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  1. I think it’s a done deal now isn’t it?
  2. Is he a take for sure with some others still higher up the board? Mims, and I can’t recall the other one. He has a great offer list so he must be legit! I think the crystal ball picks are all Penn State so it might be a moot point!
  3. I almost posted about you yesterday. I’ve been wondering where you were lately. Always enjoyed your take on things and I hope all is well with you. And the little Corgis
  4. Another reason to be fired up about this game is the Gameday snub from ESPN. It’s by far a better game than Miami and Florida State... zzzzzz Hope Auburn puts on a show!!
  5. Didn’t even try that hard and trucked it home!
  6. I was addressing you as man, sorry, my mistake.
  7. I knew you couldn’t stay away very long! Hope all is well with you brother!
  8. Ruined it brother. Supposed to be a teaser.
  9. Got down to 55• in North Alabama last night! Brrrrrrrr
  10. Shouldn’t be giving us that kind of hope! 😝
  11. He’s listed as committed in the above post in orange is why I asked. I knew the answer.
  12. I would love to se Mark-Antony-Richards running back kick returns!
  13. It was sarcasm! I’ve been posting this stuff for years. 😝
  14. Isn’t he the one who lined up in the wildcat formation in one the all star high school games? I can’t remember which one it was.
  15. I can’t wait to see one of these guys bowl over some Dbs this year and in the future!
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