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  1. I understand what you are saying to some extent, but living in central FL and knowing several UCF fans who were unimpressed by the hire to say the least...I'd argue that there are those outside the AU fan base who don't see it as a big time hire. I think that Marcello just wants to find some negative way to spin a story on Auburn in any thinly veiled way he can. I used to follow him, but just got so tired of all his negativity. Don't get me wrong, I don't want a complete sunshine pumper, but dang, he just finds any way he can to take a jab at Auburn IMO...
  2. I agree. It just goes with Marcello's MO to write something disparaging towards Auburn. I think he enjoys any way he can twist a story to make Auburn look bad...
  3. I do wish Gus the best and have no ill will, but man I'm glad he's gone. As for Marcello, it would be nice if he were gone to. He has nothing positive to say about Auburn and just stirs the pot. I quit paying attention to him a long time ago...
  4. Thanks! Just realized you are in Melbourne too! If you've been to any of the Alumni club meetings here then we have likely met!
  5. How do you know how many vouchers have been purchased? When did they change the rule to 4000 plate vouchers? It seems they changed the rules and made it local only (instead of online) to make it difficult for people to sign up for the plate so they most likely won't have to deal with it...ugh!
  6. Signed up for mine. I hope this really becomes a reality! I miss having my Auburn plate. I was shocked when I moved from NC to FL and they didn't have one here. NC isn't even an SEC state and they had it. Good news is I don't have to see stupid bammer plates here like I did in NC!
  7. I missed this. What exactly happened? Does anyone have video?
  8. Here you go: https://www.al.com/alabamafootball/2019/12/fair-points-sec-clarifies-iron-bowl-confusion.html
  9. I don't understand why our website and the bammer one shows the timeout, but I rewatched the game on the YouTube link share somewhere else on here and indeed, as others pointed out here, there is the whistle snap where the ref blows the whistle, clock starts, and we snap. Beforehand you actually see bammer players on the field (lined up in front of our guys) stand up, look to the sidelines, and walk off the field. There is a lot of time that passes between the point when it appears the replay is done, the ball is placed on the field, and the referee backs up to blow his whistle and signal th
  10. the official bammer university sports site also confirms they called a timeout with 00:01 seconds left in the first half...
  11. I just can't (or won't) see Arky scoring a whole lot. I agree with the comments that Gus will throw in a lot of young players. I think the script will go similar to Alabama State, but without those darn fumbles! I am seeing 55-10. I think our offense gets a lot of points and early defense holds Arky to a field goal and then the players down the depth chart come out and allow Arky a TD.
  12. Thanks! It is definitely looking to be pretty catastrophic along the coast. I am inland by a few hours so not sure exactly yet what we'll see. I hope it weakens quickly. My prayers go out to all those in its path, especially those living at the coast or those who have property there!
  13. Very happy with the class we have this year! Gonna be fun to watch them over the next few years! War Eagle! The ride on the Gus Bus is as fun as ever!
  14. Just sent you an IM. Great to see more of the Auburn family up here in NC!
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