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  1. Safe to say we’re not 4th best team in country.
  2. Giant steaming pile of crap left on the field by the boys in blue.
  3. Refs all night. If you’re denyin’, you’re lyin’
  4. 7-6 vandy taking us to the wood shed. It's as if the preseason stuff didn't happen at all.
  5. Nice trademark wins for Pearl and the boys. WDE!
  6. Won't work, he only goes after wins.
  7. I wanted to say a quick thank you for putting this thread up this morning. Because of this post, a few of my family members and myself went and checked it out about 11:00 as I live very close to the colonnade. JJ looked like he was hungry. Very cool. Thanks and War Eagle!
  8. In 2009 I had a summer music class with T'Bell, Harry Adams, Mike McNeil, Mike Berry, and big ol AJ Greene. At 6'4" I've always towered over 75% of others, AJ Greene made me feel about 2 foot tall walking out of class at the same time. I remember talking to T Bell one day after class asking him how summer workouts were going and he was down to earth as could be.
  9. Players always have Dre beats on their heads, even in summer sessions.
  10. there in that big pile of students with a very fine fiancee.
  11. ^^this. It looks like Dish Network may be leaving me hanging on this one.
  12. I must have got there before they knew they could offer us $5 standing room tickets, because I got told to go purchase a regular seat. What angers me the most is I will come watch basketball whether they're playing Alabama A&M OR Alabama, yet I got turned away tonight.