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  1. I'm sure we have off the field coaches /graduate assistants whose job it is to search databases, relationships with high school coaches, and networking with other college coaches , checking out summer camps etc... looking for kids to narrow in on what the team needs that year/years later! That's why you see under the radar kids blow up out of the blue seemingly every year, then other schools start noticing them! What say you guys?
  2. Does this rule under consideration for early signing period help Auburn if it passes. We seem to be one of those teams that swoop in at the last minute for some recruits in the current signing day format. May be a thread on this and I missed it, but wondering what you guys think!
  3. There is no way to hit on all these kids without having scheduling conflicts! It is an unreasonable request to make the timing perfect for everyone! IMHO
  4. I must have missed on this guy! First I have heard of this guy.
  5. I would not count Sean out of it just yet. I know he seems to be(is) injury prone, but he knows the offense better than anyone at QB and the team loves that guy and will play for him. I hope JS can get that leadership role going like SW has and he could be a barn burner! IMHO, before ya'll(some) jump all over me!
  6. His name would make a good rapper name!
  7. Thanks Ellitor!
  8. Profile says 165, but write-up says 182, and hope it's the later number if we are recruiting as a running back.
  9. This kid really seems to be liking Kodi, and he looks like a rangy wide-out that could fit in well with what CCL wants for his offense. Kids like him who grow up AU fans need to be reeled in.
  10. Here are a few quotes from others who saw the same thing I saw in Kodi as a player and Auburn man! Read story by Mike Kirkland in it's entirety. I am just giving my opinion on Kodi, and you are free to disagree.,3662728 Kodi Burns: The Personification of a Team Player; An "Auburn Man Mike Kirkland A class act for sure and epitome of what it means to be an Auburn Man. Proud to have players like Burns on my alma mater's football team! War Eagle!" - plainsman "Actually with Kodi and Neil Caudle on the team we have 2 of the most unselfish TRUE team guys I have ever seen. It's got to instill unity and purpose in all these guys t That was one of the most unselfish things I've ever seen, especially coming from a young athlete. That really went a long way to help unify the team and give them a start towards a new identity. Just my opinion." - 13BamaNC "We can talk about Newton, Fannin, Dyer, McCalleb, Adams ect... but the keys to our offensive being successful depend highly on the performance of Burns, Smith and Lutzenkirchen. When defenses have to cover/ respect these guys, the others will have lots of room." - hatchetjack o see these 2 leading the way." - ahsaaref
  11. Went from qb to wide reciever and scored a touchdown in NCG for one big one.
  12. As much as anything else Kodi has shown he is willing to always put Auburn, and winning as a team, ahead of his personal goals. He did it as a player, and I think he will do it as a coach/recruiter for Auburn. I love it when we give "Auburn men" a chance to better themselves, whether it is in playing or coaching! (See T'Will too) I believe he will continue to be more of a plus than a liability if given some time to develop as a coach/recruiter!
  13. I thought the play calling with Nick was awesome! We ran the type of offense that fit his talents, running the zone read and rpo plays, taking the top off when given that.
  14. Someone posted earlier they got nervous when power 5 teams come after our recruits, I would be nervous if none were doing that myself!