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  1. Kyle Davis (update)

    Honestly surprised he lasted this long. Knew it was over after he didn't play Saturday.
  2. Fire him now. Start the search.

    Sad thing is, this could actually happen!!! #FireGusNOW
  3. ***Auburn vs. LSU -- Game Thread***

    What a PANCAKE by Pettway
  4. ***Auburn vs. LSU -- Game Thread***

    More like assault!!
  5. ***Auburn vs. LSU -- Game Thread***

    We're getting exposed!!!!
  6. ***Auburn vs. LSU -- Game Thread***

    Slayton gotta attack that ball...
  7. ***Auburn vs. LSU -- Game Thread***

    Coe is the most disciplined DL on our roster...
  8. 2019 4* QB Bo Nix

    I'm guessing "as of now", he's FSwho bound...
  9. 2018 4* OG Trey Hill

    All AU huh? Hopefully we don't mess this one up....
  10. 2018 3* DE Andres Fox

    Haven't talked about this kid in a while. Apparently he's given a "silent commitment" to someone.....
  11. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields

    If we lose Nix after losing Fields, this would be the biggest debacle since the Ramsey incident. I too would like to now how we managed this!
  12. 7 point favorite over LSU

    Actually lower than I expected, BUT I'll take AU and the points...
  13. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields

    Unfortunately, that's kinda what we do
  14. FINAL: Auburn 44 Ole Miss 23

    I'm just glad we're COMPLAINING about a WIN and not a LOSS
  15. 2018 4* WR Matthew Hill commits to AU!!!!

    NEVER did I say, he was the ONLY coach I have those feelings for....