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  1. Didn't see this posted here, but figured I'd share. A UT booster, Adams, who is in the know about Memphis HS sports and recruiting had enough of Dooley and decided to snitch on him about Memphis. He started aiming aimlessly and spilled the beans on everyone else while he was at it, or at least gave those investigators the right schools and people to talk to. Memphis has been infiltrated by media and NCAA for at least 4 months if not more according to a local Memphis reporter. So while MSU self-reported their violations, though steep from what some are saying, they just cut loose the WR assistant and hope to take a minor slap on the wrist. For Auburn, it's wrong place, wrong time and apparently got caught with pants down without even knowing things were going down already. Here's some comments I pulled that are supposedly from UT booster Adams. TIFWIW, but does call out ESPN & Yahoo! as the two media outlets that would be reporting, and those names have been mentioned outside of this for tomorrow's breaking stories. So, basically this... "Gary Parrish, CBSports called today to talk, saying he would be over for Saturday's tv party, games; he asked if he could attend our weekly Wed. luncheons where sports folks gather at 3 rotating restaurants. Naturally I told him yes; it would be at Wang's, Ridgeway, Park at 11:30. He said he would definitely attend. He then said that he heard that Auburn would be hit hard in the next several days. Since he called me, I didn't inquire, ask. I just listened. Later, another usually well informed individual called to say that Yahoo Sports or ESPN was coming out with a bombshell telling the story how the soccer coach at Wooddale HS, Jovon Robinson's school, would be outed. She's an Auburn graduate. One week end she carried Jovon to Auburn without Jovon telling his mother. Upon returning, her auto broke down and again, Jovon didn't call his mother. That MOnday Jovon's mother reported her son as missing to the Memphis police department. Now, according to rumors, she's somehow involved in the distribution of money, etc. Again, just rumors. The NCAA has been actively involved recently here in Memphis. One of my best friends met with them; they came to his home, took a lot of photos, and carried him to lunch at Mr. B's. Most interesting info from those meetings but I was sworn to secrecy."
  2. So this one stings...BIG TIME! For some of you who grew up and/or live in Alabama, the Iron Bowl is only game that truly matters. And trust me, it is THE game for our program. But for Georgia natives and residents who are Auburn Alum & fans, the dominance UGA has had over AU since mid-2000's is absolutely sickening. I grew up in a UGA household. My dad bleeds red & black, along with a multitude of family members (who never actually attended the school, of course). To be owned 5 out of last 6 years by the Dawgs is almost too much to handle. Why can Richt be owned by the Gators, yet have our number? Is it our curse? Just drives me insane that Auburn somehow brings the best out of Georgia, while we usually show little fight in the contests. Pains me so much, guys. Overall, probably hardest thing to swallow this season is how non-competitive we've been in our losses. I do believe youth and inexperience (even 10 games into season) is a big factor, but I also believe we have a lot of talent that is either not playing up to potential or is not being coached properly. And the above stats regarding Ted Roof's defenses since he came to the Plains are incredibly glaring. How many of you wondered about Roof even last year, but just let it go because Cam & Co. kept winning? And even though last year's defense would get gashed, they showed heart and stood resilient when the game was on the line. I hate, hate, hate to be one of those fans who call for a coaches head, but there is no denying that the Roof experiment has not gone as planned. It's been 3 years, same defensive product on the field. That's coaching in my mind. Sorry if some of you disagree...
  3. Hi, good question. I originally designed these just to share with a few friends. It just went viral before I could control it Since then, I've locked down the designs with Creative Commons licenses. And no profit has been made to date on anything, so it shouldn't be an issue right now. Just in case, I have contacted Auburn's licensing office directly and will be working through things this week. I have also been in direct contact with the Tide for Toomer's group and will either work with them so they can utilize the artwork or just keep it as a tribute and nothing more. Ultimately, I'm an AU Alum hoping to give back to a school that means so much to me. Whether it be working directly with Auburn or privately and donating proceeds, preservation of the Toomer's tradition is most important.
