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  1. And will probably find a way to screw up that high powered offense. It's funny watching UCF forums thinking they've hit a home run with Gus.
  2. Agree to a certain extent. Regular season schedule...yes they do. However, they don't have the same risk as other teams when it comes to playing in a conference championship game that could impact the playoffs. They continuously get the benefit of the doubt on name and history alone. They can't just be seen as an ACC school but avoid the risk of losing in the ACC championship game and getting a bid. Join the Pac 12 if they want to. Every team needs to be in a conference if they want to play in the playoffs.
  3. Yeah. 12 is likely. I'd rather it be 8. I think they're trying to deter opt outs as well. Additionaly, week to week there will be more games that having meaning. My issue with 12 is the number of games teams will have to play. Will a 12 playoff team mean teams will be doing away with 1 or 2 of their out of conference games? I'm sure the top 4 teams will get a bye but no sure i like the increase of games that will be played.
  4. And Notre Dame needs to join a conference! It's simply not fair they get to jump around and play who they want to and waltz their way into the playoffs overhyped.
  5. Make it 8 and that's it. I would've loved to have seen BYU and Cinncy in the playoffs. Yes, they'd likely lose but I'd rather see those teams play a Bama or Clemson vs. playing a middle tier Power 5 team in a bowl game. Of course it would mean more money but i think it would help more programs with recruiting if coaches are able to say to recruits that you're going to have a chance to make the playoffs even if you're at schools like UCF, BYU, Cinncy, Boise St. outside of the power 5. As well as provide lesser known/seen players a stage against better teams which can help their NFL stock.
  6. Yep and that scares me. That's why i'm hoping Bo can stay healthy.
  7. He must be really bad if he can't pass Loy. I'm sorry but nothing i saw says Loy is a backup. I know with Harsin we'll be moving to more of a pro style QB but over the next couple of years guys like DD and Garnett being mobile is a nice plus considering our OL is thin and does not pass block well. Until our OL gets much better we're going to need QBs that can move around. Garnett can be similar to Malik IMO so i hope he lands somewhere where he's given the chance to play.
  8. It sucks for the moment but i 100% support Harsin. We clearly saw the "on and off" play translate to the field. One week we look like a championship team and the next we don't look like we know how to play football. That is what became so frustrating about AU football and the fact we had a ton of talent undeveloped. I'm glad our team is taking on the attitude of being tough.
  9. I know he was a long shot but i actually liked this kid. I thought he at least had a chance to push for backup if we really wanted to redshirt DD. And seeing A-Day and our supposed backup....didn't change my mind about that. Hopefully Bo stays healthy and DD progresses quickly b/c we're in a ton of trouble if any of the other QBs have to play.
  10. Which is insane considering they have to power to take a person's life at any moment.
  11. 1. Glad GF got justice. 2. In regards to Toledo and this girl getting killed...I'm leaning towards it being justified at this point. Every case is not the same and I'm currently in the minority with many of my black counterparts regarding this girl's death. As a black man i understand too well about all of the issues but at the same time, not every case is the same. I always try to put myself in the place of people when i may have a different opinion to at least try to see where that person is coming from even if i don't agree. I'm sad that the young girl had to die but watching the full
  12. Not me getting worked up. The other guys should've gotten more reps is all. Despite what happens at that position, A-day is about the fans. Fans would've liked to have seen more of DD no matter how the backup spot plays out. I thought it would have been split a little more when you talk about good on good. That's all.
  13. It's very early so i'm trying not to read into it too much. It was just a bit surprising how much time Loy got considering he didn't look good at all. I know Loy has been hurt so maybe that was his time to see if he could be the backup. We don't know. I'm just guessing at the reasoning b/c i just hope it's not because he's expected to be the backup...**nervous***.
  14. Well after that...he may be welcomed to transfer. My thinking was they may have had in their minds already to redshirt DD. Idk. But what i do know is that the QB backup position needs to be wide open after seeing Loy.
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