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  1. corchjay

    Men Vs. Duke

    Dunbar is the key to the team until Purifoy gets back and works off the rust. we don’t need Doughty trying to be a scorer. Drive and dish or drive and kick out. Every once in a while try to finish but go into the guys chest.
  2. corchjay

    Men Vs. Duke

    Tomorrow is tough as well. Zags Or Zona. Both are probably the top 5 teams out west. Need a W but probably have no scouting or prep for the other side of the bracket so will be tough which ever we get. Plus fatigue by Harper and Brown with the minutes
  3. corchjay

    Men Vs. Duke

    Gray hair struggling tonight. Geez out off Duke on that
  4. corchjay

    Men Vs. Duke

    Getting murdered no call. Touch foul on the other
  5. corchjay

    Men Vs. Duke

    With Reddish out go straight at Zion with Chuma with a set play
  6. corchjay

    Men Vs. Duke

    They are finishing at the rim and we aren’t.
  7. corchjay

    It's not that deep

    Don’t do it Cole. People like you and I are needed here. No we don’t see eye to eye but we know that. If you don’t just go with the masses they will pile on you and attack you until you see the light. You have more patience then I do because I ain’t taking the personal attacks from anyone I’ll fire right back.
  8. corchjay

    Who Are Your Top Returning Impact Players?

    I think he’s talking about ZaKoby
  9. corchjay

    Would you rather?

    Beat both.
  10. corchjay

    sec shorts bama versus auburn

    Ok glad you straightened me out. PS I knew it was a joke and am familiar with sec shorts just didn’t think this one was funny usually they play on the “stereotypes” of the fan base but was pointing out this was way off base. Lighten up Frances
  11. Dabo had been a coach longer the 3 years. What is this “It” factor you are talking about? His recruiting? He’s a good recruiter but as everyone always say we shouldn’t settle and that would be the epitome of settling. Nothing in his coaching says he should be a defensive coordinator
  12. corchjay

    2018 Maui Invitational

    Looking like Duke pulling away as expected. And they are getting to rest and sub.
  13. corchjay

    2018 Maui Invitational

    Both teams sloppy.
  14. corchjay

    Who Are Your Top Returning Impact Players?

    For next year I will go with Boobee and Sherwood.
  15. corchjay

    Men vs Xavier

    Others have to take his place. Samir, Dunbar, Okeke, and when Purifoy gets back. They have be able to create because Harper can't be expected to break down the defense every possession in must score situations. Not sure Dunbar has the ball skills for it but work on it when we are up by 20 against lesser teams. Purifoy when he comes back just can't be another Bryce Brown he has to bring something different.