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  1. I've seen different reports on Council. 1 or 2 years of eligibility? I thought 2. Thanks!
  2. Based on Needs, I hate to say it but I cant go higher than 5. The failure to bring in more and higher rated O lineman is really bad especially when our depth of upper tier SEC trench-ready talent does not exist. That will continue to be the achilles heel of this team for several more seasons. I dont see top tier SEC talent in our OLine depth and we better hope Jones and Bell from last years Oline class become productive. I do like the Juco Tackles in terms of immediate options and again praying they can come in and contribute immediately. I thought we could have used a stud DTackle and dont see one in this class that is true top tier. Jackson would have been a beautiful fit. Other than needs, I do like lots of the class in term of talent- Tank at RB, the Dbs as a group impressive, another group of athletic LBs, a nice WR group, and I'm thinking these 2 TEs are going to be productive believe it or not. Again, not down at all on the class as a whole. Its actually pretty damn good. But, when you come at it from a Need perspective and our need being soooooo big on OLine, gotta cap it at 5.
  3. Ahhh...didn't see that, thanks. So I guess we are now officially onto the Transfer Portal?
  4. Part of our strategy. We got em right where we want em!
  5. Soooooooo how bout that transfer portal? Maybe we steal a lineman there.
  6. I'd love for crowd at the basketball game to go into a chant for BJ while at the game. I'd have to imagine that would make a big impression on this kid. Game day on site, top 20 matchup, packed house and the crowd is chanting his name. Hope we pull this kid. We need to start getting some studs on the OLine.
  7. Big signing- literally and figuratively. Have utmost confidence that CCM will fully utilize this kid. He will have to spend some time educating CGM that the guy who lines up outside of the tackle is not called an Outside Tackle and can actually go out for a pass. Will take multiple conversations, white board sessions, film examples, recap of guys named Tony Gonzalez and Antonio Gates and I think in the end CGM just might get it.
  8. BOOM Now let's finish up with Jones, Burks and Frazier and put a nice big beautiful bow on one heck of a class!!!
  9. Fingers crossed: Jones, Burks, Butler, Frazier, Hardy. Would love Jackson the DT but my guess is he signs elsewhere. Jones would be the big prize of the class.
  10. 7 Wins Max. Plain and simple, SEC games are won and lost in the trenches and we are getting decimated in the trenches with departures. Between OLine and DLine we lose 6 starters by my count and Coe too who I didn't include in the 6. You are kidding yourself if you think 4 new OLine are going to waltz in with 0 SEC starter experience and gell with Brahms to make a top tier OLine. It's rare that Juco linemen come on and are studs and the existing depth is not top tier SEC. It takes serious adjustment. Losing Brown and Davidson, especially Brown really hurts the defense. Having a stud like Brown makes the entire D better. The depth has no one even close to Brown and the 2ndary was full of really good cover and sure tacklers and was decimated with graduates and Iggy. At least we got some young bucks in the 2ndary depth and some true studs at LB thankfully. I'm just calling out cold hard facts and would love to have egg all over my face but unfortunately I think 7 Wins Max.
  11. Christmas comes late but at least it arrived. Next Christmas wish is Gustav turns over the offense to Morris and suddenly our WRs begin to full routes and Gustav discovers the guy outside of the tackle is a tight end and he is actually eligible to go downfield and catch passes.