of Dye's staff, including DC Wayne Hall. Tubberville was at Ole Miss. Chizik was a former Auburn assistant, as was Malzahn. I do not know if Alan Greene or the committee gave serious thought to bringing an out of geography candidate in, in the middle of a pandemic, which limited recruiting, was a risky proposition. The style of recruiting in the Mountain West is dif
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