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  1. Fingers crossed: Jones, Burks, Butler, Frazier, Hardy. Would love Jackson the DT but my guess is he signs elsewhere. Jones would be the big prize of the class.
  2. 7 Wins Max. Plain and simple, SEC games are won and lost in the trenches and we are getting decimated in the trenches with departures. Between OLine and DLine we lose 6 starters by my count and Coe too who I didn't include in the 6. You are kidding yourself if you think 4 new OLine are going to waltz in with 0 SEC starter experience and gell with Brahms to make a top tier OLine. It's rare that Juco linemen come on and are studs and the existing depth is not top tier SEC. It takes serious adjustment. Losing Brown and Davidson, especially Brown really hurts the defense. Having a stud like Brown makes the entire D better. The depth has no one even close to Brown and the 2ndary was full of really good cover and sure tacklers and was decimated with graduates and Iggy. At least we got some young bucks in the 2ndary depth and some true studs at LB thankfully. I'm just calling out cold hard facts and would love to have egg all over my face but unfortunately I think 7 Wins Max.
  3. Christmas comes late but at least it arrived. Next Christmas wish is Gustav turns over the offense to Morris and suddenly our WRs begin to full routes and Gustav discovers the guy outside of the tackle is a tight end and he is actually eligible to go downfield and catch passes.
  4. In my opinion, if he is legit Olympic caliber, he will focus on track and leave football. Again, just my opinion.
  5. What good is a coach who's claim to fame is being an offensive guru and can only get 17 points against this Minnesota team? If your a one trick pony and that pony cant pull off it's one trick, time for the pony to be put to rest.
  6. Haha. We all have our superstitions. Fingers crossed.
  7. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curious who Jernigan keeps referencing. I have to think it's someone very unexpected and not Tisdol as others have said.
  8. Damn. OLine will continue to be Achilles heel of this team in terms of roster talent and proven depth.
  9. What happened? Looked very promising after his OV. This miss would hurt especially bc he had 3 years to play.
  10. I wish JG lots of luck besides when he plays vs Auburn. I still think Gus made the right choice of Bo over Joey and I seriously belive Bo is NFL caliber vs Joey being an amazing athlete.
  11. They definitely let the DBs play tonight which was good and let a lot of the touchy stuff go thankfully. We won and we deserved to win. War Eagle!
  12. Play of the game if u ask me. Kid was not going be denied even if there were 22 defenders on the field. He was busting through people like Bo in the original Tecmo Bowl.
  13. Gus is lucky Bama bailed him out on the 4th down penalty because his play calling was suspect as usual. Putting the ball on 3rd down in Witlows hand for some gadget play was awful with the game on the line.
  14. Why are we kicking short on the kickoffs? That guy is dangerous. #1 punt returner in ncaa. Dont let him return it at all. Also, the TO fiasco is another sign of our idiotic Coach. We got a gift on the 1 second fg. I hope we find a way to pull it out. War Eagle!
  15. We will WIN if...…...Gus is kidnapped, and is not able to coach calling incessant running plays that gain 2 yards per play for 3 quarters before deciding to pass to open up the offense in the 4th quarter and we still fall short. Honestly, as long as the Visor is calling the plays and running the show, we have a chance but very, very low. Looking forward to a carbon copy postgame comments from the Visor same as the UGA, LSU and FLA games. God help us