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  1. toddc

    2019 Recruiting Thread said he is visiting this weekend on Twitter anybody know if we are in on him? Miami commitment verbal???? Not sure!
  2. Swag is different from unsportsmanlike conduct/taunting! The latter costs the whole team and can kill a drive. Don’t know in high school football, but two taunting penalties will get you tossed out of the game in college I believe! Not only that, it is bad sportsmanship and CGM won’t tolerate that crap! I love this kid though , and I pray the light will come on that says when you’re that good taunting isn’t necessary!
  3. Maybe needs a little humble pie!!
  4. toddc

    2019 Linebacker Recruiting

    Mississippi seems to be cranking out some big time recruits lately. We need to keep on top of that pipeline. CGM made a great hire in the coach who has the Mississippi ties. Must have had a vision into the future of Mississippi recruiting a few years ago!
  5. toddc

    LSU Visitor List & Thread

    Thanks for the updates E! Love this list , and we need to give them a great show Saturday
  6. Is anyone buying all of this “chess match “ talk about Burrows checking plays at the los? I think he did a couple of times in the first two games, but I think the media is hyping his abilities a little too much!
  7. toddc

    Auburn lacks the respect it deserves espn analysts- All 13 of them pick AU over lswho, but not one has us scoring over 30 points! Some respect showing here for sure.
  8. toddc

    The Official Meltdown Thread

  9. toddc

    Auburn lacks the respect it deserves

    Picked to beat #6 Washington and # 12 lswho and 62 points over al st!! We are getting respect from the sports bettors and they put their money where their mouth is.(no silly jokes)
  10. toddc

    Dixie 1860 Passes Away

    God is good, so there’s an a aufamily forum in heaven for sure! See you there someday brother.
  11. toddc

    Season One Twenty Six: Episode 2

    We complain about the PTB a lot, but they nailed this one in hiring him!
  12. toddc


    Hope Brown is okay! Seen with a boot on that CGM said was precautionary, but it seems to be what he always says. We are gonna need him big time in this game!
  13. toddc

    AU vs. LSU - Weekly Presser

    Great to have him as the face of this team-represents well!
  14. Auburn 24 lswho? 10
  15. Hope you enjoyed your first of many game day experiences! Love watching your son run the ball like he just don’t care!