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  1. I know we return pretty much everyone but I was thinking more like 10 or 12, not 5...
  2. rexbo

    Men vs. Clemson

    As they said, this is one of the youngest teams in basketball this season. Everyone will be back, and they have this experience to learn and grow from.
  3. rexbo

    Men vs Alabama

    Of all games to have their worst half of the season. Feels like SEC Championship game against UGA all over again...
  4. I grew up in Montgomery in the 70's as a Gator fan (where my dad graduated); and was fairly neutral for a while. But I had a similar feeling of instantly feeling at home when visiting Auburn, and feeling like I was on another planet when I went to Tuscaloosa.
  5. rexbo

    Bama vs Georgia

    The game isn't over but thinking back to the season it was one where everything so far has fallen into place for UGA to finally get a NC; team loaded with seniors and juniors, the only significant injury they suffered resulted in the fantastic freshman QB coming in the first game, the only team they lost to they got a rematch with, Oklahoma dominating them the first half but getting the lucky break on the FG right before half to give them a chance to come back...
  6. rexbo

    Bama vs Georgia

    I have to admit this, with the two freshman QB's at Bama and UGA, the rest of the SEC is in trouble the next 3 or 4 years...
  7. rexbo

    Bama vs Georgia

    Where does Hurts transfer to? Arkansas State, maybe Baylor?
  8. rexbo

    Bama vs Georgia

    Even when I'm doubtful before a game, it's actually not hard at all to find myself cheering against Bama, no matter who they are playing. And OMG the commercials. There has definitely been more minutes of commercials than football so far.
  9. rexbo

    Demographic Curiosity

    55 Male northwest Florida '85 Mech Eng (I couldn't have asked for a better time to be there; Bo Over the Top and Round Mound of Rebound.) Grew up in Montgomery, my parents were huge UF fans, so I was always put in the middle between Auburn and Bama kids. Making the choice for Auburn was a no-brainer for me at that time...
  10. rexbo

    My thoughts from inside the stadium

    They have the opposite problem from Bama, lots of grads with a huge number that don't care about football. At least when you run into a fan, 99.9% chance they are an actual graduate, instead of the 10% chance with Bama... A friend of mine that lives 5 miles away from the campus and who's daughter graduated from there, texted me today, "I didn't even know UCF had a football team...".
  11. rexbo

    uat vs. Clemson

    College football season is over for me, see you next Fall!
  12. rexbo

    uat vs. Clemson

    The 'one arm hold down' seems to only be called about 10% of the time
  13. rexbo

    Official Postgame thread

    So the playoff games shouldn't even matter now, UCF finished as the only undefeated team, including beating a healthy Auburn team which had beat the two #1 undefeated teams at the end of the season. What else do you need to do to be the National Championship? Alabama claims at least six NC's with half their resume...
  14. We knew today was going to go like this the second the Bowl announcements came out...
  15. Senior OL that dominated UGA and Alabama but has looked poor to mediocre against every mid-major team we've played; I don't understand...