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  1. Really interesting to read these posts. Our OL over the last few years has not lacked for recruited talent. We have recruited plenty of 4-stars, and even a 5-star. It appears to have lacked from development. When junior and senior 4-star OLs can't win a starting position against underclassmen, graduate transfer 0-stars and 2-stars, and converted defensive ends, either they were not 4-stars to begin with, or they were not developed. Also, anyone looking at our OL over the last two years and one can see the lack of push during running plays. Our pass protection was rated pretty good this year. But in 2018 and 2019 our zone blocking for the run was poor. It was very bad in 208. As was some of the other plays. I honestly think the reason we did not run a lot of power, counter, and buck sweep is because Gus did not trust his offensive linemen to be able to execute on those plays. The constant changes to the starting center in 2018 and 2019 between Kim and Brahms, and the need for graduate transfer Jack Driscoll to start at right tackle were indicative of the challenges we had. Nothing against Driscoll, but when a 2-star graduate transfer can come into a SEC school and start, that school is lacking something. Add to that, our best offensive lineman turned out to be that converted defensive end who played one year of high-school football. Our OL issues are systemic. They existed across two OL coaches over a number of years. It is not just recruiting. Our 4-star recruits get beat by 2-star and 0-star transfers. The OL requires coaching and development more than any other position. And we have consistently failed since the 2015 season, with a brief exception during our 2017 run (after a dismal start). Don't forget in 2017 our entire second string OL was Austin Golson. Our 2019 starting OL was relegated to third string behind one guy.
  2. What I like is everything I heard suggests Chad Morris was closely involved in this hire. If CGM can trust CCM and CKS, perhaps CGM can successfully move to the next level of "CEO Coach" from his current very hand-on approach. Obviously, the jury is still out.
  3. 1984 Kickoff Classic against Miami in the Meadowlands. Also I believe that was the first AU game I ever attended.
  4. My thoughts exactly, however the comment that Dye said he had flunked out may be a factor. Apparently Coe was never big on the academic part of things, and that is probably why he spent time in the dog house.
  5. That really is his natural position based on his build. I think we wanted him somewhere else (Buck, 3-Tech) because we had Marlin Davidson. Coe has the size to play SDE in a 4-3 or DE in a 3-4 in the NFL. He is almost a archetypal 3-4 DE. I hope he gets a shot and makes the best of it.
  6. There really should be two Outland awards each year, one for offensive lineman, and one for defensive lineman. Given there are five offensive linemen and typically three interior defensive linemen on a football team, that means a lot of people competing for one award, even if you do not consider the center who has the Rimington award.
  7. Barry Odom reportedly lands new job in SEC Good hire by Sam Pittman. Odom's history in neighboring Missouri should help with Arkansas recruiting.
  8. If Aranda leaves LSU, who would replace him as LSU DC? I think Barry Odom is probably getting a look from some schools looking for a DC. I wonder if Pete Golding will processed from Alabama. I could see Saban picking up Odom.
  9. But this two party dynamic can work with via headset with Morris in the pressbox and Gus on the sideline.
  10. Honestly a good move for Luke, who got a taste of head coaching. Now learn under one of the better program coaches out there, who learned from the master program coach. My guess is in a couple of years he will look for a Group of 5 head coaching job, and hope to go from there back into the Power 5.
  11. I am not sure this matters. Getting another offensive minded person who Gus trusts and respects in the planning room has more potential to open up Gus to different and better plays. Likewise, having someone on headset that Gus trusts and respects increases the chances that Gus calls better plays himself. Alternatively, there is possibility is two strong-willed personalities conflict. But I think the risk is worth it.
  12. Given Arkansas has to pay Morris $2.45 million a year (70% of $3.5 million), less any compensation Auburn provides him, we can easily afford Morris. If we paid Morris the same $500,000 we paid Dillingham, or if we paid Morris $1 million, Morris ends up with the same money.
  13. I think we should name the new Football only facility after him.
  14. “Pick 12” Two Pick 6s equals a Pick 12. Saban picked 12 players to be on the field during Auburn’s final 4th down.
  15. But Pawwlll!!! Why wuzn't Shivers called for targeting!
  16. Who was the coach when you first identified as an Auburn fan: Pat Dye What was the cause of you identifying as an Auburn fan: Decided to attend Auburn as a high school student, because I wanted to study engineering. I think it was the 1983 season (would have been the fall of my senior year in high school). Both of my parents went to Alabama. What is your all time favorite Auburn moment or memory: 1989 Iron Bowl, "First Time Ever". That was my 6th football season as an Auburn student. I stayed at Auburn after my bachelor's to get a master's degree.
