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  1. WarEagle1983

    could be easiest home slate in years

  2. WarEagle1983

    Receivers...what we know and what we don't

    Because if we don't have a run game our passing game is non-existent. It's all or nothing with our passing game. We have enough talent to dictate how we want to play on offense even as a primarily run team. Key games have shown this. I'd like to be more versatile on offense so if our running game is shut down it's not an automatic loss. Stats don't always tell the story.
  3. WarEagle1983

    Receivers...what we know and what we don't

    My vote is that we have not used them correctly. There's just not enough body of work to judge them on IMO. I agree about NCM and McClain. Blocking is important but i just don't agree with sitting talented guys for a long time until they learn to be a perfectionist at blocking. They're WRs! Catch the dang ball is what i'm looking for. Run good routes and get open. The holding calls on WR screens were often a drive killer too. Get them the ball and let them work the open field. We have speed everywhere on our team.
  4. WarEagle1983

    Stidham gets engaged

    Imagine...not even close to 25 and jetting all over the place nearly every weekend. They go everywhere! Geesh!
  5. WarEagle1983

    could be easiest home slate in years

    The storyline is what it is. Until narrative changes, i don't expect otherwise. I'd like nothing more for Gus to be consistent. I love the fact that we still are able to recruit at a high level on offense despite not fully utilizing the talent we get. Honestly, it amazes me outside of the RB position. There have been some great memories under Gus. However, just like the top moments will go down as top 10 or 15 in college football, there are too many moments that are completely bizarre and unexplainable regarding coaching on his part. I'm not asking for perfection at all and not even expecting a machine every year like Bama. Just eliminate too many of the WTF moments of Gus like he's never coached before. Find a balance and be consistent. Make adjustments quicker. I don't think that's a lot to ask of him.
  6. WarEagle1983

    Receivers...what we know and what we don't're right!
  7. WarEagle1983

    Receivers...what we know and what we don't

    Outside of Ryan Davis, I'm not sure we can judge our WRs on what they can and can't do to a certain degree. Bottom line is we need to develop a better passing attack. I do think that they have to get better at getting separation. However, at the same time, I think there were often moments where JS was too hesitant to throw the ball when WRs were open. That's at least one thing I hope JS has improved on; in regards to throwing open his receivers and/or trusting a WR like NCM to go up and get the ball. I think we have really athletic WRs to not take advantage of them. I hope and pray that Chip has developed a passing attack and he'll actually get to implement it in games.
  8. WarEagle1983

    could be easiest home slate in years

    ALL of this. I'll believe it when I see it regarding Gus actually being prepared. Yes, on paper we should beat Washington. However, as we know games are not played on paper and if you have a team that's well coached then they have a good shot of beating us the first 3 or 4 games of the season. I get that our QB is returning but we're certainly going to have to help him out when it comes to scheme against a good team like Washington. I expect a close game just like the Clemson games. The question will be can we actually "close" this time.
  9. WarEagle1983

    bruce's contract extended through 22-23 season

    Now, this is a contract extension I 100% support!!
  10. WarEagle1983

    Kam Martin would start today

    Agree. His size isn't a big concern for me. It is about our history of RBs getting run into the ground by the end of the season and being he is doesn't help. Getting the young RBs involved early in the season when we can, will be very essential this season.
  11. WarEagle1983

    Kam Martin would start today

    My thoughts were more along the lines of our staff didn't do enough to prepare them to be better at pass blocking. They needed more in-game reps. I think it's often unfair to judge our RBs b/c we often don't know what they can and can't do until they're forced into playing more. I really like Kam and thought he should've seen more reps at times. I would love to have a 1-2 punch at RB this season. I just don't see Kam being able to carry the full load like KJ did. However, i love the idea of Kam being in open space (RB short passes).
  12. - Says UGA still plans to recruit him hard - Made his decision when we beat Bama and UGA - Knew we had LBs leaving and he'll play early - Said his family likes Auburn a little more than UGA - Wants to flip Wanya
  13. Owen had on a custom Auburn hoodie made with his last name on it. We've had a guy that got an Auburn tattoo and flipped but i think we're safe with Owen!
  14. Not sure. I have not been following that close. He said T-Will only knew. He said AU lead when we beat Bama and UGA. It's also being reported that he wants to flip Wanya to AU. Said he's very solid to AU b/c he will have a chance to play early at AU. This is being reported from a guy who just spoke with him on the phone for more details.
  15. Agree. When he was speaking about Auburn feels like home every time he and his family visited....Mom gave a very confident agreement head nods. It seems like she is already in love with AU for sure.