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  1. Possibly one more to go after we take care of Virginia. I’m hoping Duke wins! Send them all!
  2. And to think...we didn’t play our best game by far. The guys gutted that win out and our little general Jarred took over in overtime. So happy for those guys
  3. F those blue bloods! It’s a new blue team in town!! WDE BABY!!
  4. Get this freaking game over! Lawd help me!
  5. Bryce was next to him for an open shot
  6. Horace needed to give it back to Bryce!
  7. My goodness these are the longest commercials. My heart is beating so fast
  8. Being sloppy with the ball. Feeling like the NMSt game
  9. I don’t think it’s a good idea to feed Wiley down low unless he’s passing it out. I’m about to have a heart attack every time he touches the ball
  10. Another rebound Wiley should have had. He needs some serious hand drills