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  1. The decision remains with the editors of USA Today, however this is a public poll. Link: POLL: Who is the ALL-USA Football Offensive Player of the Year?
  2. meh130

    If you could have one Non-Auburn player...

    One of the first recruits I remember knowing about before he chose his college. We thought we had him. He flipped at the last minute. Despite him not choosing Auburn I always rooted for him. Maybe because I always wanted him to have come to Auburn. Here is the video of him collapsed, crying like a baby when he lost his last time to Auburn.
  3. meh130

    New OC Hired Kenny Dillingham

    Only 247 lists Nix as a DT (#1 DT QB). Rivals calls him a Pro-Style (#1 Pro-Style QB) and ESPN calls him a Pocket Passer (#4 Pocket Passer QB). He threw for 3,496 yards and ran for 351 yards in his senior year. So definitely not the dual-threat QB who runs for 1,000 yards in a season.
  4. meh130

    New OC Hired Kenny Dillingham

    Jimbo Fisher was 27 years old when he was named Terry Bowden's offensive coordinator in 1993. He turned 28 years old during the fall 1993 football season. Major Applewhite was 28 years old when he was named Nick Saban's offensive coordinator in 2007. He turned 29 years old during prior to the start of the 2007 football season. Neal Brown, current head coach at Troy, former OC at Troy (under Larry Blakeney), Texas Tech (under Tommy Tubberville), and Kentucky (under Mark Stoops) was 7 years old when he was named Larry Blakeney's offensive coordinator in 2008. Young coordinators are not that rare. You see more young OCs than young DCs, but there are a few notable DCs who started young (Aranda and Diaz come to mind).
  5. meh130

    Bammers Oklahoma Meme

    Bammers gonna Bammer: Meme about Oklahoma City bombing circulates again ahead of OU bowl game
  6. meh130

    New OC Hired Kenny Dillingham

    If we lose to LSU, UGA, and UAT, and win all the rest (9-3), I would say it might still be 50/50. If we lose to LSU, UGA, and UAT, and lose one other (8-4), it might be 60% to 75% against. If we lose to LSU, UGA, and UAT, and lose two others (7-5), he's gone. The tough decision is if we win one of the LSU, UGA, or UAT games and still go 8-4 or 7-5. If we win two of the LSU, UGA, or UAT games he stays. I cannot see Gus getting any extension or raise even if he is wildly successful. He already has a lucrative contract which runs through 2024. Leath has seen the mistake he made, he cannot afford to make the same mistake again.
  7. meh130

    New OC Hired Kenny Dillingham

    Yep. Major Applewhite was 29 when he was the OC for Saban at Bama. I couldn' tell Kenny Dillingham from Kenny Chesney before today, but given he was being courted by Mark Richt at Miami and is seen as an "up and coming" OC, I don't think this is a bad hire. Mike Norvell has been losing assistants to the Power 5 every year. It is a testimony to his program.
  8. meh130

    What would you do if Bo Nix decommitted right now

    If Bo decommits, and we did not get a transfer QB, I think Gatewood will not transfer. However, I also think the QB battle would come down to Willis and Sandberg. My gut says Sandberg would win the starting job, but we would do involve Willis more. The bigger issue is it seems the PTB are going to prevent CGM from hiring any high-quality QB coach/OC, so we will not develop the talent we have sufficiently. Despite the fact Malzahn is totally capable of failing on his own accord, the PTB are actively setting CGM up to ensure failure. There is a weird, Machiavellian play going on right now. I think they are pissed CGM called their bluff. I do wonder if Patrick Nix called up Leath and Harbert and told him he will only send his son to a program that has a quality QB coach in 2019, regardless of coaching changes for 2020 and later, he will send his son elsewhere. Then there is the reality we will have serious issues with the O-Line starting in 2020. That would be a better reason for a QB to decommit than a potential HC change. If you believe Gus is here for 2019, and want him gone for 2020, you cannot want 2019 to be a write-off, and you surely cannot want it to be a year of significant regression.
  9. meh130

    Chip Out As AU OC (thread title updated)

    Freeze could be a transitional OC, like Muschamp was a transitional DC. Steele ran a similar system to Mushamp, so an easy transition after the shake-it-up change. The key would be to get a similar OC to follow Freeze (regardless of if CGM remained HC post-Freeze or not). I think Freeze has more value with Bo Nix than with Kelly Bryant. If we don't get Bryant, I hope with get Freeze.
  10. meh130


