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  1. Ranking all 130 FBS teams

    I wrote something similar about OK St. being in the playoffs in a different thread. They have their key games at home (TCU, Kansas State & Oklahoma). They just need enough defense. I don't get why the voters love Oklahoma so much. Maybe because the way they beat us but i just don't see Oklahoma as a contender. Ok St. should lose 1 game at the most.
  2. Loving these new edits AU is putting out

    These are amazing. Makes you wonder why our media guides don't look as good. **shrugs**
  3. unfair to criticize Gus for not developing HS QBs

    I don't consider many of those QBs a bust though. Most of them simply didn't get the chance to show what they can actually do in a game. They've mostly been evaluated in camp or given 1 or maybe 2 in game situations. The quickest way to not to be a starting QB at Bama is if you don't take care of the ball and don't consistently show you can lead the offense. Saban doesn't even give his backup QBs much time to be evaluated in garbage games b/c they'll keep the ball on the ground and run the clock out. He gets his QB in camp and they've been fortunate to where that guy hasn't had to deal with injuries and they've had dominant defenses to lessen the pressure off of the offense. Saban isn't held to the same standard regarding QB evaluation/production as Gus. Saban is a defensive guy. Bama doesn't care if they go 4 or 5 out of 14 or 15 with QBs. As long as they get 1 QB out of the 4 or 5 on their roster that can lead the team..that's all they're asking for b/c Saban is basically going to guarantee a top 3 or 5 defense every year. Gus is an offensive guy and there is absolutely no excuse for us not to have any viable options at QB if our first guy goes down. i stated before i never looked at Gus as a good QB developer but being that he was proclaimed to be one of the great offensive minds in CFB at the time i did expect him to acknowledge his weaknesses and fix them in a timely manner. Saban knew he needed to tweak his offense some so he went and got Kiffen. It's understanding changes like that to make the team better. Again...i'm really confident that's all behind us.
  4. 2017 Fall Camp - Wed, Aug 16

    I enjoy when we get to hear from the Coordinators and Assitant coaches. You actually get answers and some sort of clarity to questions.
  5. Byron Cowart

    Agree. This is why i actually think our DL will be even better this year than last year. I think we did depend on Mon and Carl heavily. Mon was a beast for sure and although i think Lawson was certainly good there were some weaknesses. It seems with this years' DL there really good talent that's more spread out on the DL and where we can bring pressure....especially if we can get a consistent pass rush with our ends. The DL has the ability to wreck havoc inside and outside. It will not be just one or two players that have the ability to dominate.
  6. Clemson playing two quarterbacks

    We certainly had a knack for making sup par QBs look good. But that's was with a not so good defense and our DBs playing 10 - 15 yards off WRs. Thankfully those days are behind us. I think we get separation from Clemson in the 2nd half and win by 7 - 10 points.
  7. Clemson playing two quarterbacks

    Just a little humor...but i do agree that Kelly will be the guy. However, i wouldn't be surprised if the did throw the other QB in for certain situations. It just seems like Dabo will be pretty prepared if he does have to use multiple QBs. I don't think it would be a good for them in trying to get a win against us doing so but it could certainly work out for them long term b/c Dabo has a pretty good track record getting his QBs ready.
  8. Clemson playing two quarterbacks

    Don't like Dabo at all but have to respect what he's done. Playing more than one QB isn't ideal for any coach but i expect Clemson will handle a multiple QB system a lot better than we did.
  9. Clemson playing two quarterbacks

    I love Drunk Aubie!
  10. unfair to criticize Gus for not developing HS QBs

    When I say average regarding Bama's QBs, my definition has less to do with if they're NFL caliber QBs and more to do with the fact they're not likely to go out and win you games by putting the team on their back in certain situations of the game if needed. Bama QBs are asked not to turn the ball over but they look to their defense and RBs to make key plays before they look to their QB. I think for what Bama needs their QBs have done a great job though.
  11. 2017 Fall Camp - Tues, Aug 15

    Love Coach Steele. The man's a straight shooter! Asked what he expects from Jamel Dean this season, Steele said "To be a dominant player and do his job."
  12. unfair to criticize Gus for not developing HS QBs

    I'd be pretty surprised if SW doesn't go in if JS goes down. I understand the excitement for Malik but i think it's going to be really hard for Gus not to play SW if JS goes down. I'm really hoping we get them both some garbage playing time against the lesser teams so we would have a better idea who would come in behind JS.
  13. unfair to criticize Gus for not developing HS QBs

    Agree. I certainly think we did do a better job of putting Sean in good situations this past season. The year before.....def. not. But that's been another flaw of Gus lately...not having our backup ready to go. I don't expect our backup to be world beaters but we looked completely lost with Sean when JJ didn't work out. I felt like that year we did a huge disservice to Sean. I thought he could've looked much better than he was if we were more prepared. Goes back to what several have stated already that it often takes Gus several games to realize what he has at QB and to tailor it. I certainly understand most teams don't have it figured out game one or two on offense but we seem to be way off in understanding what works best for us early on. Have a feeling that's all behind us now with Chip...certainly hope so.
  14. unfair to criticize Gus for not developing HS QBs

    Most of Bama's QB's are average at best and yes they do have the defense to hide those deficiencies but they also do a great job of putting their QBs in great position to win the game. Petrino does as well. Lamar passing is not as good as Hurts IMO but he still won the Heisman. Petrino found ways to put him in good passing situations even though he's not one of the best passing QBs in CFB. Same thing with Hurts. The better QB coaches understand how to put their QB in the best position to execute. This is something i think Gus is capable of but didn't maximize with certain QBs that were not Nick or Cam.
  15. unfair to criticize Gus for not developing HS QBs

    I agree that his average regarding QBs that busts are probably about the same as most coaches. However, what i do fault Gus for unlike most other coaches regarding our QB situation is not being able to learn from his mistakes quickly and having too much pride to understand that if he can't develop QBs that he needed to get someone who could (OC) or allowing our guys to get outside help from those that could help them improve. As a HC you have to do what is best for the TEAM and understand your weaknesses. A good coach is not made/told that it's probably not a good idea to trot 3-4 QBs into a game. A good coach that understands his weakness shouldn't have to be told that maybe you need to turn over the offense or you're likely not going to have a job if the same continues. Gus has had to rely on QB transfers to fix those shortcomings. I for one never thought of Gus as being a coach with exceptional ability to develop a QB b/c he never was anywhere long enough to show that he could do so. However, i did believe when we hired him he was highly capable of being a coach that could take either a Pro Style or DT QB and have the ability to create a dynamic offense around that QB. I thought he was very creative and innovative as an OC. I'm not sure why he's all of sudden had a brain fart as a HC. I still think he is capable of running a good offense that but for some reason, he can't get out of his own head. For the past 3 years of so i just can't understand why he has been so stubborn and refused to adjust his offense when needed. Hopefully, he's gotten on the right track but it would've made feel a little better about him if he wasn't forced to do so b/c his job is on the line.