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  1. 2017 Touchdown Auburn Bowl

    Auburn Alabama Texas A&M Georgia Vanderbilt Mississippi State Tennessee Georgia Tech USC Texas Tech North Carolina State 54
  2. Toddc

    Where is a good place for hs Recruits stats after Friday night game? Do we have a thread or is by players individual forum?
  3. 2018 4* Buck Richard Jibunor

    I believe it’s time to respect the man and call him by his name, “Coach Brown “. He is doing a great job with our secondary and I see no reason to belittle him anymore with these derogatory names! My two cents!
  4. More Barrett and Miller please

    Kam Martin was held out this week with injuries!
  5. FINAL: Auburn 49 Mississippi State 10

    Maybe this will stop the "fire Gus" crowd! I'm sick of it!!!!!
  6. Great job as always coach! It was nice to be able to relax and enjoy the game in the second half for a change!
  7. The way our defense is playing this year so far is almost unprecedented, at least the last two decades! Am I jumping the gun here? Thoughts? in case some wonder what this award is!! The Broyles Award was established to recognize some of the most dedicated, hardest working people in America — the college football assistant coach.
  8. That's my point, they did! Step forward
  9. I read that JS had the 2nd best completion percentage rate in sec history and 360 yards! Someone had to catch those passes right??? Oh wow, it was our receiving core. This should mean they are doing better than the credit given on here for this game at least. One interception that should have been caught (bet it won't happen to ncm again) , he will learn from it. One other missed ball that was a rocket pass( could have been caught)! The fumble s on two receivers will get fixed and the one by javaris was on a punt return, I think,which Steven Robert's usually does . We have to give some credit for this game to them, even if it was mercer. They are going to get there guys, just like JS is getting there, who is in all regards like a freshman playing qb in the sec west, and imo is going to have a record breaking year in some categories and win us several games with that arm!!!
  10. HAPPY GAMEDAY!!!!! Beat Clemson

    Two words:ear buds!!!
  11. HAPPY GAMEDAY!!!!! Beat Clemson

    War Eagle 🦅 fly down the field, ever to conquer never to yield, hey!!!...
  12. No football for me this week....

    Praying for all of Florida and will miss your take on the game!
  13. Wildcat QB

    Didn't kj throw a td out of that formation against okie?
  14. Pettway vs. Clemson

    I agreed doc! I believe this team has an attitude that we can beat anyone anywhere anytime! They have something that I haven't seen since 2010 , when it comes to confidence and heart and shear will to win! Especially our defense and that rubs off on our offense, especially with bubba and Davis back, and adding in JS second game confidence is going to be better after playing that first game to get the nerves out! I'm a believer! Also believe in gus and chip, and our placekicker will be 💰 this weekend!!!!! War Eagle 🦅