    UGA’s radio announcers are the worst in sports. They try to emulate Larry Munson, who was hands-down, the worst play by play announcer in the history of sports broadcast media. True story. While at AU in the mid 1980s, one fall open weekend I drove down to Troy to visit a high-school classmate and go to the Troy game. The local AU radio affiliate was broadcasting the "SEC Game of the Week" in lieu of the AU game. That game happened to be the UGA game. I caught the end of it, and I seriously thought they had pulled some drunken fan into the booth to call the plays as a punk. It was late in the game against a no-name opponent, and UGA was just running out the clock. "We get the ball, we give the ball to our guy, he runs ahead, we line up, we give it to one of our guys, he runs with it." This went on for about 10 minutes, while the color commentator kept laughing. I seriously thought it was a joke. It was Munson. It was the first time I ever heard Munson. You could not listen to him and have any idea of what in God's name was happening on the field. He had no capability of describing what was happening on the field. You literally could have swapped Munson out for a drunken fan and heard no difference. What drives me crazy (living in the ATL) is when you turn on an UGA game today, what do you hear from the play by play announcer? "We get the ball, we give the ball to our guy, he runs ahead, we line up, we give it to one of our guys, he runs with it." YGBFSM. Somebody needs an intervention with these clowns: "Munson was awful. The worst play by play announcer ever. Don't be like Munson. You will forever suck if you act like Munson." I'm sure the UGA announcers would shriek like a five year old girl who saw a snake, curl up in a fetal position, start sucking their thumbs, while screaming "Blasphemy!". But the truth is the truth.
  11. meh130

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    I agree with about 90% of this. The substitution rule change is not as big deal as people make it out to be. If you run a true HUNH, and you don't substitute, the defense cannot substitute. Yes, Gus also used to use fast substitution, but that was limited. Malzahn's original offensive scheme was based on hybrid players, such as a TE who could play as a WR, a hand-down TE, or an H-Back, and a WR/RB hybrid who could be used as a RB for jet sweep plays. Even Malzahn's original Wildcat did not require substitution. The idea was just to move the players already on the field around to create a power formation. For some reason we have gotten completely away from that, despite players like Sal Canella and Devin Adams who seem well suited for hybrid roles. Even the idea of hurrying up to the line, letting the coaches in the booth observe the defense, then signalling in plays from the sideline seems to have gone away. Gus is a scheme coach, and scheme coaches work best at lower levels. What I concluded a few years ago was if you put an average coached 2-star WR against an average coached 2-star CB in a non Power 5 match up, the scheme can create huge mismatches. If you put a well coached 4-star WR against a well coached 4-star CB in a matchup of to 10 programs, the scheme is not going to make a big difference. The other comments about how our recruiting is random are disturbing. You get to sign 25 recruits per year. That literally is a complete football team plus an additional three. We should be recruiting on average 5 OLs per class. Gus has averaged 2.7 OLs per class. If you take out the 2015 class, which had 5 OLs (2019 redshirt seniors), the average drops to 2.25 per class. I am including Prince Sammons as an OL recruit, because Hand recruited Sammons specifically to play OL. I am not including Prince Tega as an OL recruit, because we originally recruited him to play DL. I am not including transfers. We only have 2 OLs in the 2019 class. In 2020, with the reality of losing our entire 2019 starting OL (Wanogho, Harrell, Kim, Horton, and Driscoll), and one backup (Bailey Sharp), and the potential transfer losses of Sammons and Ashley, we could end up with 8 returning scholarship OLs , two of which would be redshirt freshmen. That compares to 12 returning scholarship OLs this year, three of which were redshirt freshmen. I do not think we are headed for a losing season in 2019. But I think 2020 will be a disaster.
  12. meh130

    2019 4* QB Bo Nix Commits to AU!!!

