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  1. Did Congress approve the assassinations of these two U.S citizens? Can you imagine the outrage if Trump had done this? Anwar al-Awlaki (also spelled al-Aulaqi, al-Awlaqi; Arabic: أنور العولقي‎ Anwar al-‘Awlaqī; April 21/22, 1971 – September 30, 2011) was a Yemeni-American imam. U.S. government officials allege that, as well as being a senior recruiter and motivator, he was centrally involved in planning terrorist operations for the Islamist militant group al-Qaeda,[7][8][9][10][11] but have not released evidence that could support this claim.[11] Al-Awlaki became the first U.S. citizen to be targeted and killed by a U.S. drone strike without the rights of due process being afforded.[12][13] President Barack Obama ordered the strike.[14] His son, Abdulrahman al-Awlaki (a 16-year-old U.S. citizen), was killed in a U.S. drone strike two weeks later.[15] In April 2010, al-Awlaki was placed on a CIA kill list by President Barack Obama due to his alleged terrorist activities.[35][36][37] Al-Awlaki's father and civil rights groups challenged the order in court.[35][37][38][39] Al-Awlaki was believed to be in hiding in southeast Yemen in the last years of his life.[29] The U.S. deployed unmanned aircraft (drones) in Yemen to search for and kill him,[40] firing at and failing to kill him at least once;[41] he was successfully killed on September 30, 2011.[13] Two weeks later, al-Awlaki's 16-year-old son, Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, a U.S. citizen who was born in Denver, Colorado, was also killed by a CIA-led drone strike in Yemen.[15][42][43] Nasser al-Awlaki, Anwar's father, released an audio recording condemning the killings of his son and grandson as senseless murders.[44] In June 2014, a previously classified memorandum issued by the U.S. Department of Justice was released, justifying al-Awlaki's death as a lawful act of war.[45] Some civil liberties advocates have described the incident as "an extrajudicial execution" that breached al-Awlaki's right to due process, including a trial.[46]
  2. No one said that. Elitism? Really?
  3. There are some amazing wine caves in Napa. Cool temperatures for storing wine barrels. Many have an "Ooooo Wow!" room.
  4. Y'all can blame Trump for anything you want. I don't care. I just happen to think that since there are PLENTY of legitimate reasons to bash him, making silly cause and effect arguments that he caused the shooting down of the jet is ludicrous. Iran says they shot down the airliner due to their own human error, but you guys think it is Trump's fault. I still think that the most disgusting thing that Trump has done since he became a politician was making fun of Rick Perry's wife's mental illness. What do you think is his most disgusting action?
  5. There should probably be an investigation into the assassination. Trump should probably be impeached for his unconstitutional actions. He can become the first POTUS to be impeached twice!😀
  6. And yet you think you are being rational in blaming Trump. You are a great poster in this forum, but if you want to blame Iran shooting down a commercial jet on Trump then I don't think that we can have a thoughtful discussion here. Maybe next time!
  7. Fair enough, it's Hillary's fault.
  8. You are seriously implying that the Trump administration bears some responsibility for Iran shooting down the jet? Seriously? Let's see, Trump would not have been elected POTUS if Ms. Clinton had not been elected as the democrat candidate for POTUS. Is it fair to blame the downing of the jet on her and the dems?
  9. I think that they will use the injury and the lawsuit to try to keep him from sitting out a year.
  10. I quit watching after Barkley and the Phoenix Suns lost in the NBA Finals.
  11. Wiley's Ft shooting improvement is REALLY impressive. Doughty's defense has been outstanding!
  12. So the result would be that Christians don't vote. That's convenient!