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  1. corchjay

    Yet another National Recruiting Debate

    I’m very excited about this years recruiting class. The staff have not won a lot of head to head battles but have gotten very talented players so far. When Jamond Gordon is probably your lowest commit that’s saying something. Plus we have more to add and many of them are high profile. Even if we split on them it’s gonna turn out to be about #5-8 is my expectations in final rankings. Next year is starting out pretty good as well. That’s one thing that’s been done right this year the staff hasn’t goofed around like they have in the past trying to flip people late. How about we finish the next 4-5 recruits with solid to very good players and finish it off with a flip or 2. All this we are getting are tails handed to is stuff is getting old. We were one qtr last year from being on the play offs. It’s 13-7 with a banged up All- American SEC player of the year playing running back and fumbling while we were driving around mid field that turned the SEC championship game. Then late trying to make something happen on defense we gave up the edge and they hit us with the right call to get the back down the sideline for the last TD. We were right there. Keep recruiting good to great players with high character and let’s see what happens. The future is still bright my friends
  2. He’s a small dude but great athlete. He’ll be a screen guy but probably a lot more polished WR the Ryan Davis was coming in. I think he’s rated like #114 WR in the country but in reality he should be in the top 40. Size will hold him back from getting any higher then that even if he were to move up that much. He might have a greater top end speed then RD as well. He’s quick and fast.
  3. corchjay


    I thought his career was over since Gus ran him into the ground. Go figure the old used up running back must still have some life left in him.
  4. corchjay


    Good for Kerryon. Great football representative. However I thought you were referring to KJ Britt from last night on his block punt return and how heads up it was when everyone else was just standing around. Football instincts!
  5. corchjay

    2019 4* OG/OT William Putnam

    How so? I thought Keith was the best. Whichever way I do think we lead for Putnam
  6. corchjay

    Couple questions

    I think we played pretty vanilla last night but not because of the opponent but because of our lack of execution so far on the season. You have to find a way to consistently move the ball and it's all over the offense. Missed blocks, missed reads on coverages, backs not using great vision, WRs dropping passes (not calling him out but how many screen passes has RD missed already this year), and don't get me started on Stidham. So it's an all around offensive crapfest.
  7. corchjay

    Our Schedule Benefits Us

    Just win the next game. Get better and see where we are at the end of the season. Injuries and bad breaks in games will make all the difference in the world for a lot of teams left on the schedule. Should we win the next few? Yes but we've got a lot of things to get better at to be assured of anything.
  8. corchjay

    Post game Arkansas thread

    Agreed but still will make freshman mistakes.
  9. corchjay

    Post game Arkansas thread

    OL is just one of the problems on offense. I don’t thing we can say anyone on the offense is playing good. Boobee maybe?
  10. corchjay

    Post game Arkansas thread

    Not looking good but a long way off. If you didn’t watch the UGA/Mizz game it was similar to ours. UGA didn’t look very good either. Turnovers and special teams helped them as well. Still a long way to go before Amen corner before we worry about that. I’m worried about next week
  11. corchjay

    Stidham's Accuracy

    I agree the line isn’t playing well but in reality he’s only been sacked 1 time each the past 2 games. Sometimes you have to man up and stand in the pocket. That’s my take on it
  12. corchjay

    Stidham's Accuracy

    He missed Slayton also on a wide open intermediate throw as well. Missed the corner route to Seth by 15 yards. Over threw the fly/go to Slayton by 10 yards and over threw Schwartz as well. Timing is way off and not because of lack of throws just isn’t setting his feet and delivering the ball it seems to me.
  13. corchjay

    Iggy to the house!

    Speed kills. Husky Fast!!
  14. corchjay

    Post game Arkansas thread

    Poor offensive execution, vanilla game plan and still couldn’t execute. The only thing consistent on offense is the inconsistency. Stidham has to keep some of the zone reads. Needs 8 or so carries a game or just don’t run the zone read because the end is crashing down unblocked. Technique seems to be improving some on the OL but now need to start winning some of the battles in the trenches and need to start getting some consistent push on run plays. Defensr played solid. Arkansas just isn’t very good right now either. special teams were lights out
  15. corchjay

    Stidham's Accuracy

    Poor accuracy, poor pocket presence. I haven’t really studied his mechanics this year because everything seemed pretty tight and accurate last year. But so far isn’t playing very well.