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  1. What will the parking situation be. Can we pull up day of and find parking or is there a way to purchase ahead of time?
  2. Be careful what you wish for! We are coming up with a group of 9 Thursday. One bit of info I need is where we can find Penn State's best Bloody Mary on Saturday?
  3. GAMEDAY just said that Pettway is questionable for the game.
  4. I am already in New Orleans. Section 111. Face is $200. $100 buys it.
  5. I am in the Big Easy. We have one extra ticket. Section 111. Face is $200. $100 buys it.
  6. Loving the advertisements for Crimson Tide watches.
  7. The problem is the defense gets exposed in the first half. We constantly hear that they had to make half time adjustments. Why can't we for once come out in the first half and shut someone down. It is so frustrating. It just seems like the coaches are clueless in the first half and are unable to adjust on the fly. As long as this occurs we will struggle stopping anyone in the first half of games.
  8. All I'm going to say about the game is that I'm tired of excuses on defense.
  9. @WesleySinor: Is 5-star WR commit Nate Craig preparing to de-commit from Auburn? http://t.co/cqc0vm471M http://t.co/PLaGdA7Zs2
  10. @NitroNate9: News coming soon about my recruiting process Anybody know what's up?
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