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  1. Yeah, I remember standing almost underneath it, saw it tilting over as guys were climbing up it, and decided to go celebrate in the middle of the field before the goalposts landed on my head! A few minutes later a group of guys went past me carrying one of the uprights...
  2. There's going to be a run on these at Alabama Walmarts today... DELUXE HD WINDOW SCRAPER WITH 5 BLADES
  3. rexbo


    The last 8 years? When I was attending Auburn in the early 80's the Georgia fans were by far, hands down the worst visitors at Auburn...
  4. No doubt the basketball team looked better against #1 than the football team will Saturday. Pearl>Malzahn
  5. 1 for 7 on 3rd down. Against Liberty.
  6. Paul Tibbets IV grew up down the street from me in Montgomery, he is 4 years younger then me so I never really knew him, just saw him running around the neighborhood like we all did in the 70s. I met his grandfather, the pilot of the Enola Gay, when he was visiting, I was like 14 or 15...
  7. You are referring to the football organizations of the two Universities. Thankfully, the true reason for the purpose of the Universities, higher education, this is not true.
  8. I want to see Pylon cams. I am pretty sure we would have won against MSU if ESPN had brought them to the game last week...
  9. It's the new Auburn AD standing on the sideline realizing the buyout he's got to come up with...
  10. I've been watching football for almost 50 years, I still don't know what holding is. And I discovered today in the Texas-Ok game that the ground CAN cause a fumble!
  11. If anyone is watching the KC Chiefs tonight on MNF, they are running the offense we thought Malzahn's was going to mature into. They attack the entire field with both the running and passing game, and scheme to get the ball in the playmaker's hands. There's nothing at all predictable about where they are going next.
  12. Well, there's the option of talking a close family member into using their cable login...
  13. Certainly he had time to throw a five yard pattern on 3rd and 4. This is complete incompetence from our coaching staff...
  14. I believe they are going to give the teams time to warm up.