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  1. 1. Gus is corny as heck and it's funny. lol. Much respect to being him no matter what though 2. Joey is huge! And Nix looks the part as well being his a true freshman. I feel like we'll do fine with either but expect JG to get the nod with experience and run ability 3. It was funny as heck to watch our players scared of some little fish. HAHA. 4. I really hope we can get it together offensively because although this team is pretty young...i think there's enough talent to go far this season. I'm certainly one to give Gus a lot of heat but i really do hope he can get it together because it's clear that players love him...his coaches love him. PLEASE Gus....be ready games 1 - 4. This has been the first season in a long time that i have not kept up with the off season. I'm just ready for the season to start.
  2. Time will tell but i don't think a "decent" season will get it done for Gus. Especially if we get our butts kicked again by UGA and Bama. You're probably right in that Leath alone may not save Gus but at least he would've had someone in power to support him if we have an 7 or 8 win season. I understand that athletics alone is not the reason for his departure though. As many have already stated...just didn't seem like a good fit. The BOT should be feeling some heat as well.
  3. Yeah.. don't tail his picks. He's an information guy. His picks are barely 50%.
  4. Wow. I'm excited and scared at the same time about this season. Excited in regards to the fact i think we have a lot of good talent. Scared in regards to the fact that our schedule is hell and well....Gus. Just have to see how this all plays out. One thing is for sure...Auburn doesn't lack when it comes to drama!
  5. Agree. I think he's looking at the fact that the OL did improve towards the end of the season and got some good experience. I buy Steele's magazine every year. I like his analysis and breakdown of returning players, transfers and new coaches impact. However, when it comes to picking when the season starts he's barely average. Good early info to have to begin the season though...especially for betting purposes.
  6. Certainly surprised. I see it's being reported that's it was mutual. Seems to come at an odd time. Does this put even more pressure on Gus?
  7. I definitely think we have a lot of playmakers to put up some nice numbers this year. I’m just hoping and praying we’ll actually take advantage of it. We have a number of players that are deadly in open space. Simple intermediate passes can easily go for huge gains with the athletes we have.
  8. Same guy posted another video discussing: is Gus being set up to fail this season with the lack of support he’s getting. Referencing the AD department and boosters. He makes some valid points but Gus has created the position he’s in. He had full support. Many people I talk about football with just automatically assume many AU fans have unrealistic expectations in thinking that we want Gus gone because he’s not matching Saban. I don’t expect to be bama but at same time I know Auburn is capable of more than what we’ve been getting from Gus because we’ve proven it. He’s the one that dug himself a deep hole. I don’t blame them for not wanting to right a big check at this point and time we may have to use that money to buy him out.
  9. Possibly one more to go after we take care of Virginia. I’m hoping Duke wins! Send them all!
  10. And to think...we didn’t play our best game by far. The guys gutted that win out and our little general Jarred took over in overtime. So happy for those guys
  11. F those blue bloods! It’s a new blue team in town!! WDE BABY!!
  12. Get this freaking game over! Lawd help me!
  13. Bryce was next to him for an open shot
  14. Horace needed to give it back to Bryce!