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  1. It seems like a good idea, but I am afraid that it would make it impossible for people with little or no cash reserves to get a loan. Banks are not going to loan money to people who stand a good chance of defaulting. Credit card companies would probably over far fewer cards or would increase the fees. Payday loan places are disgusting due to the interest they charge, but they are still filling a need that people have. If I have no cash reserves and just bought tires for my car and have another expense that keeps me from paying my car payment this month. I might be better off paying 25% interest than losing my car to the bank. There is certainly room for reform in this area, but a 15% cap is probably not the answer. Some of the issue is that we have rich people who are making rules for poor people whose situations they have no concept of.
  2. I think he is saying that Christians who thought that Trump was a more ethical or Christian candidate than Jeb Bush. Ben Carson. Chris Christie. Ted Cruz. Carly Fiorina. Jim Gilmore. Lindsey Graham. Mike Huckabee. Bobby Jindal. John Kasich. George Pataki. Rand Paul. Rick Perry. Marco Rubio. Rick Santorum or Scott Walker were blind or were hypocrites. I pretty much agree with that. I sure didn't vote for Trump in the primary and almost didn't in the general election.
  3. This is CLASSIC!!! She is a left winger who is trying to upset the right by promoting abstinence!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
  4. Nah, he is in a sanctuary country.
  5. Are you sure that you think the American people have a RIGHT to see a presidential candidates's tax returns? I agree Trump is hiding something...he is hiding his tax returns, which he has EVERY right to do. I support Trump's right not to release his taxes. I am also fine with requiring all future presidents to release their tax returns (though I don't think it is necessary). Heck, that might be a great idea for the dems...pass a law requiring all future POTUS candidates to release their tax return. Then Trump either has to release them or not run in 2020!!!! I'm a genius!!!
  6. That was an interesting read. Thanks for posting. The alt-left and the alt-right really messed this kid up. Parents give their kids WAY too much freedom.
  7. You are still (probably intentionally) missing the point. YOU DON'T KNOW THAT TRUMP IS HIDING ANYTHING, DO YOU? Nope. Requiring Trump to disclose personal information because you don't like him or trust him is really not smart. If there is evidence that he is breaking the law then I hope that he is investigated EVEN FURTHER, and if found guilty, is punished appropriately. As you know, "I don't want to know" is completely irrelevant. So is "I just want to know." For the record, looking back, I do have a problem with Mr. Clinton being impeached for behavior uncovered during an investigation for something unrelated to the behavior for which he was impeached. I admit that I was all for it at the time. His behavior was pathetic, but I don't think that ANYONE should be investigated for something for which there is no "probable cause." Clinton was probably the subject of a "witch hunt." Trump is also. But just so I am clear...that doesn't mean I think that Trump is innocent.
  8. What traits do you think are most important in determining a candidate's fitness for office?
  9. I think you are pretending not to understand again. ALL candidates say they want fairness, equality and compassion. The problem is that the qualities are subjective. One candidate says, "It is not fair for people to be too poor to pay for healthcare." They are correct. Someone else says, "It is not fair to force people to pay for someone else's healthcare." They are also correct. As is typical, you would rather attribute my opinion to lack of intellectual or emotional capacity rather than to different priorities. When you are honest we can learn from you.
  10. That's hilarious! He also might have a 12 year old girl held hostage in one of his properties. Do you think that the FBI should invade each property and search for such a girl? Just because you want to know what his returns show doesn't mean that you have a right to know or that it is any of your business. I want to know what is on Obama's original birth certificate. Does that mean that Obama should be compelled to produce it? Have any other POTUS's refused to make their's public? Is the fact that Obama refuses to release it reason enough for us to know why.....of course not.
  11. The point of my post is that I desire MANY things from our government officials. I don't know any other way to select a candidate other than to prioritize the things I desire and see what candidate is more likely to deliver the things that I value the most. I did not mean to imply that it was a "zero sum" equation, but I think you know that. I would appreciate it if you would refrain from lecturing me on Christian values unless you plan to explain your expertise in the area. Just for the record, fairness, equality and compassion are all incredibly subjective, and, therefore, are poor traits to use to pick a candidate in my opinion.
  12. I don't think there is a problem with him releasing them, but it is completely his option. It is none of our business what his tax returns show. It was none of our business what was on President Obama's original birth certificate even though many people wanted to see it. Was there a problem with him releasing it? No, but he chose not to. Many people speculated as to why he chose not to, and many people speculated on what he was trying to hide. Now people are doing the same thing about Trump. The two situations seem remarkably similar.
  13. If he broke the law and is caught he should be appropriately punished just as the law dictates. And if the laws are unjust and corrupt then the lawmakers should be held accountable.
  14. Thanks for posting the article. He makes some really good points. Graham and Christians like him have absolutely diluted the Gospel message. The only thing I may not agree with y'all on is the lumping of conservative Christians into one big group. I STILL think that the country is better off with Trump as POTUS than if Mrs. Clinton had one. It's not because I think that Trump is not a despicable person, it is because I prioritize the promotion of capitalism and a strong economy and liberty from our government higher than I prioritize the promotion of fairness and equality and compassion from our government.