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  1. AU football always plays better as the underdog. Don't know if that's a good thing or bad. It'll take consistent winning for us to become "favorites" in these type games.
  2. I honestly DON'T want to see JFIII at either position, if he continues to hold the ball like a loaf of bread...just seems more of a risk than a reward IMHO.
  3. Andrew Williams playing LB??
  4. I'll take the wait and see approach from now on. I remember the last time I got super giddy over an Auburn QB(JJ6). I don't wanna go through that type of heartbreak again.
  5. I imagine the majority of these weights will drop, with the hustle and bustle of fall camp...unless they're on a program to sustain.
  6. I agree, BUT SW has yet to prove he can stay healthy for an entire season. Until he does that, my confidence isn't very high.
  7. If it's not, we're in for a VERY disappointing season...
  8. SEC Network
  9. I think we will, now that Porter is on staff...
  10. +1 on that..
  11. Getting these bigtime legacy players would make things so less complicated...
  12. I've seen Garner, Horton, and now Porter listed as recruiting coordinator. Is this a musical chairs type of job, or just a means to give a bump in pay?
  13. We know Porter will open the door for recruits that were 'cool' on us, but will we see dividends this cycle? Or will we have to wait until '19?
  14. Just the thought of moving CRG has me bumfuzzled! It's a known fact that Rocker doesn't like to recruit, and personally he's not that much better of a coach; if at all.
  15. 1. He's either no longer with the program 2. Somebody made a boo boo...