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  1. Exactly why i stated NMS concerns me more than Kansas. It's often about match ups in the tournament. Not many teams can match us shooting 3s if we're on. NMSt is capable. Now i don't expect us to repeat the shooting we had against Tenn....but at the same time it's clear we're capable of doing it. We had several games like that last year where we just went off in the 2nd half with 3s. It was good to see us return to that form against Tenn. Ball movement and team defense has been so much better the last couple of weeks.
  2. Agree. We've not seen much but i do recall Joey not being afraid of contact when taking off. I know the conventional and popular answer is whichever QB looks the best but I also think it should be more about what style of play is going to give us the best chance. I know Bo is capable of running but I certainly want him in the pocket more throwing and torching defenses vs. the zone read. If we're going to be more of a zone read team then i'd want to see Joey. If Joey can be an average passer then i think with our weapons on offense we could win some games. With still having questions about the OL, Joey's skillset of running when things break down in the pocket could be big. Regarding Malik....just seemed like we really killed his confidence and momentum with how he was used in games. I think he'll probably get the first look at QB since he's been here longer b/c that's how Gus does it but i hope that if there are clear signs that we'd better served with Joey or Bo...we move on to see out of those two who will get a chance to start. But i'm sure knowing who the starter go on for a while.
  3. Very easy to watch when you know the outcome. lol
  4. Those 12 & 5 matchups are always tricky. I think Kansas is still being overvalued. As long as we don't look past NMS i think we have a really great shot. Kansas relies so much on Lawson down low with Dotson. I don't think Kansas can keep up with us even if we're having just an sub-par day shooting 3s. Their offense is really struggling. Iowa State is a team with several weapons like us and they couldn't do anything with Iowa State this year. I just really like that match up for us. I don't think they can shoot their way into a win if they get down against us. But we shall see. First thing is to take care of NMS.
  5. Agree. Why even have conference tournaments if that type of mess is going on! All about the money! But yet these kids are risking injury and it means nothing on selection Sunday. That's not right. Geesh...can't believe they had the nerve to say that. I think we'll be fine but i'm more worried about New Mexico State than Kansas.
  6. Agree. It's like the winning the SEC didn't even matter today. I thought we should've been a 4 seed for sure. Long shot at the last 3 seed. I don't mind us going out west...although it sucks for the fans to travel but I think it could help with the team being very focused. The East & South brackets always seem to be stacked with really good teams considering most top teams are located in those regions so there's a chance for some big match ups early and draws a big crowd compared to Mid west and West. I would've preferred Gonzaga's bracket since they were going to send us out west. FSU has a great chance coming out of the West. Michigan struggles to score at times as it was evident today. Texas Tech struggles to score as well. With our style of play....i would've loved our chances coming out of the west bracket.
  7. I'm just glad he never gave up and made hastily decision b/c things may not have been going his way at a certain point and time. Now he's celebrating like crazy on social media vs complaining. He kept the faith and kept working and it's paid off.
  8. Hopefully, it opens up the door for McClain to get some real playing time.
  9. I can agree with that. However, just de-commit. Don't drag AU into playing games.
  10. I don't think this is on Gus though. The kid is clearly a headcase. I'm not wishing any bad on him but what he did was a punk move. Don't stay committed to AU for over a year only to burn us on NSD. That does make it look like Gus & the staff couldn't get the job but i don't think that's the case at all in this situation. I don't get mad at kids who may be a strong "lean" to Auburn but it's just complete disrespect to stay committed as long as he was to AU only to flip on NSD. It says more about his lack of character in my opinion.
  11. Nothing the NCAA does makes sense to me. They're so erratic and inconsistent with sanctions I'm starting to wonder; heck is someone paying them off!
  12. I would love to have Kelly B but I'd be surprised if he left. His main reason for going to Mizzou was to prove to NFL teams he can be taken seriously as a passer to be a potential starter. This doesn't change that IMO. Mizzou isn't going to be contending for a championship anyway. He still gets 12 games to showcase what he can do as a QB in the SEC.
  13. It's definitely going to be hyped! It's the turds. We could be playing anything against Bama and it would be the most hype atmosphere anyone has seen.
  14. Nice win. Everyone got involved. Momentum builder for sure.
  15. lol. Ok. Never had heart feelings. You're funny as usual. Nice win though.