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  1. rexbo

    "Air Raid" against UGA?

    Paul Tibbets IV grew up down the street from me in Montgomery, he is 4 years younger then me so I never really knew him, just saw him running around the neighborhood like we all did in the 70s. I met his grandfather, the pilot of the Enola Gay, when he was visiting, I was like 14 or 15...
  2. rexbo

    Asa redshirt screwup??

    You are referring to the football organizations of the two Universities. Thankfully, the true reason for the purpose of the Universities, higher education, this is not true.
  3. rexbo

    What I want to see against the vols

    I want to see Pylon cams. I am pretty sure we would have won against MSU if ESPN had brought them to the game last week...
  4. rexbo

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Mississippi State

    It's the new Auburn AD standing on the sideline realizing the buyout he's got to come up with...
  5. rexbo

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Mississippi State

    I've been watching football for almost 50 years, I still don't know what holding is. And I discovered today in the Texas-Ok game that the ground CAN cause a fumble!
  6. rexbo

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Mississippi State

    That's what Tuberville would do...
  7. rexbo

    What do we do on offense now?

    If anyone is watching the KC Chiefs tonight on MNF, they are running the offense we thought Malzahn's was going to mature into. They attack the entire field with both the running and passing game, and scheme to get the ball in the playmaker's hands. There's nothing at all predictable about where they are going next.
  8. rexbo

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Southern Miss

    Well, there's the option of talking a close family member into using their cable login...
  9. rexbo

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Southern Miss

    Certainly he had time to throw a five yard pattern on 3rd and 4. This is complete incompetence from our coaching staff...
  10. rexbo

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Southern Miss

    I believe they are going to give the teams time to warm up.
  11. rexbo

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Southern Miss

    They focused on cleaning up the penalties and run blocking...
  12. rexbo

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Southern Miss

    They look no better than the 1st game. In fact they've gone backwards. That's 100% lack of coaching.
  13. rexbo

    Where do you stand with Gus?

    My frustration with Gus is his reluctance or failure to learn from his mistakes from season to season. People, teams, organizations, etc, go from good to great by making small incremental improvements over time. You can clearly look at Saban's approach and see this. Saban not only goes by a set defined process, the purpose of the process is to learn and continuously improve what they are doing. The offense usually makes some improvement as the season goes along, but I don't see any reason why the beginning of every season seems to feel like the first time he has put a team together. StatTiger points out continuously areas for improvement; for example, opportunities over the middle that are there and would open up other things, utilizing tight ends more, etc. We almost never see what are obvious areas for improvement implemented. We see game to game, quarter to quarter, this blind-eye stubbornness to running his base offensive plays and schemes no matter what. In some instances he has the talent, execution, and alignment on the defensive side that allows this to work spectacularly. In a lot of cases, just one of these things falls apart and our offense comes to a screeching halt; and he doesn't seem smart enough to quickly adjust his in-game play calling, or between game planning, or even in between seasons adjusting to his current talent.
  14. rexbo

    Former West Virginia player sues NCAA

    $750 of tuition goes to Athletics?!? When I attended total in-state tuition per quarter was about $900...
  15. rexbo

    First and goal from the 3 yard line

    Or this alternative to the zone read set; Chiefs making it easy