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  1. Two hands on the ball until you are ready to throw. Not hard.
  2. Why couldn’t a new AU HC pursue Garrett Riley as for our OC position? Riley has ties to Dyke, but has also coached elsewhere.
  3. Counter-counter point: Brett Venables is the head coach at Oklahoma, and Roof worked for Venables as an analyst last year. Venables is clearly modeling his career on Gene Chizik.
  4. His team gave up 668 yards to TCU today.
  5. "Multiple years" = Two years. 2021 cycle and 2022 cycle. "Since he got there" = Two years. 2021 cycle and 2022 cycle. Yes, his recruiting is unheard of in an FCS school. I will not deny that. He signed and enrolled eight rated players, five 4-stars (one of which was one of his sons), and three 3-stars in the 2021 cycle. He had the #1 overall recruit in the 2022 cycle, along with a 4-star and 3-star prospect who signed and enrolled. And Sanders has done extremely well in the portal. That said, Sanders has had a fair number of signees who did not ultimately end up at JSU, comparing 247's list to JSU's 2022 roster. Sanders has also leveraged NIL. Sanders was well ahead of other coaches and schools on NIL. It makes sense, because Sanders played professional (minor league) baseball while he also played collegiate football at Florida State. At that time FSU was independent, and had no rules against being a professional in one sport while maintaining amateur status in another. Sanders knows what it is like to make money while being a collegiate athlete. NIL is how Sanders landed the #1 recruit in the country, Travis Hunter. But look at the NIL deals Hunter has gotten. It is very tied to the HBCUs. One big NIL deal is with Greenwood, an online financial services company founded by two Howard grads, businessman Ryan Glover and Ambassador Andrew Young, and one former Morehouse student, rapper Killer Mike. Another is with Michael Strahan, Good Morning America's cohost, former NFL star, and former HBCU football star. Strahan has his own clothing line. These NIL deals are extremely impressive. This is not manufactured collective stuff, these are real product endorsements. I expect these very unique, HBCU centric and Black owned business centric NIL deals will expand to other HBCUs. But, these very unique, HBCU centric and Black owned business centric NIL deals will not translate well outside of the HBCU space. Sanders is operating in a very unique niche, one that was (pardon the pun), prime for disruption. HBCUs athletic departments have been neglected for years. It is why the SWAC and the MEAC champions play in the Celebration Bowl instead of possibly participating in the FCS playoffs. Sanders and others are trying to elevate HBCU athletics. They want to once again become a destination for top prospects the way Grambling was in the 1960s. And many successful HBCU graduates would like the same. Sanders has a vision at JSU, and the larger HBCU community, and is executing on it. This vision didn't exist prior to Sanders. What would Sanders vision be for a Power 5 program? Or does a Power 5 coach simply have to execute the existing vision of wealthy alumni? And this is why I see significant risk for Sanders in the Power 5. He can build a staff. He can inspire players. He can gameday coach. Can he develop talent? Can his ability to attract a handful of 4-star players and one 5-star to an HBCU translate to the ability attract two or three 5-stars and as many as 20 4-stars a year every year to a Power 5 school? Because that is what a top-5 recruiting class looks like now.
  6. Watching the USCe -SC State game. SC State just ran a shotgun veer play. Two RBs in the backfield. Inside zone read to one RB. The play would have had the other ARB trail the QB on the QB keep as a pitch option. The first read caused the QB to hand the ball off to RB1, but it clearly was a veer option. Put Robby, Tank, and Hunter in the backfield and run this:
  7. Last year’s class was ranked 19th overall by 247. 18th if you include transfers.
  8. This is correct. Our OL is simply bad a zone blocking, and we need alternatives. That quick pitch to Tank worked because the TE had the angle on the Edge defender, and the OT pulled and provided a lead block. Our OL needs plays that give angles, which inside zone, wide zone, and outside zone do not provide. But, zone options provide a numbers advantage. Our goal has to be to get players with the ball in the C and D gaps, i.e., outside of the OT. I would go with a 3 WR, TE as wing-back or sniffer, and attack the edge with inside zone read option, quick pitch, WR bubble screen, pass in the flat, WR tunnel screens, etc. Also consider WR jet sweep type plays. Attack the edge outside of the OT. Far outside of the OT, if possible. Also do the same with 4 WR sets. Even do the WRs extra wide or stacked. Force the defense to put multiple defenders on the perimeter.
  9. Quick passes to the WRs: Bubble screens, quick outs, quick slants. Quick passes to the RBs: Flats, wheel routes. Please make this happen Saturday.
  10. Ugh. Well, we need a game plan that plays to Robby's ability.
  11. Honestly, from a recruiting and coaching position I think Freeze is the best option, but I don't think Auburn will take him. I get that he needs to have his phone taken away and put in a lock box. But I think a big school with NIL money combined with Freeze will do very well. I think Freeze is better than Kiffin, but I do think Kiffin has a "splash" factor. I think Aranda would be the next best choice. I think Sanders has potential, but also some risk. I don't think Auburn is going to hire him. Sanders is an enigma. He has $93 million in lifetime earnings, but by some estimates his net worth is only $40 million. My guess is it is actually higher. I don't see Sanders having burned $53 million over the last 30 odd years. But that is the point with Sanders. He already has "FU" money. Sanders is looking for a mission, not a job. I think Grimes would work very well. I think he is the offensive version of Aranda, back when Aranda was the hot coordinator everyone was projecting to be a head coach soon. A thought about Stoops. Is he hungry? Does he want to go up a level, and work harder? That is a good question. He has a good thing going at UK. He is like Tubbs at Ole Miss right now. So I guess my list is: 1st: Freeze 2nd: Aranda Tied at 3rd: Kiffin/Grimes 4th: Sanders (High Risk/High Reward) 5th: Stoops But the more I think of it, Grimes is the value play. He is a Cristobal at Oregon or Pittman at Arkansas type hire. Some school is going to hire him as a head coach and he will do well.
  12. Winning would require scoring more points that Georgia. I do not think we will score any points against Georgia.
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