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  1. From the ESPN article: Foster: "I don't make excuses. I'm a real dude." Foster told that the positive test came after he tried to rehydrate himself after coming down with what he believed to be food poisoning. Foster: "I couldn't eat much, but I had to drink water and Gatorade. Then a few coaches said something about me being too light. And I'm a coach-pleaser. I don't care what everybody thinks, but I care what coaches think." "I don't make excuses. I'm a real dude." "So I drank and ate as much as I could without throwing up. Then I went in there, drinking and drinking water, trying to flush out my system from whatever was making me sick and trying to keep my weight up and took the test." "I don't make excuses. I'm a real dude." So, who were these "few coaches" who told him he was "too light"? These were NFL coaches at the combine? If so, it would be easy for the NFL to corroborate Foster's story. And it is highly unlikely an NFL coach who knows diluting a drug test is an issue to tell a player who is complaining about food poisoning and who may be dehydrated to pound gallons of water the night before a drug test. But then again Foster doesn't make excuses. He's a read dude.
  2. What I like about this play is it puts three receivers to one side of the field (the boundary), after initially showing a 2 WR look which shifted to a 1 WR look. That is the shift which will expose the defensive coverage. The play action is designed to pull boundary side coverage up towards the line of scrimmage. The slant route is designed to pull boundary side coverage towards the field side. The result is there are no defenders covering the flat. I am not sure how much of a real option the slant is. Ryan Davis on the fake sweep becomes the outlet receiver, and is not covered at all. A possible variation of this play would be for the WR to run a go route to try to pull the CB deep. That would expose the wheel route to the LB, but the wheel route would open up the third receiver.
  3. A better solution would be to limit the total off-field staff.
  4. I understand the intent of the rule. It is to avoid a "package deal", with an assumed Quid Pro Quo, in which the HS coach encourages the prize recruit to go to College A, and in return, the HS coach gets a job a College A. The extended period is intended to prevent deferring the hire. As for restricting recruiting of athletes from the same school, it makes little sense. I could see a restriction on the hired coach from contact with his former HS athletes, because he in essence had unlimited contact the year prior, but limiting the entire university from recruiting at the HS seems extreme. That said, hiring the HS coach removes a potential ally in future recruiting from the same HS, so it also seems self-defeating. So is the current system self-policing? Also, if they only restricted it to the current recruiting year, would there really be a quid-pro-quo with a one year deferral of the hiring of a HS coach? A million things can change in a year, so I think not. But with large high schools, chances are there is a player being recruited every year. So even a current recruiting year hiring restriction would become a permanent ban for coaches from large high schools. So I do not know if it is possible to eliminate the prospect of a "package deal" quid-pro-quo from a large school without what would amount to a complete hiring ban. To me, a more reasonable rule would be restricting the hired coach from recruiting at his old high school for two years.
  5. Borges has evolved his offensive philosophy with the times. He did a lot of shotgun, 3WR, and 4WR sets in recent years. Perhaps not a Spread/HUNH type of offense, but more no longer a West-Coast offense.
  6. Given the D punched the ball out of Hastings hands and stripped it from Craig-Myers, I think it is the defense.
  7. Nate Craig-Myers!
  8. Nice to see some hard hitting. Great job on Stidham keeping his cool and making the play. And when something as crazy as that happens, you can't blow the play dead because the QB is not live.
  9. Nate Craig-Myers.
  10. Nice play by Sherwood to knock the ball out.
  11. The #1 O-Line is interesting. Tega is at LT and James at RT.
  12. Depiction of the press box change. It looks like the middle section will become a premium club level, surrounded by the coaches box on one side and the television press box on the other.
  13. That's Governor Tuberville to you.
  14. Former FSU player. I assume his criminal background check came back clean.
  15. I think in A-Day it will be vanilla. We will likely see some standard drop back passing, in large part due to the nature of the A-Day game rules. In the fall, I do think we will see the Inside Zone Read Run Pass Option play added. This is a great way to leverage a Slot WR on an inside slant, dig, or hitch route, or a TE on a hitch or out route when you have a strong inside zone running game which Pettway provides.