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  1. 2018 4* QB Joey Gatewood (Auburn 12/5/15)

    Has Joeys team played any scrimmage games? I'm ready to see some highlights and what development he's made over the summer. I know some of the experts were surprised at how well he was throwing at some of the smaller camps.
  2. 2019 Early Look at QB's

    Also I wouldn't be surprised to see AU target a PRO style QB into the mix. But definitely not an unathletic one just maybe bigger bodied.
  3. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields (Update 6/6/17)

    You didn't see the 2004 team? Campbell was pretty danged good with the deep ball. Incredible arm talent. Just a little long in the windup. If he had a shorter release and hooked up with a decent team in the NFL he would have gone down as a great QB. Heck of a career even playing on bad teams.
  4. 2018 4* RB Asa Martin

    By the end of the season for MT he will be the overall #3 running back (behind white and lingard) in recruiting rankings after all the sites have a chance to see him. Im just hoping he sees our season and looks at the other backs committed to OSU. However Martin/Shivers is a dang good haul in itself but a Shivers/Martin/Teague would be ideal. Id take Joiner just to be able to use in other ways. He'd be an incredible flex TE and special teams beast.
  5. 2019 Early Look at QB's

    Bo Nix Taulia Tagovailoa Others will come on the scene this season in their Junior years. We will know a lot more about them by December because unlike other positions you don't rotate like RB/WR/LB/DB. QB/OL/DL start getting noticed really in their junior years.
  6. 2018 4* WR Matthew Hill

    Tomorrow or Friday for the good guys?
  7. 2019 Early Look Running Backs

    We still have a good shot with Asa this year and other kids will come on the radar their senior years. I've just always enjoyed evaluating running backs so I started this thread.
  8. The bottom line is if Gus loses more then 3 games... if he loses 4... I think he will be shown the door. Especially if those loses are to Clemson, UGA, LSU, and Bama. If he loses 3 and then wins a bowl game to finish with 10 wins he probably stays. We have an extremely difficult schedule but our team is built to compete against the best. His QB development and sporadic game plans have put him in this position so it's do or die this year and everyone knows I'm a huge Gus supporter.
  9. Gus isn't any different then any other coach that has a QB bust. It's about a 50 percent rate for all coaches. Saban Urban Petrino all of them. The problem has been that Gus had a horrible defense for all except last year. The UGA game is totally on Gus. The Clemson game plan totally on Gus.
  10. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    I understand your frustration about the swing and miss last year. He's a homer like we all are but trust me he has deep connections. Will he be wrong sometimes yep but will he be right more. YEP!!! But as I said 23 has the best intentions for AU in every regard and his connections will be for a lifetime not specifically to one coach or one coaching staff.
  11. Mark My Word 2017

    But will one of them seemingly be about some off the wall topic in the middle of a discussion? Real people need to know the details like this
  12. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    23 wants what's best for AU and last year when he watched JF3 run the read option and throw the deep ball in practice he thought that could transition. And who knows it might could have worked but the offense was built around whites strengths and totally different from JF3's. If I were Gus I wouldn't have trusted JF3 because of ball security issues and that might have been the problem but in a controlled setting I'm sure JF3 looked like a world beater. Again 23 has some of the most deeply involved insider info on this or any board. If you want inside info don't bite the hand that feeds you.
  13. Mark My Word 2017

    Tyler Stovall throws a TD pass Paw-Paw leads the team in turnovers INT/Fumbles recovered
  14. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    It's not the hitting he couldn't do. If you have the mindset to be physical you can be. You must have fluid hips in that you can transition from one side to the other quickly. Some hip movements is natural but can be trained. For sprinters it's not encouraged so he's never trained that way. It would be an incredibly steep learning curve. With all that said you have to want to play defense or you won't be any good at all. It's a mentality.
  15. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    One less person to take up space on the bus for road trips. Maybe one of the walkons (that actually do something) or a redshirt guy can get to experience a road game or 2 in the conference.