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  1. What happened to the team that routed Georgia?
  2. I know I'm being Captain Obvious here, but we sure do miss Harper, Brown, and Okeke. Javon and Doughty have not picked up the slack. In fact, Doughty seems to be worse than last year.
  3. I think it bothers him to lose, it just doesn't bother him enough. IMHO, he feels safe in his job. I don't think he feels he's on the hot seat as much as most of us feel he is, or at least should be. I think AD Greene's statement after the 2018 season that Gus is our head coach for the foreseeable future, told Gus he's OK. I believe there are enough of the Powers That Be who are happy with AU holding it's own against Saban and Bammer, and aren't too concerned about losses to LSU or Georgia. I mean, if those folks weren't angry enough at Gus for the loss against a lousy Tennessee team AT HOME in 2018, what is going to make them angry?
  4. Whether or not this works out with MSU, we will just have to see. I find it interesting that MooState fires Moorehead after only 2 years. Apparently the AD didn't like the direction the program was going. I'll give them credit for at least trying to improve, something I can't say for Auburn.
  5. My fear is Malzahn will bring back Herb Hand.
  6. I thought little brother was supposed to be better than big brother.
  7. The AU D has already given up over 200 yards and the O looks putrid. But, at least Gus can beat Saban.
  8. Who informed him that the offer was pulled? Gus? Grimes? I'm curious.
  9. I just read the info on Dearman and that he has spent some time with Gus at AU. I guess that means he's at the front of the pecking order to be another "yes" man for Gus. If I were Morris, I wouldn't take the position unless I got an iron-clad guarantee from Gus that I run this show, including hiring the assistants that I want. If you cannot give me that guarantee, then go kick rocks.
  10. And if the grounds had opened up and swallowed the Bama team after Bo scored the first touchdown, Auburn would have won 7-0. You're dealing with "what ifs." The fact is the AU D scored 2 touchdowns which helped AU to 48 Points. Without those 2, AU scores 34 and loses the game.
  11. The offense was better, and I give Gus credit for that. However, the real difference in the game was 2 pick 6's by the AU defense. If not for those 14 Points, AU loses. Yes, Gus will be back next year. Let's see how he does with a whole new offensive line and quite a few new faces on defense.
  12. AURandy56

    Matt Luke

    I thought that happened when he was at Texas Tech and answered a call that he had been hired at Cincinnati.
  13. It was Ellis Johnson who actually convinced Gus to put in the return team for the Kick 6.
  14. Pat Sullivan was a true class act in every way. WAR DAMN EAGLE Pat Sullivan.
  15. Well, that was certainly a short-lived celebration for us.
  16. I don't buy into the AU did this at LSU and Bama did this at Tuscaloosa against LSU. Every game is different. Bama whipped the crap out of Ole Miss, but AU barely beat Ole Miss, and should have lost the game if the officials had called our OL pulling the RB over the goal line, which is a penalty, on that first TD. Don't give me this "Ole Miss had the week off before they played AU." Ole Miss is not a good team. Every game is different. Bama knows they have the beat AU to keep their hopes alive to making the 4-team playoffs. On top of that, the SEC knows Bama needs to win to keep those hopes alive. I think most of us believe LSU will beat GA in the SECCG. and that's why ESPN is keeping Bama at #5 so they can just move them on up. The AU D Line will do well against Bama's OL, but I worry about they receivers once they catch the ball. They've shown they can turn a 5-yard gain into a 50 yard TD. And, let's not forget who AU has patrolling the sidelines---Gustav Malzahn. He could be the X-factor, and definitely not in a good way. Don't get me wrong--I want AU to win, even if winning this game means Malzahn will most likely be back next year, and that's something I simply cannot fathom.
  17. Bottom line is that Gus has Auburn by the short hairs. He stays and racks up 7 million/year to produce mediocrity. Next year's team has the potential to be one of the worst teams in AU history due to the losses on defense and the entire OL leaving (even though they're not good to begin with). His handling of Gatewood was disgraceful. He lied to that young man by telling him and everyone else how important he was going to be to the team, and then basically shoving him out the door. He gets fired, and he walks away with more money than a lot of us put together will make in a lifetime. It's amazing to me that Nick Saban, who bitched almost ad nauseam about the HUNH offense, has evolved his offense to where it is one of the SEC's and NCAA's most potent, yet here AU is with the reputed offensive genius, and he seems to be stuck with the mind set that the offense he produced at AU in 2010 and 2013, is still the best and cannot be beaten. He doesn't seem to understand that defenses have adjusted to his offense, but he just keeps plugging it along.
  18. IMHO, the only way to keep the Turd out of the playoffs is if they lose to Auburn. I think LSU will beat the Dawgs in the SECCG and ESPN is so in love with Bama and Saban they will do whatever they need to do to get them in the playoffs.
  19. I'm not one who usually falls in line with the referee thing, but after watching a lot of games this year, it's become obvious that either the refs are downright stupid, or are favoring one team over the other. The LSU-AU game this year was just too obvious with all the missed holding calls by LSU OL, until that last one when they got to run off 10 seconds and basically ended the game (however, I do want to state that I truly believe that if AU had a decent offense in that game, AU could have won it despite the missed calls). Last year's Iron Bowl, when our RB scored that first TD and out came a flag for holding that even Gary Danielson, who's quite the Bama ass-kisser, even said that call was very questionable. The league has got to do something about this, but I doubt they will as long as Bama and Saban rule the roost in the SEC.
  20. All this talk about not firing Gus after a potential 9-win season, but, other than Oregon, just who has Auburn beaten? OK--TAMU, at their house, but I'd hardly list that as a "signature" win. Ole Miss--awful; Miss State--awful; Arkansas--beyond awful. People list the Oregon win as an upset, but, if I recall, AU was actually favored to win that game. As several have pointed out in other posts, Gus' offensive stats are made on the backs of pitiful teams. Gus' defense of himself is going to be that he had the toughest schedule in all of Division 1 football and played a true freshman. AU plays Bama, LSU, and Georgia EVERY YEAR. This wasn't some scheduling oddity this year. Oregon was new this year, and I wonder if AU were to play them now would the result be different. Gus had to play a true freshman QB because his QB recruiting has not been too good over the years and this was what he was left with, either Nix or Gatewood, who was a redshirt freshman. And, I don't need to bring up the OL recruiting he's done over the past 7 years. He's having to bring in JUCO players because of his ineptness in signing and developing HS linemen. If anyone thinks next year is going to be better, you might want to check out AU's roster. The entire OL--which is not too good to begin with--are all seniors, so they're gone. Most of the D line will be gone. In fact, we will probably have a lot of new faces on D next year. I guess that will be his excuse next year so that he can still be here in 2021. Gus needs to go.
  21. I think Bo has a world of potential to be the QB all Auburn folks want him to be, but not with this current offensive coaching staff. However, it's been no secret that Gus does not know how to develop quarterbacks. The most successful ones he's had at Auburn have been junior college transfers. Bo still signed with Auburn knowing that. I know he's got Auburn in his blood, and I am glad he's at Auburn, but he needs to have a real OC and QB coach to achieve that potential, not the mediocre coach he's saddled with now.
  22. At least Kevin Steele knows how to call plays.
  23. Oh yeah, I mean, he's only had 7 years to put the program over the top. He should get at least 5 more. I'm being sarcastic as hell.
  24. All this talk about how many rushing TDs AU is going to score against UGA, I just have one question: have any of you actually seen the AU offensive line this year?