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  1. Nick Marshall read option, keeps the ball for a 71 yd TD run. Oh wait...
  2. achamb7

    Current Players Support Chizik

    Where did I say raise? Mentor? Raise? There is a difference.
  3. achamb7

    Current Players Support Chizik

    Because Chizik is a great man. If I wasn't/ had not raised my son, I would want someone like Chizik to be a mentor. Head coach, not so much... He has been like a father figure to the players.
  4. achamb7


    Kris Frost and Cass McKinzy are not on these forums. I'm asking you, the AUFamily, your opinion.
  5. achamb7


    It took 6 games for him to get significant playing time.
  6. achamb7


    Do you think the fact that we will not play underclassmen over upperclassmen will hurt their development? Do you think the fact that this seems to be policy is the reason why our current upperclassmen under perform? If they weren't allowed to play as younger players, I think that has "stunted their growth", and that we are doing the same now by keeping the highly touted Fr and So we have on the bench.
  7. achamb7

    Oh to be young

    Wow... I literally lol'd.
  8. achamb7

    Who is headed to Nashville?

    nvm; 9:15 am CST Natchez Trace on pressbox side, open end of stadium.
  9. achamb7

    Who is headed to Nashville?

    Where and what time is Tiger Walk?
  10. achamb7

    Who is headed to Nashville?

    We're here, wife and I. Staying in Brentwood.
  11. achamb7

    4 score and 3 years ago...

    MAYBE you should learn to spell our coaches' and former coach's names.
  12. achamb7

    From a Student's Perspective

    I'm glad to hear that the students are staying behind this team. College sports, most notably college football, is unique in that it is one of the only arena's in which athletes are expected to compete at an extremely high level while being forcibly immersed in daily interaction with one of the most passionate segments of the fan base. The attitude on the campus most definitely rubs off on the players. I promise you, the players can sense when a general state of animosity or negativity exists within the student body, and it most definitely has an effect on their own attitude and mindset. I think the level to which the general attitude on campus effects the attitude of the team, both positively and negatively, is under appreciated. That is why the general lack of hope or encouragement I see in some of the threads here worries me. It's good to know that the students are still staying true. Keep it up, and War Damn Eagle!! One piece of advice for the students in the student section...ENJOY IT!!!! You are only a student at AU for a short time. Go to the games (even the away games if you can), cheer your arse off, sit next to pretty girls, sneak in liquor (if that's your thing), high five your buddies, and do your best to make lasting fun memories of your time as a student (regardless of the outcome of the game). You'll have the rest of your life to come on message boards as a jaded alumni and bitch about QB play, poor tackling, coaching problems, etc.... Just get in the stadium, love Auburn, and ENJOY'll be over sooner than you think. 100000000% agree with this!! I miss my time there, and would give almost anything to be able to go back and relive it. Had the time of my life in my short time there!! Auburn fans love AUBURN!!
  13. achamb7

    Gameplan thread- ULM

    Passing game: run a slant. Run an out route. Quick passes. Curls. Anything quick to help build confidence in Frazier and chemistry with the receivers. This is not during the game, but game preparation: take the scout team and let the defense tackle. Every day, pads popping, tackling drills to open practice and to end practice.
  14. Great post. Maybe we (me included) can realize that the sky indeed is not falling.
  15. achamb7

    Next week, how much you wanna bet.........

    Only thing we need to "work on" is winning. If we play like we played today that game will be much closer than it should be.