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  1. corchjay

    Memphis Transfer Chooses Auburn

    His dad was one of the great defenders of his generation. Don't know much about him other then what has been written.
  2. corchjay

    2019 3* S Jammie Robinson

    Sorry you don't find the humor. To me the entire thing is golden and we just started recruiting this guy not much to discuss. But we probably need more animated signatures and wrestling gifs. Don't be that guy E
  3. corchjay

    2019 3* S Jammie Robinson

    One more time...
  4. corchjay

    2019 3* S Jammie Robinson

    I triple-dog dare him to start spelling his name this way!!!
  5. corchjay

    2019 4* CB Tyrique Stevenson

    Was a big issue and recruiting in general. He was content on taking daddy’s scraps and way to many tweeners all over the field. Plus we got smaller and softer every year the further we got away from coach Dye
  6. corchjay

    Prediction- Players to take the next step

    Agreed. Making the opposing QB uncomfortable is now the defenses primary objective and also stopping the run. You do both and you can win a lot of games.
  7. corchjay

    Prediction- Players to take the next step

    I agree with you on ball security but he will be by far the best pass blocker and I do expect more passing this year.
  8. corchjay

    Prediction- Players to take the next step

    I said flair meant flare... @GwillMac6 @ellitor Can I get a woooh gif? lol
  9. corchjay

    Staggering the uat, Georgia games

    I Agree moving UGA up. We both have bigger rivals just a couple weeks later. Maybe play UGA second or third game of the season and move some of the West games later. I’m with you completely I don’t care if we ever play Bammer or UGA. However I love the big games and the intensity it brings but when it’s to serious it’s a problem and the AU/bammer game is toxic.
  10. 1. NCM - expect big things from Nate this year. Hearing work ethic and ability to get open and catch is improving. 2. Marlon Davidson - he’s already a star and fan favorite but Nick Coe is pushing for his spot. Nicks ability to rush the passer as well as set the edge is hard to overlook. Marlon will accept the challenge and get back to his intense “hustle” and hold him off. I expect both to play 40-50 snaps a game with their ability to move inside as well. 3. Stidham - the RPO will come back with a vengeance to help the run game. NCM and which ever TE will take the short quick passes. And Barrett motioning into the back field as a second back on flair from fake give or fake keep. Yardage will go up for Stid about 50 a game just from that 4. Horton - big Mike will be the on field leader of the OL. How he holds the guys accountable won’t be seen on the tape but will be a major reason the guys get their tales in gear and force them to fight harder when the game is on the line. 5. K-Mart - 15 carries a game averaging about 6.5 - 7 yards per attempt. Plus home run threat every run. 6. Dean/Peters - both will step up but will get overlooked on the back end because they won’t get the credit they deserve that will go to the pressure from the front but I love Peters on field football awareness. Anyone have others they would like to add or debate?
  11. corchjay

    Staggering the uat, Georgia games

    I actually like the home -home away - away we currently have. Just make sure you do a home big OOC game the year both are away to keep from having an uninteresting schedule. If the last 30-40 years tells us anything we are more then likely gonna be around 50 percent wins against the Dogs and the Tide so having both at home during a season sets that season up to be championship material type. I’ll take a 9-3 record on the away years for an 11-1 the home years. We are clearly starting to cement ourselves in the Top 3 in the conference in recruiting. We are passing LSU and UGA appears to be passing us which we are/were very very close. Probably goes bama, UGA, AU, LSU, UF, aTm, Utk/USce right now with 2-4 very close
  12. corchjay

    2019 5* OT Wanya Morris (Vols 5/1/18)

    I don’t have him as a five star in my evaluations. Probably around a 93 if using the 247 point system. Elite guy but definitely not a 5 star guy. He will drop during his senior season unless he commits to the weight room fierce. Just my opinion of course.
  13. corchjay

    2019 5* OT Wanya Morris (Vols 5/1/18)

    I’m hearing Wanya isn’t a done deal regardless of what is out on the interwebz... will we wait if we identify equal talent. No. But Morris is a 2 year down the road guy anyway. Very high ceiling similar to Tega just with more experience. Tega probably more athletic and stronger
  14. corchjay

    2019 4* CB Tyrique Stevenson

    I think when Steele hangs ‘em up that coach G will as well. But could easy see 7 more years out of each and still at a high level
  15. corchjay

    2019 4* CB Zion Puckett

    I would say any could play nickel or safety of the longer guys. This kid is heck of a backup plan if we were to miss on Stephenson and Booth. The coaches ain’t gonna be left searching this year at any positions. They have set their top level board and working on backup options now. Will have that completed in the next few weeks. Youll start to see some names popping up out of nowhere and they will finish out the top 5 at each position group. Mostly if they miss the top targets. Example- Ramel Keyton wanted to commit to AU. They have much bigger dogs on their board even as backup plans. Therefore AU passed. I know it came out that he’s a take if he committed but I think Kodi is in a position to wait until the big dogs walk. However we won’t be scrambling in December looking for a backup plan The one position group that is the exception is OL will take longer to evaluate. They seem to add more size and strength going from juniors to seniors then any grouping. Same for DL but coach G knows the athletic style of player he likes and if he sees the potential for the size he likes as well he knows he can coach them up.