  4. Thank you so much. Glad to be on board. War Eagle!
  5. You make two mistakes: 1. bama is NOT my brother 2. We are not in need. I ask you....how much money has bama really contributed?Pledging is one thing, sending in money as another? Can you tell me how much MONEY someone has actually received, who is the person to be held accountable, and how much is bama fans vs Auburn fans contributing? Since our own University has the Tide for Toomer's group bookmarked on the Auburn University Toomer's website, you tell me if you trust what is being done. Our own Univeristy supports them, so you may need to pass judgment beyond me. http://ocm.auburn.edu/news/oaks_fund.html
  6. I'm sorry you feel that way. Unfortunately, we seem to look at the world through different lenses. So does all Alabama fans fit into the same mold as the infamous "Al form Daleville?" This world is a mighty big place, and small minded talk and actions only get you so far. Good luck with that.
  7. Hi there. Yes, I'm the "self-proclaimed Auburn fan." I've been a fan since I was a kid...in a UGA household. When I was 5 years old, I wrote on a piece of paper that I wanted to go to Auburn University to be a Design Engineer. I lived the dream, and attended Auburn from 1998-2002. I graduated with a degree in Industrial Design and things came full circle. Since that time, I've been a mentor to young AU design students and represented my University as a leading professional in my field. Now, I'm a dad of a 2 year old little girl who knows that the AU logo is "Auburn", loves Aubie, and says "War Eagle" at the drop of a hat. On Thursday evening, after listening to sports talk in Birmingham all day and watching all the events of the Toomer's incident unfold, I was inspired to create a design that I could share with some friends as my own personal tribute. That design went viral and things went crazy from there. As a good Alum who's heart is right, I decided that all the hype about the designs could be put to good use if used for raising money to preserve our Toomer's tradtion. How amazing would it be to play a role in giving back to my alma mater for such a great cause. And so I contacted the University to show my designs, share my wishes and make sure this was handled properly in regards to licensing and fund raising. I still haven't heard back from them yet, but hope to by tomorrow But back to Friday. While my designs were going viral, there was a bigger Facebook phenomenon growing. That was the Tide for Toomer's group, who in such a short amount of time has already raised almost $40K for our school as a sign of solidarity. In all the craziness of Friday, I was asked by a contributor if I had an Alabama version. I kept track of how the group was doing and decided that I would do my own part to support their cause by creating a modified version of my original Auburn Toomer's Oaks graphic. I chose to use the "A" as part of a tagline "Rise Above," which is exactly what that group and all the contributors were doing. At such an ugly time, and where our rivalry seemed to be headed to a dark place, the Alabama fans united to stand beside us instead of against us. I say all of this to ask those to stand with me and that group. If your brother holds out his hand in a time in need, do you slap it away? We Auburn fans are better than that...at least I expect us to. Is my design really offensive now that you know the story? Is it still okay to question my loyalty to Auburn? I challenge you to search down deep, because a true Auburn man or woman lives by the Auburn Creed. This is bigger than the rivalry, and I hope if not now, someday you will have a change of heart. There, I've said my peace. The rest is up to you.
  8. crashmattb

    Toomer's Oaks.png

    Hi. I'm an Auburn Alum (c/o '02) and the designer of the Toomer's Oaks graphics like this that have been floating around. Great to see it show up on one of my fave AU fan sites. First off, thank you so much to everyone for all the support. I originally designed this graphic Thursday evening and uploaded it to my Flickr and Facebook pages. Thanks to some friends, my design got reposted on the social media circuit and it went viral, from just a simple fans tribute to something much more in hours. After a multitude of requests, I've been put in contact with Auburn University to see if we can put things in motion to have this become a potential fund raising piece. It's still in the early stages, but I hope to eventually be able to see this and possibly other designs be put to a good cause in raising funds to help preserve our Toomer's tradition. You can stay updated on everything at my design & photography Facebook page. War Eagle! Follow updates @ http://www.facebook.com/pages/CB-Creative-Photography-Design/181570798524762
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