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  1. “This is more of a business decision for me this time around,” he said... Oh hell, when a recruit uses this kind of talk, we all know where they end up.
  2. Has Au finished paying his buy-out? If not, what it AU's responsibility towards the buy-out now that Chizik has resigned his position at UNC? Is AU responsible for the full amount now that he's not working, or can AU still pay what it was paying while he was at UNC since he voluntarily resigned?
  3. The refs sure seem to be whistle-happy.
  4. Just like the Bama game, Auburn seems to be imploding.
  5. This seems to be the longest minute plus. Get this W so I can go to bed.
  6. So, will the NCAA also rule that coaches can't hire girlfriends of recruits to work in the athletic department? Will it write a rule that coaches can't use money they raise for their charity to give a recruit's girlfriend a scholarship to that particular university? What about giving athletic scholarships to brothers or sisters in order to attract a recruit? What about helping family members, like mothers and fathers, get jobs in the city where the recruit will be playing? NCAA---you gotta love it.
  7. A 15 point leaduring now down to 4 after 4 straight turnovers. What in the hell are our guys thinking?
  8. Sadly, it looks like Gus is going to get another year to figure it out.
  9. This is just a total a**whipping OK is handing AU tonight. All the folks who raved about the 6-game winning streak--look who AU played. I hate to say this, but this is AU football under Gus Malzahn. He's been totally out-coached tonight. Hell, the whole staff has been out-coached tonight. How much longer will AU have to put up.with Gus?
  10. Did Kevin Steele channel Ellis Johnson during the practices the past month?
  11. AU needs a TD here, or this could get ugly real quick. Stoops hates the SEC so he is going to go all out to embarrass AU.
  12. Is anyone keeping count of how many times Musburger is going to bring up.Saban? I've counted 2 so far.
  13. Here we go again---rotating quarterbacks.
  14. Too bad it didn't help.
  15. I guess now I'll have to pull for either Clemson or Ohio State. I think Clemson has a better chance of beating Bama than OSU, though.