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  1. I am probably WAY off again about Trump's current effect, but, except possibly for my April 15th tax bill, I don't see how Trump has affected my life one bit since he left office. Do others have a different opinion of how Trump still affects them?
  2. The ex-POTUS really did a number on a lot of libs. They are STILL obsessed with him.
  3. How dare a medical student question what he was being taught!!! The horror. Medical students should never be allowed to question things.
  4. I don't know anything about either group. So who is the group in the bottom picture? They may just be "peaceful protesters". Is the purpose of the picture to see if our gut reaction is that the top picture is ok and the bottom picture is not okay? Would that, therefore make people who think that racist? I suppose not since you cannot tell the race of the people in the bottom picture. How do we know that both groups hate each other? I am not astute enough to learn so much from the photograph.
  5. Yeah, I'd say things worked out pretty good for him.
  6. Happy Easter to my Auburn family!!!
  7. "Now, the Democrats are politicising the coronavirus… this is their new hoax." Applying the rules of the English language that I was taught to the sentence you shared, this is clearly referring to the politicization of the coronavirus by the democrats as being the hoax. We obviously learned the rules of written English differently. It's okay for you to feel that he meant something different. It's just not how some of us interpret things.
  8. Exactly! What he said doesn't matter. How it made you feel is what is important!
  9. Also the experience would mean so much to every one of them who comes back next year.
  10. This post makes me feel so much better! It seems simple but I would never have thought of it. All I could think is that this year's team might be the most talented team Auburn has ever had but we didn't even win 50% of our games. Next year's team will likely be more talented than this year's but I still don't see us ready to win the league next year. But, it's coming!
  11. So does this likely mean that Cooper already knows who will probably draft him, or does he just rely on the rankings?
  12. I was so sorry to hear this. Those young women worked too hard not to get to compete in the NCAAs.
  13. Hmm. Which is worse? I live in a "me" world in which I am concerned about my actions and how my actions affect others and how the government's action and the actions of others affect me. Someone else lives in a "you" world where they are focused on the actions of others and how others' actions affect still others and how the government's actions affect others. In the "me" scenario, I am focused on my behavior over which I likely have some control and can therefore potentially cause changes which can make things better for myself and those I come into contact with. This control and the ability
  14. Auburn University needs to either state specifically what the team did or needs to reverse the suspension. I have always been offended when Auburn people use the term "JABA" but I am starting to think it may have some merit.
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