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  1. Byron Cowart

    If I recall, Cowart played almost exclusively as a Weak-Side DE in a 9-Technique as a pass rusher in high school. Given his size, he was projected as a Strong-Side DE, not Weak-Side DE. Supposedly when CWM was a UF, he recruited Cowart to play Buck based on what he saw in high school. But I guess CWM and CRG both decided to put Cowart at Strong Side based on our either our depth at Buck, or in the idea of creating a dream combo of Cowart and Lawson on the field at the same time. Honestly, I don't think Cowart likes to take on and hold blocks, which is required of SDEs in 4-3 defenses. I think he wants to get around blockers and go after the QB. I don't think he ever adapted to the SDE position. However, the move would likely have happened wherever he went. He was likely to end up a 4-3 SDE, a 3-4 DE, or eventually, what has happened at AU, moved to the 3-Tech DT. If he could embrace that role, with his size, he would project as either an NFL 4-3 3-Tech DT or a 3-4 DE. Even the idea of making him the 3-Tech in passing downs, where he gets to rush (abeit from the inside, fighting blockers) has not seemed to light a fire in him. He just does not seem to want it.
  2. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    I really wish we had considered moving him to DB instead of WR. With his speed and agility, he might have been able to break out there.
  3. True. He was considered a superstar. He may have only been a 3*, but it was probably because he was not on the radar earlier.
  4. CCL had a Wildcat package at ASU. They called it "Sparky", because their cross state rivals at UofA are the Wildcats. It was a balanced line formation with two blocking backs, very similar to what we have done with KJ the last two years. Also it did not use a jet sweep motion. This video has several Sparky formation plays:
  5. Two ole miss players arrested for shoplifting

    But these two young men have spent their adolescence and teenage years, working and sweating, while we were all in the air conditioning. We should refuse to ruin their lives.
  6. I am not terribly concerned with GA Southern's triple option because they lost a lot of key players last year, and the triple option will be totally new to these GSU players. GSU used to run the triple option a few years ago, but went away from it. They have run a standard spread offense the last few years, and recruited to that scheme. We don't even know what kind of triple option GSU plans to run. They have been very coy about it, but most expect a GA Tech style flexbone. Personally I think this is the worst situation GSU can be in. A totally new offense, a loss of player experience, and the first game of the new system is on the road against a likely top 15 team with a chip on its shoulder. The key will be to shut down the GSU triple option running game early. Like they HUNH, the triple option relies on keeping it close, having modest but consistent success in the running game, and then popping a big play when the defense has a let-down. It also relies on mixing up the triple-option with constraint plays to take advantage of defensive schemes focused on stopping the triple option play. 3rd and long is the bane of the triple option. They do not get enough practice in the passing game, and usually pass blocking is not the strength of triple option team's offensive lines. For a while I was concerned with GSU, with its new triple option offense followed one week later by Clemson. I wished GSU had remained a standard spread team, where it could be in effect a scout team for us to scrimmage against in preparation for Clemson. I am starting to change my opinion. Defending a triple option with no game film of the actual team running it will force the need for focus and discipline on our defense. That could be a good thing going into Clemson.
  7. Trey Gainous. Clutch receiver.
  8. Saban thinks HS players will skip senior season

    Didn't Dee Liner flirt with this idea at one point?
  9. He's 4* on Rivals and ESPN, so I think he has some upside. 3* for 247 and Scout. Call him a 3-1/2 star for what it is worth. 247 has him as 33rd overall safety. Scout has him as the 32nd overall safety.
  10. scouting report: Georgia Southern

    I found this. I had forgotten Oregon ran the triple option out of its spread formation against us a fair amount in the 2010 BCS game.
  11. Hugh Freeze Resigns

