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  1. Looks close to receiving a 4th star as well. If he performs at summer camps he will get a bump sooner rather than later.
  2. JJ still to this day is staying at qb with his dream and hasn't given up yet! I think JG would be willing to change positions and still have an NFL shot if he gets beat out at qb.
  3. More time to devote to Fields!
  4. Didn't make his top list today? Must have not been giving him a good vibe!
  5. 78% approval ratings isn't great, but higher than last one I saw!
  6. Not a romper-fake news! shorts and shirt that match. Surely even cutting edge Cam wouldn't wear those romper things!!!
  7. Martin seems to be the better fit within the new offense of CCL, throwing more to the running backs. I also like the idea of him being that versatile guy like KJ is. I'll defer to the coaches and who they want though!
  8. I think this is changing! I see us having depth at many areas besides running back, especially on d-line, and starting to see it at linebacker. I read quotes from Steele about replacing Monty and Lawson, how they would prepare for that type of scenario years in advance. I think we have the OC and DC we need in place to be very successful if we can keep them for a few years! Especially if Gus will let them coach (OC) and recruit the way they can! JMHO
  9. Writing was on the wall after a day game! Best of luck! May open up our qb recruiting though for Penn State guy.
  10. We did win a 4+4 relay recently, but it was with track athletes of course! Penn Relays
  11. I read somewhere, sorry no link, on a list of 2018 draft first round picks and BC was listed as one! Anyone else see that or have a link? Found it Walterfootball 2018 draft! Any comments?
  12. Any scoop on what attracted him to Penn St. in the first place. I have not researched well I guess.Does he have ties or a coach etc... that drew him to commit to them. Just seems a little strange with so many schools in the southeast, SEC in particular, that are recruiting him and have had success with dual threat qbs (see AU)!!! Hope we can get him to Big Cat weekend and blow his mind!
  13. I'm sure we have off the field coaches /graduate assistants whose job it is to search databases, relationships with high school coaches, and networking with other college coaches , checking out summer camps etc... looking for kids to narrow in on what the team needs that year/years later! That's why you see under the radar kids blow up out of the blue seemingly every year, then other schools start noticing them! What say you guys?
  14. Does this rule under consideration for early signing period help Auburn if it passes. We seem to be one of those teams that swoop in at the last minute for some recruits in the current signing day format. May be a thread on this and I missed it, but wondering what you guys think!