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  1. Those are great! Thanks for posting!. I have been out of the loop lately. So did Trump make science illegal or something?
  2. I was okay 25 years ago, but have played sparingly since then, but if I started playing again I would probably try to play a round at Augusta National. I figured I would need to target a specific member known to be accommodating and REALLY support his favorite charity with my time and money. How would you say is the best (legal) way to play the course?
  3. In my opinion, Augusta National is the most beautiful manmade place on the planet. I have been to the practice rounds several times. My first time was in 1997--Tiger's first Masters. The buzz about Tiger was HUGE. When we got onto the course my brother asked me if I wanted to go find Tiger. I said, "I am not worried about seeing Tiger. He is a boy playing a man's game, and he will get a good lesson this week." Tiger won by 12 strokes! That shows you what I know!
  4. Your Political Compass Economic Left/Right: -0.5 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.0
  5. Woo-hoo! Congrats!
  6. I absolutely agree with you on that! I just don't think it makes him MORE of an a-hole.
  7. I certainly don't think Trump is squeaky clean, but I think this is for democrats like the evidence against Mrs. Clinton for Benghazi then server then Trump Foundation was moments away from being exposed has been for republicans. My hunch is that you will have to keep waiting for the damning evidence to come.
  8. So then are we all in agreement that the DOI would be better of without the donation?????
  9. I apologize for not making it clear to you that you didn't call Pence a sexist. I typed "In this thread, Pence has been called a sexist." In NO WAY did I mean to imply that YOU called him that. If I had meant that then I would have typed "you called Pence a sexist." I also apologize for not being able to adequately explain my point that men have fears that they have to live with as well, and that Pence's comments seemed to me to be a way for him to deal with it. I guess it is easier to assume that people like you are the only ones who have problems to overcome. I never said that Pence was afraid of women. You know that I never called you a sexist hypocrite, but feel free to assume the role of victim whenever it helps your cause. You keep trying to make this thread about Trump. We agree that he is disgusting, but everything is not all about him.
  10. That's pretty awesome! Thanks for sharing!
  11. On what do you base your claim that he is certain that it didn't happen? Also, is a fairy tale something that you KNOW did not happen, or just something that is made up?
  12. In this thread, Mike Pence has been called sexist. Why was he called sexist? To use YOUR words, Pence has "fears that men are taught to have and live with". He claimed 15 years ago to have in place a means to minimize his fears and he is being criticized for it. Pence is not the only hypocrite, is he?
  13. I agree completely with your post, but in the context of this thread it seems that you are being sexist. There are MANY reasons why you are fortunate to be a woman. You take action to prevent some of the potential downfalls of being a woman and you are being smart. Men like Mike Pence take action to prevent some of the potential downfalls of being a man and he is a sexist POS. It seems inconsistent to me.
  14. 1. Do you have any evidence of Trump "just grabbing it"? 2. I guess I am a sick bastard, too, because I applaud Pence's comment (that he made 15 years ago). 3. Where did I defend Trump? 4. I said that I feel sorry for your spouse, not you, but I guess I do feel sorry for you also.
  15. So Bill O'Reilly is racist for making fun of hair that is not even from a black person? That's pretty funny!