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  1. The ticket transfer policy may be the cause but I don't think it needs to be changed just yet. Give it time for these people who buy tickets just to sell them to realize it won't be as lucrative and, possibly in the long run, they will be weeded out and only people who actually want to attend the games will be the ones buying them.
  2. I thought that AL implemented this a few years ago. I just assumed that Roberts was not in his car. I was going to say that if he was in his car then he should not need a permit. But I may be wrong, because I do remember having to put my gun in the trunk when coming back to AL from GA before I got my permit (I just thought it changed)
  3. He said on twitter (@babyhuey4444) he is going to commit sometime this week. He also said a commitment was coming soon 22 days ago. So tifwiw.
  4. Dabo is selling the same thing Auburn does. He pitches family atmosphere and good morals/values (usually Christian but if the recruit isn't religious he won't say it). Clemson is Auburn's clone in many ways and this is another one of them. Hopefully we can stay away from the FFRF or whoever they are for our Christian coaches.
  5. jacobjo@auburn.edu according to the auburn people finder
  6. ESPN "news" has it listed on the queue on the left side of the screen. Dont know if that means they are going to show it or just talk about it. There are things after it so probably just talk about it. Edit: JK its on there
  7. For some reason, on Safari, some of the pictures do not load. At first I thought it was my internet but I tried out FireFox and it worked fine. It is the linked tweets. Does anyone know what may be causing this? I would rather not use FireFox because I have grown accustomed to Safari for everything and I don't want to switch just for one site.
  8. I like his video but did anybody else notice that it seemed like he threw elbows on people he had blocked to the ground? He did it twice from what I saw. First time, I thought it was just a coincidence and I didn't see it correctly but it happened another time.
  9. This without the lyrics sounds a lot like the beat used in the "throughout history" video shown in 2012 (I think it was that season)
  10. Yeah this reminds me of a school trip I took to Parris Island (voluntary) where we got to spend a few days as if we were Marine recruits. One thing I remember the DI saying was something along the lines of all recruits go to Sunday church or they get to PT with Gunny. This seems something along the lines you are saying except way more direct. I find it odd that they can do that without repercussions but Dabo and CU is getting in trouble.
  11. I am fine with not expanding the stadium, but expand the student seating a little. It is ridiculous how many people they cram in there.
  12. I like this. But would never happen lol. Doesn't get the crowd hyped enough. I wouldn't mind some Daft Punk maybe. All I Do is Win will never be topped. I remember at the CFA Bowl against UVA they came out to it and the Auburn section got more out of it than the UVA people did.
  13. Last year, they were not even checking on the student side. I had acquired two of my friends Ignited Cards (what our tickets are loaded on to) for my GFs uncle and his gf and we just walked on in without them scanning. I don't know if it was more strict on the regular side.
  14. And the thing is, the coaches seem satisfied. Brett Hawke tweeted he was proud. Not sure if he was just trying to boost the morale of the kids or not. But the team has declined since he took over and it doesn't seem to bother him.
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