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  1. I'm ready to be a part of March Madness. Our boys have got to make some major defensive strides to play with these sweet 16 teams night in and night out. Physical strength has got to improve quickly as well. That's all...
  2. War Eagle. win 1 more and take the series.
  3. hold 'em down Tigers! beat the dull dogs
  4. On paper it is Bama, LSU, followed closely with AU and UGA, just a hair behind them are aTm, UF and Tennessee. However I don't think UF has the offensive talent and aTm the defensive talent this year to win the conference. So that puts us with about 6 (the original big 6) teams. Bama, LSU, and AU in the west, UGA, UT, and maybe UF. Whoever gets good special teams play, solid QB play, can stop the run with the front 6-7, rush the passer with 4, and beneficial scheduling will probably win the conference.
  5. There won't be a huge difference in the offense. Things I expect is more balance especially on first down, not going nascar to just go fast, slightly expanded route tree with the TE involved some, but the biggest difference you will see is the RPOs.
  6. I don't think he was being negative maybe more of thinking no one here got to see what kind of player I can be, plus it's very very difficult for a competitive athlete to accept someone beat him out for a position.
  7. I'm so sick of the QB pissing matches... Jesus it never ends. I'm happy to have had Tyler a part of the team. Maybe he's healed enough to go make an impact somewhere else. Best of luck Tyler.
  8. Lamar Jackson ended up at Louisville because none of the blue bloods wanted him... Auburn included. Lamar Jackson was a composite 3*. Overall QB he was the #28. Tyler Queen was ranked #25. So I guess many more was wrong on Jackson... however I think most would agree Petrino is the man behind Jackson and then his elite speed. And now AU has the #4 ranked QB recruit from that class by way of Baylor...
  9. Amen and Amen. We have given every coach on every team at least 18 months to build "relationships". So why not now? Why take a guy that hasn't had time to build relationships up for not signing a "great" recruiting class at the WR position on a team that doesn't throw the ball. Let us sling it around a little bit this year and you'll consistently see Kodi and this staff sign top 25 WR recruits. I think he will make a heck of a coach as well... might take him another couple years to get his footing but you never know might take T-will a couple as well. Steele may be the brains behind T-will we don't know... Same might can be said for Kodi and Lindsey in a year or two.
  10. Are we being negatively recruited against like Spurrier was with the "system QB" label for our running backs? He passed the ball all the time it seemed especially compared to the other conference teams when he was at UF but never seemed to get that huge QB talent. Got really good solid players. Kind of like we do at running back. to get back on track this Copeland kids looks like a very solid player. WR recruiting could be huge or could be a big swing and miss. Long way til signing day.
  11. I'll take 2 taller receivers. We got Whitlow and Iggy last year. They will be on tip toes to be 6'. Although I think the plan is to take 3. Looks like this year may be a little offense heavy
  12. I would think if he is doing them it's fine but if AU were promoting him other then for the NCAA to benefit then I'm sure it'd be some kind of violation. Because it's ok for the NCAA to pimp out Heisman crap... I'm not for pay or no pay I'm neutral on the subject and see both sides equally but if anyone thinks a D1 athlete doesn't have it's advantages already they are sadly mistaken.
  13. Smart move to put a hold on committing. See if this kid has the desire to improve on his own. Body reshaping and working on some small things like pad level, explosiveness, and violent hands can go a long way for his up coming Sr. season. If he can get his weight down to any under 300 and he might surprise us.
  14. This one will probably be a battle til the end just get him on campus as much as possible and around the players.
  15. Congrats to Coop