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  1. Who is dismissing science for ancient manuscripts? Did anyone here say that? By the way, do you understand what scientifically illiterate even means? Are you implying that one who believes that the Bible was inspired by a supernatural being is scientifically illiterate? I think that even you will agree that you misspoke there! Another question, if a scientist experienced a supernatural event then would that scientist be more scientific by dismissing WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED to conform with science or by accepting the truth and realizing the limits of science?
  2. I just want you to remember Who you represent and post accordingly. If that is what you are doing then that is all that matters and what I think is irrelevant.
  3. So if there was a God do you think that YOU would be able to understand Him/Her/It completely?
  4. I still wonder if he is incapable or if he doesn't care if he acts like an adult. Either way, it's pretty pathetic!
  5. Fair enough. You have me figured out. One last scientifically illiterate comment for you: I KNOW the God that made the first woman. I'll see if He will tell me specifically how He did it. If He does I will let you know!
  6. I was trying to tell you something in a positive way. You claim to be a follower of Christ and then you make a post regarding homer that "He is the only one on my list b/c he never has had, does not now, and never will have anything to say worth listening to." You should know that homer was created in God's image just like you were. When you post things like that about homer you make yourself and our God look bad to others. When you use scripture to justify your action then you make yourself and our God look even worse to others.
  7. Please explain for us how the first woman was created/came into being. Moses stated his view. What is yours?
  8. I forgot, man was created completely by random mutations, right? Your consciousness is completely a random occurrence, right? But if your consciousness is random then why should I not think that your comments are also random? Rant over. My point is that you don't know how the first woman was created. It is preposterous that a woman was created from a man's rib. It is also preposterous that the first woman was a random occurrence. It sounds like we are both gullible. Regarding being dishonest: you intentionally added persecution to the equation knowing that it was not stated or implied. Many people don't want to persecute wicked people. Vengeance is not for me. God has that one handled.
  9. Sorry for being sappy, I was in a good mood when I posted it. Hee!
  10. I have been trying harder lately to look for value in the posts of everyone who seems to be giving his/her honest opinion, whether or not I agree with them. When homer is honest he can be very insightful and can help me understand things in a more comprehensive way. A few years back, the BBQ House (a joint between Troy and Montgomery) had on a sign out front that said, "What a person sees depends mostly upon what they are looking for." I like that. If I look for value in a person's opinion then I usually find it. If I look for ignorance or arrogance I usually find that also. I advise you to look for the good in homer and the rest of us...maybe you'll find some!
  11. I suppose you have proof that the first woman was NOT produced from a man's rib? Your second sentence is even more laughable. Your arguments are more dishonest than normal on this topic.
  12. BOOM! Thanks for the updates! War Eagle!
  13. It looks like we are #11 seed and will be playing #6 seed Texas Tech.
  14. Great advice!