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  1. Men vs. Clemson

    War Eagle fellas and ladies. It’s always great to be an auburn tiger even on bad days.
  2. Men vs. Clemson

    This is on the players not on Bruce. Bruce can’t shoot for them or have energy for them. Bruce brings it every game. Now if you want to criticize his style of offense then ok but they players just aren’t doing what they have done all year. Brown and Harper seemed to check out after we were up 3 games in the conference. Luckily Heron carried us a couple games to win a couple games after Mac got hurt. Still love this team the effort they showed all season and all the highs they gave us. It is a big deal to be conf champs! War Eagle always!!!!
  3. Men vs. Clemson

    I’m gonna stop complaining because we are very short handed but we aren’t really out sized in this one. We just aren’t playing with effort and team basketball. Maybe we get to hitting some jump shots and cleaning up rebounding. Let’s go Tigers!!
  4. Men vs. Clemson

    Our players trying to be hero’s playing Iso which hasn’t worked in a month. Our offense is best when the ball is moving.
  5. Men vs. Clemson

    Much better energy with Mitchell on the floor. Harper has got to step it up
  6. Men vs. Clemson

    What happened to our running and gunning mixed with driving to the basket?
  7. Men vs. Charleston

    The first replay from the back and the side showed no contact then they came back from a commercial and showed from another view and Bryce’s hand crossed the path of the view where the shooters arm was and the announcer was like right there was contact... idiots
  8. Men vs. Charleston

    Survived --- Advanced. Job done for today. Not a lot of correcting you can do at this point in the season. For some reason we've hit some kind of wall and just aren't shooting well. Defense Auburn Defense saved the day. Only bad thing I'll say is we did way to much standing around iso play, need better ball movement spacing and passing. War Eagle!!
  9. Tucker Brown moves to Center

    Just put Sippos back there and let him run some "Rugby" plays where they lateral it like 7 times. On forth down he could punt or fake punt...
  10. Tucker Brown moves to Center

    I'm not sure. I would say Brown is the emergency guy. Irving I think will fall into the number 3 spot. Still possibly trying to redshirt if Kim and Brahms step up. We should know more after a couple scrimmages. Be looking for some comments from the coaches about that position after the first 2 scrimmages and you should get a feel for who's doing well and who isn't.
  11. Tucker Brown moves to Center

    So I would put the pecking order as follows... Kim/Brahms Horton Irving Brown Thats how I expect the start fall practices. I also expect Tucker to move back to TE/HB for his role there and be an emergency center if needed.
  12. Tucker Brown moves to Center

    I mentioned this before spring practice started I just can’t remember which thread it was in. We need 5-6 guys that need to be able to identify blocking schemes and snap the ball from the center spot. It will also help him become a better blocker as well. Win-win for us.
  13. Iggy A Natural At Corner

    I think the move sticks to defense. He will get some reps in the fall on the offense just in case an injury to R. Davis, Hastings, or Stove at the "small" slot in case they want to redshirt Schwartz or Worm. Beyond that I think he's strictly defense.
  14. Iggy A Natural At Corner

    Iggy is fast. Like football fast. He's not elite track fast like Schwartz or Worm. He's more rounded in track, he's a triple jump specialist that can do sprints and long jump. Probably can do the high jump as well. He's also a very smart kid. He will be a contributor on the defensive side at some point. Could possibly be a mop up duty kind of kid this year. With his natural ability and Coach's Woodson/Brown teaching him the ropes in technique the shy is the limit.
  15. Anthony Schwartz is Auburn Fast

    Actually since every thread turns into a knock on the coaches in some way... I guess I should chime in to fit in... with stupid Gus at the helm calling plays he will be the blocking WR. I mean we clearly on the message board know more about what our players can do then the coaches.