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  1. 2015 4* RB Kerryon Johnson commits to AU!

    No to RE-rail this thread, but I have never seen a RB change his running style so much in just one year. Last year I would have called Kerryon a finesse back. He didn't break as many tackles and did not seem to run as aggressively. This year he is patient but then EXPLODES through holes and rarely is tackled by one defender. VERY impressive progression as a RB.
  2. 2020 DE Andy Boykin COMMITS TO AU!!!

    Wait, you forgot your Gif!!!!
  3. 2018 5* QB Emory Jones (Ohio St.)

    I apologize for pointing out my perception of your negativity. "We are bad at contingency plans" may be COMPLETELY accurate and it may not be. I don't know. I am just a fan with nothing on the line. From my point of view, Auburn is a VERY good team right now, and has been building to get better. I see no reason why we won't be very good next year and the year after that. So when recruiting gurus give a crystal ball to UF I don't automatically think that it is an indictment of our coaches and their plans. I have read on this forum where supposed Auburn fans WANTED US TO LOSE so that we could fire our coach. So, my post was out of line because I directed frustration at you that was not of your doing. Anyway, I still think the future is bright! War Eagle!
  4. 2018 5* QB Emory Jones (Ohio St.)

    I agree! But we are TRYING to get another QB. And we still may get EJ, so let's just hang in there and see how this plays out.
  5. 2019 4* QB Bo Nix

    I LOVE that idea! Except rename the field, not the stadium, then we only have to pay to change the last name!
  6. 2020 DE Andy Boykin COMMITS TO AU!!!

    All hail GwillMac6 and @fredst (and ellitor)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. 2018 5* QB Emory Jones (Ohio St.)

    But if Auburn is doing everything we can to get EJ then what else can we do? Should our contingency plan have been someone easy to get just so we could say we got our contingency man? Stidham and Willis and Gatewood...maybe the sky is NOT falling!
  8. 2018 5* QB Emory Jones (Ohio St.)

    Auburn has one of the best teams in the country RIGHT NOW. We have a great recruiting class. Why is it so hard to see the good in Auburn? Maybe we don't NEED a contingency plan! Just enjoy things! Things are GREAT from where I am looking!
  9. Middle Tennessee State - Preview

    Awesome preview! Thanks!
  10. The Bannon Effect

    So who is it who thinks that Bannon has some great effect on voters in Alabama or anywhere else?
  11. How can a Christian Support Trump?

    The folks on here don't seem capable of considering more than one issue at a time.
  12. How can a Christian Support Trump?

    I get SO tired of garbage like this! How can ________ (fill in the blank) vote for __________ (fill it in again). Are we really supposed to think that all Christians have exactly the same priorities when we vote? Or all women (You know what Mrs. Obama said, that all women who voted for Trump violated their consciences). People have a myriad of reasons for voting the way they do. Do you all really think that it makes sense to assume why people vote the way they do? I guess it is easier to feel superior when you have such a shallow view of people.
  13. 2018 4* WR Anthony Schwartz

    No, I would make a horrible teacher!