    Just clicked on Rivals and they show Nix as a 5-star now. They list him as a Pro-Style QB, while 247 lists him as a Dual Threat. Rivals has Nix as the #1 Pro-Style QB, and the second QB overall behind #1 Dual Threat Spencer Rattler. Nix and Rattler are the only 5-star QBs per Rivals. 247 lists Nix as a 4-star, and the #1 Dual-Threat QB. 247 lists Rattler as a 4-star and the #1 Pro-Style QB. Nix is the second overall QB behind Rattler. 247's composite ratings (which take into account both 247 and other rating organizations) show Rattler as a 5-star. ESPN lists Nix as a 4-star, and the #4 Pocket Passer QB. They list Rattler as a 4-star and the #1 Dual Threat QB. ESPN has Rattler as the #1 overall QB and Nix as the fifth overall QB behind Rattler and three Pocket Passer QBs in front of him. ESPN has no QBs rated as 5-stars.
  13. meh130

    Saban Riff Raff

    I agree Saban has "broken the code" that no other coach since the Division 1A scholarship limits has been able to break. Every other dynasty before Saban has fizzled because kids do not want to go to a dynasty and ride the pine if they can go to an upstart and start as a freshman. That is how we got Bo Jackson. Back then, few games were televised, so players needed to maximize their exposure over several years. What Saban has changed is making early playing time no longer the differentiator. He can bring a kid in, have them ride the pine their first season, play special teams and mop-up duty their second season, start and be an all-American their third season, and leave for a first round NFL draft selection despite only starting one season. With Saban, the NFL scouts come to your practices. With Saban, almost every game is televised nationally. With Saban, every sportswriter and every NFL scout is watching the game. With Saban, the NFL scouts know they have the most vetted set of players outside of the NFL. No other coach has been able to pull this off. No other program is an NFL player factory.
  14. meh130

    Saban Riff Raff

    Here is the problem with the "Saban pays all of his players" theory: It means Saban has paid about 300 scholarship athletes since he came to Bama. It means 300 18-23 year olds have kept a secret, including those who left the Capstone years ago, even when D.J. Fluker and others go public. It requires a mafia level code of silence. In 12 years there have been no tell-all books. There has been no unraveling. No recordings (even with everyone having a smart phone now). Yes, top players get nice cars and rims from Hot Wheelz in Mobile (apparently that is the closest rim shop to Tuscaloosa. There are none in Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, or Montgomery). But not everyone gets one, and yet there are no disgruntled athletes who didn't rate a car spilling the beans. If the story is the player "got a loan", that could still be an impermissible benefit. If it was a legal loan, then wouldn't any player be able to get a similar loan? I am not saying there is no cash changing hands or impermissible benefits. I am saying it is going to a few select players, it is less about cash, and it is covered up well. Bear Bryant knew the best, and hardest to trace benefit was one paid directly to the prospective player's parent(s). One day a new car would appear in the parent's driveway.
  15. meh130

    Here it is

    I really think AU 2018 shows what happens when you have a complete breakdown of a fundamental part of the team, in this case the Offensive Line. We introduced a new offensive playbook last year which was heavy on the inside zone run, which requires a strong O-Line. We added more traditional drop-back passing last year which requires traditional pass blocking from the O-Line. We struggled to make it work last year until we put Casey Dunn at Center, Austin Golson at Left Tackle, and as Prince Tega Wanogho improved as the season went on allowing Golson to fill in for other injured linemen. Losing Dunn, Golson, Braden Smith, and Darius James is the difference this year. An inexperienced line is less able to do the zone running blocking and the pass blocking as last year. We did not change the playbook to account for this. No ability to establish the run. Poor 1st down performance. Giving up far too many QB pressures and sacks. No ability to sustain a pocket long enough for a deep route to develop. A QB's confidence lost. Result: An offensive death spiral. Fear of sacks means Malzahn calling more running and more short passes and screen passes. More running inside zone plays with an average O-Line, more second and long. More three and outs. Time of possession falls. The offense is on the field less and less, for shorter and shorter periods. The defense is the field more and more, with shorter breaks to rest. More exposure for injuries, more snaps where exhaustion or a lapse in judgement results in a penalty. The defensive productivity falters. Why did we expect the same 2017 playbook to work with the 2018 offensive line? Why didn't we bring back some more inside zone read options, to take one defender out of the O-Line's blocking responsibility? Why didn't we bring back the well known Malzahn Power and Counter running plays to try to get more blockers at the point of attack? What happened to the Malzahn Buck Sweep play, which was well suited for a running back like Kam Martin? Finally, why not more designed roll-outs for Stidham? Why not more quick passes over the middle (slants, crossing routes, etc.). Why not more RPOs targeting linebackers (which would pull them out of run support) instead of cornerbacks?