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  1. Jason Campbell was a 5-star, ranked #2 QB in the Nation. Plus he is 5" taller than White with an accurate arm 20 yards further. Thus his ceiling was light years higher than a Sun Belt QB.
  2. You just can't help yourself. It's NEVER Sean's fault he's a Sun Belt QB. It's injuries, Gus or youth. Or a combination thereof, depending upon your excuse of the day. 9 TDs & 6 INTs in 15 games as a healthy starter. But that's just keeping blaming something else for Sean's Sun Belt ceiling.
  3. I have an audio cassette documentary of him from that season. He said every game caused him to use the bathroom at least once before each game. Said the IB was a "nine bathroom game." I recall how nervous I was before and during the game...undefeated season on the line. I can only imagine being a 1st-yr coach of that team.
  4. For some reason I doubt they paid their royalties to the Naitch for the usage of that line.
  5. Yes.
  6. Full game on DVD, email:
  7. And I gave an accurate explanation of the stark contrast between the two. The White convo gets rehashed because his backers refuse to look at his TD/INT numbers when he's started healthy. Instead, they blame those numbers on injuries, youth and the Clemson gameplan. Beyond the stats, it boils down to Ws & Ls. Regardless of circumstances, he's 9-6 as a starter when starting healthy. I'm not convinced this conversation has breathed its last breath because if Stidham is one and done, I'll be rooting for Willis to win the job next season.
  8. It's extremely simple. The "reasons" White hasn't played in those specific games are because of injuries. The "excuses" (always incorrectly intertwined with those "reasons") are from the masses here as to why he underwhelmed when he wasn't injured in those specific games. In other words, he has started healthy 15 games in his career. In those 15 games, he has thrown for 9 TDs & 6 INTs. The masses here blame those paultry numbers on injuries and the multi-rotation Clemson game. Let's subtract the multi-rotation Clemson game...that leaves him with 9 TDs & 5 INTs. Against all other opponents in those same 15 games, he's 4 TDs & 5 INTs. Let's even subtract the first game he started due to youth. That leaves him with 4 TDs & 4 INTs. That's TEN other games started healthy with 4 TDs and 4 INTs. It's THAT cut and dry. An average of 0.4 TDs per game. AND a turnover during the SAME span. But DON'T let it fool the masses on this forum. ALL those numbers were because of: A: Youth B: Injuries and/or C: The multi-rotation Clemson game But THIS is the guy to lead us to a SEC/NC??? By all means...let the masses on this forum fabricate the FACTS otherwise.
  9. No. We played a whole Sean White last year. And the year before. STOP making excuses for him.
  10. Oh right. Only POSITIVE White comments on this forum, injuries and all. Start another White thread and you get banned. Unreal how you guys defend a Sun Belt QB. Can't wait till you guys dismiss Stidham's 30+ passing TD passes this season by saying "Oh but Sean could have done the same thing had he been in Lindsay's system." 10 TOTAL passing TDs in TWO seasons notwithstanding. Oh wait...he got injured 98 Bazillion times. Such a reliable guy.
  11. So you purposely ignored the red zone pass intended for Manute Bol? Oh wait...I cherry-picked that one too.
  12. Was he injured in the Memphis game? Proof please. The infinite excuse as to why White under-performs. Cherry picking THREE throws, TWO of them which were pick sixes? I DID provide a red zone pass that was intended for Manute Bol. Would you like for me to cherry pick more inexcusable throws? Just let me know as there's more where that came from.