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  1. Wait! Don't you know it is BAD LUCK to mention that a pitcher is throwing a NO-HITTER????? Don't you know ANYTHING about baseball? Ha! If you keep talking about a NO-HITTER then you might cause the other team to hit a 2-run homer.
  2. Grumps

    Big Green Egg

    Yay! NOW you have experience! I usually do chicken direct. My favorite way for chicken is spatchcock. I HIGHLY recommend the Thermapen. It is great, and serving meat at the proper temp makes a HUGE difference. If you don't have a spreadsheet with the doneness temps for all types of meat then let me know. Also, and this may get me (and you) into trouble, but I recommend that you serve meat at the proper temp. Your I will bet you that your wife's taste buds will adjust. My wife was always the same way, but now she has my spreadsheet taped to the inside of a cabinet door and she uses it and the Thermapen for all meats (and potatoes) that she cooks inside. If you like pulled pork then do a boston butt soon. That will give you plenty of time to get to know your egg and you really cannot mess up a Boston butt. Also, regarding lump. I really like Royal Oak. It is available almost everywhere (Wal-mart, Home Depot, many grocery stores). Also, I am pretty sure that they make the BGE lump, and it is usually cheaper. When you are getting cocky then you need to do pizza. There is nothing better, and when you can control your egg at 550 degrees + you will gain a lot of confidence. Also, don' be afraid to cook a thick steak at 500. If you are watching your internal temp (with a Thermapen) you can get a great sear/flavor and still have a medium rare/juicy steak. Same for hamburgers. Finally, you will EASILY be able to make the best ribs you have ever had (if you use Blues Hog). Great ribs is how you impress people with your BBQ prowess. Lastly, I'm with Barnacle, how did you like the Firecracker Sauce? It sounds interesting!
  3. Grumps

    Big Green Egg

    Woo-hoo! You will love it! Just learn your Egg. Once you know how much to open the vent for whatever temp you want, then you are set!
  4. Just curious. It seems to me that the democrats ARE trying to get poor people to believe that they should rely on the government. I would use Obamaphones and increased minimum wage and talk of wages for everyone even without working and not paying back student loans as examples of encouraging people to rely on the government. How would you explain these things if not to increase reliance on the government?
  5. I don't mind saying that MANY people were likely influenced by the Russian ads. MANY were influenced by misleading ads paid for by Americans also. Ads influence us whether we want to admit it or not. I do think that this last election probably had fewer "undecideds" than most elections, though, but that is only an unsubstantiated hunch.
  6. Grumps

    Principles? Nah

    Great points! Just for the record, I didn't say "that millennials sit on their butts and think they don't have to pay for things." My concern is that if millennials keep hearing things like I mentioned, THEN they may decide to sit on their butts and think they don't have to pay for things. "Obamaphones" were a real thing. They served a legitimate purpose but they also sent a bad message.
  7. Grumps

    A question for Trump supporters

    I agree with you that Trump is not a very honorable human being. I sincerely don't know what you mean when you say "people continue to support him". What does "support" mean? I want the country to prosper while Trump is POTUS. Is that "supporting" him? I hope that I don't think he is the best choice for POTUS in the 2020 election, but I can't possibly know that without knowing who the other candidates are. I just wish you could see that your saying that my opinion about a personal decision is not right makes you seem very shallow. We just have different priorities.
  8. Grumps

    Principles? Nah

    Thanks for your reply. I agree with many of your points. Just 3 comments: I am pretty sure that military spending went down under Obama. I don't have a problem with that at all, but that would make us relatively less powerful unless other countries reduced spending more. But that is not worth discussing. As YOU know, the DOJ and the Dept of Homeland Security fall under the Executive Branch, and was not enforcing immigration law.. I am not concerned about the number of millennials, I am concerned about the number of millennials working. There MAY be a big difference. If millennials are led to believe that they should receive a "living wage" for ANY job, and that they should receive wages simply for existing and that they shouldn't have to pay back student loans and that debt is no problem, then I am not sure that they will end up paying enough taxes to keep the country running, especially with the reckless spending by the R's and D's.
  9. Grumps

