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  1. Ricky Parks from the game yesterday:
  2. I think it's likely he kept a count in his head and left exactly at that point to underscore the use of pi in his game planning equation. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he started breaking out prime numbers on those big cards used to call each play, making it impossible for the opponents to break it down at all... Okay, sorry, I'll stop being a math nerd. :laugh:/> Hey buddy, I don't know what this "pi" thing is your taking about, but we speak American 'round here. Ha!!! LOL...pi is a character used to represent the constant 3.14 (or, well, it's 3.14159...and the digits keep going, I just don't know what they are past that). Yes, like I said, I'm a math nerd... but, but, in American Cornbread are squared Pi are round
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