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  1. Of course UAT beats Gonzaga. We are going to have to earn it this year. It's a good thing we believe in work...hard work!
  2. Many players wear hoodies now under their shoulder pads. Is there a rule about putting the ball in the hoodie? I assume that putting the ball under your jersey or inside of a hoodie would both be against the rules.
  3. Great win! Yale is not that bad of a team, but they were way overmatched.
  4. So, is "peelievers" a term for the people who believe that there is a tape of Trump watching two prostitutes pee on each other (or was it on him) as alleged by some during one of Trump's POTUS campaigns but never materialized? And has it become a term to describe people who believe anything negative that it said about Trump, despite the presence or absence of evidence? I had not heard this term and want to be sure that I understand it correctly. Thanks in advance!
  5. So does anyone on the "pro-choice" side of things think that unborn human fetuses/babies should have any legal rights at all? When do you think that legal rights begin? Is it at birth or at viability or when?
  6. Thanks for sharing these! I love seeing our gymnastics program get better and better!
  7. Great win!!! I forked out the $6.99. I was most disappointed that our D got really soft for a brief time in the second half, but I think that UCF is a pretty good team and we pulled away from them pretty easily in the second half. Jabari and Kessler looked great, though Jabari's mid-range shots were not falling like they have been. KD is such a beast. I was surprised that Moore didn't play much. Berman is actually going to contribute this year. CBP is grooming him now. What a fun season this is going to be!!!
  8. I had so much fun watching the game and had almost as much fun reading this thread! Thanks guys, for making it so much fun! It's going to be a fun season!
  9. @Tigerpro2a& @PUB78 I am not trying to start anything. I am just really curious. Do you two (and any others who would like to comment) really not think that it is easier to be white in Alabama vs being black? Every black friend I have asked says that they have been "shadowed" in a store to be sure that they were not going to shoplift. Every black friend I have asked says that they are legitimately uneasy when they get pulled over by the police. After the Ahmaud Arbery killing I had black friends have to consider whether it was safe for them to go for a walk. I have never kno
  10. You are correct. I don't know if Rittenhouse is a wannabe badass or not. That was an assumption on my part.
  11. I mostly agree. There are many aspects of the Rittenhouse case and our legal system, not just one. Saying the verdict is racist because a white guy is called not guilty is crazy. Saying there is no racism in our legal system (I am not accusing you of saying that) is also crazy.
  12. I absolutely think that many time race is brought into situations where no racism is involved, but that does not mean that there is not still racism all over the place in this country. Rittenhouse was a wannabe badass and his idiocy caused two people their lives. Legally was it self-defense? Probably. But Fox News calling him brave for protecting his community is HORRIBLE! Does anyone think that he would be considered brave for his actions if he was black? My life experience is more limited than many here because I have spent most of my life in Alabama, but IF YOU DON'T THINK IT IS EASIER
  13. If a 17-year-old black kid had a gun at the Jan. 6 protest and shot three black men who were trying to subdue him and take his gun away and it was all on video then I think that the black kid would still be in jail. Just because there were no black people doing the shooting or being shot does not mean that our system doesn't have inherent racism.
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