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  1. I am not defending Trump. I am explaining my understanding of 1A. But I know you don't get it, and you're not going to. Just have to hope there are enough of us who understand the difference between the freedom of the press and stupid political games played with the press so that the intended purpose of 1A remains intact.
  2. Prayers for your Mom, E, and Happy REALLY late Birthday.
  3. So what about my post do you disagree with? Are you really saying that the first amendment means that the press has access to the POTUS? I think that Trump treats the press like crap, but I don't see what that has to do with 1A.
  4. I apologize. My intent was not to offend you or any woman or her partner who chose to have an abortion after getting pregnant due to no fault of their own. My intent was to compare two health situations and the hypocrisy that may or may not exist in how people consider those two situations.
  5. Who is "we?" Does Kaepernick really think he is the spokesman for his race? He may be one of the faces of the BLM movement, but I have not perceived him as being the voice of it. He seems to think that America cares if he participates in the celebration of Independence Day. I am glad that he is free to celebrate or not celebrate as he sees fit.
  6. I don't think that the First Amendment to the U.S Constitution guarantees that members of the press can have access to meet with the POTUS. My statement was in reply to the comment: ".when the only thing jeopardizing 1A is POTUS freezing out the press."
  7. I tried it last week. It had the least bitter/grapefruity finish of any IPA I have ever had. I liked it a lot. I wondered what made it so different.
  8. Spending money on education and infrastructure doesn't get a politician as many votes.
  9. I have not been watching the news much lately, but is it being widely reported that Chauvin and Floyd may have known each other. It seems FAR more likely than I first thought that Chauvin's actions had nothing to do with race at all. It is a scary thought that perhaps the media would not focus on this when doing so would be TRUE and would potentially calm down some of the animosity in the country. If Chauvin has a history of not liking Floyd then he is more likely to get convicted. That is a good thing.
  10. Did George Floyd and Derek Chauvin know each other? Co-worker says they did June 10, 2020 By ArLuther Lee, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution A man who claims to know George Floyd and Derek Chauvin, the now former officer facing second-degree murder charges in Floyd’s death, has told CBS News in an exclusive interview that the two men had a history of not getting along when they worked a security detail at a Minneapolis cantina. David Pinney, a former co-worker of both men, told CBS News the two men often “bumped heads” while on shift together at the El Nuevo Rodeo restaurant, which converted its dining room to a dance floor at night with live Mexican music. “It has a lot to do with Derek being extremely aggressive in the club with some of the patrons, which was an issue,” Pinney said. It was already known since last month that both men worked at the venue, but before now the connection was believed to be only coincidental, and that the men did not know each other. But Floyd’s family has continued to speculate whether the May 25 incident in which Chauvin kneeled on the man’s neck for nearly nine minutes may have stemmed from some prior personal grievance. Pinney’s revelation that the two men actually knew each other is now adding to those suspicions. “He knew him,” Pinney told CBS, adding that “we interfaced with the officers” and that Floyd knew Chauvin “pretty well” and would have recognized him on the fateful day of his arrest. Maya Santamaria, the owner of the business who first revealed the connection between Floyd and Chauvin, told CBS that she thought Chauvin was “afraid and intimidated” by black people. Chauvin occasionally worked at the club for 17 years as an off-duty officer, backing up a regular security team inside the venue, where Floyd worked for about a year, Santamaria revealed, although she wasn’t sure if the men ever spoke or met each other. “They were working together at the same time, it’s just that Chauvin worked outside and the security guards were inside,” she said. “When there was an altercation he always resorted to pulling out his mace pepper spray everybody right away even though I felt it was unwarranted,” she said. Civil attorney Ben Crump, who is representing Floyd’s family, previously noted that Chauvin could still face first-degree murder charges if the investigation found the officer knew Floyd. “That is going to be an interesting aspect to this case and hopefully upgrading these charges to first-degree murder because we believe he knew who George Floyd was,” Crump said. The Rodeo restaurant was burned to the ground during the unrest that erupted after Floyd’s death. Three other officers were also fired and charged with aiding and abetting murder in Floyd’s death.
  11. I don't think that 1A grants access to the POTUS for anyone who claims to be the press. The press is free to print whatever they want to and are then subject to the marketplace and to libel laws.
  12. Great post! "The marketplace of ideas is doing what it's supposed to do." That's how it should work. The slope gets slippery when the the government steps in and tells bakers who they must bake cakes for (and similar situations). Those situations should be handled by the marketplace as well.
  13. Upon further reflection, you are probably right, there is no hypocrisy at all. Not even remotely similar concepts. 😀