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  1. Mostly people who take the time out to post on the thread I'm guessing.
  2. It was an oldie. One I used to use for everything back in the 90s when I first signed up. It may have been 2000. I can't remember. I was a member of the old site before they had to recreate all the accounts in a migration.
  3. Ha, I originally had a possessive "whose" title and changed it like 9 times before posting. "A Bama fan whose absence..." and that got left behind. Doh!
  4. Only somebody from updyke u would claim that bammer is the same as AU. That's actually funny. You have no clue. Engineering companies will take an AU engineer over a bammer engineer all day where I live. I have actually been told that by a Missouri grad who does the hiring for a big engineering company here. In the industry...people know. Please provide us with more anecdotal observations. They're a lot more valid than the myriad official rankings and statistics I've posted. Various colleges within a university are going to outrank those from another school (and vice versa) in the same t
  5. I didn't claim they're better - I cited the most widely accepted ranking body that showed Alabama being ranked ahead of Auburn to support my point that they're exactly the same.They are in the same tier. It's really sad if you think differently. According to the statistics that Auburn and Alabama both report, you have no idea what you're talking about...again. http://www.princetonreview.com/AuburnUniversity.aspx (83% acceptance rate, nearly identical average incoming student profile as Alabama) http://www.princetonreview.com/UniversityofAlabamaTuscaloosa.aspx (57% acceptance rate) In oth
  6. It doesn't matter. You're splitting hairs. NOBODY is ranking Auburn 20th and Alabama 181st. They're all very very close. And you guys were ALLLLL about the US News rankings when you were ahead of us, now they're apparently worthless. And people aren't handing out jobs to Auburn grads that they aren't handing out to Alabama. Nobody is saying "he had a 2.8 at Auburn, but this other guy had a 3.5 at Bama - let's go with the Auburn guy" They're the SAME school. They're the same level of toughness to earn a degree from there. Stop thinking Auburn is Vanderbilt. They're not. They're a middle tier
  7. Sigh OK. Bama outranks Auburn every year for what, 6-7 years in a row, they're ALWAYS within 10-15 spots of one another, yet somehow a degree from Auburn is worth more than a degree from Alabama. You think too highly of an undergraduate degree from a non Ivy League (signed, someone with a degree from the college of engineering). You can point out individual degrees where one school outranks the other. Alabama has one of the best law schools in the nation. But we're still talking about undergraduate degrees - NOT from an Ivy League, not from Vandy, not from Northwestern or Cal. We're talking
  8. The Auburn educational experience is not held in any higher regard than Alabama. A degree from Auburn isn't going to impress someone more than a degree from Alabama. They're exactly the same.
  9. After our third fumble, I wasn't too happy with the ebbing or flowing.
  10. Maybe ALL the the football teams besides Auburn are bad? You're so predictable I suspect you're AI. Have you ever failed a Turing Test before? I'm sure he's failed plenty of tests. That's why he had to go to bammer. Har har har...except http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/university-of-alabama-1051 (88) http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/auburn-university-1009 (103)
  11. Maybe ALL the the football teams besides Auburn are bad?
  12. WVU > KSU. We'll see, I guess. But we went to Manhattan. You played in Hotlanta. A bit of a difference. Also, luckily, we get to play y'all at the end of the season. So we'll see who's better between teams we really care about, too. Oh I'm not suggesting Bama is better than Auburn. I just made the WVU comment when someone suggested Bama hasn't played anyone with a pulse. Which will continue to be a theme here until we play Auburn I guess.
  13. The team we opened the season with - the team you kept saying was terrible - is leading the #4 team in the nation right now. Again, I'm not sure you've ever seen an actual football game in your life.
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