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  1. 2017 Touchdown Auburn Bowl

    Auburn Alabama Ole Miss Mississippi State Missouri Florida State Miami Penn State USC Oklahoma State 52
  2. I do believe we don't utilize him correctly...much like certain WRs so I'm not trying to come down on him too hard. I'm sure many of our WRs and TEs feel like they were very much lied to.
  3. Just saying that with opportunities he's had there have been some catchable passes he's missed. I mean that can be said for several of our WRs honestly. IMO we need to be better at making the tough catches with tight coverage or they need to learn how to get better separation. WRs with their skillsets should be winning those 50/50 catchable balls IMO; go after the ball.
  4. Yep. And i know things happen and no program is free of players getting in trouble and getting kicked off the team. I understand that a HC doesn't have to curse everybody out to be effective but even the less Rah Rah in your face coaches show some sort of emotion in certain situations. We get absolutely nothing for Gus. Gus is just too soft all around. I don't fault Gus for Kyle's situation but maybe not giving numerous chances. I'm sure that is a hard position b/c no one wants to see these kids just kill their future but you also have to look at the fact that you have an entire team to worry about of guys who do choose to do the right things.
  5. Now that we have (hopefully) calmed down

    This calm down is momentary. From this point on each week is going to be an adventure to see if we're going to screw up even worse on offense. Just when you think Gus can't screw up any worse, he manages to do so. Never seen anything like it. And now it appears we're about to lose our most effective WR(i don't blame Gus for this). This bus is beyond repair.
  6. Most Deflating Loss in a Long Time

    Certainly a bad choice of words considering the NCAA are basically living in Auburn at the moment.
  7. Most Deflating Loss in a Long Time

    yeah. I appreciate his love for Auburn. Just goes to show just how dejected that loss is. When former players start being very vocal about their displeasure then it's getting pretty back. Maurice Swain was pretty vocal about Gus for the Clemson loss.
  8. Most Deflating Loss in a Long Time

    @bmarcello: "They don’t pay me enough to talk about play calling." — Kerryon Johnson
  9. Most Deflating Loss in a Long Time

    Heath Evans‏Verified account @HeathEvans44 1h1 hour ago #WAREAGLE
  10. Most Deflating Loss in a Long Time

    “Well, it’s our first SEC loss. We still control our own destiny…We don’t get caught up in who’s beaten them…We’re frustrated, but it’s not the end of the world. This dude. He's probably getting pretty close to losing this team. KJ made some interesting comment. Kid played his heart out and our coaches just screwed away his great effort.
  11. Most Deflating Loss in a Long Time

    Guess it's not according to Gus: Gus Malzahn said after the loss to LSU, in which Auburn blew a 20-0 lead, that "it's not the end of the world." 4:45 PM - 14 Oct 2017
  12. Arrrgghh!

    Going to need something a lot stronger than that
  13. Fire Gus tomorrow. Fire Jay Jacobs today!!

    He even said so to the reporter at half time. I noted it in the game thread. That right there is the problem with our HC mentality. No balls at all!
  14. FINAL: AU 23 LSU 27 -- Postgame Thread

    Gus has never had the killer instinct. It's the same reason it costed us another National Championship. We can refer back to more than a handful of games where he simply wants to sit on a lead no matter how fast and clear things are going downhill....he refuses to step up as our HC and stop the bleeding.
  15. Fire Gus tomorrow. Fire Jay Jacobs today!!

    Our coach is soft as charmin. We have coaches on offense that can't adjust. I'm done! UGA and Bama are going to kill us and the A&M game is a toss up right now.