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  1. Agree. I didn't even bother to watch the last 3 or 4 A Day game. But i agree it's great for a nice family day in Auburn
  2. And take care of the football. That's my biggest concern with him.
  3. Eufaula is my hometown. Really hoping he comes to AU; keep hearing UGA though. Hoping the good guys win!
  4. I agree 1000% with this. If he fails at Colorado like many others have then he's likely to get a pass and/or blame it on the set up at CU. My nephews, now grown grew up in Lakewood and Golden, CO playing football. One played D3 in CO and the other went to CU for a couple years. The one that attended CU expressed his surprise that Deion choose CU. He's really worried that CU will continue to not be as committed as they need to be regarding resources needed to help Deion. He describes CU as being elitist towards college football like some other PAC 12 schools. I know USF isn't a Power 5 but they clearly are serious about football and it's in FL. If he could've made USF into a program similar to UCF i think that could've propelled him into a better job than CU. But we shall see. If Deion can get CU to bowl games 2 years out of 3 or 4 then I'd consider that amazing. I don't think he'll be at CU long if that does happen.
  5. If he can get them to bowl games 2 out of 3 or 4 years, they need to build a statue of him in Boulder.
  6. This is a high risk, high reward hire. We just have to wait and see how it plays out.
  7. Both programs are pretenders. It's apples to apples. So MSU beating out Ole Miss recruiting really isn't a big deal. You are right with one thing that it's a mute point now b/c we've moved on. I get some may not like him as a person but let's not act like he wouldn't have been a splash hire for Auburn and it would've made a big impact with our recruiting. Hugh and Deion are in that same category in my opinion so if it's Hugh, I'm not mad. Everyone has their guy that they want. I'm just glad the list of candidates are coaches that have show they can recruit and turn programs around.
  8. Lane, Hugh and Deion were always in my top 3 so if it's Hugh, I'm good with it. I just hope Hugh has learned several lessons.
  9. Besides when Freeze was at Ole Miss, when was the last time any coach at Ole Miss was able to out recruit the likes of Bama, UGA, LSU, Tenn and Auburn? Ole miss has and will always have limitations.
  10. It's Ole Miss. He lives in the portal and yet what's his record at Ole Miss doing so? Any of the mentioned candidates will recruit better at Auburn than where they're currently at. Ole Miss not going to win battles with 4 and 5 stars. Auburn can.
  11. I second this. At the very least he'll have us in a good position with recruiting and we should be able to get a top level coach to replace him. However, unless it's a school to the caliber of a Bama or USC...i don't see him leaving. But you never know with all the alignment changes though. I wouldn't be surprised if he went back out west. But i think Lane would love to be a thorn in the side of Saban and Kirby.
  12. That's harsh. Bruce likes to give his guys freedom; esp. at the guard position. I do think he needs to reign this group in more but at the same time, it's what has made his teams successful. He has flaws like any other coach but i'm sure there are a number of other programs that would love to have him.
  13. He use to coach. He literally was trying to help us with suggestion we go down low and we may want to have better shot selection. He seemed to really like Auburn
  14. I wouldn’t go that far but certainly not a top 15 team. But there’s a lot parity this year
  15. He needs the ball more and our guards need to move better without the ball for him. We should’ve been living in the post with him tonight. Bruce needs to get a hold of this team because it’s horrible basketball when the guards just run down and jack up shot after shot. The guards are not doing a good job of showing for Broome when the double and triple team comes. It’s early but the better teams are going to beat us. playing at home is a big advantage for us but as of now, no way this team is SEC road ready. Hopefully the tournament is a way for us to find our style of play.
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