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  1. Ole Miss didn't have an exciting high school recruiting class but many ignored how they've done in the portal the past few years. Instant impact...they're getting from transfers. I don't think USC is a playoff team currently, especially on defense but you can tell the difference the transfers have made. You can see the progression each week. It's been shown with teams like Arkansas, Tenn, Kansas and USC that if you get the right coach in place that it doesn't take 3 or 4 years to have a program going in the right direction. The portal is a major game changer. I understand that it's important to have patience but there should be signs of improvement with a new coach from week to week and year to year. Florida was a disaster but you can already see signs that with 1 -2 recruiting classes and transfers they are likely winning 8-9+ games. Richardson may or may not be the QB to lead them to that but I'm willing to bet Napier will get 1 or 2 more top QBs into the program quickly to determine that. This is exactly why i want a HC that's proven they can come into AU and build it up quickly. Make the most of what they currently have while doing whatever it takes to recruit and develop new incoming talent. Yes, i'm bias but nobody can convenience me that a coach that can do that at places like Arkansas, Ole Miss or Kansas wouldn't at least be interested in hearing from a school like Auburn to do the same with better resources and opportunity to take us to another level they likely can't reach at aforementioned schools. I'm not expecting AU to be Bama or Ohio State every year but there's no reason why Auburn shouldn't be in the next group of teams mentioned as contenders more years than not.
  2. South Carolina LSU Florida SMU BYU Air Force Mississippi State Georgia Washington TCU Texas Tech Michigan Ole Miss Alabama Oklahoma State Wake Forest NC State
  3. Successful yes. But to the standard i wanted in a new coach at AU it wasn't impressive to me. But i welcomed him and hoped he would've been able to have given us Boise St on steroids but just hasn't worked out that way.
  4. Harsin's resume wasn't impressive but i thought he'd employ Bosie St at AU but on steroids. It hasn't worked. As far as Lane and Hugh's records...it is Ole Miss. The same Ole Miss that every year many on this board count as auto wins. Ole Miss has went to 6 New Years 6 bowls since 2004. I'd say that's pretty good considering it's Ole Miss. That's likely their ceiling. AU has shown we have a higher ceiling. Therefore, think of what they could have achieved at AU. Yes, it's always a crap shoot but we have not fielded a competent offense in years. I do agree with @cole256in that we need to amass some serious recruiting talent. We were lucky to get 2 once in a lifetime QBs. However, we have not had a coach that has shown they can recruit and develop a top SEC QB. Like them or not, Lane and Hugh will get you a competent QB and decent OL. I'll take that as a start. Fine, take out Hugh...i like Grimes as well. I even like Coastal Carolina's coach. But I want a proven coach that can build an offense. I'm tired of a pedestrian offense at AU and not having a QB. I personally think as long as we get a solid DC, AU will continue to be a place that will always get good DBs and DL. But we can't keep not being able to score in today's college football.
  5. No one knows his mindset or desire now but he could possibly have the attitude of you all didn't want me then....you don't get me when i'm hot. I don't know how likely or the timeline but there's been a lot of talks and support for the SWAC and some MEAC schools to either merge and create a big conference and move to FBS or certain HBCUs that have things in place to move to the FBS. Again, we don't know at this point what Deion's current desire would be. In addition to having power at JSU he has it with the entire conference. He may want to prove he can take HBCUs to the FBS and beat the bluebloods...who knows. Guess we're going to find out soon b/c he's certainly on GA Tech's list. I certainly think they'll let him do whatever he wants at GA Tech but academic qualifier is a hurdle when it comes to recruiting.
  6. I respect him as a coach. But let's not ignore that 1 loss was a blow out that came against a 6-5 South Carolina State team. The biggest difference i remember in that game was on the defensive and offensive lines. South Carolina dominated both in the trenches. They mostly have home grown talent. Granted I'd be surprised if they don't return the favor to whomever makes it to the Celebration bowl this year. But people thought it was a given JSU was going to run away with that game. I think they scored like 10 or 12 points. But he's certainly shown he can coach. For me, it's just not a risk i'd like us to take at this point. But we shall see b/c the next selected HC will let the fans know if leadership is serious about being real contenders or going back to the same ole.
