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  1. Young Emmitt Smith. Like freshman in college Emmitt is who he reminds me of.
  2. Agree. DP first option Martin #2 as I see it now if not then try to swing another top back or take none at all imo
  3. Clemson game is on coach Hand for not coming up with adjustments quick enough or at all during that game. But if it takes us past the LSU game to figure out who our best 5 are that's on Hand/Gus/Chip as well. That needs to definitely be settled the after fall scrimmage #1.
  4. KJ was also banged up his freshman year but totally agree with that we don't need to add a back just for depth. Need a high quality back. I'd love to see what this offense could look like with a Master Teague and Zamir White combo of thunder and lightning. I know I know pipe dream but...
  5. Probably a few more weeks. Late July into August look for movement. Coaches are on vacation right now I think. Kids are in the heart of 7v7 tournaments. Which I hope we have some coaches. Looking at you coach porter to be there scouting underclassmem.
  6. @ellitor I just went and watched his film. Has good feet and vision. Speed is D-1 but not sure SEC speed. Probably a 4.80 guy. Physically looks mature but plays weaker then his build could just be genetically gifted to add muscle but doesn't develop the strength. Needs to play stronger and break more tackles. He is willing to block without the ball. Can catch the ball but gets lost running routes like unsure where he is on the field. Quality back but not elite. Definite D-1 material. Comparable to Webb. Has greater size and upside if willing to be a weight room warrior.
  7. Yes that's him. I haven't seen any film on him just know he's long and fast. Project type player. Might excel under coach brown. Just thinking out loud
  8. I'm not aware who he is E. What's the name of the under rated CB from the Montgomery area? Tall speedster
  9. At this point in time for Running back Pierce and Asa might be the only options. Either would be a take. Not sure Joiner or Provens were takes as running backs. Someone else could come into the picture as the season gets going.
  10. Pierce is the bama decommit . Proven sis the new LSU commit. Probably a safety or nickel back in college
  11. I agree. Regardless of ranking. For his style of back Teague was the best. But Pierce is up there as well. Probably top 5-10 in the big back category. Asa is like Kerryon different kind of back but if he's the quality of a person and player that KJ is then I'd love to have Asa
  12. When we go 1 back set Chandler cox could also easily be a pound the rock guy. In a pinch. And actually might not be a bad option for blitz pickup. However I'm very interested to see how we use Cox and Kam Martin this year.
  13. I agree Barrett can be a very very good back. I'm talking recruiting for the guy behind him. That follows him as the starter the next in line kind of guy
  14. I think Barrett can be an in between the tackles back. But the biggest thing for me is we need an elite back now. We will not be running the ball as much and need a real game changer there for when he gets the opportunity to run. We will still be run base but there won't be games that we only throw it 8 times
  15. I'm not that concerned with running back recruiting this year. Take an elite guy or no one. Don't settle for a backup guy because we will still have KJ, Miller, Martin, Barrett and Shivers all next year. If we can get a top back take them but it's not a huge deal if we miss this year. If we do we just have to make sure we get a big back next year.