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  1. You didn’t get that memo it went pages that this is legit. But it’s in limbo because it got out now wasn’t click bait at all
  2. Sorry to hear about your wife. I hope all goes well with her treatment and will pray for healing.
  3. yep don't miss a fight. If Auburn is playing at the same time I got Auburn on the tube and UFC streaming on my phone or Ipad. Yeah I know I'm a big scary threatening monster... I've heard it enough.
  4. maybe taking the beating on this site. Physically not even close. I'm more of a UFC guy. Ya'll need to evolve with the times.
  5. You can respond later but why should be we be OU style? because of Stidham? I been telling yall all damn year run stidham and stop trying to throw so damn much. When we go to the throw game is when we start losing...
  6. ok you want to grandstand. You responded to me (originally). I'm perfectly fine with my own opinions and definitely don't need them being call stupid or idiotic. It's clickbait anyway you look at it. If you understand what clickbait is this is the epitome of clickbait. And yes all the Auburn beat guys work right along with "clickbait" if you don't understand that and how it work and how revenue is generated that way then that's on you but I do. Just like a title say for the recruiting guys... 5 star lineman to visit.... click the link and bam gotta have a subscription to get
  7. I agree with your premise but i fail to see where Gus hasn't changed. Offense was good/great but defense was horrible. made great hires to shore up the defense and the offense got stale. Got rid of the OC and brought in a "air raid" guy. and the offense looked like what you'd imagine mixing 2 offenses would look like. Last year was just a coverup by an experienced OL, a great running back, and solid front 7 on defense. So saying Gus is stubborn or close minded just isn't true in any way. Gus offense isn't a heavy screen game. That's Chip. Gus's pass offense has always attacked the dee
  8. Just gonna say got a couple on here that says it's unprofessional lol. Yeah ok.
  9. no that's how the story is turning in this thread. it's gotta fall to Gus in some way. I don't care who did what personally but to think people aren't making money off these reports is ignorant.
  10. So it's ok to call people stupid and idiotic and such... got it. Don't ever give me warning then... Ok fair enough we can go toe to toe in a debate. I say it's click bait. prove me wrong! Because do you think his tweets, posts, reports are bringing viewers to his/their site or social media accounts? Does he/they report for free? No the more views the more pay the more subscriptions the more likes... all money makers.
  11. you've figured it all out and don't even know it. He's sinking Auburn to try to save himself. You damn crazy genius.
  12. I'll say 8-4 but depends on QB play and of course health. Immediate OL depth could be helped with a GT but doesn't help a lot long term. Another factor will be who is the OC and does the system compliment Gus' system or work in contrast to it.
  13. ok then stop calling other people opinions wrong when you can't bring any fact other then your own opinion to the situation and calling peoples opinion idiotic and stupid. Act like a mod or give up the title. Respect us little guys out here. Because you think you know everything doesn't mean it's true. And yet you bitch on here about Gus being stubborn... laughable
  14. Not addressing a particular person in this response will throw out there... Gus doesn't have an antiquated offensive system just a broken one. Feel free to check out my post in the Here it is thread of what I think of our offense to long for this thread.
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