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  1. Go Badgers!!! Also, Chase Young hasn't done anything. We need him to do nothing to help Derrick Brown.
  2. Chase Young was suspended two games for taking money from someone deemed to be a booster. Some tech savvy members here should organize a Facebook campaign to keep him from getting award that DB could win.
  3. If I were Gus I'd make Brown and Davidson honorary coaches and let them be on the sidelines building everyone up. I wouldn't want those two to play. It is in their best interests to sign really big contracts in a few months. As coach, I would want to put my players' best interests in the forefront for a bowl game with no championship implications.
  4. I REALLY enjoy your previews! Thanks! I feel like an expert after reading them!
  5. Thanks Coach!!! Great as always! War Eagle!!!
  6. War Eagle!!! I LOVE to win and I LOVE to watch UAT lose. Seeing them both at the same time is as good as it gets! Bring it on!!
  7. With practice and coaching AU will be better at getting the ball to Wiley. The reason that Pearl stated at the beginning of the season that it was important to get the ball in to Wiley is is important to get the ball in to Wiley. I think we are getting better at getting the ball to Wiley in a position for him to score is that we are emphasizing it and practicing it. Wiley sure seems to have better hands when he gets better passes.
  8. I don't see how you can watch Wiley in his last two games and not think he can be an offensive force. It seems that AU is learning to get the ball to Wiley and he is making the most of it. If he stays healthy then he will have a GREAT year.
  9. This might need to be deleted.
  10. The new LED lights at Bryant-Denny.
  11. BOOM!!!! War Eagle!!! Welcome Mr. Walker!!!
  12. I was concerned about this game because I expected Richmond to have much better guard play than we have been seeing. J'Von played great and AU shut down Francis. OUr D is relentless. I am starting to think that CBP knows what he is doing!!!
  13. Wow! What a butt-whuppin;!!! D looks great! Shutting Lyles down was awesome!
  14. Do you think that Trump should be formally impeached? Do you think that a formal impeachment will result in Trump's removal from office? Do yo think that a formal impeachment will ultimately benefit the democrats?
  15. Ouch!!! THAT's going to leave a mark!