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  1. Any chance this commitment gets the ball rolling on our 2018 recruiting! I know a lot of people on here are getting nervous and the sky is falling lately so I would love to see some shoe drops in the coming weeks!
  2. I'm sorry, it was on SEC Network! 30 minutes show about 2017 season and came on right before spring game repeat show. You can find interview pieces from the show on SEC Network on line. I'll try to find on YouTube and post for you!
  3. KJ said on ESPN interview Saturday that his big goal for this season was to join the 1000yard club rushing! KP said his goal was to win the Heisman Trophy !
  4. Is he joining the "good guys " tomorrow? Saw where he posted something on twitter! @shedrickj85 I think it is.
  5. I watch every play of every game no matter how bad it gets! If I can't get to a tv I'll have ear buds in wherever I am. I love Auburn as a fan, but even more as an AU graduate in 1983. I remember "punt bama punt" and swore I would never miss another play if humanly possible! Man I'm old!
  6. Can't we move this to the definition of commitable offers forum?
  7. Thanks e and I will never ever slide again! Just didn't know where I saw it and that's why I asked if anyone else did! If I had known it I would have posted
  8. I read an article saying he took six family members to Florida visit and is returning for a two day visit soon ! This doesn't sound good for AU! Unless he brings his contingent with him the next visit with AU. Anyone else see this?
  9. As a buck and in on our rabbits package like Holland last year On third down I can see him doing great things! MBryant that is! Which I believe is the plan starting out!
  10. What about foot injury suffered by kerryon Johnson in the spring game?
  11. Isn't Fields deciding before the season?
  12. Do we have anything on this og Jerome carvin posted? Saw we were on his top ten list
  13. Stidham then Fields then Nix would set us up for years to come, as the new qbu!!!
  14. 247 composite has him at .87, meaning he needs .03 uptick to get to .90 which would make a four star rating right! I will defer to others who are way more able to figure this out than me though. But that is what I was looking at to make this assessment. That may be mid-level as you said though. I just hope he gets a chance to show our coaches he is ready for big time college football at AU through summer in camps, and in his season. I think they have a new qb at his team for this fall and I know little about him! I am just hoping he is good enough for us to get a legacy of the great Bo Jackson whom I attended AU with in early 80's(man I'm old).
  15. Looks close to receiving a 4th star as well. If he performs at summer camps he will get a bump sooner rather than later.