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  1. SCBusPilot

    Joey Gatewood article Earlier this year, I wrote a column about what kind of worker newly signed Auburn QB Joey Gatewood is; Wednesday was a great example. Wednesday morning, Joey – I call him Joey because I’ve known him for years now, watching him mature, helping develop his game as his quarterback coach – sent his paperwork to Auburn with no ceremony at his school. He is in work mode. Most high school players celebrate signing day as the incredible accomplishment it is; not Joey Gatewood. I try and visit the signing day ceremonies of all of the college-bound quarterbacks I train so that I can enjoy the moment with them and get a picture of this very special day. The only picture I got with Joey was later in the day when he was in Boost Sports Performance in Jacksonville, FL working out as hard as he ever does. Joey didn’t celebrate, Joey worked! Denny Thompson and Joey Gatewood. (Photo credit Denny Thompson / GRIDIRON NOW) This is the kind of young man who is heading to Auburn. Auburn is getting a guy who on the very first morning of his Christmas break, was in my training facility getting back after it again. He received several hours of personal QB work from me, followed by a couple of hours of lifting and training with some of the top trainers in the southeast. I try not to write too much about the guys who I personally work with as a quarterback coach, but I am amazed by what Joey’s mindset is right now. I personally picked him up before his 9:00 AM session Thursday morning and didn’t leave the facility until after 6:00 PM. That’s how it always works with Joey – I pick him up when I am starting my day and take him home when I am completely done. Joey is willing to sit in one place all day in order to put three hours of work in. I’ve made my prediction before on how I think the Joey Gatewood era will go at Auburn and I will say it again: Joey will leave Auburn with a Heisman Trophy! I know that sounds like crazy-talk to say about a 17-year-old who doesn’t turn 18 until April, but I’ve never seen someone with the skillset of Gatewood combined with his work ethic and focus. I know that a 6-foot-5, 230-pound Auburn quarterback will instantly draw comparisons to Cam Newton. Heck, even Gus Malzahn compared the two Wednesday. I want to set the record straight: Joey isn’t going to Auburn to be the next Cam Newton, Joey is going to Auburn to be the first Joey Gatewood.
  2. SCBusPilot

    Ohio State or Bama?

    If ISIS and bama were playing tiddlywinks, .... well, you know the rest of that saying. Go OSU.
  3. SCBusPilot

    Deal between Greg Schiano and Tennessee falls apart

    He'd never make it out of that room alive....
  4. SCBusPilot

    Don't call Paul Finebaum next week....

    Make that 0-7.
  5. Chip Kelly Florida Bound Chip Kelly has already reached an agreement to become the next head coach of the Florida Gators, but the deal he has in place allows him to explore other options for a short time. That’s what one report is claiming, at least. Sports attorney Darren Heitner, who graduated from the University of Florida, reported on Wednesday that Kelly signed an agreement with Florida on Sunday. However, he apparently has a window where he can back out of the deal. That seems a bit unusual, but it would help explain why a bunch of Florida players tweeted the exact same reaction on Sunday amid rumors that Kelly had agreed to become the next coach of the Gators. It certainly seemed like something had happened at that point. Kelly has already met with officials from UCLA, and George Schroeder of USA Today reports that he turned down an offer from Tennessee. Believe it or not, Schroeder was told that UCLA’s association with Under Armour could be a potential issue for Kelly, who is close with Nike founder Phil Knight. The report also states that Kelly is intrigued by a potential coaching vacancy at Arizona State, where Todd Graham is believed to be on the hot seat. Kelly went 46-7 in his four seasons at Oregon and took the team to a national championship game, so you can understand why he has so many offers from top programs. He should be able to instantly bring top recruits to any of the aforementioned schools, which is why teams are pushing to get a deal done before the early signing period in December.
  6. SCBusPilot

    Stidham passing charts

    What really stands out to me: 1 INT and 2 TD (short yardage), 3 INT and 0 TD (middle), 0 INT and 7 TD (long ball).
  7. SCBusPilot

    So who wants to keep him now?

    ^^ My thoughts exactly. On the minus side: 2 tough losses - to the defending National Champs and current #2 team (9-1) (at their house) and to one of our biggest rivals and current #20 team (7-3) (also at their house). Both were close games but granted we were in a position to win them both with better offensive coaching decisions. On the plus side: Complete domination of #1 Georgia (9-1), #16 Miss State (7-3), and 4 middling SEC teams TAMU (6-4), Ole Miss (5-5), Arkansas (4-6), and Mizzo (5-5). Beating bama would make this a hugely successful year regardless of what happened in the SECCG or the playoffs! Ask any of those traditional powerhouse SEC teams searching for a coach this year if they would trade places with us.
  8. SCBusPilot

    Butch Jones resigns/fired

    This makes the most sense to me too. If he goes to Tennessee, he'll still have to deal with bama every year. Florida is a much better option and will pay whatever it takes to get him.
  9. SCBusPilot

    I hate Finebaum - but he's right Paul Finebaum believes Auburn may be nation's best team: 'They would have beaten Alabama Saturday' Auburn was nothing short of dominant Saturday against top-ranked Georiga. The Tigers won the game by a wide 40-17 margin, but when you consider the Bulldogs scored on their opening possession and once again in junk time, it puts into perspective the beating Auburn gave the Playoff Committee’s No. 1 team. Having a full day to marinate on Auburn’s performance, SEC Network host Paul Finebaum came away believing the Tigers very well could be the nation’s best team. During his weekly Monday morning appearance on WJOX 94.5 FM radio program The Opening Drive, Finebaum recalled the quiet confidence he saw from Gus Malzahn leading up to the game. “Gus Malzahn came by our (SEC Nation) set Friday, and he was quietly confident,” Finebaum said on the air. “He can be a little introverted, but he was like, ‘Hey, we got some things up his sleeve, we know what we are doing.’ I think that translates to his team. There was an air of confidence all week long.” Finebaum then went a step further, calling Auburn perhaps the best team in the nation — even better than Alabama. “When they play on all cylinders, they’re one of the best teams — I don’t know, maybe the best team in the country. They would have beaten Alabama Saturday, they would have beaten any team that lined up in Jordan-Hare Stadium,” he said. “Now the question is can they play at that level two weeks from now? If they can, they are in a position to get to the Playoff.” Finebaum isn’t alone in his belief that Auburn should be able to challenge the Tide. This time a week ago, Auburn was a 10-point underdog to Alabama but are currently only a 3-point underdog at home against the Crimson Tide. The winner of the upcoming Iron Bowl will head to Atlanta to face Georgia in the SEC Championship Game.
  10. SCBusPilot

    Score Prediction- Georgia

    Auburn 21 Puppies 20
  11. SCBusPilot

    next Head Coach

    Ah, I didn't realize that. Next.
  12. SCBusPilot

    next Head Coach

    After today, put my vote in for ISU's Campbell too. Impressive, and the last time we hired ISU's HC we won a NC. Well, then went 3-9....
  13. SCBusPilot

    This season has been fun so far

    .... and the congregation said "AMEN!". We lost to the defending national champs by 8 points, at night, on the road, with a QB that had only played 1 game in almost 2 years. Yeah, it was ugly, but I've seen nothing but improvement ever since the end of the 3rd game of the season. If we play our cards right, we might even get to right that wrong against Clempson on New Year's Day.... War Eagle.
  14. SCBusPilot

    Guess who is coming to Cal-Berkely this weekend...

    Is Robert Lee slated to do their ESPN broadcast?