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  1. AURandy56

    OLine question

    Is Ashley going to be back next year?
  2. Is Calvin Ashley still on the team?
  3. Honestly, where is Allen Green with all this going on? He is the AD, right? Has he already quit?
  4. This has been a nightmare. If this same staff is calling shots next year, we're doomed. Auburn will be lucky to be 7-5 next year. Alabama and Georgia will still be the powerhouses they are this year, so thats 2 potential losses; Orgeron has Gus's number so chalk up loss #3; Oregon could be #4. Then, you figure he'll lose to someone he shouldn't. Thanks, Leath. You just made me NOT look forward to Auburn football next year.
  5. I for one am not happy one bit with this. This sucks!!!
  6. AURandy56

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Alabama

    This is embarrassing. I sure as Hell hope Alan Greene has a 16 million dollar check in his wallet payable to one Gustav Malzahn. do not evade the profanity filter
  7. AURandy56

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Alabama

    Hell, why didn't Gus go for a bomb at the end of the half? Auburn is a 24-point dog in this game. Throw the kitchen sink at them.
  8. AURandy56

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Alabama

    2 dropped passes and then a lousy pass and punt. This has been the season in a nutshell.
  9. AURandy56

    Kevin Steele a Candidate for Head Coaching Job.

    If Steele leaves, will Gus do whatever is needed to keep TWill?
  10. AURandy56

    Leath on Malzahn

    Do we know for an absolute fact that Arkansas was making a big push for Gus, or was this Jimmy Sexton blowing smoke up Leath's backside? Wasn't Sexton Tuberville's agent? When Tubs was Auburn's coach, it seemed like his name was always in the mix for nearly every major college football coach job that came available. I think Sexton put the old Johnson up leath and made him like it.
  11. AURandy56

    4-touchdown favorite against Liberty

    Wasn't AUBURN a 4 touchdown favorite against Tennessee?
  12. AURandy56

    Petrino fired

    Hey Gus--there's an opening at Louisville.
  13. AURandy56

    Another loss to a rival

    I'm willing to bet Liberty will give Auburn a good game. This is getting really hard to keep watching this sh*t show with Gus Malzahn.
  14. AURandy56

    **Georgia Game thread***

    At least we can all breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Gus Malzahn will be the coach of the Auburn Tigers next year.
  15. AURandy56

    Mississippi State @ uat (merged threads)

    Where is James Carville when we need him today?