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  1. I'll take anyone that adds RPO's into the offense. It's what made Stidham so deadly at Baylor. If it's Gilbert he does run RPO's and if he is hired you can bet your sweet a** that Saban will be on the enforcing the 3 yard limit for lineman even more. Watch and see!
  2. Same as his blocking
  3. Also want to point out that offense in todays game is different then it was in the games a decade ago. This year the average score went above 30 points per game for the first time ever at 30.4. To be a top 20 offense you have to average 38 points per game.
  4. Or maybe showing him Rhett's old house?
  5. I should add also healthy players and a competent analyst that can read half the coverage so Gus is not a part of reading and changing plays. An offensive game plan is made up of certain plays for down and distance and what the defense normally does on this same down and distance. If as a head coach you don't respect the guy to call 1 of the 4-5 plays for each situation then why pay someone $500k+ a year?
  6. The only thing this offense needs is balance, breaking of tendencies, good fundamental QB developer, and slighty above average recruiter. You get that and you've hit a grandslam no matter who the person is.
  7. Offense is still a good/great offense just needs a talented QB as all offenses do. When Sean is healthy the offense is fine when he's not and he's been hurt to much then it falls off just like everyone's offense. What do you think happens in that championship game if Watson got hurt and knocked out of the game on that clothesline from foster early in the game. Bama cake walks something like 45-10.
  8. Chip Lindsay anyone? That's my guess
  9. Someone on the team needs to learn defense. We need inside defensive stoppers. Spencer is out best shot there but he is slightly undersized against the really big inside players. Outside Brown is probably the best defender we have and one of the best spot shooters we have but that doesn't mean heave up a shot every time it touches his hands. That's what this team is lacking
  10. I was the originator of the opinion that I like Martin over KJ... My reasoning is because of vision and movement within the hole at the line of scrimmage. KJ is a good back but needs development and it's hard to train vision and inside cutting ability. However I love that KJ is a part of our program. He is good enough to get his 10-12 carries a game plus his wildcat duties.
  11. We had a hotshot OC back then lol
  12. We need an unlike or disapprove button on here as well. The dang pissing matches on every thread is fricking unbearable.
  13. And Cam may have known hence the comment to Mullens wife "the money was just to much"... meaning the money offer was why he couldn't go to State...
  14. You are exactly right. Seriously Bama fans were bashing Kiffin. They were undefeated and destroying most teams and averaging 40pts a game but they didn't like his play calling and now saying he didn't "develop" hurts. Sounds familiar huh?
  15. About the sexual assaults at Baylor. If Art knew about them the Kendal would have known as well.