  17. There is zero upside to Gatewood leaving mid-season. By leaving, I assume it means he is giving up his scholarship, his stipend, and his access to athletic department facilities. The only reason I could see for quitting mid-season is if he needed to focus on academics to ensure he can transfer at the end of the semester. Otherwise he is giving up strength and conditioning coaching, position coaching, practice, film study, and a sports dietician. And possible playing time against Ole Miss and Samford. He is a second-stringer, not a 3rd or 4th stringer, not a walk-on, not a scout-team guy. He practices every day with the twos. He gets considerable direct coaching. He is the film room with the other QBs every time. We have become obsessed with pure talent, and high school star ratings. Coaching is overrated. The star talent just need to playing time to prove to the world they are a world beater. Where coaches don't now what they are talking about, they just need to put the most talented on the field and let them win the game. We believe every sport is now basketball, a "strong link" sport, where raw talent alone leads you to the title. Guess what? All of that is probably true in high school football, where the talent differential between a handful of four or five stars and hundreds of zero stars is game changing. Gatewood is currently in his redshirt freshman year. His best path may be to go JUCO for his sophomore year and restart his recruitment. Alternatively, he could enter the portal, finish out the year, and transfer at the end of the semester. The only thing he would need to miss is the bowl game. He would have to sit out his sophomore year, but would get two spring practices, two fall practices, and an entire season of coaching.
  18. Coe is listed as 6'5" and 291 lbs. Davidson is listed as 6'3" and 278. Brown is listed as 6'5" and 318. Coe is plenty big enough to play 4-3 SDE and a 3-4 DE. His length makes him a good fit for a 4-3 DT (3-Tech). His is a little heavier than the typical college 4-3 SDE, and a little lighter than the typical NFL 3-Tech. I always thought he would project as a 3-4 DE in the NFL, and perhaps a 4-3 SDE. I do not see him in a 4-3 WDE or 3-4 Edge OLB (Buck/Jack/LEO). There were earlier comments by a former player on how hard it is to move inside after being an outside player. That probably had a lot to do with Byron Cowart's issues. Cowart played as a WDE in high school, usually in a Wide-9 technique. It could be contributing to issues with Coe. We have played a lot of different fronts this year. We have moved our three interior DLs around into every position. But every modern defense is multiple today, with players shifting around. I hope Coe gets over his issues.
  19. I honestly think football is evolving back to this. Call it the "West Coast" passing scheme, if you want. Defenses have adapted to the Power Spread's bubble screens and the Air Raid's "4 Verticals". The best RPOs are the ones that combine and inside zone run with a quick slant to a #2 WR as the pass. It does not have to be an RPO. Any inside run play action pulls the inside LB towards the line and creates an opening in the middle of the field for the quick slant. That play has been all over the NFL the last several years, and became popular in college a couple of years ago. Bubble screens scare me because they seem to be ripe for a Pick 6. I think they have a place if combined with other short routes. Modern college defenses love to run hybrid coverage where the CBs play man against the #1 WRs if the #1 WRs go deep. If they go on a dig our out, the CBs revert to zone coverage. To me, this seems ideal for underneath routes such as the RB on a wheel route, or the #2 WR on an out under the #1 WR going deep. Some of the Air Raid offenses are going back to these concepts.
  20. It makes sense to throw more to open up the running lanes given we don't have Boobie. But also, to get LSU concerned about defending the entire field.
  21. These new pass-first spread offenses are not the like the Air Raid offenses of the past. They are a hybrid of RPOs and traditional passing concepts. They also maintain a running ability, so they don't break down in short yardage like Air Raid can (and the Run and Shoot before it did). Also, the older pass-first spread offenses liked to stress the width of the field with WR bubble screens, and the length of the field with vertical routes. So they tended not to target the middle as much. These newer offenses love slants and digs. I do think the "Power Spread" run-first spread offenses made famous by Urban Meyer, Dan Mullen, and the 2010 Auburn Tigers has faded, as has the "Spread Option" run-first spread offenses of Rich Rodriguez and the 2013 Auburn Tigers. With Bo Nix, we should definitely keep expanding our passing game.
  22. Marlon Davidson! I saw him in the 3rd quarter come from the DL's right side into the backfield on a blitz, the play was an RB run up the middle (I think a draw), and then Davidson was in on the tackle along with the safeties after about an 8 year gain by the RB. That is just freakish for a 280lb defensive end. He has an incredible motor. I also love how Steel is moving his three interior DLs around. I saw Nick Coe at nose tackle and Derrick Brown at a 5-Tech DE position one snap. That has to make things challenging for opposing offensive linemen.
  23. I heard about Sumlin's mild tweet. This AggieScoop guy's response is stunning. Does 247 condone that kind of behavior from its employees? Regarding Jimbo. If you look at his recruiting classes his last few years at FSU, he was recruiting with the best. I do not understand how a team stacked with so much talent could end up a dumpster fire. It takes a special kind of talent and skill to ruin that. I don't think aTm is going to get what they expected out of Jimbo. Part of it comes with being in the SEC West with Alabama, LSU, and Auburn. This year they had Clemson and will have Georgia.
  24. Honestly, I think this might have been the best offensive play called game since 2017 UGA. We seemed to have plays designed to take advantage of specific aTm defensive expectations, and called them at the right time. The RB rotation was key as well. While some of these plays were "Malzahn Classics", such as the "Triple Option" Inside Zone Read/RPO WR Hitch, they worked very well against aTm. Also, the intermediate passes over the middle are very "un-Malzahn" plays.