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  1. We are down by 8 at the half and should consider ourselves lucky that its not more. Lets pray the offense starts clicking and we steal a W. O Line looks a lot like last years unfortunately and Bo looks like a freshman so far.
  2. 44 Male Wethersfield, CT 1997 And yes, the CT (New Haven) pizza hype is legit!
  3. Huge signing- literally and figuratively! War Eagle!
  4. #5 OLine???? Really? Did Phil Steele watch any film from last year. Couldn't disagree more. Our DLine at #2 is legit anchored by Brown and lots of experience and depth. Would love to see a serious buck/pass rusher emerge.
  5. I pray....yes I pray. But, unless the quality is there for a GT, our OLine is pretty set, I'd take a few undergrad transfers with a few years of eligibility. We need that for the years ahead with no depth.
  6. I wanted to wait 24 hours before weighing in and giving my thoughts to ensure I was objective and didn't let emotion influence me. The positives: the overall average was great in terms of quality, 6th I believe. Bo is probably the best 4 year qb prospect we signed since Jason Campbell and some who I think will be special. 2 great RBs at position of need, amazing DLine haul, got Pappoe who is off the charts and could be a difference maker, continued on last years haul of some really nice DBs and did it once again. Not so positive: needed more Oline quality and depth. That killed us. Losing Pickens so late felt like a kick in the groin. Overall: B-. The need on OLine was too big to address so poorly. That hurt. Losing Pickens bothers me from a Class standing perspective but I don't think in our offense with Gustav we would ever max out a stud WR and get 5 star results out of them or TE for that matter, besides for blocking. Bo could be a true stud at QB and possibly start from day 1. The staff could have filled a few more last minute bodies to push us up close to a top 10 class but glad they held off and will try to use those for transfers hopefully OLine related. Every team ahead of us in team rankings signed 3-6 more total players than we did but our overall quality was top 6ish. Hats off to Garner, TWill & Woodson
  7. Honest question. Looking at our HUGE OLine needs and considering that we really don't throw a ton and even if we wanted to, that becomes difficult with no OLine as we saw this past year, would u take a recruiting trade of Bell & Henry for Pickens loss? I say give me the 2 OLinemen.
  8. At least if we kept Pickens and got Moore it would have helped with the fact that our backup plan OLinenen turned us down. But now..... come on.
  9. Trending with Bell- that would be huge since it seems like Henry might be leaning FSU. Any word on the Nigerian kid if he is going to sign on tuesday or schedule visits? I know we were hoping to get him to visit.
  10. More like can we sneak Kendall into a uniform and get him into a game. That's what we need. God help us.
  11. Very optimistic view from Ben Wolk at Rivals in a free article. Not sure if he is in the know but just sharing and would love if he is correct but seems to good to be true.
  12. I see CBs for Bell and Henry to FSU On 247. For the love of sweet baby Jesus.
  13. The vibe here does not seem to be as positive as I thought it might be on the Caddy hiring. Why is that? Honest question. He can speak from experience, Auburn grad, very talented player, NFL player, was coaching at a college talent factory. I have to imagine he knows his Xs and OS. I don't know anything on his personality and ability to recruit. Is that the concern?
  14. Wow. We need to hit on a few hidden gems like this on the O Line