    A few observations on this. First, I understand Houston Nutt was suing and by suing was able to gain access to records under disclosure. However, using the records for some other purpose than the subject of the lawsuit seems unethical. Also, it seems the university, which is the defendent in Nutt's lawsuit, was involved, which suggests a deal between the university and Nutt. Also one news organization reported Nutt's lawyer threatened Ole Miss via email with the public release of the information, stating a "phone call Coach Freeze made that would be highly embarrassing for all of you and extremely difficult to explain." That definitely strikes me as unethical, but it might be normal when trying to negotiate a settlement, in the sense that all of that information would come out in court. But again, Hugh Freeze's sexual picadillos are irreverent to Nutt's lawsuit. Nor is Hugh Freeze's self-promotion of his Christianity, and his visible hypocrisy relevant to Nutt's lawsuit. Not to defend Freeze, but this was based on call records, which showed a 1 minute call to a number associated with an escort service. Did that phone record show the time of the call to the second, and if only the minute, how long would a 5-second call be presented in that record? Third, how did Nutt's lawyers looking through several years of phone records know to try to correlate the numbers with known escort services? There has to be more smoke there. There had to be rumors, evidence, or perhaps private investigators with information on Freeze. Given Freeze resigned, I think there is fire here. If it was a misdialed number, he probably would have held on, let Ole Miss fire him, and sue. Regarding a possible misdial, there would likely be a call immediately following to a similar number. My guess is that is not there. But if it was to an escort service, there would likely be more than one, one-minute call--but perhaps those other calls were done on a personal phone. Ole Miss said they Freeze resigned due to a "pattern of personal misconduct". That suggests it was more than just one call. Again, I wonder if there is a quid-pro-quo between Nutt and Ole Miss which said they would only release information regarding one call in return for some settlement and to give Freeze an out without too much damage. Questions: Is Nutt's vendetta against Ole Miss or Hugh Freeze? Is a settlement coming between Ole Miss and Nutt (I would bet strongly on this). Regardless, Freeze can overcome the personal foibles (see Bobby Petrino). The NCAA violations are a bigger challenge. However Houston Nutt is now toxic. No one will want this guy anywhere near their program ever again. I think there are reasons Nutt was known to have personality conflicts with those around him, and never found his way back into coaching after Ole Miss fired him.
  12. scouting report: Georgia Southern

    The important thing is the triple option will be as new to GSUs offensive players as it is to AU's defensive players. GSU has not run the triple option since 2013. Only the true freshmen players have been recruited for the system. The existing players were recruited into a multiple WR spread-option team. GSU also lost its top RB. They will be in a complete rebuilding year on offense. It will be GSU's first game as well as ours. The triple option itself is just one play in GSU's new playbook. Georgia Tech runs a wide variety of plays, and not just the triple-option over and over and over. Sometimes it is the other plays which can burn you. The good thing is there is plenty of film from Georgia Tech, Navy, and Army out there. With the triple option, as with any option play, the defense gets to choose who gets the ball. If a defense can come up with a scheme to force the play to a particular runner, and prevent that runner from getting yardage, it is defended. Of course, that is where constraint plays come in, and GA Tech's playbook has a lot of those.
  13. Chip Lindsey

  14. Chip Lindsey

    This is something I have often wondered. Is it better to expose more of your playbook and get the experience of executing your plays in a real game? My gut says in the era of no-contact practices, yes. If teams still did full-speed, full contact scrimmages, you could probably get away with not exercising your playbook against real competition.
  15. Chip Lindsey

    I think CGM got stuck in a rut. He has his system and his playbook. He has done a good job matching those to the talent at hand, and in lower division schools and at AU when no one else has seen it, it works wonders. But SEC and Power 5 defense coaches are smart, and have enough film from Tulsa to AU to Arky St and back to AU to defend what CGM calls. The last time CGM had an offensive epiphany it was at Tulsa when he was teamed up with CHH, who brought Rich Rodriguez's option concepts to CGM's power running scheme. Since CGM left Tulsa, it has been the CGM and CRL show. The offense has stagnated, and needs a shot in the arm. I think CRL was always limited to introducing new ideas because his close association with CGM. Did CHH bring in some fresh ideas from James Franklin? Let's hope he did. Will CRL bring in new ideas? Lets hope he also has. At Clemson, Chad Morris brought CGMs and CHHs playbook from Tulsa with him. Clemson evolved and adapted that playbook. They added new ideas, concepts, and plays to it. We need to some something similar. When CGM plays like he has nothing to lose, he can do amazing things. When he plays not to lose, it falls apart. We played not to lose against Clemson last year. We played not to lose most of the time we were in the Red Zone. We played not to lose whenever Sean White was hurt. We have the potential to have two solid QBs in Stidham and White. They have the potential to run the same play book, which means we should not be lost if the starter has to leave the game. We have the potential to have a more effective passing game which would help us in the Red Zone. I think we learned last year the importance of figuring out the starting QB, OL, and RB before the season starts. Personally, I am optimistic.