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  1. That’s right! I was thinking of Nick Coe instead of Newkirk.
  2. Aren’t Truedale and Newkirk gone? Grad and left early respectively.
  3. He did have some big special teams plays, so maybe defense would suit him well!
  4. He’s got the ability to move around quite well and can extend plays by moving out of the pocket to make up for it. See the qbs Sizzler named.
  5. Sounds like “true “ dual-threat numbers right there baby!
  6. Tweets, and their true meaning, are very often overblown or misrepresented! That’s why I don’t useTwitter. It’s making our country insane at times.
  7. Prayer 🙏 is not about changing God’s mind or getting Him to do something for us. This is the misunderstanding most people have, even most Christians, that prayer is about getting God to do something for us. Praying is about aligning my wants with God’s plan for me and His creation. “Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven “.
  8. Smart people go to Auburn!!! 83 Alumni 👨‍🎓
  9. Who would’ve thought??? 😝
  10. I really like Hill and had him as my crush for two years. I think he was our highest rated receiver recruit-even over Seth-two years ago. I’m still hoping he can stay at receiver, but maybe he’ll make a great db if this happens.
  11. Next to the Salter he would be my second choice, but I think our chances are higher with this kid.
  12. 2 Auburn receivers might move to defense ByBRANDON MARCELLO 38 minutes ago Share2 Comments AUBURN, Alabama — Two Auburn receiver could be on the move to defense. Coaches were contemplating moving receivers Jashawn Sheffield and Matthew Hill to defense, where they would play defensive back, before the coronavirus pandemic canceled spring practices in March. Both may still move to defense, Auburn coach Gus Malzahnconfirmed Friday during a teleconference with local beat reporters. Auburn loses two big contributors in the secondary from the 2019 season: cornerbacks Noah Igbinoghene and Javaris Davis. Igbinoghene left Auburn early to enter the NFL Draft and is expected to be selected in the middle rounds later this month. 2COMMENTS "We're still kind of talking through that," Malzahn said. "That is a possibility. Matthew Hill is also a possibility. So we have not made any final decisions, but those are two guys that, you know, have the flexibility to do both. We were really wanting to go into spring and be able to iron all that out. But that's two question marks still out there that we feel like both those guys could help us, you know, in a lot of different ways.
  13. Stadium full of seniors wearing orange and blue hazmat suits would be really interesting to see though! 😝