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  1. I always heard the saying... "great minds think alike"
  2. Before spring practice starts does anyone else want to give a guess what they think the offense will look like going into next season. Here is my best "guesses"... I feel pretty confident we will see about a 50/50 split on TE sets and HB/FB sets. So probably some 1 back and 4 wide. I could see that benefiting KJ and the zone read and stretch play. I could see Cox playing some 1 back as well. You will probably see an unbalanced line with empty also a few times a game. I expect to see bubble screens to come back into the game plans again with different blocking used especially with the big TE. Even tho Stidham is mobile I don't expect much zone read if he is QB1, I think the one read will move to a zone read/RPO. Ryan Davis will excel in that role. He is also the front runner for me for breakout player of the year. When we go 2 back sets I expect the run game to look like it has the past few years. Overall I expect more passing in general and in my mind I see an offense similar to Ole Miss but with a power run game to go along with it. 3rd down conversion is the key in my opinion and I hope we keep that hard nosed running game mentality when its 3rd and 3 or less. When you are able to churn out first downs running the ball it's huge. Anyone else want to venture a guess?
  3. I like this back a lot.
  4. Gus is safe for another year if he has a winning record. So get off the hot seat crap. He just replaced his entire offensive staff in the past year and half and defensive staff other then Garner in the past 2. He's doing as the PTB want him to do and that's make changes when needed.
  5. This fall will be Kim's 3rd fall.
  6. In my opinion I agree with y Cole cubelic he will provide depth and options depending on how practices go. As I stated earlier it's more on K. Kim then it is on Golson.
  7. All American at lower level as opposed to SEC defensive lineman and coaches schemes are a huge difference
  8. This signals to me that K. Kim isn't ready to be a reliable backup. That's what it means to me. I don't think it means a move for Golson but more a lack of confidence in Kim.
  9. I just hope we have a greater rotation of RBs this season. Not 30 carries for 1 and 20 for another. how about 18 carries for 1, 15 for another 10 for another and use more players. I know they say they go with the hot hand but if your blocking is good any hand should be hot.
  10. what I mean by over strider is his long strides. Doesn't keep his feet under him. It's more of a balance thing.
  11. I'm with Barnacle on this one. KJ is a great person and player however I don't think he's a great back. Misses way to many holes. He's an over strider when running and keeps him from having that 1 cut ability to quickly get north and south. He doesn't press the line of scrimmage like KP does. That's the difference. I'm most excited about Kam Martin. If he can learn to pass block he will be extremely dangerous in this new offense.
  12. Mentioned earlier about the OT from HT. Offered yesterday 2019 OT, Pierce Quick. Maybe E can start a thread for him.
  13. another 60+ point half. How many of those have we giving up?
  14. Heron was out of control trying to keep his double digit streak going in my opinion. However I can't read minds I know.
  15. Fouls piling up on UF now but we are down 15 now