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  1. Ok. The fact that the only person who has ever claimed that the incident happened cannot recall the event happening seems like hole to me.
  2. There are direct answers already posted above.
  3. Is the science settled yet on how many genders there are? Is Time going to stop publishing info that contradicts the "settled" science on that? Just wondering? This seems to be a political issue and not a scientific one.
  4. I am pretty much a sunshine pumper, but seeing your post made a HORRIBLE thought come to my mind: I sure hope after the game we are not saying "DAMN the Green Wave!!!" Ha!!!! Not going to happen! War Eagle!!!
  5. Reba McEntire voice. It is not made for NCAA Football.
  6. I like to read the signs. It is fun to see how the millenials think! Today's signs have not been that good.
  7. War Eagle!!! I have had a great morning thinking about the last time we played Oregon. I watched the sun rise in Glendale that morning. The anticipation of getting to watch my beloved Tigers play for a national championship was something I never actually thought I would get to experience. I have a lifetime supply of championship t-shirts!!! The anticipation of today's game is certainly not on the same level, but this is an exciting morning nonetheless! What if Bo Nix, who has been working to be Auburn's quarterback since he learned to walk, becomes the player he has dreamed of being his whole life? What if the decisions of Marlon Davidson and Derrick Brown to delay their NFL careers for a year to lead Auburn's defense one more time results in one of Auburn's best D's ever! What if Shaun Shivers starts being compared to Bo Jackson and William Andrews and Joe Cribbs and Cadillac Williams instead of to Lionel James and Tre Mason? What if our O-line plays like they are experienced seniors in their second year of working together as a cohesive unit? What if Owen Pappoe becomes the real "little ball of hate?" What if Arryn Sippos runs a fake punt? I'll stop now, but as we all know, the possibilities are endless! We are undefeated! Let's do this!!!
  8. ToraGirl is still the Champ!