    Principles? Nah

    First, I will reply to your list: * Steadily decreasing unemployment rates (BUT STILL WAY TOO HIGH. DO YOU THINK THEY WOULD BE AS LOW AS THEY ARE NOW IF MRS. CLINTON WAS POTUS?) * A growing economy (SEE ABOVE. DO YOU THINK IT WOULD BE GROWING AS MUCH IF MRS. CLINTON WAS POTUS?) * The strongest military in the world, outspending other countries by large sums. (BUT GETTING WEAKER RELATIVE TO OTHER COUNTRIES COMPARED TO PREVIOUSLY) * Dead terrorists (BUT MORE TERRORISTS) * A slowing of illegal immigrant net migration to the U.S. (less than during Bush's 8 years). (BUT NOT ENFORCING THE LAW OR CHANGING IT) * Extremely strong relationships with allies, particularly in Europe. (BUT ARGUABLY CONSIDERED WEAKER THEN BY OUR ALLIES) Anyway, I very reluctantly voted for Trump, and I did not decide to do so until the last minute. I had planned to write in the name of someone I admire. I voted against Mrs. Clinton. Period. I think she is more corrupt than either Trump or Obama. My concern with Obama's policies is that, compared to Trump's, they create more takers and less producers. People vote for the person who they think will help them the most. I still don't see where tax revenue is going to come from when the baby boomers finish retiring.
  10. Grumps

    Principles? Nah

    And Obama would have won re-election versus Trump. So, what is your point? Were voters to assume that Mrs. Clinton have been a continuation of Obama's policies? I believe that THE VAST MAJORITY of Trump voters were voting against Mrs. Clinton more than for Trump. The Trump presidency is going better than I expected regarding the issues listed by AUfan78 and worse regarding Trump's ego and the left's hatred of him.
  11. Grumps

    Staggering the uat, Georgia games

    I am obviously biased, but I think that at the end of the season, Auburn was the best team in the country. BUT, we could not beat UGA/cupcake/UAT/UGA in consecutive weeks. UAT couldnt have done it and they won the Natty. UGA couldn't do it and they played for the Natty. I don't think ANY TEAM IN NCAA HISTORY could have won those four games in consecutive weeks. We can be MUCH better this season and we still can't win those four games, especially with UGA and UAT on the road. THAT is why the schedule needs to change. NO team should have to play that schedule. There is a very reasonable chance that we can be the best team in the country again this season and not make the playoff (again).
  12. Grumps

    Campaign ads in Alabama...

    I don't watch much TV anymore, but I have been disappointed in Kay Ivey's ads. I would have thought that all she had to do was stay generic and she would win, but she seems to be going too far right.
  13. Grumps

    A question for Trump supporters

    Here is the interesting part: I applaud you for voting your conscience. I think that you SHOULD have voted for Mrs. Clinton if you thought she was the better candidate. I happen to disagree with you, but I still think it is great that you voted for the person who you think was the better candidate. I also voted for the person who I thought was the better candidate based on MY priorities. Are you glad that I voted for the person that I thought was the better candidate? I think the answer is "NO". Because anyone who votes for Trump is a deplorable idiot, right? Why can't people understand that we all have different priorities? I don't like Trump. I can't say that I support Trump, but I want him to have as successful a presidency as possible. I would love to have a better candidate in 2020. But he was still a better candidate, in my opinion, than was Mrs. Clinton. We can both be right.
  14. Grumps

    Soldier surprises his (AU) wife with a return home

    For some reason things got blurry toward the end of the video! Thanks for sharing!
  15. Grumps

    Best (and worst) beers you've ever had

    You weren't being snobby at all. My comment was meant to be with a tone of respect. Seriously. To me, you really are the beermaster. But I really do find myself looking for the best beer with a kick instead of the best beer. I had not seen a discussion of ABV so I was interested in y'all's opinions. ("y'all's" is a great word). As usual, you all did not disappoint!