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  1. Auburn Elvis

    ***AU vs. Missouri -- Game Thread***

    A lot of this is Mizzou just being bad at football. They've caught Johnson in the backfield twice that he turned into TDs.. A better D would have forced us to either throw or kick on those redzone drives.
  2. Auburn Elvis

    ***FINAL: Auburn 6 Clemson 14***

    It wasn't until the second quarter until I could log into the Watch ESPN app! I blame Jay Jacobs!
  3. Auburn Elvis

    Things I Saw - Mercer

    "It shouldn't have even been that close. Fire Jay Jacobs" -Unrealistic Auburn Fan
  4. Auburn Elvis

    A Head Coach Challenge

    Without an apples to apples comparison, his stats are worthless. You say the point's the same regardless of including 2013, then why not include it? And overall winning percentage ISN'T what's important to Auburn fans, it's what's happening now and where's it likely to go. THAT'S why Chizik got fired. And by that measure, Gus is so far ahead of Chizik (I don't recall Chizik getting to the Sugar Bowl in 2012), the two coaches aren't even comparable.
  5. Auburn Elvis

    A Head Coach Challenge

    This is the most (i.e. only) intellectually dishonest thing I've ever seen StatTiger publish. For years, people have cherry-picked Chizk's worst years, and omitted 2010 because it suited their argument. Now, StatTiger has done the same with Gus by omitting 2013, a season that is just as legitimate as any other in his time at Auburn, while conveniently including Chizik's best year in a sad attempt to make Gus's record seem worse than Chizik's. His use of truncated statistics to serve an agenda is shameful, and it makes me think less of him as a writer and analyst. Until that paragraph, I have always appreciated StatTiger's objectivity, but I now feel betrayed. He needs to reconsider if he truly stands behind that paragraph because it is not up to the standards of his years-worth of quality work.
  6. Auburn Elvis

    The Jay Jacobs Resume

    The only other Athletic department in the SEC that compares to Auburn is Florida. After Auburn and Florida, you have Bama, Georgia, LSU, Kentucky, Tennessee then a great yawning chasm, then MSU, Ole Miss, USC, Mizzou, Texas A&M, and Vandy.
  7. Auburn Elvis

    The Jay Jacobs Resume

    And Auburn MBB just defeated Kentucky. So yeah... where the "fire Jay Jacobs" now?
  8. Auburn Elvis

    The Jay Jacobs Resume

    Time to add another Aubie National Championship to the, already long, list of accomplishments under Jay Jacobs.
  9. Auburn Elvis

    The Jay Jacobs Resume

    Yes. I've always thought the "run off Marsh" claim needed more info to be seriously considered. After Auburn, Marsh quit coaching college athletics. If he had been "run off," wouldn't he have gone to another school? When a guy leaves the college game altogether, that sounds more like burnout or pursuing other interests to me.
  10. Auburn Elvis

    The Jay Jacobs Resume

    Um, yeah. We almost won the National Championship in softball. How is THAT not mentioned. Also, with soccer: we're seeing the most successful run in Auburn soccer history, and it comes at a time when the conference is the most competitive it's ever been.
  11. Auburn Elvis

    Premium Seating A Possibility in the JHS Endzones

    If we need more premium seating to pay the bills, fine. Whatever. For the rest of us, let's replace the bleachers with stadium seats... except the student section. They stand the whole game anyway.
  12. Auburn Elvis

    New Sponsor: Basement Dad Sports

    I can wait until Ricardo graduates.
  13. Auburn Elvis

    New Sponsor: Basement Dad Sports

    Make one of these and you've got a deal. "They're not gonna keep 'em off back order tonight!"
  14. Auburn Elvis

    Is Gus Sandbagging?

    I don't think it's sandbagging. I think Gus spends the first part of the season trying out all of the things he WANTS to do, evaluating until he's forced to go with what he KNOWS will work. These first four games have been part of that evaluation, and frankly, he wants to be in that stage as long as he can until he's forced to settle on the plays that work the best. Last year, the fourth game (LSU) was the last of these "evaluation" games. Let's hope the fourth (La Tech) turns out to be the last this year as well.
  15. Auburn Elvis

    **Auburn at Kansas State - Game Thread**

    Time for a new Auburn playcard