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  1. I don’t believe this for one second. There’s hundreds, or thousands, of players every year that long to play for a certain school and dream about that offer coming. Players leave after their time is up, and most never forget, and they give back to their school for life. See Bo Nix today and Bo Jackson from the past. If we lose this then college football that we all love is definitely over. There’s exceptions to everything but I refuse to believe it’s gone.
  2. Marquis Burks senior spotlight: 'Grind it out every day' Marquis Burks Story Links AUBURN, Ala. – Chicago native Marquis Burks came to Auburn with big goals in mind. Burks' ultimate goal is to play in the NFL, but not without bringing an SEC championship and bowl game trophy home to the Plains first. For Burks, it is all about the grind. He admitted that when the time comes to leave Auburn he is going to miss "just going out there and grinding with my brothers and playing football." A
  3. Yeah but you don’t give students a legitimate reason to wear pajamas out in public and do War Eagle 🦅 chants.
  4. Might be the most important coach for AU this year for the season and in recruiting now!
  5. Meet the Coaches: Auburn offensive line coach Will Friend By Jeff Shearer 7/30/2021 8:00:00 AM AUBURN, Ala. – When Will Friend wanted to talk to his high school football coach, all he had to do was look across the dinner table. The son of a coaching dad and a teaching mom, Auburn’s offensive line coach knew early on which career he would pursue. “Growing up in a coaching family you saw what kind of influence they had on people and in the community,” Friend said. “I always wanted to
  6. Wasn’t that long ago when games were blacked out so people would go to the games. My how the power has shifted.
  7. Money money money money, moneeeey! 💰
  8. I’m still depresstexited. On the fence still.
  9. 247 had him at ILB and I think that’s what we originally recruited him for. I think he’ll do better staying back or filling gaps than just straight up go after the qb.
  10. Backing him off the line of scrimmage will make it harder for him to jump the snap. I think he’ll be much better in the role he was recruited to play.
  11. The class being deeper than usual might be our saving grace!
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