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  1. This kid is not flipping unless Twill is fired which I doubt. Love his enthusiasm and desire to recruit for AU. WDE!
  2. AubFanCT

    2018 4* WR Matthew Hill commits to AU!!!!

    NorthGATiger, think u hit the nail about Gus lacking trust or lacking ability to get guys in position to be trusted.
  3. AubFanCT

    2018 4* WR Justyn Ross

    Is Bryan Matthews on site? Wasn't he the guy that whenever he was on sight for an announcement, AU was the call 100%
  4. AubFanCT


    5 star recruits don't always produce 5 star results. Raven Grey says hello.
  5. AubFanCT

    Stidham Returning

    It would have been crushing if he left. I really believe that. If we put together a solid Oline next year could be promising.
  6. AubFanCT

    2018-19 Projected Depth Chart

    I am actually much more worried about the 2019-20 team. The D is going to lose all 3 LBS to graduation, the Dline loses Russell and Brown leaves early too and maybe Davidson leaves too while the O loses JS at QB and Davis at WR and maybe Slayton leaves early. That's a lot to replace . I think if JS comes back the 18-19 team may surprise as long as the O line produces.
  7. AubFanCT

    Ryan Davis had a amazing season!

    His ability to plant a foot and change directions is amazing. Kid has some skills.
  8. AubFanCT


    NFL talent and NFL ready are 2 very different things. JS is not ready. If he leaves, he's a 5th or 6th rounder at best.
  9. AubFanCT

    Draft Eligible Players/Depth Chart 2018

    JS is not NFL ready and I'm sure he's smart enough to know that. His time will come for sure bc he is an NFL talent, just needs more time. I wish Holland would come back for 1 more year. A 4th year did wonders for Dee Ford.
  10. AubFanCT

    Malzahn wants to be loved/paid

    Someone needs to let Gus know that Love is earned in college football.......its not unconditional like that of the Love parents have for a Child. Ws = Love in Big Time College Football
  11. AubFanCT


    The key to the success of the 2018 team is going to hang on 3 things in my humble opinion: 1. How many of the talented Jrs on the team return vs. jump to the draft 2. How quick the OLine comes together needing to fill 4 starter sopts. 3.Replacing 2-3 very key Dbacks on D- Roberts, Matthews & possibly Davis. No matter how good the RBs and QB are, without a good OLine to open holes or give the QB time, you got nothing. In the SEC, games are won & lost in the trenches.
  12. AubFanCT

    Was Stidham hurt?

    It looked to me that UGA was trying to be a bit dirty and excessive whenever Stidham ran with the ball.
  13. AubFanCT

    Dameyune Craig fired

    I think its such a dirt bag move to fire him the day after national signing day. They obviously had this in the works but didn't want to fire him earlier and risk losing any recruits. So let him build bonds with kids to suck them in to LSU but once the ink is dry on the LOI, cut him loose. Real scum bag stuff.
  14. AubFanCT

    Last AU player from your High School

    That's great. I grew up a few streets up from Municipal Stadium in Waterbury in the bunker hill section. My parents still live there. Small world.
  15. AubFanCT

    Last AU player from your High School

    au_bsci_04, I lived in Waterbury until I got married. Still live in CT. You ever visit Waterbury?