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  1. Win or lose, we should tip our hats to Florida. I really thought---actually hoped---LSU would run them off the field.
  2. That's ballgame. It's time for Gatewood. Bo is killing us.
  3. The OL cannot open a hole for a one-yard pick-up. Absolutely ridiculous.
  4. Damn. A back-up QB is making the D look bad.
  5. OK, Gus, do not take your foot off the gas.
  6. Are these announcers part of the 12th man for TAMU?
  7. Either Gus is reverting back to calling crappy plays or AM defense has made the necessary adjustments.
  8. Why can't the D stop on 3rd and long?
  9. Bob Stoops would certainly be an up-grade, but, even though Jimmy Rane has a lot of money---and I do mean A LOT OF MONEY---does he on his own have the power to tap anyone to lead the Auburn football program?
  10. The D has been burned by screen passes.
  11. Coach Boom is not a happy camper at the half.
  12. Not a good start, offense. This could get ugly quick.