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  1. AubFanCT

    January 11-13 Visitors Thread

    Great info and update as always Ellitor- thanks!
  2. AubFanCT

    2019 4* DE/DT Charles Moore

    Damn. Had a feeling this might happen. Although with CM I don't think it's going to be final until the exact moment the signed NLI comes in and even then, it might not even come in to the program that was expecting it. I hope we have at least another 2-3 interior d line signees in mind to sign. Can never have enough quality including depth in the trenches and we may well lose 3 starting Dline men next year assuming Coe leaves too. Need to continue the depth.
  3. AubFanCT

    One missing piece on defense

    U are underestimating DDavis at LB. Many games, he was the best defender on the field for us. He was the heart of the D last year. He will be missed along with DWiiliams at LB. We need to fill the LB slots and still no game changing pass rusher on D. We address those gaps then we talk special. But with guys returning on the DLine and the experience mixed with young bucks in the 2ndary and were starting in a solid place.
  4. AubFanCT

    Prince Tega returning

    Nice post. The pieces are there and Tega is a big one for sure. Would have been a huge loss if he left. They really need to dig deep and improve as a unit, continue to gel and develop a mean streak. Games are won and lost in the trenches in the SEC!
  5. AubFanCT

    Feeling better about next year

    Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. I too am very excited that DB is coming back but we are unfortunately way closer to a 6 win team than a 10 win team next year. Unless we get a grad transfer QB out of no where, Gustav will need to do the 1 thing he has never done at AU and that's develop a QB. Without a QB we won't get past 6 or 7 Ws.
  6. AubFanCT

    Derrick Brown returning!

    This is HUGE!!!!!!!!!! This means so much to our D next year. DB has the potential to play himself into a top 15 pick next year
  7. AubFanCT

    Which Players are Leaving?

    I agree and I'm not sure of a place he could have transferred to and be the man in a high volume passing O, but jumping to the NFL seems like the worst of his available options.
  8. AubFanCT

    Which Players are Leaving?

    I hate to see kids make bad decisions and this is a bad decision by Slayton. He's not NFL ready and not shown or yet had the opportunity to show he's a next level prospect. He would have been much better transferring to a team in a higher octane passing O than ours as opposed to declaring for the draft. Best of luck DS and thank u for all u have given!
  9. AubFanCT


    Health, Happiness and Prosperity to all and Hope that our coach could develop a QB for once.
  10. It's a great mystery that only those inside the walls of the program and team know. I'd love to know myself whether Chip called a bad game or if Gustav suffocated him. I'll tell u this, if I ever find a Genie lamp and get 3 wishes, I for sure will ask who the jackass was that called 13 straight runs vs LSU in 2017.
  11. AubFanCT

    Which Players are Leaving?

    Would be a huge mistake for Davidson to go pro. He's too slow for DE in the NFL. My God just look at Jeff Holland and learn . He was a terror in the sec and couldn't even get drafted. Brown is a 2-3 rounder. Prince- was surprised to hear his name. He's still does not have lots of football under his belt. One more season would do him well.
  12. AubFanCT

    Dillingham already having an effect?

    I doubt Dillingham had anything to do with this. This is all Gustav and will be all Gustav next year. Gustav is coaching for his life next year and has going to win or lose betting 200% on himself.
  13. AubFanCT

    Good for gus

    Hey if I'm going to give Gustav a hard time when he makes a ton of awful moves, then I have to be fair and tip my hat when he comes out and opens a major can on Purdue. Happy for him and the kids to go out with a W and hopefully some positive vibes for next year. He's all in 200% on himself. There will be no more guessing over who is calling the plays, who is not able to execute their gameplan etc. Its all Gustav 200% whether that's success or fail. Hoping for lots of success including just a bit of QB development for once.
  14. AubFanCT

    ***Early NSD Discussion Thread***

    Nice summary! Very, very good start, but we need to hit a few more pieces, especially OLine by NSD to wrap up this class and make it special as Gustav says.