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  1. Viper, try this again without dragging Sean through the mud. You can state facts without being an insufferable ass or denigrating a man wearing the Auburn uniform.
  2. / thread
  3. Long Snapper, Brian Brinsfield deserves an honorable mention in 93. Jim Fyffe literally voted him 1st place in the Heisman for never having a bad snap that season to Etheridge or Daniel, who were both invaluable to 11-0. And in 13 years of calling football, if Jim Fyffe believed a Long Snapper was worthy of the Heisman, you know he was pretty damn good.
  4. When he dropped the easy 3rd & 10 pass against FL in 94 on the game-winning drive, I thought we were toast. Then the most clutch hands I've ever seen kept the drive alive on 4th & 10.
  5. I'd love to hop in my DeLorean, stop off in 2000, pick up Tim Carter and take him back to 1989 to see that race. Wright would prolly win the 40 but I think Carter would take the 100.
  6. Daniels had 1068 yards & 9 TDs in 1999. Just 378 yards & 3 TDs in 2000. So two seasons.
  7. Robert Baker was the most athletic WR in AU history. Brutha Oliver said he was the best DB on the team.
  8. Indeed Phil. Indeed.
  9. "A" reason, NOT "the" reason. Learn to read. Then you can move on to more obstacles like comprehension.
  10. Did you honestly believe Johnson was going to flop?
  11. Then what was your point, if you had one? Hope that "coaching and stuff" turns him into the best QB on the bench?
  12. Says the master of emoji replies. It must suck to admit I've been right all along. Get used to it.
  13. Yet the HC signed White's replacement 6 months ago, but according to you, I've brought nothing of value on the topic the last 18 months. It's can like my post. I promise not to embarrass you.
  14. You wrote what you wrote. "Coaching and stuff" is not going to make White a SEC level QB, bad as the blind and ignorant here want it. Seriously. Don't hate White. It isn't his fault Johnson was a flop, thus causing a "break in case of emergency" for nearly two seasons situation. We now have a SEC level QB as our starter. Gus went after Stidham for a reason..because the backup wasn't getting it done. White gets to resume his role on the team as a bench player, where he was recruited to be. Or transfer to Arkansas State if he wants to start again.