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  1. Quindarrius Robinson joined Kennedy as a Bama commit today.
  2. We're all disappointed and even angry, but thanks to the team and Coach Pearl for a great ride this year.
  3. Network execs are probably drooling over a Duke-Kentucky match-up. Come on, Tigers---make'em drown in their drool.
  4. The other guys are going to have pick up the slack.
  5. The NCAA needs to revisit that hook and hold rule.
  6. Oh God, now all we'll hear is how the refs didn't call that foul at the end.
  7. Ole Miss has completely fallen apart in the 2nd half.
  8. Wasn't Avery Johnson their 3rd or 4th choice when he was hired?
  9. Auburn is stone cold this half and Kentucky is as hot as they were in the first half.
  10. It looks like the football team isn't the only Auburn team to give up a double-digit lead against LSU.
  11. Not only do most bama fans suck, now they're admitting that it sucks to be a bama fan. Buddy, we've known that for a long time.
  12. Don't forget--Gus brought the S&C coach with him from Arky St. He's obviously one of Gus's yes men. As long as AUBURN keeps Gus, AUBURN will keep the S&C coach.