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  1. Men vs. Florida

    Its just not our guys night tonight. Forget it and get ready for Arkansas.
  2. College basketball's FBI probe gets specific

    I could be wrong, but I seem to recall that when AU played the first game at Tuscaloosa, the TV announcers were talking about Sexton and---either I misheard or was dreaming or whatever---they said he wears a new pair of shoes for each game. Now, I don't know this kid's economic background so his family could be wealthy and can afford that. But---new shoes for every game? Am I the only one who heard that? Like I said earlier, I could have been dreaming this or misheard, but I thought to myself--how could this kid afford new shoes before every game? I instantly answered my own question. He plays for Bama.
  3. Men vs. Georgia

  4. Men vs. Georgia

    What has happened to our guys?
  5. Men vs. uat

    It just wasn't Auburn's night tonight. Too many missed free throws and neither Harper nor Heron had good games at all. They need to regroup and be ready for Georgia.
  6. Men vs. uat

    Harper's having issues at the free throw line.
  7. Men vs. uat

    We knew the streak was going to end...just didn't want it to be Bama.
  8. (Updated Title) Bama Promotes Locksley To OC

    Freeze would never have to worry about the ncaa if he goes to work for Saban.
  9. Bama vs Georgia

    The WWE is on now.
  10. Oh boy---7 more years of this BS. Gus has raped the AU administration out of 49 million bucks.
  11. AU takes the lead then decides this game is over. This is making me sick. I hope there was a clause in Gus's contract that he'll be gone if AU loses this game.
  12. He's one of Gus's buddies, that's how.
  13. 7 million a year for this...
  14. 2018 4* DT Coynis Miller commits to AU!!!! Damn!!
  15. 2018 4* DT Coynis Miller commits to AU!!!!

    So...any news on Coynis Miller?