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  1. I just can't (or won't) see Arky scoring a whole lot. I agree with the comments that Gus will throw in a lot of young players. I think the script will go similar to Alabama State, but without those darn fumbles! I am seeing 55-10. I think our offense gets a lot of points and early defense holds Arky to a field goal and then the players down the depth chart come out and allow Arky a TD.
  2. Thanks! It is definitely looking to be pretty catastrophic along the coast. I am inland by a few hours so not sure exactly yet what we'll see. I hope it weakens quickly. My prayers go out to all those in its path, especially those living at the coast or those who have property there!
  3. Very happy with the class we have this year! Gonna be fun to watch them over the next few years! War Eagle! The ride on the Gus Bus is as fun as ever!
  4. Just sent you an IM. Great to see more of the Auburn family up here in NC!
  5. It sure does! Thank you! War Eagle!
  6. Did you notice it also already has the score for the championship game??? I think they're wrong though...
  7. That is what we sold ours for. :)/> Darn it! I sure wish I could have bought them from you! :-) Anyone else have tickets for $500 per? If so, PLEASE let me know!
  8. Is there anyone out there who would be willing to even let a pair of tickets go for $1000? How about 1 ticket for $500? That should still make money back on the ticket and you'd be making another Auburn family member VERY happy!
  9. Would anyone be willing to post a picture of the backside of their ticket? I may have found some tickets but am trying to avoid scammers. Would someone be willing to post a picture to help a guy out? I'd really appreciate it! Thanks and War Eagle!
  10. I can see your point to an extent, but I might argue that anyone who can afford to put enough money in to get the right to buy tickets probably doesn't really need to make additional money on selling the tickets. I am glad to hear someone else is out tree like me and would charge another Auburn fan more for a ticket to make a profit. My last game I took the family to at Auburn I ended up with an extra ticket because one of my kids got sick. I had to pay $100 each for the tickets but I found a family needing one ticket for the game and sold it to them at face value ($45) so they wouldn't get stiffed like I did. Plus the scalpers they were talking to wanted $150 for a ticket. Ridiculous! I loathe scalpers, they are mostly scum!
  11. I have to wonder if it is just too much to ask that we not rip each other off among the Auburn family?!?! Why can one Auburn Tiger not sell a ticket to another without ripping them off for over double the ticket cost. Are we really the same as all the scalper out there?!?! I'd really hope not but the evidence just suggests it. Is there no one out there willing to sell their tickets for a REASONABLE and FAIR price???
  12. AUZoom


    These ticket prices are RIDICULOUS!! I wish EVERY state had scalping laws and this kind of CRAP wouldn't happen. The freaking tickets are $325 to $385 and the scalpers out there with the insane prices all but keeps the regular guy from even thinking about going. This just sucks! Venting done now...
  13. Interested, sent you a message with an offer...crosses fingers...