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  1. This season has been fun so far

    The one thing that worries me about playing uga and ua os our protection. We have deeveliped since Clemson, but we still have to protect the passer well against a good pass rush.
  2. Getting to know Jarrett Stidham

    Somebody get this man some breakfast tacos!
  3. AU opens at #12 in AP Poll

    I have no complaints with this at all. Some fans are wary of being ranked highly, and I get that being too high puts a lot of pressure on the team. However, being too low can hinder you moving up as well (see 2004). I think this is the sweet spot. Remember, we control our own destiny!
  4. Nov. 8 SEC Schedule Announced

    On the bright side, since it is November, the weather should be nice during that time of day. And I think we can still get loud!
  5. Auburn vs Open Week Score Prediction

    I've heard that if we make a good bowl game, we will have to play them a few times AFTER the SECCG!
  6. SEC Rushing Leaders - Week 2

    It was crazy that people didn't respect our rushing attack as a whole more. I get the fact that CAP didn't get a ton of hype. He has to prove it this year. But our attack as a whole is top notch.
  7. Auburn vs Open Week Score Prediction

    I'd just be happy if we can pass this physical test without significant injuries.
  8. Week 3 Notes - Sunday Update (9/07/14)

    I'd give this game a solid B. We made some mistakes but overall we played well. It's game 2. If we play like that all year we won't reach our goals, but we should improve. And if we can improve, I think we have a great chance of making the playoff. So relax. The coaches are not sitting there thinking we have arrived. Look at us in game 2 last year. We are miles ahead this year.
  9. Bill Snyder's Presser - Notes

    On a related note, I can't seem to find any good highlights of their game vs ISU this past weekend. Does anyone know any?
  10. Well, I think if NM had played the whole game, we would have focused on the passing game. I really felt like he did a good job of going through his progressions... he only threw the one bad pass that was caught. I think since he came in late in the game, we just worked on re-establishing the run because it had been dicey in the first half.
  11. Also FYI, they have some cool video resources in the on demand section on that site. Thanks for posting.
  12. 2014 Week 1 Practice - 8/24 Update

    Especially for this long.
  13. Fat LSU Commentator on SEC Net.

    Hey, I'd rather them disrespect us at this stage. It's annoying to listen to, but let's see how they change their tune at the season's end.
  14. Auburn vs Arky Score Prediction

    I'd say the score breakdown will go something like this: Au - Ar Q1 10 - 7 Q2 13 - 3 Q3 7 - 7 Q4 10 - 3 T 40 - 20 I think we will allow some rushing yards, but hold them pretty well in check. I also think we will show more balance on offense, although I think there's a chance that CAP and Grant each go over 100 yards. Edit: sorry for the spacing, it looks right in the editor. hopefully you get my meaning.
  15. SEC NOW, Rushing Attack Rankings

    His justifications showed that he was basically ranking the running backs and running back depth. But he should have looked at how many rushing yards he thought they'd average per game in 2014. And that is a list we are definitely on top of.