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  1. Pettway Out for Peach Bowl

    I just view it differently. I don't think he does enough to make "millions" more b/c the type of RB he's likely to be in the NFL with or without an extra year.
  2. Pettway Out for Peach Bowl

    Agree 1,000%
  3. Pettway Out for Peach Bowl

    Good point. This certainly gives another perspective to MM. I agree that it did look like we were trying to use MM as KP Part 2 and it just never materialized. I remember watching MM's high school tape and he did have a little wiggle (speed); not spectacular but certainly more than what's been shown at AU. I think he can be a really good RB for us so I'll def. keep an eye on him during the offseason.
  4. Pettway Out for Peach Bowl

    Yeah Peyton is a good example. He's likely to get a really nice pay bump with his 2nd contract. Last I remember...the average age of Rbs in the the NFL is 25. Having the opportunity to get a 2nd contract in the NFL is big.
  5. Pettway Out for Peach Bowl

    My main point is that he'd be able to optimize his NFL career 2nd contract and more money quicker as a FA vs. being drafted if it's in the later rounds. Being a FA may not be that bad considering his position and situation.
  6. 4 Freshmen who could breakout in 2018

    For JS's sake...i hope Calvin Ashley is at the very top.
  7. Pettway Out for Peach Bowl

    My thing is that if he can't secure at best a 4th round pick by coming back then he should leave. He's already injury prone and plays a position with a short shelf life in the NFL. Say he goes 5th or 6th round vs. being a FA. Contract wise he'll be held to a 4 year contract being drafted vs a 3 year contract as a FA(correct me if i'm wrong). The 2nd contract is the biggest contract. If he leaves he'll at least save 1 year in age as the average age of RBs in the NFL 25/26. I'll be happy if he comes back. I'm just not as sure he'll be able to jump up far in the draft boards to justify it.
  8. Pettway Out for Peach Bowl

    I would hope so but i'm pretty concerned about Malik Miller's future at AU. As in....does he really have one? I've been eager to see this kid all season but for whatever reasons he gets no carries at all. I think it's hard to say: he can't block.....not a good enough RB when we've not been able to see what he can really do. Some of the same comments I've see about MM are the same ones that were said about previous RBs we've had that produced 1,000 yard seasons so i really hope to see what MM can actually do. At this point, i have it in my head that KJ will be ready for the bowl game and the game plan will be of course to ride him to a victory so Kam would be the only other RB i'd expect to see.
  9. Pro Football Focus player grades

    He certainly needs more opportunities for catches. I think NCM has decent speed but by far what makes him good is his ability to go get the football. Clemson WRs show this time and time again with catching 50/50 balls. Those back shoulder throws they constantly complete with their big WRs are a killer. Their WRs are not often wide open; they go get the football. I think McClain is a sleeping beast too. We seriously have to get a better passing attack b/c more of our WRs could be major mismatches for teams.
  10. Pettway Out for Peach Bowl

    I know some may think he needs to come back to increase his draft stock but i think leaving would be the right decision at this point. This year was the year to help solidify showing what he did the previous year was legit. Unfortunately, injuries prevented that. I'm no draft expert but i stand by saying that I'm not sure it would've improved drastically this year. Yes, he may put up monster numbers if he comes back but just b/c you put up monster numbers in CFB doesn't mean that player will be for sure a high pick and translate over to what many NFL teams are looking for now at the RB position. Just my opinion. With KP's running style he's a situational 3rd down RB in the NFL...possibly some FB depending on the team(like Prosch). Prosch got a contract extension before the season with the Texans for $5.75 mil 3 years with $2.7 mil guaranteed. He was drafted in the 6th round. I consider KP a 5th round pick at best. With a wife and kid i'm sure KP would take a situation like Prosch currently has.
  11. Pettway Out for Peach Bowl

    Just a feeling but i think we've seen the last of KP at Auburn. If so, i certainly wish him the best.
  12. Draft Eligible Players/Depth Chart 2018

    Agree. That's why i think he should leave even though he's likely to be a FA and pick where he'd have the best opportunity to make a team and contribute like Peyton did.
  13. Lingering Questions...Add Yours.

    Yeah...playing UGA and Bama so close together is going to be a killer for years to come IMO b/c Bama isn't likely going to decline drastically anytime soon and UGA is just getting started with Kirby. That's scary. Those two games so close together are a big money maker for all involved. Having a game in the middle helps a little but if we can't change playing UGA earlier we're going to need to schedule someone like Alabama State as the in-between those games and play 2nd and 3rd string no matter what.
  14. Draft Eligible Players/Depth Chart 2018

    This information was just in 2016. I don't doubt he's not valuable. He's just not a feature RB to go in the 1-3 round at this point. Once you get into rounds 4 or 5 not much difference in being a FA like Meta stated. He can certainly help any team in the NFL for sure
  15. Draft Eligible Players/Depth Chart 2018

    I guess i see it differently. I would've been surprised if KP ended up being drafted in the 3rd round. He had a very good season but even with his great season teams knew he wasn't going to be a potential feature RB in the NFL. I just think with some other things going as well...i'd be surprised if KP came back. After his best season, he was rated around the 8-10th best RB in the group by Mel Kiper (pending if a few of the underclassmen decided to declare). The 6th or 7th RB drafted normally goes the 5th or 6th round.