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  1. Man! If this ain't the truth. lol. Probably the only selfish thing i wanted open during lock down. I can work out on my own. Thankful i still have a nice hairline. My wife and son had fun giving me a "cut"......NAH! But I have a couple of guys in my crew who will have me this time around if we have to lock down again.
  2. And I just love how people love to throw in the token black person to make their argument. Classic. But it's all good. Nothing surprises me anymore. Like i've said before I'm just glad that we're learning where everyone stands at this point and time so we all know how to maneuver. I've always stated the we need to do better in our black community but to act like we don't contribute and have not contributed beyond entertainment and sports sends me over the top. I just wish all people would STOP watching and reading false agendas and actually go into the communities and see that it's largely not true. But i digress. Ya'll have a good day and hopefully we can get back to entertaining some so this is less of discussion b/c it seems sports and "urban culture" is the only thing we bring to the table in society anyway.
  3. I'm a racist. lol. Wow. I'm not going to go back and forth. You're not going to change your stance and i don't expect you to. Like i've said before I welcome to hear and see the prejudice people like yourself. I'm not going to waste my time trying to convenience you of otherwise b/c I have better things to do. It's just good to know. Just pretty interesting how i'm called a racist though because i don't buy into the hype pushed my media and all your data is predicated on a population of people who don't even have over 300,000 immigrants in the U.S. But go ahead and push that agenda. No one talks about how Nigerians lead in the fight against online fraud; stealing millions and millions of dollars from Americans. But since it's a white collar crime it doesn't get talked about. Go ahead and push the agenda that Nigerians don't get discriminated against simply b/c they have a Nigerian name and get passed up just like blacks b/c HR know they're black or management doesn't want to deal with a possible communication barrier. I know...i've sat in those executive management meetings and have had to hear it. Are Nigerians taking advantage of their opportunities....yes. The same can be traced back to the early immigration of people from Germany or Italy etc. I promise if you look at the history of immigrants in general, many groups have a high rate of success rate of advancing in academia and the workforce during early stages of immigration. Why? Because majority come from nothing; there homelands are poor, uneducated and pay is very low. There's around 390,000 - 400,000+ Nigerian immigrants in the US. Therefore, many have and will take advantage of living in a country that allows them more opportunities to be successful. It's no different from when Germans and Italians.....etc immigrated to the US. But if you want to take a population of just over 390K immigrant Nigerians in the US and compare it vs over 40 million blacks in the US then go ahead.
  4. We will probably need to but will not. If Trump believes his bid for re-election relies on us doing so, we will but it seems that the genie has been opened and can't be put back in. I didn't agree with re-opening as i thought it was too soon. However, as a businessman i fully understand that we have to get back to operating. I just felt like there should've been and should be mandatory basic precautions. There were none. States just opened up the doors and said "kids" have at it. Now we're trying to reverse. Unfortunately it's going to have to run its course. I just hope and pray as much life can be preserved as possible.
  5. Wow. The power of illusion that has been greatly executed.
  6. Entire situation was just weird. I hope it's not a Jussie Smollett situation. I don't think it is but I know some people will now question Bubba that it is a Jussie Smollett situation and that would be unfortunate. It's just hard for me to get past the rope just now being reported. But i guess with everything going on it was more likely to be seen and called to attention.
  7. Unfortunately, if they play i think we are going to see a some coaches having to answer those tough questions. However, I certainly wouldn't fault anyone on staff if Bo caught it. I know that all programs are doing the best they can to prevent it. People can take all the precautions in the world and still get it. I'm just curious to see how colleges will handle things if say 8,9, 10+ players start to catch it. I know a lot has to worked out if they do decide to play. I just think it's going to be a lot different making decisions vs. the pros. Pros get paid to play and will continue to play no matter what even if say someone like Lebron or James Harden gets it; NFL as well.
  8. Certainly hoping for a season this year. Not sure if it has been stated yet but i'd be interested to learn how long players would have to be quarantined if tested positive before returning? This is really going to shake up CFB because imagine if a big impact player(s) gets COVID and the team is on a championship run or winning streak. They'd need to be in quarantine and the team has huge games coming up. It would honestly give more teams the chance to contend this year but at the same time suck for some who have the best talent. It would also give backups more opportunities to play. I welcome it though; especially with the pro sports. With college it may be a bit different because could this affect their draft status if they catch it and only able to play half the season. That's someone's money and livelihood. But we're all having to adjust with all of this and some things are going to be just unfair in general due to what's going on in the world today.
  9. Tiger Walk has always been my cut! WDE!
  10. At the same time it's good to know who really cares about you as a person and not just because you're playing football for their team and/or alma mater. Everyone doesn't have to agree with it but to go at someone because they want to experience equality in the world and doing it peacefully is sad. I understand some of it wasn't peaceful but our guys and community did it the right way. But as i said i'd rather know who it is because if i see them again yelling WDE or talking about being AU family i'd know they'd be full of it.
  11. THIS! Agree 1,000%. For a HC football to say absolutely nothing about this when he's constantly going into black homes to recruit could kill his program. Look at Dabo right now. Clemson may not take a big hit but I'm glad Gus doesn't have to deal with that.
  12. I loved the way Gus stated that he didn't know how to respond at first in what he would say but took the time to meet with players and coaches to LISTEN! Man that in itself is what we're asking for. It's major! I definitely question Gus as a coach related to football but NEVER as a man who is a good role model/mentor for our players. Every since he's been at Auburn he's hired numerous former black Auburn players. That hasn't gone unnoticed. One reason why he frustrates the heck out of me is that i know what he's capable of if he'd just get the X's and O's where it needs to be because it's obvious coaches like working for him and players love playing for him. I just want to say THANKS GUS! Now stop frustrating me and fix this dang offense! lol.
  13. Partially agree. I think Bo will be fine. I know a lot of talk will be about the OL and rightfully so. However, our WRs have to step up as well. Bo did a good job of keeping plays alive many times when protection broke down but our WRs didn't really adjust well to that; outside of Seth. With big questions at OL we're really going to need our WRs to step up. I don't feel like we have established much depth at WR that we can depend on.