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  1. Anyone know what our combined record was the last 2 years.
  2. Obviously we have a top 10 offensive coaching staff that is saddled with sub par player effort or production. My question is what is becoming of these top 10 recruiting classes. Why are they not getting it done when we have such good playcalling and guidance. Who's responsible. To me it's difficult to hold the players responsible when their coaches are knocking down millions of bucks. But hey if y'all wanna bury your heads and fault the players then that's your prerogative. From my seats that I've had for over a decade it's a pretty easy call.
  3. If we can just hold on to Bruce for 2 more years banners will fly.
  4. I'm sure this will go a long way down in south Florida and the ATL.
  5. Say what you will and spin if Anyway you wanna spin it the play calling has SUCKED for far too long. He's got 5 months to get his head out of his 150000 dollar sportscar. Hopefully we will see the old play caller and Auburn will be returned to its rightful place of respect. If not he will be gone.
  6. Love the Offense hate the play calling. Malzahn has been very fortunate to have been blessed with the Blessed One and a freak athlete for a QB and a once in a decade OT and 2 miracles direct from heaven to make up for a lot a bad play calling.
  7. I could live with it as long as we look like an Auburn football team on the field. Continue with the keystone cop routine and the STUPiD play calling then can the whole bunch.
  8. Coming from you E that's high praise indeed.
  9. Well it's his job that's riding on his decisions. He will sink or swim with the results. I honestly think if he had addressed the issue as he shoul have he would have gained some additional leash. As he chose not too, unless a QB stands up in the next few weeks, I'm afraid this may be his last spring on the loveliest plains.
  10. I'll tell you what means absolutely nothing. Anything Malzahn says about the team in public.
  11. Well the guy looks great in an orange jersey. Old coaching adage, the guy who practices the best, plays the most. Unfortunately JJ. Is probably the best practice QB on the team.
  12. I think malzahn would fit in nicely on that staff.
  13. He needs to be getting closer to his family back home. All the babysitter help and all.