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  1. We had an end zone view at that game, it was so amazing to watch the Missouri players all running one way, then see Tre Mason pop out of a 5 yard wide hole play after play after play...
  2. I remember being in quite the quandary; stay in the stands while a tornado warning was going off and be there to watch Auburn beat Bama for the second year in a row or evacuate. We all stayed and got drenched. Back then they didn't stop college football for anything...
  3. Like, this was written seriously? Not living in the state the past 34 years I forgot how completely delusional and pathetic some Bama Fans can be.
  4. It's been pretty consistent all season with Bo running to his right that I have been yelling at the TV, "why is there no dump off receiver anywhere near by!". These are the obvious things even us amateur fans see not being corrected that have us looking for the exit door on the Gus Bus...
  5. I've been as frustrated as most everyone with some puzzling offensive execution, and lack of consistent OL play. And off and on the Gus Bus more times than I will ever admit. But when you look realistically at the results, I just don't see what other coach out there would have matched the success he's had against the toughest schedule in the nation over the past 7 years. Certainly no else has succeeded against Saban like he has. And to take a risk right now, rebuilding with an unknown coach, when it's apparent the Saban era is coming to an end, would be just the Auburn, shooting-yourself-in-the-foot thing to do. I think if Auburn gets behind Gus and doesn't let the negative talk ruin our recruiting, we will have a great shot over the next 5-7 years to consistently out perform Bama, and put a team or two or three into the Playoffs.
  6. rexbo


    What's unfair is trying to play 12 people on defense and he got flagged.
  7. has us to the Outback playing PSU. And Bama to the Cotton playing Boise State...
  8. Well, they did call the early TD back on them due to holding. I think that helped a little to give their OL pause. But I certainly saw some missed ones later...
  9. I think the key is if the Refs will call holding on their first couple of drives. If they do then our DL will be able to shut them down. If not, then their OL will know it's open season and Mac will have all the time in the world to pick us apart, or they can generate a long sustained drive running whenever they want. If they have one or no offensive holding calls, then Nix will have to be on target with every deep pass...
  10. Now we got them right where we want them, that's the last play they'll expect to see Saturday and we'll jump out to a 7-0 lead!
  11. I saw it. It was just outside the stadium. Pretty sure it was CBS, I've noticed similar shots from other games this season.
  12. please pose at least a portion of the article and not just a link..
  13. Yeah, I remember standing almost underneath it, saw it tilting over as guys were climbing up it, and decided to go celebrate in the middle of the field before the goalposts landed on my head! A few minutes later a group of guys went past me carrying one of the uprights...
  14. There's going to be a run on these at Alabama Walmarts today... DELUXE HD WINDOW SCRAPER WITH 5 BLADES
  15. rexbo


    The last 8 years? When I was attending Auburn in the early 80's the Georgia fans were by far, hands down the worst visitors at Auburn...