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  1. I thank you for sharing your opinion. It just seems to m that to be removed from office ASAP there ought to be a legitimate reason other than that he is a douche and a lot of people don't like him.
  2. I was waiting for that!!! You guys have taught me so much that I KNEW that Heineken didn't really fit. It should have been PBR. I like to think that I have finally made a legitimate contribution to this forum thanks to the video!
  3. I realize that you didn't ask me, but I don't think Trump's methods are "normal". I don't know what you mean by "acceptable". How do you not "accept" what he says? I accept that he said what he said. I don't like it. The question is, "What difference does it make?" He's a jerk. We get it. It seems that the two choices are to make the best out of having a jerk for POTUS or we can whine incessantly and try to make the country suffer more so that he will lose the next election. Which option do you choose? Or better yet, what do YOU think should be done with Trump?
  4. What a game! What a team! This team had been missing something, but CBP was just getting them ready for March. The D is INCREDIBLE! If we can keep up this intensity we can beat anyone.
  5. Name the last child in the U.S. who starved because no one would buy them food. You are just spouting the talking points again.
  6. I will never understand how people can think that requiring insurance companies to insure people with pre-existing conditions is a good idea. It makes far more sense for someone with pre-existing conditions to pay the market rate and the government pay the difference between the market rate and the pre-existing condition rate.
  7. I hope you guys have not seen this. The difference between water and beer...
  8. I disagree with your first sentence, but that is ok. I agree with you that FAR more people have trouble with the generic levothyroxine. There is no generic insulin. (Now why would that be?) Just so you know, brand name Synthroid is usually around $30 cash price. Some pharmacies will charge the brand name drug price (say $50) even though the cash price is much less. It might be worth asking about the cash price if you are paying much more than $30.
  9. Humalog is better than Humulin, but I don't think that anyone REQUIRES a certain type of insulin. Humulin can be purchased online for $89.95 for 10ml bottle. I agree with KK that U.S Healthcare is broken, but his story is crap. Does he think that with Medicare For All that every type of insulin will be covered? Of course it won't. Instead of insurance companies making deals with drug companies it will be the politicians making deals with drug companies. Also if the insurance company made an exception to their formulary in 11 days, that is pretty good.
  10. My apologies. I expected better from you. I guess I was wrong.
  11. i just want you guys to know that you often make my day! I get to learn about beer from you guys and get CRACKED UP at the same time! Thanks for sharing! Thanks to you all I am eagerly awaiting Parish Bloom to come out--my favorite beer ever, so far! Anyway, carry on!
  12. If you don't mind me asking, would you talk about the play of the UT players? I assume that Grant Williams is the one you are saying played like his normal self. I can see that Schofield may have had a poor game. I thought Bone looked good and Bowdoin, too. Turner's shot was off, mostly. I admit to not knowing much about UT, so I would love to hear your take on who for UT played badly. I sure hope we can play them again, even though they look a lot better than us!
  13. He didn't have his best game, and AU would not have won if he had, but he is very good! He hurt us late with his O rebound and putback. (I think it was a dunk but I have blocked it from my memory) If we had lost I was hoping that he would be the one to beat us--just for your sake!
  14. Please follow the rules and quit making personal insults on this forum. You can be better than that!
  15. I can't stand dealing with insurance companies, but they are not responsible for everything bad about medical care. It is possible to buy insulin without your insurance company paying for it. And you can get insulin without a prescription. So if a child almost dies because he didn't get insulin there is plenty of blame to go around besides on the insurance company.