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  1. I'm not excusing UT fans behavior during that game but considering all the OM/Kiffen flops it had to of had that crowd beyond pissed off.
  2. A few stats from StatTiger's twitter act...
  3. You're right. Upgraded passing game should open things up for Bigs and Hunter.
  4. I would say the odds are not looking good. Hopefully, they both can get healthy and continue being effective.
  5. I did this for a play or two but the delay was so severe the radio was nearly an entire play ahead of the TV. If I can't watch I really do enjoy the radio more than the TV announcers.
  6. We'll have our hands full Oct 30th. I'm hoping we have everybody back by then.
  7. Damn those unreasonable Auburn fans are out of control!
  8. Probably right. It looks like it's already getting out of hand in Starkville as their starting QB looks like he's just sustained a shoulder injury and it's now 14 -3 cheatin' bammers.
  9. Bamzos looking beatable right now. It's early, only leading 7 - 0 but forced to punt.
  10. UK is playing pretty well. They just scored making it 7 - 14 UGA but I have to admit UK looks really solid. Stoops has done a terrific job up there.
  11. I'm just guessing Tank and Hunter could both use a week to heal up a little. I've also noticed they both aren't breaking tackles like they were earlier in the year. Idk.
  12. I hope everything turns out OK for them. Positive thoughts sent for the Malzahn's.
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