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  1. I can't say I disagree but I can't see what he is/isn't doing for the guys. Great guy and very good recruiter. Maybe he improves if he can concentrate on OL and not being part of the game plan.
  2. Agreed and that is for all the OL.
  3. Experience. Plus I'm trying to recall from memory but seems I remember him struggling in pass blocking against the better DEs and also being moved inside for the game to OG. Could he do it if forced to yes but just my opinion I'd much rather have an experienced player.
  4. I don't think anyone here can really answer that. For me personally it doesn't look like his body has matured or developed as expected.
  5. From the all star games I don't think CA is ready to be a starter as a true freshman at OT.
  6. Bell and Dunn were brought in for depth because Carr and Kim aren't ready if we need them.
  7. Guys would just fall off of TZach when trying to tackle him. Side note, Jalen Hurts reminds of TZach as a runner
  8. I don't want to go down this Rabbit hole but... I think if KD is back then your McClain prediction might could be true if not then I expect him to stay outside for that outside big body guy.
  9. I have no inside information but could have been a selling point to Braden to give him an opportunity to play RT if he decided to come back this year and not enter the draft. Just a thought as to why we might be considering that move.
  10. I'm going to try to go through each position group with these discussions. I think they will be a good for passing time during this slow part of the year for football. However, I do not for any player/or grouping for these to get into personal attacks toward the players in any way. If so I'm sure the MODs will shut it down (and I will stop doing them). On to the OL. Very good recruiting over the past few years has us loaded up with talent but High School talent doesn't always translate to big boy football for the "Big Uglies". Seems to me, in my opinion, that we are at a cross roads for the haves and the have nots for our personnel. As a group looks like either one OT spot or one OG spot may be the only positions up for grabs. These are strictly my opinion but the haves are - James, Horton, Golson, Smith. The guys vying for filling that 5th spot are Harrell, W. Bell, Tega, Sammons The have nots - Carr, Kim, Sharpe. They could develop into contributors but still have a way to go. The new guys - W. Bell, C. Dunn. I think both of these guys can provide depth to the line but not sure either will have enough time to learn the offense to start day one. Ashley, Troxell, Brahms will have a long way to go although I expect Ashley to possibly get in on some special teams and he or Sammons/Tega to be the overloaded line TE if we use that set. I think if we stay away from injuries that our start 5 will be a top 3 OL in the conference. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and predict a little shakeup in the line up. 2 deep LT Tega/Ashley LG James/Harrell/Bell C Golson/C. Dunn RG Horton/Carr RT Smith/Sammons I thought from A-day that both lines looked pretty good. 2nd/3rd teamers couldn't run block against our 1's on the DL but they did provide some time in the pass game. The 2's aren't good enough to win a lot of games for us but I think in a few of our cupcake games that they can come in and run the full offense not just run the give up the middle same blocking scheme but get reps running the full scheme. Carr, Harrell, Sharpe, and Kim need those reps if they are ever going to be contributors for us. Thoughts?
  11. I'm in agreement with you. Which he needs to get bigger/stronger to our muscle DBs that cover him. What surprised me as how many times he lined up outside the numbers and not in the flex TE/slot area. I'm sure that had a lot to do with seeing what he could do "live".
  12. Don't give up hope on him yet. Just observations from A-Day and from the lack of information about him coming of spring practices.
  13. Prediction - This kid blows up during the summer camps and during a productive senior HS season. I predict he moves to a 92 for 247.
  14. I'd love to have this kid but I will leave it to the coaches. Hope the best for us and him. He could be a beast on special teams his entire career.
  15. I know or heard of CCL's use of the TE and less of an HB but I still think HB with Cox is a strength on this team. I don't think Harris brings the speed, hands, or dominant blocking to the table to be a hand on the ground tight end that is used 40 plays a game. I also don't think Cannella can be as effect as we want him to be as a flex-TE. I think he lacks the speed but I hope he can be a good blocker on the edge. Thoughts?