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  1. War Eagle!!! Great win!!! Dubs are fun!!!
  2. Maverick never fails!!! Lead is back up to 18. Wendell to Broome over and over and over. I love it!!!
  3. I'd be getting worried if this thread had not been started by Maverick!!! Come on guys, focus and finish this!!!
  4. Don't worry, they are still waiting for us to mess up.
  5. You are FAST!!! I just came to post it. War Eagle!!!
  6. Great win!!! Our D was really good. I think this game is just what Auburn basketball is now. I'll take it!
  7. Our D looks great, but some of that is because LSU looks epically bad. LSU should feel good about only being down by 11. Our O looks anemic...again. Broome has been a non-factor offensively and Jaylin hasn't done much either. For no particular reason, I expect for Flan to go off in the 2nd half!
  8. Good start, 10-5 AU. We seem to be more active on offense.
  9. Way to go, Mav!!!! Let's get the Dub!!!
  10. Great win!!!!! War Eagle!!!
  11. You called it!!! So did @GwillMac6!
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