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  1. Two questions: 1. If Trump loses in a close election, do you think the republicans will riot? 2. Which police/military group will be responsible for physically removing Trump from office after he loses and refuses to leave?
  2. Exactly, you won't commit to an unconditional acceptance of the election results and neither will Trump. He was stupid enough to say it to a reporter and you only said it on a message board. By the way, this is a completely trivial matter because there is no way in the world that Trump can refuse to leave the White House. He can be unhelpful if he chooses to and be thought of as a sore loser in addition to all of the other bad things that people think about him. But he cannot refuse to leave his job as POTUS. In a whataboutism moment, do you agree with Ms. Clinton that Biden should not co
  3. I think Trump was an idiot for saying that. I don't defend it. Do you commit to accepting the results of the election no matter how it turns out?
  4. I agree with you. Trump should have lied and said that he would ensure a smooth transition even if the election was obviously tainted and still being contended in the courts and congress. Then nobody would be freaking out right now.
  5. Did anyone suggest cutting the FDA out of the loop???
  6. Now what was it BLM said about disrupting the nuclear family???? I'm not the one who made an issue out of the nonsensical "requirement," remember?
  7. Fair enough. We agree that I am pedantic and that there is no such requirement. More importantly, wouldn't it be great for the BLM organization to support the BLM movement? I absolutely support the BLM movement! I don't care about the BLM.com organization one bit except that it inadvertently results in people choosing not to support the BLM movement because they don't want to be associated with the BLM organization.
  8. I don't see how I am being unnecessarily pendantic if there are many people who might support the BLM movement refrain from doing so because they don't want to be associated with the BLM organization? Are all of those people are also unnecessarily pedantic? I completely agree with you about the organization. Do you have any evidence of my looking to criticize the BLM movement? I'd love to see it. I sure hate it that your feelings about me cause you to make baseless comments about my behavior.
  9. When the republicans here were afraid that Obama was going to get a third term everyone thought they were crazy. Now the democrats here are doing the same thing.
  10. So part of the purpose of BLM is to disrupt something rhetorical? I hope that the removal of the statement from the BLM website is a sign that the BLM.com organization is going to try to align with the BLM movement and try to help create equality and equal opportunity for blacks and for all races.
  11. I apologize for being unclear. What I was asking homer is "does it matter what they are protesting." Meaning that they have a right to peacefully protest no matter what their cause is. We can disagree about whether the gathering was to encourage people to vote for Trump versus encouraging people not to vote at all.
  12. I understood you to be suggesting that their gathering was dangerously close to breaking the law. I then brought up another gathering that was dangerously close to breaking the law. Hence there is a correlation. The difference is that in they situation you brought up, you know there was no law broken, and in the situation I brought up you know that there were laws broken. So I am guilty of whataboutism. I will own up to that. That is better than intentionally suggesting that a group of people I have never met and know nothing about are criminals. Do you own that?
  13. Where is there a "requirement" for a Western-prescribed nuclear family??? I am not familiar with any such requirement.
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