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  1. rexbo

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs. LSU

    Our OL has been punking us?
  2. Carlson kicked no extra points in his first game and has 6 already tonight...
  3. rexbo

    Georgia at South Carolina

    Carolina is moving the ball better so far, the difference is the turnover.
  4. The Hawaii Rainbow Warriors’ ultra-fun offense is worth losing sleep to watch I think a lot of our fan's frustration since 2009 is we always imagined an offense like this when Malzahn first showed up...
  5. rexbo

    Washington Game Report Card

    Yes! I was seriously getting worried, I thought I'd missed something!
  6. rexbo

    Miami v LSU

    I'm OK with letting the play go. I don't understand why they have to take the time to bring a monitor on the field for that one guy to see it for himself. Heck some guy illegally streaming the game in Croatia knows before the Ref. If there are officials in a nice quiet box upstairs that can see almost instantly what the call should have been, they should be able to get that info to the Referee on the field. If it's too loud, I'm sure with our 2018 technology there are other ways to get him info. We should be able to get those minutes down to seconds...
  7. rexbo

    Miami v LSU

    I don't understand why everyone around the world watching the game knows after seeing the first replay that it was an incomplete pass and the Ref on the field doesn't. Have the officials in the press box tell him in his ear piece right away and he can make the call and go on, all within seconds after the play is stopped...
  8. rexbo

    Miami v LSU

    There were two pretty dedicated fans we met on Marta after the game, two young guys that drove to the game. I imagine tonight they're probably near Nebraska on the way back...
  9. At least. If someone said 80-20 I wouldn't argue with them...
  10. He was lined up ten yards behind the UW kicker and arcing into the net a good 10-15 feet higher. It was night and day.
  11. I know we return pretty much everyone but I was thinking more like 10 or 12, not 5...
  12. rexbo

    Men vs. Clemson

    As they said, this is one of the youngest teams in basketball this season. Everyone will be back, and they have this experience to learn and grow from.
  13. rexbo

    Men vs Alabama

    Of all games to have their worst half of the season. Feels like SEC Championship game against UGA all over again...
  14. I grew up in Montgomery in the 70's as a Gator fan (where my dad graduated); and was fairly neutral for a while. But I had a similar feeling of instantly feeling at home when visiting Auburn, and feeling like I was on another planet when I went to Tuscaloosa.