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  1. How is Trevon Diggs listed 3rd team Return Specialist.... Didn't he drop damn near every kick he tried to catch last year? Pre-Season doesn't mean much to me. Post season is what counts.
  2. corchjay

    2019 4* Buck Derick Hall

    To bad Derrick will be getting most of his coaching from Coach G. Bring your ear plugs
  3. corchjay

    Poll: Cord Sandberg, Willis, Gatewood, or Bo Nix?

    That’s a year away. A lot can happen between now and then and probably will
  4. corchjay

    10 wins this year?

    On paper we should be 10-2 or 9-3. Staying healthy is always a key. WR play is the most important in my opinion followed by OL. On the D side it’s always about stopping the run and getting pressure on the QB. we can get great play at all those but will we? That’s what makes the season fun
  5. Great pick up but Grimes wasn’t much of the recruiter on this one. But selling JBs coaching credentials should make it easier for some of the guys recruiting for him. Kind of like Porter and Woodson selling Browns cred Next year should be a much easier sell for JB. The kids will get some recent film of his players to evaluate.
  6. corchjay

    2019 3* RB Tye Edwards

    If we can hold the pocket longer then 2 seconds maybe we can run some developing pass routes but when you get pressure it’s hard to do. That’s why against Arkansas Ole Miss of the world our offense looks like a totally different animal. Plays can develop. DL in the SEC is generally way ahead of the OL. Hopefully our DL “trains” our OL to be prepared.
  7. corchjay

    2019 3* RB Tye Edwards

    NCM is the most important offensive player outside of Stidham this season. His physical play on the edge sets up a lot. I think he finds a way to get open more this year as well. I’m not saying he’s going for 60 plus catches but should and I predict will become our “possession” receiver.
  8. BOOOOOOMMMM!!! huge get in more then one way. Time to get to work young man! WDE
  9. corchjay

    2019 3* RB Tye Edwards

    He will still run into fronts but I hope the screen game comes along for the running backs to slow the front down. Which should be a strength of Kam if he can catch the frickin ball. Thats also why you don’t see many “intermediate” throws over the middle. To many people. That’s why the deep post is available. More speed at the tailback spot should help although the smaller quicker backs may not be as effective on 3rd and 2. It’s a balancing act in a lot of cases but with our QB this year if he stays healthy and our WRs play consistently there is no reason we shouldn’t average around 35-40 attempts per game.
  10. We getting this kid today?
  11. corchjay

    2019 3* RB Tye Edwards

    Gus is a great offensive mind just very stubborn since we dominated on the ground in 2013. Chip is helping with balance but in reality we only struggle with “elite” defensive fronts. If you don’t have a superstar or quality depth we will absolutely run you off the field. Most teams can’t match us in depth now but the better teams up front still give us issues which they do all teams. To many trickish plays called around the 40 against good defenses as well.
  12. Most are confident he’s on track to get the required scores needed
  13. corchjay

    Stidham gets engaged

    She’s thanking her lucky stars!
  14. Oladele is the only one concerning for me. When you’re dealing with the clearing house you never know how long it’s gonns take. They get in no hurry to make a decision or keep the parties(player and university) up to date on the progress/process.
  15. corchjay

    The Opening (June 30-July 3)

    Hopefully we are recruiting McClendon harder then it appears because it looks like he might be the highest rated OT we still have a shot with