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  1. meh130

    Staff Changes

    I think you are right. I think this was supposed to be a slip screen to Malik but he screwed up.
  2. Bob Stoops - Won't happen. James Franklin - Won't happen. Mario Cristobal - Interesting. I would prefer to wait a year until we see if this year is a fluke or real. Brett Venables - Interesting. I would support. Hugh Freeze - As an OC yes, as an HC no. Art Briles - As an OC yes, as an HC no. Kevin Steele - As a DC yes, as an HC no. Lane Kiffin - No. Bill Clark - Interesting. I would support. Other -Mike Norvell, John Grass, Scott Satterfield, Dave Aranda. I am thinking we have to look at an established FCS or Group of 5 head coach. The only exceptions I would make to that are Venables and Aranda.
  3. meh130

    What if Gus resigned?

    Gary Andersen of Oregon State: Gary Andersen’s messages explain why he left Oregon State's $12 million Also Steve Spurrier: Why did Steve Spurrier quit at midseason? The Head Ball Coach explains in a letter
  4. meh130

    What if Gus resigned?

    This is an excellent idea. Simply state we will not entertain any candidate represented by Sexton. Suddenly, some other agent would be elevated as a result. And other schools likely would follow suit.
  5. meh130

    Two takeaways from this season

    Good points. I thought we would go 10-2, maybe 9-3. I had concerns about the O-Line, but I felt those would work themselves out over the course of the season, and would only be a risk against Washington. I agree, Gus has a history of being able to fit scheme to talent to produce good results. He has failed miserably at that this year. In 2009, with Chris Todd, we had a decent OL. Stidham is more mobile than Todd, but we do a poor job of leveraging that. The passing game has four problems. Stidham not getting through his progressions due to pressure (due to the weak OL). WRs not getting separation. This was a problem in the past and it has happened again. Often Stidham will not come off of his second read to the other side of the field because of real or perceived pressure, even though receivers on the other side may be wide open. Stidham's inaccuracy and poor throws. Poor pass play calling. We really need to find the pass plays that work with a weaker line (especially weak in the middle). Designed roll-outs, max protect packages, quick passes (especially quick slants), etc. We need to get back to pace, because it could give some advantage to our line over the defense. We need to attack the perimeter in the running game, that includes zone read option plays. We need pre-snap reads and audibles to take advantage of non-ordinary defensive formations. I saw one situation where TN had 6 in the box. We should have run it. But instead we threw it. I don't recall if it was incomplete or a short or no-gain play. Had we run power, counter, or a split zone we should have been able to pick up at least 4-5 yards.
  6. "It was frustrating to see the AU offense begin the game by trying to establish the inside zone against State’s excellent interior defensive line ... " This. I would add: "It was frustrating to see the AU offense begin the game by trying to establish the inside zone given the known issues with the interior of AU's offensive line." The Inside Zone requires the OL to be good. It typically requires 5 offensive linemen to block four defensive linemen. The TE or H-Back may block a DE/OLB, making it 6 vs. 4, but in either case there are two LBs behind the DL who need to be blocked as well. A OL/TE/HB engaged in a double-team block is supposed to release after a brief double team and block an LB. And this assumes the WRs are effectively keeping the CBs and NB out of the play by either running a route or blocking. The Inside Zone Read Option play allows the OL to leave the back-side DE/OLB unblocked to gain a numbers advantage (5 on 3). We rarely run the Zone Read Option any more because we do not want to put Stidham at risk. With the OL being a weakness, the traditional Inside Zone is not a good play for us to run.
  7. meh130

    Nick Saban rips Alabama students for not showing up

    Wah. Just reduce the size of the student section and sell more cheap tickets to the 8th grade, sidewalk, teeth challenged alumni.
  8. I am tempted to blame Hand as well. Hand has a poor history as a player developer, and Grimes has a stronger record as a player developer. In terms of pure talent, we are above average. Many of our 2-deep are rated at least 4 star by one of the recruiting services. Can Grimes turn this around?
  9. meh130

    Rod and Stan

    I don't understand why they did not keep the radio booth where it was. The layout of the old press box had the radio booth, a TV booth, two coaches booths, and the large open print press booth in the middle. The radio, TV, and coaches booths were at the ends and could be closed up. I guess there also was a visiting team radio booth. I know the new layout has two coaches booths and a TV booth.
  10. meh130

    Kam and Sal considered leaving as well

    Regarding Sal, he has played a lot of snaps, especially on 3rd down situations. Our problem is elsewhere. Our pass protection is poor. Against Washington, we used some max protect and some flexible protection options and it worked, despite their highly rated defensive line. Since them, our schemes or our execution has not worked. I don't know why. Second, Stidham was very accurate against Washington. He has been considerably less accurate since. I don't know why. Against Arkansas, I almost wanted us to try to run an entire drive passing the ball every down, if for no other reason to try to build confidence in our passing game among Stidham, the line, and our receivers. Instead when we threw on first down and failed to make yardage, we ran on second down, and then faced third and long. That suggests a lack of confidence in the passing game on the coaches side. I don't know why. This is eerily like 2015 and the Duke Williams debacle. It makes me wonder if there is something wrong in the locker room. The number of sacks allowed needs to drop dramatically. Our completion percentage needs to be higher. It was 72.2% against Washington, with arguably good DLs and DBs. It has dropped since. Part of that is on Stidham, part of that is on the receivers, and part of that is on the O-Line (throw-aways under pressure).
  11. meh130

    Kam and Sal considered leaving as well

    Yep. And Brent Fullwood almost quit because he was homesick.
  12. meh130

    Clemson vs Texas A and M

    ^^^^This^^^^ Clempson always has at least one letdown game each year, sometimes more than one. They tend to get better later in the year.
  13. meh130

    Auburn University is Growing!

    Meanwhile Parker Hall still stands.
  14. ^^^^This^^^^ x 1,000.
  15. meh130

    Week 2: Malzhan Presser Notes

    Broussard was listed as a #2 CB behind Igbinoghene. Does anyone know anything more on this?