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  1. CFB Whiparound 9/2/17

    I guess this is a new rule? That's gotta be changed. In this case the runner was almost certainly diving in thinking someone was on his heels. You can't give the referees that kind of subjective power to take a TD off the board.
  2. I wouldn't argue with that. Brent Fullwood in my mind was the one RB that every time he touched it, as much or more than Bo, you thought there was a good chance he'd break it completely open. Interesting though looking at the stats, his carries per TD is one of the highest. I don't think he was used as much in the short yardage / goal line situations.
  3. Dabo's W-L BEFORE QBs Boyd/Watson

    Just imagine swapping QBs for our first game this year, it wouldn't have come down to Auburn needing a Hail Mary...
  4. Kiffin to Florida Atlantic

    I heard from one of the high up administrators at FAU that they were going to make a major investment in their sports programs, they were ready to raise the profile of their university for overall student recruiting; he particularly noted how Alabama has grown as a University because of their football success. More students means more money...
  6. Clemson Game Report Card

    It's like he thinks he's playing a video game and he can just shuttle in a player based strictly on what they are 'programmed' to do. It seems he's more interested in being in complete control, the success of every play should be his and not a single player's leading the offense. But, they are human beings, and they should be coached to take take advantage of their skills and abilities, and the skills and abilities of the other players around them. After they are coached and prepared to do their jobs, he should put them in the game and let them play. When it comes down to playing the game, and leading the offense, it should be the responsibility of the best QB; and not about him...
  7. Man steals from Grandmother to finance Iron Bowl Trip

    Because it's true.
  8. What makes Saban a bad coach?

    Saban is a great recruiter and a good coach. Can you imagine what Malzahn could do with that many 5 and 4 stars? Wait, you don't have to imagine, we will see over the next few years...
  9. Sugar Bowl - UAT v Oklahoma

    OU is just showing what a hurry up offense can do to a talented defense. This should not worry you relative to FSU...
  10. biggest sleeper in this years draft...

    Yeah, I was surprised the discussion in the game was talking about him not getting drafted and being well behind all the other SEC QB's. My gut says if someone took a chance on him he might turn out the best of the lot.
  11. Texas A&M vs Duke

    This is perfect, imagine FSU's head swelling with overconfidence with every Duke TD....
  12. How the SEC stacks up next season

    Part of the reason is that their offense is run-oriented and the QB just needs to hit a few quick slants or crossing routes occasionally on 3rd and 5, they just need a decent 'game manager', e.g. McCarron.
  13. And to think most of the season I was mad that those undefeated contenders were losing; because I was hoping for Auburn to beat Alabama, and that 2 undefeated teams would be in the BCS NC game over Bama.
  14. What could Gus do at...

    If he were at Carolina with Cam and their defense, I'd bet this year's Christmas bills on them winning the Super Bowl. That Shula coached offense is just so incredibly painful to watch...
  15. Just How Much Does Malzahn Want to be at AU ?

    And contrast this to the fact that Saban hasn't done the same thing with rumors on his side...