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  1. So, are we really saying that it is Trump's fault that this guy acted like an a-hole to the woman?
  2. Fair enough. I understand what you think about me and people like me. But is it decent to spend money that you don't have to do good things for people? I actually love people. I have dedicated my life to helping people. I might even be a "decent" person in some people's eyes. But I will never be in favor of destroying the country in order to give them free stuff, even if it is good stuff and stuff they need and want. I suppose it is easier to call all of us indecent and deplorable than to try to understand us and work together. And for the record, though it may seem like I am just sucking up, I love your posts. I never question your honesty. It is refreshing!
  3. I completely agree with your post. The problem, from my more conservative side, is that now is the time for the democrats to be a little bit more moderate and use some common sense coming into the election. Now is not the time for democrats to try to give everyone free healthcare and a living wage and free college and abortions for everyone at any time. Now is the time to just focus on being decent people. There are many conservative who can't stand Trump but think that spending the country into oblivion even faster might be worse than having a filthy, hateful POTUS.
  4. I think we ALL want the president - Trump or whomever - "to do what they can to make the country better". Then you are obviously racist, you Trump supporter! What do you mean by support the president? Does it mean contribute to his campaign? Does it mean go to his rallies? Does it mean want him to do what he can to make the country better? I keep reading how racist I am because I want Trump to make the country better (that is subjective). I think he is a horribly flawed person. I wish he would never make a tweet again. I think he is rude to ANYONE who threatens him. People like your are intentionally being vague so that they can make more people they disagree with seem to be vile. NOTHING Trump has done offends me more than when he made fun of Rick Perry's wife's mental condition. Only a REALLY small person would do such a thing. But rather than call Trump out in all of the areas where he REALLY is disgusting, people make up stuff to bash him for.
  5. No it doesn't. I agree with your post. I don't agree with the idea implied by some that if you want Trump to do what he can to make the country better that you are a racist, misogynist, xenophobic, homophobe. (I am not saying that you implied that). I don't understand why people seem to think that Christians think Trump is a good guy.
  6. I don't see how it does apply to DJT. If I implied that DJT was, in my eyes, a good example of a Christ-follower, then I misspoke. Please let me know where I implied that and I will correct it. I stated something to the effect that I don't understand people defining what a Christian is who admittedly don't know. Then I understood you to ask me for my definition, so I gave it. I also thought this was more about "Evangelical Christians" than DJT.
  7. I would have said you will know them by how they love others. That is a more sure sign than their testimony... but ok.
  8. No, but I am not qualified to determine who rules his life.
  9. I never claimed to be learned. I realize that you aren't really looking for an answer, but I will answer anyway to give you guys more comments to make fun of. I would define a Christian as someone who believes that Jesus is God who came in human form to usher in a new covenant between God and man. God's old covenant with man (who God loves because He created us in His image) was in the laws that God's people were commanded to follow which started with the 10 commandments which were written by God onto stone tablets. Old testament prophets explained that a new covenant was coming where God would write His law directly onto our hearts. Jesus fulfilled the new covenant being born fully human and living a perfect life despite being tempted. Jesus became all of our sin and was crucified to pay the debt for all sinners who deserved death due to our sinful nature. Jesus withstood the full-bore wrath that God has for sin on our behalf, died, was buried, and came back to life. Jesus overcame death and gave His eternal life and His perfect nature to all of us who believe He is who He says He is and submits to His lordship. Those who have submitted to Jesus' rule over their lives are given God's spirit and actually have God's spirit within us, guiding our thoughts and actions. So, people who willingly submit to letting Jesus guide our actions are Christians. Have fun with that!
  10. Unless you have an unusual definition of "important, then I completely disagree with you. Your behavior is the results of your beliefs. If you believe that Jesus is who He says He is, then He lives within you and guides your behavior. In the scripture you quoted, "them" is referring to false prophets. So Jesus was saying that you can recognize false prophets because their "fruit" will be vile things like thorns or thistles. The "fruit" of a spirit-led person is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control.
  11. It is interesting that many of you think all of this is a joke. It is fascinating and sometimes amusing to read what people who "feel" like Christians say that being a Christian means. But it is sadly hysterical for people who admit that they don't know Christ to explain what being a Christian means.
  12. There you go quoting another liberal rag. EVERYONE knows that the Woodland News is way to far to the left.
  13. First, I am not really sold on my plan, I just think it is an interesting idea. Second, the woman has the ability to have the unwanted mass of tissue removed from her body. Realistically, most people who have surgical procedures are pretty much just concerned with that. When I had my appendix removed I chose a surgeon I was comfortable with and let him do the procedure however he wanted to and let him do whatever he wanted to with the mass of tissue he removed from me. If the woman is paying for the procedure then I can see her having some added control.