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  1. Which leads to a VERY entertaining NCAA tourney. I go to Vegas every year for the start of the tourney. It's crazy and fun!
  2. We have enough size. We were constantly undersized last year. We just don't have the guards this year. Teams like Dayton and Oregon (Pritchard) have good guard play. I agree we're going to struggle against teams like LSU and Arkansas b/c both have good guard play that i think are better than ours at this point.
  3. I understood it. Just saying since we're wishing...i'd rather have Harper than Heron. Like someone stated...if it wasn't for last years run..Harper would still be at AU.
  4. There's no dominate team in CBB this year. Literally anyone can win the tourney this year. We have to get our shooting turned around though.
  5. Coop would be killing it if he was on this years team. Man. Him with Wiley and Ike...Geesh that would've been nice to see.
  6. I'd rather had Harper to return over Heron possibly still being here. Heron is a solid player but if this team had a good PG we'd be just fine.
  7. Purifoy and Ike need to be more aggressive. And Purifoy needs to stop thinking he's our 3 point specialist and start using his size and drive the dang ball or post up more. We need to build out our bench too. Give those younger guys more minutes to see if they can handle it.
  8. I think we have some decent shooters on the bench. Guys like Williams and Johnson need to play more. Sad to say i saw this coming after the Bama game. Florida is much better than Bama. Going to be interesting how we respond but Bruce is going to have to change up the rotation or starting lineup to get better shooting on the floor.
  9. That was good defense. Guy just made a good shot
  10. Oats is certainly making Avery look bad. I think they'll be up and down but should be in position to make the tourney. Solid team and Oats is clearly a good coach. The jungle will the rocking for the rematch for sure.
  11. lol. True. I think like most have already stated....we knew we were going to's just how we lost our rival. Bruce understands we NEVER want to lose to Bama. Nights like this happens in CBB. It's just admirable of him not surgarcoat it and say we played horrible and thank the fans. Continues to show what a great coach and leader he is.
  12. You're probably right but no way i can see Bruce doing that. He would have to have multiple games like tonight in order for that to happen imo. Bruce has put a decent amount of hype on Samir..not likely going to happen but i get where you're coming from.
  13. Agree. I certainly hope the bench gets more minutes. I think they could help us with shooting the 3. Let them have their highs and lows. Johnson has been pretty decent from 3.
  14. I think we'll bounce back but sad to say i don't think it will be Saturday against FL. FL is great on defense and seem to have things figured out on offense. We can certainly win but i'm just not sure if it will be enough time to bounce back from losing to the turds. I'm really curious to see how this team will respond though b/c the critics were just waiting on us to lose to a non ranked team to talk mess about our schedule while SDSU gets applauded. This is still a good team but with very clear flaws that will get you beat against any team this year due to not being able to hit FTs. Guards are huge come tourney time and we had 2 of the best last year. I didn't expect Javon or Samir to live up to that but it's just unheard of that you can't trust your guards to step up and make key FTs and layups to either get you back in the game or win it for you. I really feel that Ike is going to have to be that guy for us like we put the ball in the hands of Okeke in key moments. We shall see but despite us not being happy tonight this team has exceeded expectations thus far; just hoping we don't completely fall apart...doubt we will.