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  1. What happened to the team that routed Georgia?
  2. I know I'm being Captain Obvious here, but we sure do miss Harper, Brown, and Okeke. Javon and Doughty have not picked up the slack. In fact, Doughty seems to be worse than last year.
  3. I think it bothers him to lose, it just doesn't bother him enough. IMHO, he feels safe in his job. I don't think he feels he's on the hot seat as much as most of us feel he is, or at least should be. I think AD Greene's statement after the 2018 season that Gus is our head coach for the foreseeable future, told Gus he's OK. I believe there are enough of the Powers That Be who are happy with AU holding it's own against Saban and Bammer, and aren't too concerned about losses to LSU or Georgia. I mean, if those folks weren't angry enough at Gus for the loss against a lousy Tennessee team AT HOME in 2018, what is going to make them angry?
  4. Whether or not this works out with MSU, we will just have to see. I find it interesting that MooState fires Moorehead after only 2 years. Apparently the AD didn't like the direction the program was going. I'll give them credit for at least trying to improve, something I can't say for Auburn.
  5. My fear is Malzahn will bring back Herb Hand.
  6. I thought little brother was supposed to be better than big brother.
  7. The AU D has already given up over 200 yards and the O looks putrid. But, at least Gus can beat Saban.
  8. Who informed him that the offer was pulled? Gus? Grimes? I'm curious.
  9. I just read the info on Dearman and that he has spent some time with Gus at AU. I guess that means he's at the front of the pecking order to be another "yes" man for Gus. If I were Morris, I wouldn't take the position unless I got an iron-clad guarantee from Gus that I run this show, including hiring the assistants that I want. If you cannot give me that guarantee, then go kick rocks.
  10. And if the grounds had opened up and swallowed the Bama team after Bo scored the first touchdown, Auburn would have won 7-0. You're dealing with "what ifs." The fact is the AU D scored 2 touchdowns which helped AU to 48 Points. Without those 2, AU scores 34 and loses the game.
  11. The offense was better, and I give Gus credit for that. However, the real difference in the game was 2 pick 6's by the AU defense. If not for those 14 Points, AU loses. Yes, Gus will be back next year. Let's see how he does with a whole new offensive line and quite a few new faces on defense.
  12. AURandy56

    Matt Luke

    I thought that happened when he was at Texas Tech and answered a call that he had been hired at Cincinnati.
  13. It was Ellis Johnson who actually convinced Gus to put in the return team for the Kick 6.
  14. Pat Sullivan was a true class act in every way. WAR DAMN EAGLE Pat Sullivan.
  15. Well, that was certainly a short-lived celebration for us.