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  1. We shall see. I'm just imaging how it will be sold and i think it will work even if we lose to Bama. But we shall see. My expectation has long been we're going to have to suffer another year.
  2. I hope your right! It's just hard for me to imagine them firing him with the whole "toughest schedule" mantra that's been sold all season by many. I think he's going to be saved by the fact that we were close in the Florida & LSU game. Then Gus and/or the media will sell the fact that we lost to a playoff LSU team and especially sell it if they win it all. I can hear that B.S. sell now from Gus. Then he'll say we lost to an SEC championship team or winner in UGA. Gus will have so many excuses to save his butt even with a bad Bama loss after this season IMO. I guess that's why it's hard for me to see him being fired after the season but i'd be happy as h3ll!
  3. Sorry for going off course. lol. I like Cristobal but I didn't think that highly of him before Oregon lost. I'm impressed with how he has Oregon playing more physical but that offense is too conservative for me and has looked that way all season. They got lucky against Washington. Herbert is ok but i never understood the hype with him. I think they should open up the offense more. Sounds familiar? He just seems like a guy who wants to grind out a game. Our OL wouldn't be an issue but I like several coaches ahead of Cristobal.
  4. Oh i agree 100% Arkansas is a horrible job but considering Gus's options outside of Auburn...he's not on any other Power 5 teams list. At least he'd be coaching in his home state and the expectations wouldn't nearly be close to that at Auburn. They'd love for him to be a consistent 4 to 5 loss coach with a chance of a special year every 5 or 6 years mixed in. I'm just wishing out loud but i don't think he's high on their list this time anyway. He's gotten away with it this long being at a big university and making major money and not having to worry about getting canned. So, i'd wait for them to fire me too. That's how delusional he is! I just think Gus is that stubborn that he's not going to leave on his own or he would've left for Arkansas when he had the chance. That crazy man ain't going anywhere on his own unless by some miracle someone offers him a job in the NFL. lol.
  5. A lot of guys who can jump out the gym. Plus it helps that we can apply pressure defensively most of the game. Going to be fun watching this team grow.
  6. Nah. It's a pipe dream. They're not going anywhere voluntarily. They're just not. Yes, those things can play a factor but not that much in this situation. If that was the case then he would've left last year. I'm just wishing on here but he's not going anywhere. She can be unhappy all she wants but Auburn is writing the checks and Gus is bringing home the money.
  7. Nice win. Going to be interesting to watch how we handle Richmond guards and their pace. We need to dictate the game and RUN! They're going to want to slow the game down. Keep running fellas!
  8. Richmond. Was just speaking on Wisky. Richmond is going to be a challenge.
  9. Agree. He's definitely rebounding better. And his hands are looking better but i think we'll know more when he matches up with bigger teams. That's why Kansas is struggling right now. They have two nice bigs but their hands and decision making hasn't been good in the post. If Wiley plays like this most of the season, then we can expect very good things b/c his ability to rebound and pass out the post would be huge.
  10. Wisky not as good as normal. Young team but not as athletic. They do have a nice stretch 4 player though. They struggle with the 3 point shot. However, they play very good defense so it should be more entertaining but i think we should win by 8-10 points if not more.
  11. I can be critical of Wiley b/c i want to see more from him but he's BALLED tonight. Good job Austin and the team.
  12. Yeah but i just don't see Gus leaving on his own unless it's Arkansas or a better job. He's made it very clear he wants to be at Auburn and was willing to stake his job this season by being the OC. He'll have to be fired but i hope and pray someone can take him on our behalf.
  13. The issue with that is who else maybe besides Arkansas wants Gus? A power 5 team anyway. Gus will not even change his offense because of his stubborn pride so i highly doubt he walks a way for a lower level HC job. I certainly wish he would walk away on his own but i just don't see it unless Arkansas saves us. Bottom line is we're going to have to suffer through 1 more year of Gus. If not after we lose again to UGA, then after we lose to Bama next year is when he'll likely be fired. I'm already preparing myself for much of the same next year or maybe worse considering we lose a lot on defense.
  14. Point me to the GoFundme page. I got 5 on it!!!! After reading this comment...i LOST IT laughing. How can someone who makes millions be this dumb?? HOW??!! LOL. He really had the balls to say this?!!! 10 games into the season and 2 weeks to prepare....LOL. BRUHHHHH!!
  15. It's hard for me to be mad anymore. At this point I just feel sadness. Our defense is AMAZING and we're just wasting them. This is saddening to watch. Such an inept offense with plenty of talent. Wasting a great defense. SMH. Offense hasn't done S%&$!! and now the defense is gassed.