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  1. Alabama Receiver Arrested, Kicked Off Team

    Hey, those guys sweated in the summer.
  2. Alabama Receiver Arrested, Kicked Off Team

    That may have been Ryan Anderson. Or maybe it was Courtney Upshaw. Or it may have been Cyrus Jones.
  3. Alabama Receiver Arrested, Kicked Off Team

    Domestic violence charges? These are Courtney Upshaw Jonathan Taylor <- Saban recruited and signed after kicked off of UGA for domestic violence Ryan Anderson Cyrus Jones The last three all happened in the spring of 2015. Saban kicked Taylor off the team, but after getting reamed by the national sports press after signing Taylor.
  4. The difference between this case (walk-on WR in a non-practicing, injury status) and how Saban has dealt with arrests and issues top scholarship players is telling. "Donnie Lee Jr., a walk-on who has not been participating in team activities since a knee injury in August, has been dismissed from our football team and is no longer part of our program. This behavior will not be tolerated from anyone and is not representative of our football program." - Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban Report: Alabama receiver Donnie Lee arrested Do not expect any questions on the inconsistencies from the sycophant Alabama beat reporters.
  5. This is a good point. The old Malzahn Power and Counter-Trey have been missing this year. We run a lot of Inside Zone runs, I think to set up the IZ RPO to the slot WR, and the IZ read-option (which we never really run out of fear of JS getting hurt).
  6. LSU Memories

    Regarding LSU, I only went to one Auburn-LSU game in Baton Rouge. The Earthquake Game. Many that was a long drive home. We drove down from Auburn that day and back that night.
  7. The TN program is a mess

    Has anyone made a meme of that trash can into a trash fire?
  8. Bama and UGA twice?

    It is not inconceivable we could play UGA twice, UAT twice, and Clemson twice. Unlikely, but not inconceivable. It would likely cause changes in the CFP.
  9. Chuck Person

    How does Louisville MBB not get the Death Penalty from this? The NCAA does not even have to investigate--the FBI has done it for them. They can just take the public affidavits and make a decision. This is like Sandusky at Penn State, but worse from an NCAA compliance perspective because there are clear objective NCAA rules violations.
  10. Chuck Person

    I think some aspects could spill over, such as the agent stuff, but not the shoe company aspects. The difference is there are so few basketball players compared to football, and the idea is Adidas wanted to capture these athletes as prospective promoters out of high school, instead of bidding with Nike and Under Armour after the declared for the NBA. I heard somebody say there is not nearly the shoe money chasing football players, because kids don't buy football cleats as everyday shoes to wear to school. I remember when this all started, back in the mid-1980s with the Nike Air Jordan. This is probably the dirtiest scandal ever in college sports, because it combines money for recruiting, paying players, corporate money, laundering money (through the financial advisors), and coaches involved. This isn't a rogue booster.
  11. Hot Seat Coaches

    A few thoughts. If Louisville's AD is fired (currently only suspended w/pay), Petrino's buyout is cut in half, down to $4.25M. Despite that, the Louisville MBB toxicity may taint Petrino, who still has a reputation to overcome. At AU, with the issues with Softball and Title IX, and now MBB, and the very real prospect of an AD change, can we really deal with another drama? I think as long as Gus doesn't totally crater, he probably continues into next season.
  12. Who is to say the NCAA didn't work with the FBI on this? The NCAA relies on the member schools to participate in any investigation. It has no subpoena, search, or wiretap authority. The NCAA has been feckless in its ability to police MBB. Perhaps they figured they only way into it was via a criminal investigation. I could see a NCAA compliance lawyer and an DOJ lawayer having lunch and talking about how dirty MBB is and musing over the question "how can we get these guys?"
  13. True. We haven't based our offense on it, but we ran it a fair amount with SW, which is part of the reason he got hurt. Notice JS will always slide or go out of bounds the few times we have run it this year. That is fine. A QB running for 5 yards and sliding on an IZR is as good as a RB getting 5 yards inside. I think the problem with recruiting dual-threat QBs is they often are not reliable at passing. Cam Newton was the exception.
  14. Great stuff. I agree with most of it. I would say, I think Malzahn's original offense was intended to have some of this, he just didn't have much success at AU with this approach (for various reasons). Instead, he found success with a blend of his 2-back power running plays (the original Malzahn running offense) and the zone read option stuff he learned at Tulsa from Herb Hand. The power running and option running complemented each other, which meant there was not much reason to rely on passing. And the passing game he had was overly simple. Malzahn also liked to archetype players into positions. I think a more complex passing game, with more options for the QB, more routes, etc. is a good idea. I also like the idea of a player like Sal playing the hybrid TE/WR that Uzomah played. When you go 4-wide and no H-Back/FB, you pretty much eliminate the power running plays, which almost forces the use of zone-read option running plays as your running constraint play. However, other "Power Spread" teams like Urban Meyer's have been more effective using the TE or H-Back in the passing game, as has Penn State this year. So it is possible to combine the concepts. It is okay for a non Dual-Threat QB in a more passing centric, or Air-Raid spread offense to occasionally run a zone read option play. Ole Miss did this pretty well. We know we have what it takes to run the ball. I would love to see us bring more Air-Raid concepts into the offense. The original Air Raid offense at Kentucky was done out of Pro-Set, 21 Personnel Group offense. Originally it was not even a shotgun. It evolved into 3WR, then a QB shotgun 4WR, 1RB, 10 Personnel Group offense later. Only after that did Mike Leach go crazy with his 4-Verticals stuff. I hear a lot of people on this board say "where is the TE"? I don't care, as long as we have a line, along with an RB, that can block a 4-man rush, and a plan to put the H-Back into a pass route, or the H-Back block and the RB go out on a route. I am also fine with a hand-down TE instead of an H-Back, or a flexed TE like Sal/Uzomah. Let's just get more competent passing, and give the QB more options. As for the hand-down TE vs. H-Back, the H-Back originally was in Malzahn's power running offense derived from the Wing-T. It allows point of attack blocking for the power runs, but the truth is you can do that with pulling guards if you use a TE. The H-Back is an awesome thing to have in a zone read option game, especially the Inside Zone Read, to block the scraping ILB, or to allow a change-up of the read defender, but we don't need it as much if we ran less zone reads. Last point. Clemson has done a great job of expanding the Tulsa Malzahn/Hand playbook. Also, Penn State runs a similar offense and has expanded it. We should do the same.
  15. Chuck Person

    I doubt anyone knew about this. They would have probably been pulled in if they were. My concern is that this happened represents a lack of institutional control. Chuck Person's fear of causing harm to the AU MBB program was less than his desire for the cash. That what happened around the Softball program represents a lack of institutional control. Corey Meyers fear of causing harm to the AU Softball program was less than his desire for ... whatever his creepy butt wanted. JJ needs to step aside, at least temporarily, and a temporary caretaker AD from the outside needs to be appointed. Somebody squeaky clean, preferably a lawyer type. An aggressive internal investigation needs to be started, and I would consider polygraphs. Hook Bruce Pearl and the rest of the AU MBB staff to a polygraph and get statements on the specifics of the federal case. If they refuse, they are gone. Pearl is at risk of becoming toxic. He has a need to save his reputation. We need to appear to be squeaky clean, and this needs to appear to be isolated to a rogue assistant. If we cannot do that, we will be tainted from now, until the end of the NCAA investigation.