  7. My only point was he has a past as well. It actually had to do with his school Prime Prep issues a few years back. I'm not going to fully rehash it but it could've been an assault charge and he's on audio to admitting it. I don't hold that against him and i think he learned a lot from it. But it just goes to my point that they all have had character issues.
  8. Fair assessment. Lane is my #1 and i can understand the argument where Hugh needs more time to prove himself as being on good behavior.
  9. I'm well aware of that. He's done and continues to do amazing things. My only point to one of the posters was that he mentioned Lane and Hugh's transgressions. If Deion was allowed to change why are they not allowed to do the same?
  10. It wasn't meant be combative. I know his background very well. But it just seems like your dislike for the other coaches override the football aspect. Just pointing out that they all had/have character flaws.
  11. I agree that any coach coming to AU must demand control if we want this turned around. But is it realistic that we're going to give it to Deion if we do? I respect his staff but my point again was that IF it goes south what our fans will point to. I just think it's all interesting conversation but not a reality.
  12. Again i get you have an issue with their character and that's your right to do so. But if Deion had the opportunity to make changes in his life why doesn't Lane and Hugh? Just b/c they're not vocal and shouting to the rooftops about being a devout Christian doesn't mean they have not made changes in their lives. It's clear that you're aware each man's discretion but you've chosen to accept Deion has changed but not the others. And that's your right but i don't recall anything recently that Lane or Hugh has done? I think each gentleman have shown some growth from their mistakes.
  13. Pretty much any staff runs circles around our current staff. I'm not saying his staff are bums but just like him there's no significant D1 and SEC experience. Everything that many fans have an issue with Harsin about, we're willing to forgo that with Deion b/c he'll be a great recruiter? These are simply questions i have. I'm genuinely asking b/c the first thing our fanbase will say if it's not going well...Deion should've hired a more experienced staff with proven OC and DC experience in the SEC. Gus had how many top 10 recruiting classes? Fans didn't complain until we saw they couldn't develop and he was chasing stars not fit and not filling needs. He has a show on Youtube that showcases the JSU team. It's a really good show. It wasn't stated to be a bad thing, just to show how he operates his program and knowing what he's going to require in order to come to AU. For example, it's on the show that people get to see that something as simple as Deion wanting his players to have their last names on the back of their jerseys b/c before the program didn't and/or couldn't afford it. Deion says he wants it, it's done. It may be small but it's small things and other things that he controls not only within his own program but in the SWAC. My parents graduated from HBCUs so i know the background and culture. Deion is literally the unassigned commissioner of the SWAC. He's not only helping his own team with getting resources but other HBCUs. This speaks to my question of will AU be willing to give him complete control and get out of his way? You think he's going to be willing to give up all the control he currently has to come to AU? It's just honest and sincere questions i'm asking b/c all i see is people being enamored with him recruiting and not asking the other important questions.
  14. Deion literally has NOTHING on his resume to compare to either coach. lol. You're qualifying him simply by recruiting. He hasn't even won the SWAC championship with the talent his at JSU. Ole Miss has a viable offense...New Years 6 bowl. That's as good as it is going to get at Ole Miss. Liberty could probably beat AU right now and they have yet another solid QB. Can AU say the same? Fine, don't hire either but this pipe dream of Deion is even worse than the list of Urban and Stoops. At least they have experience. You're talking about characteristics. Yes, that's important..very important. And guess what, Deion's past isn't very clean either. You may want to do more research on him before you just throw another unproven coach at AU. Ole Miss and Liberty's resume over the past 2-3 looks a lot better than AU. Deion isn't going to let the good ole boys at AU dictate anything he does. It's pretty clear that many have no clue how the man operates and just looking at the recruiting and marketing aspect. lol.
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